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Advantage Is the Worst Car Rental
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Rating: 1/51

DENVER, COLORADO -- DO NOT RENT A CAR FROM ADVANTAGE!!!! I wish there was a negative rating because this company doesn't even deserve one star. First, they never tell you when you make the reservation that you need an extra $200 deposit. I originally made the reservation online which was $32. After arriving at Advantage in Denver, the clerk told me that an additional $200 deposit would need to be taken off this card. Well, because they hadn't given me any warning, I didn't have an extra $200 on that card. After asking if they could put it on a different card, the clerk and supervisor told me they are unable to split charges after you prepay on an online reservation. Umm WHAT?!?!?!?!

Since it was 8:00 pm on a Saturday, and I was 800 miles from home, I had no way to put more money in that account. After sitting in the waiting room for 30 minutes trying to figure something out I went back and asked to be given the number of the public transportation. The clerk told me that I could cancel the reservation and make a new one so that all charges would be on one card. I unfortunately made this decision and got my car.

After returning it and calling the 1-800 number the clerk gave me for the reservation, the agent, who was most likely from India, told me that they couldn't refund my original reservation because I had canceled within the 24 hour period of when the reservation was. WHAT? I ONLY CANCELED BECAUSE YOU COULDN'T CHARGE MY OTHER CARD!!!!! This blew my mind because not only did the clerk tell me this was a foul-proof way, but the agent actually told me I should have read the Terms and Conditions when making the reservation because it was all explained there.

I was livid at this point and demanded to talk with a supervisor who apologized and said that he would forward the issue to corporate and they would call me within 4 business days to discuss the refund. It is now 15 days later and after calling back twice I still have not received any type of refund!!! This is by far the worst car rental company and I would not recommend it to my worst enemy! How can you have such a faulty system that does not allow customers to split the charges and then have employees scam me out of a refund? Not to mention how much the taxes are and everything else they throw on last minute.

I Love Advantage Rental Car!!
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I made a reservation online for car rental for the best price of $181 for 10 days for an economy car. I copied what I thought was the most pertinent information and printed it out, when I should have printed out exactly what Advantage gave me online and in email. When I printed out my own truncated version, I did not realize that I did not put the name, logo or phone number. I realize how dumb that was of me later.

When we got to our destination at McCarran airport in Las Vegas, we took the free shuttle to the rent a cars place. Lo and behold there were several rent a car places, and when I looked at my printout, I didn't have on there which one I was supposed to go to. So I decided to go to Dollar rent a car.

When I arrived at Dollar counter, I asked if my reservation was with them. They said no, but they can accommodate me with an economy car. They said it would be $350 for 10 days. I said "What? The quote I have from this company is $181!" The Dollar representative said "Well $350 is a good price. I can give you a free upgrade if you like." What do I need a free upgrade for? To pay more gas? So I declined. Then I decided to just check my email and found out it was Advantage who sent me my itinerary.

So I went to the Advantage line, and they had quite a lot of customers in line compared to the other places. I waited in line, and was helped by a very professional and helpful lady. She explained everything to me, asked me if I wanted to pay additional $20 up front so that I don't have to refill the tank when I turn it in. I said OK (Plus, paying the $20 extra is cheaper than having to pay for a full tank of gas at the end, and I don't have to have the hassle of worrying about filling the tank).

The Toyota economy car they gave me was beautiful! We had an awesome vacation, beautiful ride, and turning it back in was easy. So the total charge (including the full tank of gas) was about $200 for 10 days rental. I had such a great experience with Advantage from the ease of making reservation, helpfulness and friendliness of employees from checking out to checking in, and the great price! I definitely plan to use Advantage again when I need to rent a car, and I will recommend them to everybody!

Beware of Their Online
By -

DALLAS, TEXAS -- Amazingly disappointing experience - Have been a long time renter and this was the first time to see such an absurd scam to rip off the poor customers - BEWARE OF ADVANTAGE CAR RENTAL (Specially if you're smart enough to shop around and use search engines for best rates).

As always, we used for best rates for a 3-day trip to Dallas, and Advantage came out with a $90 rate to pick up at 10 am on Nov 15 and drop by 5 pm on Nov 17. Our flight was departing around 3 pm, but we always rent for a few extra hours to avoid any possible late fees due to delay, etc. Anyway, we dropped the car with full tank and everything around 1 pm and were shocked to see that they are charging us for more than $120!!!

The reason: "YOU RETURNED THE CAR EARLY!" (like 4 hours early!!) and they charged us based on a totally different rate schedule (2 days plus 1 hour extra at an outrageously high rate) and came up with the $120 figure. When we complained to the so-called "manager" (which of course was very rude and even tried to grab and destroy our initial receipt showing the estimated $90 cost with our pick-up and drop-off times), he said that basically that's what they do and there is no thing we could do.

I asked him that the receipt says the car should be dropped "by 5" not "at 5" and hence, we were being charged extra. He said that it should be "At 5", and when I asked him to define how soon is considered "early" for them to use it as a pretext to rip off the customers, he refused to explain. I guess even if we were to return the car at "4:59", they were going to consider it "early" since it wasn't 5 sharp!!

Very disappointed. Surely the last time I do business with them and will advise everyone against doing business with them too. Just beware of the prices they claim to lure the customers to their business and away from other car rentals. Then, when you have made the grave mistake of getting into their trap, they will charge you way more than what they initially claimed as bait and much more than others. Just beware!!

Minor Booking Problem Fixed Fast! WRONG UPDATE
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Rating: 4/51

SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA -- I thought I had fixed my problem with my booking, BOY WAS I WRONG! I had given them the benefit of the doubt, boy was that a wrong thing to do. Now even though they have admitted it was their mistake they refuse to cancel the booking unless I PAY A $50 FEE... "just read the contract"... "that is why you should never pay with us in advance"... "the people in Sacramento will fix it. If not, pick up the car and call us again".... "Don't worry about this, we have noted it in your account. We will try to reimburse you OR credit you on your next rental".... These are all the excuses I have gotten from customer service and customer relation.

What they did not know until after the conversation started was I am recording. Going from the East coast to the West coast, looked for best car rate, ADVANTAGE won by over $90 everywhere! They also offer corporate discounts and VETERANS. Only problem I had is the code that they gave me for vets did not work. Customer service tried and tried, but not able to help. Referred me to location for discount. Called Sacramento Air Port customer that answered, offered me a vehicle for OVER $100 more than the website. Went back to website and booked a car for 6 days at $184 plus tax ($225).

The following day I received an E-mail for corporate (evidently customer service went the extra mile to notify them!) and was supplied with another code, an apology stating that they are in the middle of a computer code change over. I went back and entered the new code. Car price dropped to $162 TOTAL including insurance.

Now all that sound good but be aware that if you, like I, use the prepay system, there is "supposed" to be a $50 refund charge. But because of the growing pains they waved the charge, refunded my credit card and the recharged at the new price. That is service as it should be. I will follow up with a post on my final experience when I pick up the vehicle on July 16, 2013, but so far outstanding!!

Closing Before Your Flight Landed
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- My wife and I flew into Chicago's Midway Airport for the Christmas Holiday. When we searched for rental car companies through various search engines we ended up at Advantage because their prices were lower than any others. We did not go through Advantages website to book the rental but through the airline's site. Advantage was also the only rental car company that did not have a rental kiosk right on the airport property. You had to go outside and wait for their van to pick you up.

We flew out of Providence RI and we had a snowstorm delay that affected our takeoff time so we didn't land into Chicago until 40 minutes past our originally scheduled time. The weather in Chicago was minus -6 degrees with a minus -20 wind chill factor. We had to wait almost an hour for our bags because the baggage handlers could only handle so many flights in the frigid weather.

We went outside with our bags to wait for the van and it never came. I went inside and called their number and was given an automated message to press 1 for a pickup and went back outside. Still no van. Finally one of the other rental car van drivers asked who I was waiting for and when I told him Advantage he told me that they were closed! Closed!? Who closes at 9:30 pm on Christmas weekend.

We tried finding a rental car through any of the other companies but no one had a vehicle. We had to pay $60 to take a cab to our hotel then call my brother the next day and ask him to drive to our hotel and drive us to Advantage by the airport. When we got to Advantage the stony-faced attendant unapologetically told me that I should have checked their hours when I made the reservation. This is the LAST time we will ever use Advantage. The only advantage is that they make you feel like an idiot for using them.

Advantage Did Not Honor My Reservation
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Rating: 1/51

DALLAS, TEXAS -- I made a reservation on July 24 for a mid-sized car to be picked up on August 2 at Dallas Love Field. When I arrived at the Advantage counter, the person told me all he had was a mini van. I told him that I did not really want a mini van. He told me that if I did not take it he would just give it to the next person in line and I would not have a car. He was very rude and condescending. He was a complete jerk.

When I called customer service, the person implied that it was my fault. Why make a reservation if they are not going to honor it. I'm sure Advantage will stay in business without me, but I will never rent from them again and urge other to not do business with them. I went to the only other open rental counter and rented a car for almost double what I had been quoted by Advantage. I did rent from Enterprise and they were absolutely wonderful. They will have my business in the future.

Deceptive Marketing & Dishonest Dealings
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Rating: 1/51

TAMPA, FLORIDA -- We booked a weekly rental in Tampa, Florida. We thought we were getting a decent weekly rate and knew estimated taxes and additional drivers would be extra which didn't bother us. We were surprised to learn upon arrival a $200 deposit that was not included in our booking terms. Having to leave our luggage outside because of stairs and having no one offer to assist us to bring it in, only one of us could pick up the reservation while other watched our things. I made an effort to run in quickly and make sure we were not taking the insurance or fuel options.

All of this discussion clearly heard by the agent. We eventually got the car and went on our way. Later in the trip and seeing a $600 charge for what was supposed to be no more than $200 caught my attention. When calling the car rental place 2 times I got voice mail. Waited to return car to question any charges and was told we had the insurance at $20 a day. I asked to have this reversed and same agent said "too late".

When calling the manager a few days after returning, he explained nothing they could do even though his employee made the mistake. Very disappointing customer service and I would never recommend doing business with them for their deceitful marketing practices and dishonest employees.

False Reports of Car Damage From Advantage
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Rating: 1/51

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA -- On 01/13/12 we rented a car from Advantage in Charlotte, NC. Had reserved online but when we arrived they tried to charge more than the reservation quote. I insisted that we would pay the reserved costs and was given an upgrade and the correct price. We returned the car on 01/15/012 with 33 miles put on. We had our inspection done and was given the receipt. About 6 wks later we received a call stating that there was damaged done all along the right side and the entire right panels had to be replaced.

When we said we had been checked at the time of return and there was no damage, the person thanked us and hung up. In May of 2012 we received a packet in the mail with colored picture, reports and paperwork stating there was a claim for damage of $807 that needed paying immediately. Also in the packet was an incident report that had hand written on the bottom "did not want to sign damage report". THIS WAS A BLATANT LIE. No such thing happened.

After reading the paperwork and looking at the pictures of the odometer, I noticed that the odometer had 35 more miles than when we returned the car. After pointing this out to the person in the claims dept, I was told that they must have needed the car so rented it out before having the repairs made. Lo and behold, after I produced my Advantage check-out slip (car returned-no damage) the claimed was closed! I just wonder how many more people does this happen to??? Needless to say, we will never use Advantage again.

By -

1030 W MANCHESTER BLVD, INGLEWOOD, CALIFORNIA -- There's a reason this company is the cheapest. Rented a car for three days at LAX over the weekend. Despite the car being reserved several days in advance, the car was not ready. Like many others here, it took an hour to get our car and the shuttle took a VERY long time to pick us up from LAX. The car was FILTHY and had to be returned TWICE just to clean the windows. After the first time out, I noticed a "clicking" sound from one of the tires and was told it was probably a rock. It was too dark to see so we continued to our hotel.

The next morning we awoke to find the left rear tire flat with a large screw in it (the source of the mysterious clicking). I tried calling their road service and waited for 30 minutes in the queue with no answer. I called the office and was told that the flat tire was MY problem! In the end I had to have the rental car towed to a tire shop and have the tire plugged at MY EXPENSE! No offer of restitution was made by Advantage. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THESE GUYS!

Advantage Car Rental WILL take advantage
By -

PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- My wife and I just returned from our bi-annual trip to southern Arizona where we rented a car from Advantage for the first time. We had received the 'best rate' through Travelocity, but when we arrived at the Advantage counter in Sky Harbor Airport, the woman at the counter refused to honor the price given to us by Travelocity, rudely telling me that there were "taxes that Travelocity could not compute", because the company was not familiar with the local taxes. When asked to speak to a manager, the woman at the counter responded by saying that "a manager won't come up here for this", and refused to call the manager.

When we went downstairs to pick up our rental car, my wife asked the fellow behind the counter if he could remedy the error made by the woman upstairs. He looked at the paperwork and made a face, saying that he 'knew what happened'. When she pressed him further he quietly said that the employees often add charges to the rental for additional insurance, without asking the customer. He corrected the paperwork to reflect what we had been originally been quoted. Although I am grateful to this young man for correcting this, his confession and this experience on the whole left a bitter taste in our mouths. We will certainly never rent from Advantage again.

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