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My money taken/no service rendered (toward their promise):
Posted by Brentgunnon on 02/25/2012
PAWLEYS ISLAND, SOUTH CAROLINA -- At first, they created all this hype. They said,"You're going to become a very wealthy man". I think they said this just to get my money. After they had my money in payments of $265./month for 2 years, they said my in-vention was only a "long shot". That payment amounted to $6,360.00 !!! (It wiped out most of the sequential gifting money I received from my dad!!! They tricked me! I'm so sad!!! At least I got a patent on my invention. It's Patent No. US 6,387,064 B1. My invention was called,"Heavenly Steps'- The Foot Powered Neck Massaging Device." This was in 2002.

The address of Advent Product Development is or was: 313 Commerce Drive Pawleys Island, SC 29585. The lady in the Creative Services Department was Barbara. Their telephone number is/was (843)237-5915 Fax: (843)237-0291.

What's there to show for my money??? Please, you can contact me if you find out anything you can do or I can do further to have them make things right. You can contact me at my email address: brentgunnon@Comcast.net.

Thank You.

Brent J. Gunnon

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Posted by clutzycook on 2012-02-25:
Shouldn't you be able to file for a patent yourself? My guess is that it would have been cheaper to do that (or hire a patent lawyer to do it) and then hire a publicity company to promote/find a manufacturer to develop it. I'm not sure since I've never come up with an original invention in my life.
Posted by Venice09 on 2012-02-25:
What were they doing to earn your money during the two years? Were they keeping in contact with you and reporting the progress? If nothing was being done or you weren't satisfied with the results, you could have stopped the payments.

It sounds like a company to avoid.
Posted by bigal on 2012-02-25:
Actually that is about the right kind of money to secure a patent. Of course they pumped some sunshine to get you to commit. What you need to do is either look at avenues to sell your patent or financial backers to get promotion and production going. I have no idea what the market for a foot powered neck massager would be but this seems your only avenue.
Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-02-25:
I feel for you. I also have an invention and I'm stuck already. I don't trusts those companies that promise they are going to help you make mone and want money up front. Most of what these companies do, is everything we can do ourselves, but it all takes time...and money. I just have to do a lot of homework on my own because the place I checked with wants $2,000.00 up front and then they want more as you go along for proflios, conections, checking patents...I'm not giving them any money...
Posted by Cwazychicken on 2012-02-25:
Anytime someone says "you are going to be very rich", i have to be skeptical. Money doesn't grow on trees and if someone believed in your product that much, they wouldn't ask for 265 dollars a month and keep it going on with no information for 2 years! They would be honest with you, give you the information you deserve, and keep in contact with you (i would assume). And, i would think it would not take 2 years for them to realize the product would not sell. I am sure that real companies test things (with a study or something). Yes, some investment is needed in products but 2 whole years of this ploy then to tell you that its not going to work? ouch! You were very patient to wait 2 years. I would've given it 3 months and if nothing came of it, i would've stopped and confront them. Wow, im sorry you had to go through that. I was always thinking do these companies work, because i have had ideas myself but then i thought to myself "naw, probably not".

Edit: So this happened 10 years ago then? Did you report it to anyone? Hire a lawyer, anything?
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