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Technician Didn't Even Show Up - Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

INDEPENDENCE, KENTUCKY -- I was scheduled to have a technician come out from A&E Factory Service to service my washer today, 9/11/13. I took off of work and sat at my house from 12-5pm as instructed. At about 4pm a message popped up on my cell phone. I listened to the message which said that the tech could not find my address (I live on a new street). I called right back to give directions and was told that the technician canceled the call!?! I was redirected to a supervisor who told me that the technician had tried to get in touch with me. I did not have ANY missed calls from him. The supervisor also stated that no tech would be coming out today as it is the tech manager's decision.

I was understandably furious and demanded that someone come out here today as promised. As I said, I took off of work, and I even had my mother come sit at the house while I picked my son up from school. Someone was here ALL day. The supervisor restated that the final decision is that of the tech manager and that they had canceled the service call and that no one would be coming today. I WILL NEVER use this company, as I am appalled at the absolute lack of customer service, and I will be sure to spread the word that this company is terrible.

Company Response :


I saw your post and wanted to reach out to you to offer our assistance. My name is David with the A&E Solutions Team. We apologize for the troubles with the service appointment on your washer. If you would like, we would be happy to contact you directly and assist you in addressing your concerns. At your convenience please contact our office at so we can further discuss this with you. In the email please provide us with a contact number and the phone number the appliance is listed under and we will contact you directly. In addition please include your screen name (katekampen) in your email for reference to your issue. We look forward to talking to you soon.

Thank you,

David W.
A&E Solutions Team
A&E Cares

Worst Customer Service Ever. Never Use
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Rating: 1/51

MI, MICHIGAN -- Repair person never showed up for appt, A&E calls me and says repairman was on his way. Not even 2 minutes later I got a call from A&E stating repairman was there, left a note on my door because he got no answer. I was there and there was no note on my door and I do not know whose house they went to, but it was not mine. The office continued to argue with me about their repairman being at my house and then hung up on me.

I called A&E and have been hung up on 4 times. I called Maytag who recommend them for this warranty work with my fridge and made a complaint about them. Maytag reschedule me with a different company. Never use them. Worse customer service ever and basically told me I was lying about their repairman not being there.

Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

WILMINGTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- My ice maker broke about three weeks ago. I called Assurance who had the warranty on the equipment. They made an appointment with A&E Service. The first appointment was two weeks from the date I called. Two service technicians arrived to fix the ice maker, and said that the water hose was too short and needed to be replaced. They would order the part and it should be here within two to three days. After another week, I called to see what the status was, and was told that the "case" had been closed because the hose was not under warranty.

I finally got a plumber and he fixed it the next day. It would have been nice if A&E had told me that the part wasn't under warranty, and have given me an estimate to "repair" the icemaker. Apparently even the technicians don't know what is, or isn't under warranty - and definitely had difficulty in finding out why no one was communicating with me about the repair, or lack of.

No Show for Repair Service
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Rating: 1/51

MIAMI, FLORIDA -- I had an appointment scheduled for 7/6/13 between 8-5. I stayed at home waiting all day. I received a call from their automated 800 number at 2:30 saying that the technician was running behind and probably would be later than my schedule time. No problem. I then received another call of the 800 number at 6:45 saying that no one would be coming for the repair and to call back the same number to reschedule my appointment. Upon calling, I explained to the operator my dilemma. She proceeded to tell me that the next available appointment was 7/15/13. Are you kidding me?

To no fault of my own, the repairman didn't show up and I have to wait over a week for someone to come...I don't think so. She told me I could speak to a supervisor if I had a problem with that, so I was transferred to speak to a supervisor. After waiting on hold until 8:30 (mind that I called at 6:45), I hung up because nearly 2 hours on hold is ridiculous. I am now calling today 7/7/13 and have been waiting for nearly an hour to speak to someone. I am a reasonable person but this is beyond horrible service.

The operator should have some kind of authority to help a customer in a situation like this. I had to change around my work schedule to make sure I would be home for the appointment and now I have only one other day that I could have someone come out.

Didn't Bother to Show
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Home Depot uses A&E Appliance Repair as they are a service center for LG appliance. They were supposed to come out between 8 and 5. I was told that I could call in the morning and get a better estimate of the time they would be there. I called at 8:15, it went to voice mail and I left a message asking them to call me. I called a couple of times during the day and received a "voice mail box full" message (so I assume this was happening to several other people as well). At 4:30, I called the Home Depot and they couldn't reach A&E either.

They made an appointment with another service center for me so I can't tell you if they would have done a good job. The second Home Depot operator I spoke with said that this is not unusual for A&E (not showing and not bothering to call). Why do LG and Home Depot continue to use them? Don't they understand that they are losing customers?

Improper Service Repair
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GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN -- Filed against A&E Factory Service, 3099 28th St SE, Grand Rapids MI 49512-1667. Complaint description: I had A&E come out to my home to repair a dishwasher. The dishwasher was making a grinding noise 1 1/2 hours into the cycle. The repair guy came out and said we needed a new pump. We authorized the pump and he replaced it. Paid $335.77 total for repair. That night we ran the dishwasher. The same thing - 1 1/2 hours into the cycle the washer began grinding. NO CHANGE. I was furious. I called the company and they rescheduled to come back out over a week later.

Meanwhile I had Apex Appliance repair come out and check my dishwasher the next day. They tested the pump and found that it was not NOT BAD. They said they could not figure out what was wrong with the unit and they did not charge me for the visit. I then put a stop payment on the check after finding out the pump was not bad. Then the second service tech from A&E came out a week later and aplogized for the problem. He determined that the dishwasher needed a new circuit board. I said OK. He ordered the circuit board from my home and told me they would settle up on the billing when they returned to install the circuit board.

The circuit board showed up about a week later. I called and rescheduled for the board to be installed. Then a few days later the THIRD tech from A&E showed up to install the board. His name was **. He determined very quickly that the circuit board was likely not the problem. He said that he could install the board but that it would not make a difference. He said that the drain on our dishwasher did not have a vent and that the water was siphoning out of the washer when it should be holding water.

I told him that I stopped the check from the original pump repair because the pump was not the problem and I offered to pay for the service call for him to determine the drain problem. He said "that this issue should have been resolved by the last two techs from A&E and he would go back to the office to tell them both what the problem was." He also said he was not going to collect for the service call because that it should have been diagnosed the first time a tech was thereby them and that we had waited long enough to have this resolved. He took both the pump and the circuit board back with him and I thought the whole matter was resolved.

That night I installed the vent in the dishwasher drain line and ran the dishwasher and wallah! NO MORE GRINDING! Problem solved!! Now, I am getting collection calls everyday from TRS recovery trying to collect on the stop payment check. Everyday two and three times a day!!! I had called A&E multiple times and they would not call me back to resolve. The collection company won't drop the issue unless A&E drops the issue. I feel that being charged for a repair that was not needed is consumer fraud. I feel that I am also being harassed by a collection company that has no business in this matter. I don't know what else to do.

Your desired resolution: I would like the A&E to follow through on what their last technician said he would do. He said that he would take care of this matter and that there would not be any charges. I also would like the collection company to respond by sending me a confirmation that this matter is resolved.

Poor Business Practices, Delinquent Refund, Gross Overcharge
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DOWNEY, CALIFORNIA -- In mid-January I called Whirlpool and requested the name and telephone number of an authorized repair service for my two year old Whirlpool Cabrio Automatic Washer (an $1,000. top-of-the-line washer, the one year factory warranty had expired and the lights were flashing, it would not complete a cycle, etc.). Note: I have learned the local neighbor repairmen are not normally trained to service these computerized appliances. Further, the trained technicians don'€™t appear to have much experience since the appliances are fairly new to the market.

I was referred to A&E Factory Service. The first service call was on 1/17/09. The technician was friendly, had his laptop and all the impressive toys. After inspecting the washer, attempting to run a cycle, reading the manual, calling his in-house technician, he determined it needed a new interface control board ($337 part and labor). He ordered the part to be delivered to my home and scheduled a return visit to install the part. (I also signed up for a 3-year extended warranty after his scary stories of all the things that could go wrong with the appliance = $172, it would not become effective until after the machine was repaired)

Within 4 days a $414 charge was billed against my Vista, balance due upon repair. Upon A&E Service'€™s return visit on 1/27/09 I notified their technician I wanted to keep the part he was going to remove and replace. He said "they"€™ want the part returned. I asked who "€˜they"€™ were. He hesitated and responded, "Whirlpool." I stated, I paid for the part when I purchased the machine. If "€˜they"€™ want it back, "they" can make me an offer. He said he would check his computer he see if the part was required to be returned. We didn'€™t discuss the return of the part again.

He installed the part, there was no improvement in the machine'€™s operation. The technician then determined the initial part was not the problem, rather a part costing more than twice as much was required. I was not willing to invest $557.49 (part and labor) in a two year old washer which is not extensively used (it'€™s only a two person household). I expressed my concern to the technician. He subsequently called his supervisor. A refund of $344.32 was authorized. I was required to pay for a $70 service call. The technician took all parts and packaging.

I was concerned with the quality of my Whirlpool washer and called Whirlpool on 1/28/09 to express my disappointment that a two year old washer would require a $557.49 repair. I learned the part their authorized dealer (A&E Service) was charging $362.58 (plus $29.91 tax) for listed for $161.81 (if Whirlpool retails the part for $161. I assume their authorized dealers would be able to purchase it at a reduced cost (does that mean, A&E Service marks up their parts over 400%). Whirlpool called A&E Service to confirm the part number I had been given was correct. It was!

I also told Whirlpool about the "they"€™ want the used part back story. The Whirlpool person I spoke to was unaware of the policy. I called A&E Service to further inquire about the cost of the part. The only telephone number I had was the number I used to schedule the service. They could provide NO information. I called directory assistance and requested a number based on the business card given to me by the technician -€“ no number was listed. I requested a number based on the address on their receipts - no number was listed. They didn't exist!

I called Whirlpool back and requested the number they had used to verify the part number. On 1/28/09 using the new number I spoke to a couple of people and finally to **, supervisor (**), to no avail. She said she would request a customer relations representative call me (I never received a call back so I still don'€™t know if the price was a mistake or if they inflated the price because I had purchased an extended warranty and they knew this was their last chance for three years to get more money from me. I can'€™t get anyone to discuss the situation with me). During my conversation with **, she did confirm a refund of $344.32 was being processed.

I called again in early February to confirm the refund was being processed - it was confirmed. On 2/25/09 I called A&E Service and ** confirmed the refund was being processed. She did say the hold-up may be that I never called to give them my credit card number. I responded I had given my credit card to their technician on 1/17/09 and 1/27/09, there had been no delay in billing the initial $414.32, how would I know I had to call? They must have the number and if they didn'€™t, why wasn'€™t the number requested in earlier conversations or why didn'€™t they call me? She said she would request a Billing Department representative call me.

On 2/26/09 I spoke to **, A&E Service, Billing Dept. (**). She requested my Visa number. I asked all the "why"€™ questions again,€“ to no avail. I gave her the number and she stated the credit may be posted as early as 2/28/09 to my Visa account. On 3/3/09, after no action from A&E Service, I filed a billing dispute with Visa against A&E Service. A&E Service finally credited my account on 3/6/09 (38 days after the refund was authorized, after several calls initiated by me and I don'€™t know if Visa took any action -€“ Visa'€™s policy allows merchants to take up to 30 days to credit a customer after the refund is authorized).

Good News: When I initially called Whirlpool, they immediately offered me the needed part 50% off their list price (approximately $80 with a no return policy). They were very helpful and courteous to work with. I requested additional authorized service dealers in my area. I was given Dockstader Service, Whittier, CA (562-696-1184). I called and requested the price of a control board.

I was quoted $161.81 - great, an honest repair service! He asked how I knew that was the part I needed. I shared my story. He suggested I obtain the part from Whirlpool at a lesser price and he would come out and install the part for just the cost of the service call $74 since it would only take minutes to install. I called Whirlpool back and after talking to several persons, I was transferred to **, Consumer Relations. I explained my experience with their authorized dealer, A&E Service who I considered a Whirlpool representative since they referred me to them. The fact I had paid $70 and still had a non-functional two year old top-of-the-line washer.

The first part A&E Service said I needed didn'€™t work -€“ how did I know their second suggested part would work, if I paid $80 to Whirlpool for the non-refundable second part and $74 to have it installed, I could be out $224 and still need a new washer. I requested Whirlpool to give me the control board at no cost based on my frustration level and the fact I had spent one complete day on the phone attempting to resolve this situation. ** generously agreed to immediately ship me the part at no cost. I received it within a couple of days. Dockstader Service immediately came out and installed the part for a mere $74. THANK YOU Whirlpool and Dockstader.

Terrible Customer Service, Stay Away From!!
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My problems start with buying Maytag products, but ends with their preferred appliance repair company, A&E Factory Service. My complete overall dissatisfaction of how A&E Factory Service treats their customers. Having problems with your appliances is acceptable, their service and attitude towards customers is completely unacceptable behavior. I bought these appliances on Maytag's name alone and though they make a great washers and dryers, their presence in the kitchen appliance department leaves a lot of room for improvement.

I find it in these tough economy times, that Maytag and their preferred service A&E Factory Service (Sears?) can stay in business with the service that they provide. In 2004, I bought all new kitchen appliances from Maytag, right from the beginning the appliances started to break down, mainly with the range and the dishwasher. Somewhere in the range of 3 times each. Dishwasher is now on its 3rd main brain. I now can diagnose the problem better than some of their own techs. I was treated unfairly and rudely, not only by numerous agents, but the supervisors as well. I never wanted anything for free, just wanted them to stand behind your products.

Finally with no help from Maytag, I turned to their “preferred” appliance repair company - A&E Factory Service. I have had nothing but problems with these people and a month later, I am seeking another company to come in and take care of my appliance. Fortunately for me, there are plenty of companies in the appliance business willing to help me out. For this, I am grateful. A&E Factory is now in possession of $158.00 of my money, like a idiot, I paid them up front, thinking they were a reputable business. (Maytag recommended them.) I will try through the court system to get this back.

In closing, buying Maytag has cost me a lot of time, money and frustration. It's not so much about appliances breaking down, it's how their company deals with it. A&E Factory Service is one of the most anti customer service companies I have ever dealt with. Their agents are rude, uncaring, out right lie, never show up for their appointments and from agents, techs, supervisors, just don't give a damn.

What's ironic is after I decided to have someone else come in and fix my problem. A&E Factory Service immediately sent someone over to pick up the part (Maytag had paid for this, not them). The only time I could get them to do something is when it involved their money. I'm still out $158.00! LOL. I would never allow anyone in my house that acted like this. They are bullies and I will deal with them in court. I can only hope for potential new customers, Maytag does the right thing and stand behind their products, but at all cost, stay away from A&E Factory Service, believe me, only head aches and frustration will prevail!!!!

Worst Service
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DES MOINES, IOWA -- I am writing this review as I am unable to locate a website for the company itself. This has to be the worst service I have ever experienced. My elderly mother has an electric Roper stove. Approx 5 weeks ago while she was cleaning her oven she burnt her hand. The element was heating up though the oven was off. After speaking with customer service @ Whirlpool (the makers of Roper) they set up to have a service technician come out at their cost. This was great. The service tech from A&E came out on Saturday Oct. 13th. Well, he was not a stove guy. He worked on washers.

After a couple of calls he was able to determine that it was the element that was bad. The cost of the part was $54... labor to replace $180. Seeing as though it was just a couple of screws & clipping a couple of wires on to the element I could handle this myself. One week later got the part & I installed it. The oven still would not work. I assumed we just got a bad part so I contacted A&E and they set up for another tech to come out at their cost. On Oct 27th another tech came out and found the problem to be a box, I would assume the "brain" of the stove was burnt out. We did not need the element, however since it was their error the part and labor to replace was no charge.

The tech said he would order the part on emergency & rescheduled for himself to come out the following Wednesday. The part did not arrive until Wednesday afternoon so we had to reschedule for the next day. At this point not really a big problem. Thursday comes and they are to be there between 8-12 (large 4 hr window). At 1:30 my mother gets a call that he is 30 minutes away. She waits. At 2:45 she calls the service department to find out what happened and they tell her she was not on the schedule, she was just being worked in & they do not know what happened to that tech but they will have another tech there by the name of ** by 5pm.

5 comes and no tech. She calls back and is told there is no tech by that name she would have to reschedule for Saturday. Of course she is upset and hangs up on them. I call within 5 minutes to schedule the appointment for Saturday. They can not do Saturday would have to be Monday November 5th between 8-12. A tech would call before coming and she must answer or they will not come. Well here we are, my mother waiting for a phone call. At 10AM she opens the curtains on her sliding door to find a note that says "sorry we missed you. We were here at 10AM." No phone call to her or myself (I am the one they were to call for now on).

I contact the service center to get the excuse that she was first on his route and they do not call the first appointment. They did not tell us this, if they had I would have told them they need to call because she may not hear anyone knocking on the door. 10am is their first appointment!

Why tell us between 8-12? Well after 3 request for a supervisor I get a "lead". She tells me she will contact the tech who is at his 2nd appointment, though it has only be 10 minutes since he left the note, to see if he could go back after that appointment instead of end of the day. She will call me right back to let me know what she found out. That was 1hr 45 minutes ago. This has to be the worst service company ever!!! What is a person to do?

WORST Customer Service EVER
By -

ROUND ROCK, TEXAS -- Less than 3 years ago we purchased appliances at Lowe's (washer and dryer). We also purchased the extended warranty offered. On July 2nd, my dryer quit heating so I called the company on the brochure to submit a request for repair. I was told that the next available appointment wasn't until July 12th so I scheduled for the 8-12 time slot. Having a family of 5, I wasn't thrilled with the idea of going so long without a dryer and having to haul my 8 month old BABY to the dirty laundromat but I didn't have any other options..

July 12th, the technician finally shows up at my house shortly before noon. I had to run and pick up my son from swimming lessons and when I returned the tech said that he had figured out the problem - it was indeed the heating element. I thought "well duh" - THEN he proceeds to tell me that he has to order the part!!!! When I questioned him as to why they wouldn't carry the parts with them he said that the "company" doesn't want to spend the money to ship the parts until they know what part they are going to need because if it wasn't the heating element, the "company" would have to spend the money to return the part!

The poor guy probably feared for his life at this point, he said that he "emergency ordered" the part and that it would ship directly to me in 2 days or perhaps 1 week... he didn't know. THEN he told me that the next available appointment in our area wasn't until August 2nd. This would mean that I will be without a dryer for an entire month. Are you kidding me???

He told me that I would have to call the "company" to try to get the date moved up. He also indicated that A&E Factory Service is actually owned by Sears... so on the days he works on a product purchased at Lowe's, he wears his A&E uniform and hands out those business cards, but when he works on Sears items, he wears that uniform/business cards.

After he left, I called the number on the A&E card. Spoke with three different people (repeating my story three times) about my disappointing situation... the final person being a "manager" at some call center in who-knows-where who basically told me that there was no way to speed up the process, track the part, etc. I mean seriously, these people could not care less. I then find out that the part (remember the "emergency order"?) won't be here until maybe July 20th. Maybe before but no guarantees.... Ugh! I'm so frustrated by this point.

The lady tells me that she can't even schedule my appointment until tomorrow (July 13th) and that I would have to call back then. I asked her if there was a way I could contact her again so that I didn't have to go through the agony of explaining my situation another 5 or 6 times. No of course not. So today (July 13th) I have spent a great portion of my day trying to get somewhere with these crooks. I have called Sears, and then they transferred me to A&E because I'm sure they got tired of listening to me complain and ask such pesky questions about the service I paid for but wasn't getting... A&E (call center again) was no help either.

Meanwhile, the laundry piles up and I have to make another trip to the laundromat. As I read other reviews about this company I'm just saddened by the fact that we as consumers are being ripped off by these huge companies like Sears and Lowe's. We go there because they offer a better deal than the smaller hometown guy but we end up paying MORE in the long run because these big companies don't CARE about us.

The absurdity of the situation is insane. I have no idea where the technician had to drive from because we live in outstate Minnesota (rural) but how efficient is it for him to have to make this journey TWICE? I'm guessing that it would have been cheaper to pay the shipping for the part and then they'd actually have a slightly-less-offended customer. I really can't say enough about how disappointed I am by this company's service. I should add that in defense of the technician... he was very nice and professional. It's not his fault that these companies have no idea what they are doing.

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