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TORONTO, IDAHO -- I am trying to confirm reservation for my return jounery. I am continuosly calling them from last ten days to confirm booking on phone,email, fax. But it seems this Russian airline office in Toronto is ill staffed. And their voice mail boxes are also full. The girls who work there hardly attend 3 to 4 calls in a day. Most of the time they are keeping the phone down and busy in their personal activities in office. It is difficult to get confirmation or even to talk to them.
I think this airline is more like a junk, ill equipped, corrupt staff. They are complete rip off.
I think they need to close down their business and go home.

AEROFLOT office in Toronto:
1 Queen Street East, Suite 1908
Toronto, Ontario
M5C 2C5, Canada

phone: (416) 642 - 1653
fax: (416) 642 - 1658
toll free phone: 1 - 877 - 209-1935
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socal1 on 04/29/2005:
You might try calling their office in the United States, perhaps they are better staffed. But yeah, the airline is junk, its pretty much what you should expect from a Russian Airline.

In the future, I'd stick with a regular European carrier (BA, Air France, Lufthansa...), most of them serve Russia and are much safer/reliable.
socal1 on 04/29/2005:
There are five U.S. offices, here is a link to their phone numbers:
PBOUT on 05/09/2005:
These reviews are very childish and show only stupid anti-Russian feelings. I am French and I have used Aeroflot a couple of times to Moscow. They are no better, no worse than any other airline. To say that their staff do not do anything is wrong. I have also been to their office on Queen Street where you can see them work. Their planes are regulated by the International Air transport Association and just as safe as any other airplane of any member of this association (or they would not be allowed to land in foreign countries I guess). You can always fly another airline, as someone suggested, but the flight Toronto-Moscow-Toronto is direct and costs around $CA 1000 in May 2005, tax included, when purchased through a travel agency ...
Patrick B.
Toronto, Ontario
fact-finder on 06/21/2005:
It is nightmare to use this airline. If you can afford another 100$ more, never ever use this airline. Stinking, ill maintained, bad mannered staff, technically unfit airline is risky always.
There offices are personal playground for their vagabond staff.
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