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Don't Shop at Aeropostale if you want to return merchandise that's defective
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PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA -- Oct. 2010 I purchased a belt 2 months ago and it practically fell apart. I took it back to the Wellington Mall in South Florida, and was told that it looked like I had worn it too much. I had my receipt and was told that I couldn't even exhange it. I was given a customer service phone number that I left 4 messages on and I e-mailed the Aeropostale customer service 2 times with no response. I then went to the Palm Beach Gardens Mall in SOuth FLorida and was told that it looked like a dog had chewed on it. I have never been treated this way from a retail store. I would recommend to never shop at Aeropostale if you ever want to exchange or return an item that is defective.
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yoke on 10/19/2010:
The clothes are made cheap. Bought my daughter a shirt there one time. Washed itone time and it fell apart. Had receipt went to return it after less than a week and got the same response as the OP. It became a great dust rag, but will never shop there again.
Anonymous on 10/19/2010:
Wow, yoke, an EXPENSIVE dust rag, eh? lol I refuse to shop at those designer places just because of that. The people working at these places are mostly snooty, their returns policy are ridiculous, and their clothes are way overpriced. I'll stick to Kohls where I can get nice clothes cheaper, and can return them at any time.
yoke on 10/19/2010:
Tell me about it. I was shocked when I went to return it. Of course it was used and washed how do you think it was damaged. The cashier had the oh well attitude.
Ytropious on 10/19/2010:
I can top that. My husband got a belt from Walmart. He tried putting it on in the parking lot and the metal buckle literally fell apart in his hands! He never even got it on. We went back inside and promptly returned it.
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