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Aeroplan cancels points - brutal customer service
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VANCOUVER -- After earning over 200,000 points throughout the past years on Air Canada I took last year off of travelling due to work and kids. Today I find out that all my award points were cancelled due to my inactivity. They sent me a single email notifying me of this fact along with their faresaver emails, aeroplan updates and other many, many miscellaneous emails. It is absolutely brutal that they can get away this. If there is any legal action I am in full support. The folks in the Vancouver call center were not helpful at all, clearly buying in with the whole screw the customer and improve the company's balance sheet at any cost. I have never been that much of a Westjet fan, but from now on in I will be flying Westjet. No way will I fly the morally bankrupt and financially bankrupt Air Canada. Westjet is associated with the airmiles program which doesn't expire points. Good riddance Air Canada, good riddance Aeroplan and good riddance CIBC. I will never support this group of companies again and I invite other to do so as well.
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rudybjr on 05/21/2009:
Unfortunately it was on the terms and conditions when you signed up for your Aeroplan. That's how they can get away with it.
Ponie on 05/21/2009:
'Westjet is associated with the airmiles program which doesn't expire points.' Right *now* they might not expire points. Give them a month or two. I lost bunches and bunches of Ford Motor points but complaining doesn't get them back. I knew going in that it might happen.
DredStimpaon on 06/10/2009:
I've just encountered a similar experience with Aeroplan. (They cancelled points through an email that I never received).
It’s just their way of clearing up the balance sheet. (Sure glad that my Canadian Tire money is still good – Thank you Canadian Tire!!!!)

My advice is to boycott every corporate subscriber to the Aeroplan AND tell all your friends. I use as well (not sure if they expire, but I'm going on a spending spree tonight).

I am also sending letters to all corporate Aeroplan participants and informing them that I will no longer be giving them any business. It may not make a dent in their corporate profits, but it will sure make me feel good (I like wiring letters).
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