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Tyler, Texas Office of Sinclair, Blake, G. DDS
Posted by on
TYLER, TEXAS -- I went to Affordable Dentures in Tyler, because I could not afford a regular dentist. I had 7 teeth to be extracted and a full lower plate to be put in. These are the beginning stages, as this is the first temporary plate. The permanent plate will not come until 6mo to 1yr after this initial plate... First of all, call ahead and get the information about their hours. Anyone wanting a consultation needs to be at the office at 1 P.M. They only do consultations in the afternoon. Also remember to bring a book, as this place is packed with poor people and there will be a long wait. It may be 5:30 P.M. until you are seen, but you will be seen... I went for a consultation and it took about 2 hours before seeing the dentist. I was taken in and a full lower x-ray was done, then the dentist came in and looked at it and we discussed my options. My teeth (only 7 left in my mouth) were so bad, that he decided I should go ahead and get a lower plate. He does not recommend a full lower, as there is always trouble with them. A full lower plate is a life changing event. You will not be able to eat any crunchy or hard foods. That's the truth. You will have to eat ground meats and soft foods the rest of your life. They will not tell you that, but I am telling you that. After deciding on having the extractions and the full plate, I decided on the "Premium" denture. You can see 3 different types of dentures. Economy, Good and Premium. It's pretty easy, if you want the longest lasting, then get the premium. Economy dentures often break after a couple years... I had to pay the full amount right then, before they would go any further. They want all the money in advance or they don't do the dentures. Be prepared to pay up front in full, before you go, or don't go. They do not use insurance, so don't ask. It's cash or credit card up front. I paid $1,330.00 for 7 extractions, a temporary denture till I heal and a permanent denture within a year. I know first hand that going the other way with a super good dentist, would have resulted in an Oral Surgeon, a Dentist and an expensive Denture Lab. It would have cost me over $5,000 if I had gone the best way... I made an appointment for a week later, to have the teeth removed and before that I went one morning to have my form made, so the temporary denture could be ready for the extraction day... The following lines are my thoughts about the people there...
The office people and assistants must be low wage workers. They have the typical low paid, high stress lack of concern for the patient. The person who did my form did not do it well. That was evidenced in the quality of the temporary denture. The Dentist who did the extractions was the absolute best dentist I have ever seen in my 55+ years. They give you a pill to take an hour before you get there and if needed, one when you arrive. It relaxes you and one was enough for me. I was ready to go to sleep. They took me straight in and the dentist took 20 minutes numbing every tooth with a local anesthetic. He was very good and I did not once feel the needle. Then he extracted the 7 teeth is less than 5 minutes! I was amazed at the skill he used. I had some really bad ones, that a regular dentist would not have touched, but this guy was the best... Once the teeth were out, he put in the temporary denture and had to make a couple small adjustments, because it was too tight. He used a "liquid bandage" substance over the wounds and put the denture in...
Pain is not my thing. I have a low tolerance for it and if you have several teeth removed, it will hurt like hell. I believe that this dentist did a great job, but of course the pain is terrible and they did give me a prescription for pain killers...
The denture itself is not very good. Again, I fault this due to a low paid lab worker, who is probably texting while he makes the denture. It clearly did not fit properly, too much in one area, too little in another. I am glad that I have had a partial for years and an upper for years, as I know what can be done to alleviate the pressure points. I had to remove material in several spots on the lower edges of the denture, to keep it from bruising my gums. I will ask to see the dentist when I return and tell him that if the permanent denture is not going to be formed with any more care than this, I want the remainder of my money back and I will go elsewhere. Even for an "affordable denture" the quality of this temporary is not worth the mouth pain and I will never be able to wear it for 6mo to 1yr while I wait for the permanent one. If you can afford better, then please do, as you will not be happy with the poor quality results.
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Alain on 2011-02-14:
There are some reasonable suggestions and realistic expectations in your informative. Thanks!
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Stay Away They Are A Ripoff
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Rating: 1/51
FRANKLIN, INDIANA -- On June 19 and 20, 2013, I visited Affordable Dentures, Franklin, Indiana, to receive same-day partials. From the clinic published offerings, I selected what is termed “The Premium Package,” at a cost of $1780. The Package consists of a set of full or partial dentures, with the promise of being allowed to return at any time during the first year of wear for repair and adjustments. A final set is then placed in the patient’s mouth. The words “at any time” Echo throughout the clinic as the patients are being fitted for teeth, and again, as they leave: “You may come back any time you need to.” That promise turns out to be a lie, particularly for purchasers of The Package.
At the time of my visit, I had eight teeth remaining, with only the two upper teeth to be extracted. I had been wearing partials and bridges for 17 years. The price schedule the assistant put in my lap showed extractions at $75 each. I was charged $105 for each one, and not told of the inflated price until after surgery. Dr. Philip [snip]made the dollar amount out of whole cloth. This is bait and switch.

Patients are given two prescriptions and are told these have to be filled immediately or surgery will not be done. At the beginning of my visit I completed a medical history revealing a thyroid condition. The medication Dr. [snip] prescribed came with a printed indication of potential death to those with thyroidism. The prescription is given to every patient, no matter their medical condition. This is malpractice.

Over fifty patients were seen on the day I was. They were herded through the clinic, with their dentures made as fast as credit cards can be swiped, and regardless of quality. When mine were placed in my mouth, a definite elevation on the upper right was noticeable; the length of the right side teeth was pronouncedly shorter than the other side. I noticed this after I went to my car and called in the message. The hateful assistant Rose, left a recorded reply, “Your teeth were made the way they are supposed to be, so I don’t know what your problem is.” No mention of “We’ll fix it any time.” Certainly, no consideration for the pain of the patient was forthcoming.

I went back anyway. When looking into my mouth, Rose told me, “Nothing is wrong with the partial. It’s you. You have a lip like Elvis. You snarl like Elvis and that’s why you think the teeth look funny.” I am 61 years old and never in my life have I been told I look like Elvis. I have never had elevated teeth on one side, either. I asked to speak to the dentist and in came Dr. Linda Wick, owner of the practice. She looked at my mouth and told me I shouldn't criticize her work and I should leave. I asked her to take the partial and make the teeth the same length. She stormed out of the room shouting at me, “I’M NOT GOING TO DO IT. I DON’T HAVE TO DO IT.” I told Rose that Dr. [snip] had better do it. Rose grabbed my arm (I was still sitting in the exam chair) and shook me, saying, “You don’t talk to US like that.”
In a few minutes, Dr. [snip] returned and added length to my teeth, so that miraculously, after 61 years, I no longer looked like Elvis! And then she said, “We added lots and lots to your teeth!” The same teeth that minutes before didn't’t have anything wrong with them, according to her. One month later, her crummy addition to the partial is now crumbling off, and I again have lopsided teeth.

The lower partial was three times the size it needed to be. It wouldn't’t fit into my jaw, particularly the right side. Dr. [snip] continued to tell me my mouth would “adjust” to a denture so big that my tongue wouldn't’t lay flat. I could not chew, couldn't’t talk, and couldn't’t get the partial into my jaw.

The week after this bizarre act of dental malpractice, I called for an appointment to have the lowers decreased. I was told that no one could come back until two weeks post-op; even those of us who had no gum swelling, and who had paid for The Package.

The shoddy work of Drs. [snip] and [snip] resulted in blisters, lesions, sores and bleeding in my mouth. All caused by Affordable Dentures’ defective product. The lowers would not allow my mouth to rotate or chew. And I was expected to be tortured like this for no less than one year and up to two years! Subsequently, I was examined in an emergency room and by a dentist in federal practice, all advising me to contact Dr. [snip] for adjustment.

Work was done to make the partials smaller, but still do not fit my mouth and are completely unusable. Sores and lesions continue to form on my gums due to the defective workmanship of this garbage for a product. Parts of the upper partial have chipped off during normal wear, leaving a gap between the teeth. I called again (“You can come back anytime!”) in early August for repair. The nasty Rose told me I could only come on a Tuesday between 1 and 2 o’clock. She then said, “You come when I tell you to, or you won’t get an adjustment or repair.” So I haven’t been back. I live with the worse excuse for a set of partials ever made. The chewing surfaces are almost non-existent. The lowers cannot be worn. The uppers continue to chip. These substandard, inferior teeth are causing pain and suffering as well as embarrassment by not being wearable.

Most new denture issues are caused by gums adjusting to extractions and the placing of artificial teeth. These are not problems particular to me. My gums were ready for permanent partials, yet Affordable Dentures refused to provide them. At one point, Dr. [snip], in an effort to deflect responsibility for her inferior work, pointed to my natural tooth #22, and said, “It’s this one that’s causing all the trouble. This tooth gave us FITS!” Tooth #22 had nothing to do with the creation or placement of her shoddy partials. My #22 is perfectly normal and was not in the way of anything. Dr. [snip] simply had to divert attention from her fraud by projecting away from herself.
Affordable Dentures, Franklin, Indiana, should be closed and prohibited from operating in the state. An investigation of this office and the qualifications of its staff are imperative.

When I paid $1990 on my credit card to the assistant named “Dana”, I asked for a copy of my file. Dana’s reply was, “What do you need it for?” I said I have the right to access my medical records. She said, “We don’t do that.” Affordable Dentures willfully violates HIPPA law.

Two weeks prior to submitting this complaint, I sent an electronic message to the corporate office of Affordable Dentures, Kinton, North Carolina. The narrative here reflects that message. I allowed corporate ten days to provide an answer and nothing has been received, nor have I heard from the Franklin office.
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User Replies:

trmn8r on 2013-08-31:
The reviews of Affordable Dentures online contain a fairly consistent theme.
Soaring Consumer on 2013-09-01:
File a complaint with your state's office of the attorney general, medical board, and board of dentistry.
gotcats on 2014-07-08:
I, also, would seek legal counsel. This story is ridiculously funny. I did laugh and cry at the same time. Sorry this has happened. Hope it gets taken care of.
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There are still some good doctors around
Posted by on
CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA -- I am writing to compliment dr. Adedyin and her wonderful staff of the Affordable Dentures in cartersville, Ga. I have read so much reviews about Affordable Dentures that I was skeptical about going there but my boss (the mayor in my city0 said he had a good experience so I decided to try. He told me to request the lady doctor. I did have to get there at 7:30 am and there was a lot of people there, so you must be patient. The lady at the front, was exceptionally nice, I was nervous, so I had lots of questions and she did not get mad. when I was called back, xray was taken and this young black girl came in, ( I thought she must have just been out of high school) but she is the DOCTOR! she was VERY sweet, and patient, she advised me not to pull all my bottom teeth but to get a partial. when I came back after lunch, she numb me and pulled my teeth- I didn't even know she had pulled them all. My dentist always sent me to a surgeon because he says my teeth are hard to numb and have to pull. I can't believe this small lady got the teeth pout in about 10 mins, all 22 teeth! she was so gentle and talking to me to calm me down throuh out. then my temp denture was placed- looked really good. I was crying and my wife cried to. this was such a good experience for my family. I start a new job in 2 weeks and my self confidence is back. her staff even called me the next day to check on me. no doctor or dentist has ever done that before. try the cartersville office and if you are lucky to see dr adedyin, I'm sure you will not regret it- I didn't
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User Replies:

Alain on 2011-06-13:
22 teeth out in 10 minutes? That's pretty fast work.
Venice09 on 2011-06-13:
Very nice review. I'm glad you got through it with such ease thanks to Dr. Adedyin.

Good luck with the new job!
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Great Dentist, Great Staff !
Posted by on
SOUTH HILL, VIRGINIA -- I just wanted to write a review on my recent experience at the affordable denture office in South Hill Virginia. I am a 49 year old man and for one reason or the other I have always had trouble with my teeth, and I have seen many different dentist in my life. I have had teeth pulled in Chester Va., Richmond Va. Petersburg Va. and even in New Mexico, It is a long story but I have never been able to afford to get the work done that I needed done. And if you are in a similar point in your life I would HIGHLY recommend the office located in South Hill Virginia. I ended up going there because the office in Chester Va. did not take "care credit" and I'm so glad they didn't, I don't have that much experience with the Chester office only when I called the Lady that answered the phone was short with me and told me that they don't take the Care Credit card, which I applied for and was easily approved for for three Thousand dollars so that is the way I wanted to pay for my dentures that I knew I needed. I first went to a very reputable dentist in Midlothian Va. They pulled three teeth and it was very expensive, they were good people but way overpriced and pushy. Anyhow I said all that to say this, when I called the Affordable denture office in South Hill the Receptionist was so nice just on the phone, she told me about how they do things there it is not like a "typical" practice anyway I asked her about cost and if they accepted my credit card she told me every thing I wanted to know and the hours and what time I needed to be there and the office is a hour drive for me but well worth every mile I drove there and back! Patience is the key. if you are like me and have been suffering for years one whole day won't be that bad. So I get called back there and I don't know what to expect really I mean I've never had all my teeth pulled or had dentures or anything but the Dental Hygienist got me in the x ray machine and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable after that I had to get upper and lower impressions of my mouth so the upper dentures I was getting would line up, again very friendly staff and then I met The Dentist at the South Hill office Dr. Michael Smith the best dentist I have ever been to, and I have seen allot, (unfortunately) any way he assured me I would be fine and everything would go good. well after that he prescribed me my medicine and they told me to return at 1:30 it was only about ten or so. Like I said patience...so I went to the nearby Walmart and two of the three medications I was given were only 4 bucks each total for all meds 15 bucks granted it may be different for you but I can't imagine by much. So I go back at 1:30 and did not get called back until 4:00 but finally after all those years I had been waiting it was the big moment and I a 49 year old man don't mind telling you I was scared to say the least, but again the Doctor and his Assistant were very reassuring and he shot me full of novocaine and waited a few minutes and came back and gave me a little more and the only pain I felt at all was the needle behind the teeth when he put it in the front to my amazement very very little pain well I didn't keep my eyes open because I was scared but people let me tell you what I had to get 11 teeth pulled and it really seemed like by the time they had laid me back they were setting me up I mean I was and am very impressed with Dr Smith I do not write reviews but I had to for this Dr. and my temporary dentures were in and they took the time to get it right and wow I look good ! lol but I really do, the dentures have made me smile again they are awesome. Thank everyone there at Affordable dentures South Hill Va. office feel free to contact me if you have any questions for me but the best thing to do is call them. It is a very sad day when you realize you have messed up and neglected your natural teeth but I'm telling you Dr. Smith is THE best dentist ever bar none.
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User Replies:

Alain on 2011-02-26:
It seems like this is a company where service and quality varies by location and individual expectations.
lindsay85 on 2012-02-19:
Your story is soo similar to mine. I have put over 5000 dollars into my mouth in the last year. I have had 8 teeth pulled and numreous fillings and route canals and I am now back at square one. I went to Aspen Dental as they were the only ones willing to pull my teeth and give me partials. No one understands that money doesn't grow off trees and I was constantly in pain. Well Aspen dental double billed my insurance and care credit so before doing any work at all, I got all the money back after calling corporate. THere fees were astronomical they wanted over 3000 dollars for an upper partial (5 teeth) and 4 extractions and wouldn't give a temp partial only a permanent before your gums are even healed. SO I looked around for any one else that would be willing to help me out because dentists are only after money, I found out that Affordable dentures took care credit and while waiting in the waiting room all the patients had nothing but compliments to give to the staff and how happy they were. The dentist understood that I may be only 27 but he understood I couldn't afford caps and crowns and additional route canals. He advised me to get complete upper dentures to assure I didn't have to come back to spend even more money compared to the partials. Someone finnally understood that I was in pain. I hope my experience goes as well the rest of the way, I get my teeth pulled in 2 days, I'm scared but I think you review helped me a lot.
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I'll Fitting Dentures - Twice
Posted by on
MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Let me start by saying a extreme lack of money brought me here to start with. I had to have a new set of dentures since the temps. no longer fit. I didn't have $2000 more for new ones. After checking around in Oct.07 I went to Affordable Dentures so excited about getting new dentures (my first set was made in March after extractions). The teeth they made that day looked beautiful but they didn't fit that way. From the start the upper dentures were nothing but problems. There was a gap under the top that let air and saliva in. I had such a difficult time because saliva and the adhesive continuously poured down over my top teeth. The times I went back I kept trying to explain but they are REAL short on patience if you have any kind of problem. They kept taking more off of them (it just seemed to me they needed something added to fill the gap).

After several months of frustration I went and had them relined. This made it even worse. The upper or lower would not work together. In utter misery, I did not have the money to go buy more somewhere else, I sent a letter to the main office. They gave me a call and said to go back to the Myrtle Beach office. I did but the first thing thing he let me know is this was All he was going to do for me. They first attempted to add something to the original denture, them came back in and told me they WOULD have to be remade. When they came in with the new try-ins the teeth looked horrible they were much longer than the original ones and also are not even (they line up slightly sideways).

By that point, #1 my MAIN concern was that they fit comfortably and #2 they had me so upset I was scared to complain about anything. This I know is my fault, I should have made them do something, but when you are in a situation where you know the people do NOT want you there it affects your feelings. When they brought in the finished product it was so thick and would NOT seat in my mouth but never less they said they were fine and I shouldn't be needing to come back. Well I haven't. I have worked on them myself with a Dremel tool at least trying to make them tolerable to wear. They are better now than when they sent me away with them but the EXACT same problem is with these. They will not suction and air, saliva and adhesive constantly run over the tops. When I close my mouth or try to swallow I have difficulty.

I finally figured out with my mouth shut my tongue is bound, there is no room for any movement. I have NO idea what to do, I CANNOT afford new dentures, even from the dollar store! I would NOT recommend going to the Myrtle Beach office if you need dentures to wear ALL THE TIME. You don't realize how drastically it affects the quality of your life. You can't go anywhere without teeth and go very little when the teeth you do have are so unbearably uncomfortable. I only go out when my little boy absolutely needs me to go somewhere. PLEASE SPEND WHAT MONEY YOU HAVE WISELY. The quality and the attitude of this business is in definite need of help. If one person reads this and it helps them to go somewhere else, then God Bless!!!
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User Replies:

Anonymous on 2008-05-17:
I would write a response, but suddenly I am overwhelmed with the need to go brush and floss.
msnanny on 2008-05-18:
Sadly the old saying "You get what you pay for" applies here. I'm truly sorry for your situation but you bought cheap and got cheap results. Good luck.
Bernie57 on 2008-06-12:
It is hard to believe that 'you get what you pay for' should ever be linked to medical/dental health. If you were bleeding out would you be content with a bandaid. NO, and you should not. And dealing with teeth or the lack of can be just as dangerous as the bleed out. I'll fitting dentures can cause open ulcerations on the gums allowing an infection that can travel through the blood stream. If you have any type heart disease, it's like playing with a loaded gun. I worked in health care many years, and also needed dentures in my 30's. We found out way too late I was allergic to the dental material. It took 3 doctors 5yrs and one bankruptcy to switch to implants. This was before implants were popular, and allergic to all metal alloys. No one should go through what I did or the person who wrote post. The pain, embarrassment, shame & anger never go away.
And I had a very polite medical team. My cost was just shy of $100,000.00. For the writer, go to a school connected to a hospital and use their students. They are already certified dentists, but they are going on to be surgeons etc. Do not use dremel tools any sharpness,no matter how small could be fatal. Stand up straight and call you nearest hospital, and keep calling. Bernie
Margie M. on 2009-09-24:
I was attacked by four gun weilding criminals back in December of 2000. Because I dropped my keys rather than use them to unlock my door one of them hit me in the face with the butt of his gun. The result? I lost 9 molars that day & the concussion loosened all my other teeth & fillings. When I filed for our governments "Victims Compensation" I had about forty sheets of paperwork to fill out & only 1 year to pay out of MY pocket to fix the problems- I had to borrow $200 to get the roots that remained pulled out & the dentist used catgut to "stabilize" the remaining teeth. He tied them to each other than put me under so he could hammer them back up into my gums. Since I WAS & STILL am poor- I had to find something on my OWN to replace the missing teeth my bottom partial USED to clip onto (the dentist wanted $100 PER TOOTH!) & over the years I made my own "Filling" when the originals fell out. I've had four dentists try to steal the teeth that had the filling material in but NONE that were willing to trade dental work for the secret. I hope I'll have a better ordeal than others have had.
Eloise on 2009-09-24:
'Steal your teeth'?
Skye on 2009-09-24:
What about the part about stealing the secret??

That post kind of scares me.
Sue on 2013-06-06:
The problem with this office is the Dr. has no patience at all. No "bed side manner"...I had a partial done by them..he got so irritated trying to get it to fit right that he made them so tight I broke a real tooth trying to get it out. I have not gone back to them because where the tooth broke you can't really see it and the denture goes in and out with no problem. Someone really needs to tell this Dr. off...it's not a question of you get what you pay for...he just needs to control his attitude..
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Not a Scam. Low Priced Dentures
Posted by on
Rating: 4/51
SHEPHERDSVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My dad needed new dentures because the old ones he had, kept having teeth that fell out. I took him to my dentist and they wanted $1600 for a full set. I called around and other places charge $1500-$5000. He's in his 70s and I'm a student, so we don't have that type of money.

I noticed a place called Affordable Dentures offering full dentures for $435 while looking online. I thought it was a scam and thought their dentures might be generic. I was so scared to take my dad, but I prayed about it and took him. Well I'm going to tell you all about it.

1. Make sure to visit the website and look at the price list.

2. Don't go by the website or 1800 number for office hours. You need to call your local office for the real hours of operation because the Dr sets his own hours and days of the week.

3. I bought the Economy (cheapest) full set (upper and lower) for dad for a total of $435. This included office visit and fitting, no other hidden fees. This is for someone that was already a denture wearer. They are able to give cheaper rates because they have their own lab on site, so they don't have to pay for sending out the dentures or a lab off site. If this is your first time as a denture wearer or you need teeth pulled also, it will cost more money.

4. The Economy is a strong material. You pick the color of the gum and color of teeth. So don't worry that they will give you yellow teeth.

5. There is only two differences between Economy and the other more expensive ones. One, you get to try on the dentures and decide if you want them to change it. Two, the gum area looks more natural. The teeth on dad's Economy look natural, but the gum is a little glossy looking so that part is not as natural looking. But you can't tell unless you get really close and he's smiling so hard that you can see he's gum area, which doesn't really happen.

6. The bad thing is the Dr doesn't have good bedside manner. He came in the room, didn't say hello, and quickly started the procedure without explaining anything. He's a little rude and harsh. So be ready for that. The good thing is that they are clean, I see the nurses and Dr wash their hands between procedures.

7. Conclusion, very worth it! Good economy dentures. Good quality. Can't beat the price.
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User Replies:

axel on 2013-08-13:
Just came from the fort meyers office, first visit, very friendly, very helpful,very fast service, incl.pull out 8, anyhow, for now and for me the first ever, very good!
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Beware They Are No Good
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY -- I went to Affordable Dentures in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2011. The employees were very nice and helpful at this time. I bought their full economy set for new wears. I got my temporary set before I got my teeth extracted. They worked out great, had no problems with them. After a year, I went in to get my permanent set. That's when the trouble started. While eating frozen yogurt one day, with CRUSHED UP, powder like candy bar, my lower denture broke in half. I went into Affordable Dentures that day, to see what could be done, since they have a year warranty. They said that they could repair them for no cost. I thought wonderful. I came back the next day to get them. They did repair them by adding a very small, thin metal piece and melted them back together. They put them back in, and checked my bite. And sent me my way.

No more than a month later, I was eating a salad. Nothing hard or crunchy!!! Just lettuce, cheese and tomatoes. I felt my dentures splitn half again. This time, the metal piece was holding the dentures together. So I went back to the office, and was told there was nothing they could do. Because I was eating hard food. I thought to myself "hard"? And walked out. And told myself, well the metal is holding it together pretty much, maybe they will be OK.

Well, I was wrong. For the next 3 months this lower denture caused me so much pain. While talking and eating my tongue would get caught in the spilt, which caused sores. I had a big gap that people could see, which was embarrassing. And it was hard to talk, and eat. So my husband decided to make me appointment to go in and see what they would do.

Just got home from the appointment. They are going to "repair" them again to be NICE. Even though I still have a warranty for 4 more months. But I was informed, that eating even ice cream, YES ice cream could break the dentures again. Let see how long this repair last. They said this will be the last time they will fix it, matter what.

The employee at this office, are very kind and helpful when you are looking into getting dentures, but once they get your money, watch out they are not there to be nice or helpful. And very disrespectful!!!!! They talk to you like you are scum. They don't stand behind their warranty, or their dentures. BEWARE!!! wouldn't recommend Affordable Dentures to anyone!!!!
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The Absolute Best Dental Office Anywhere
Posted by on
Rating: 5/51
CARTERSVILLE, GA, GEORGIA -- I want to praise the Cartersville Ga Affordable Dentures office. The dentist, Dr. Adedoyin, is absolutely Spectacular. I had one of those Complicated Tooth extractions because a bottom tooth broke off at the gum line and right in the front of my mouth. I immediately went to this office and they explained what they could do. I chose their recommendation and extremely happy I did. It is so nice to have a dentist and staff that you can trust to be honest with you. She had to pull that Complicated Tooth extraction and she did it so good I didn't even know the tooth had been pulled until it was lying on the tray. Now that is awesome, and shows you how great she is. I had been to the office earlier because I had lousy top dentures made in another dentist office and this Affordable Dentures office made me a new top denture that is great and I love it, and so that is why I trust them explicably. She recommended I get a partial for my bottom and I immediately said yes. I trust her and I trust the competent staff to give me the best service possible. Their price is right, they are so caring, and they get everything right to make you happy. All I can keep saying is: "I am so happy I went there." And I want everyone to know that they are the Absolute Best Dental Office Anywhere. I cannot praise them enough and give them 5 big Gold Stars. Not only is Dr. Olajumoke Adeloyin good, but she has a great staff that compliments her strength in excellent dentistry. The staff is great from first telephone call, they are friendly, and helpful, very polite and knowledgeable, even when taking an x-ray, or when the lab technicians are taking impressions. Everyone is as professional as they can be, which is a blessing because going to the dentist office is usually not fun, but they make it a pleasurable experience. Yes, there will be some waiting, but let me assure you that a few extra minutes waiting in their office is well worth your time...you will be very happy that you chose them and the waiting will become just a minor thing. I promise you your teeth will be beautiful. I don't know how they do such a fantastic job for the price they charge .... their prices are so affordable that everyone can afford them and they do not rob you of your money like a lot of dentist offices do.

I cannot praise them enough, so all I can do is highly recommend the office and their services. KUDOS to Dr. Adedoyin and her entire staff .... they are absolutely great! I will most definitely use them for any future dental work I need and I will always recommend them to all of my friends and neighbors.
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trmn8r on 2013-03-09:
There are horrible reviews of this same location, as well as glowing ones.

Here is another person who had a tooth broken off at the gum line, who visited this office:

In the world of internet complaints, when you have such a wide range of feeback, the reader needs to consider why this may be.
biltex on 2013-05-08:
Could this be a company rebuttal to a complaint posted in January, 2012?
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Bad company to work for.
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Rating: 1/51
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I worked at Affordable Dentures located in Madison WI for 2.5 weeks, and after working 8 years in the Dental field I've never worked with a company that treated their patients and employees with such disrespect and rudeness. They had patients in and out of the Dental Chair in 2 minutes, it was like an assemble line, only to keep them waiting for hours for crappy dentures that were poorly made, and if for any reason a patients had a complaint or a problem about the fit of the denture the assistant was VERY rude to patients. From my experience I think its just a rip off they are all about money, there's no good customer service skills at all. Patients complain all the time!! Be warned!
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tweetbird on 2014-01-03:
This place is full of lies, very unsafe to receive treatment there. the Dr doesn't do much of anything. he has his assistance do it all for him while he lies on the couch in the breakroom, or he goes in the back lab to gossip about the patient. he kick the can and cussed me out because of the other assistant not being there. he has taken instruments out before they have been fully sanitize and he has he been on patients. many of the patients there could have contracted some type of infection or disease because of it. I was overworked and underpaid. he talks with the regional manager about all the other dentist and dental assistant. telling all of their personal business. that regional manager is a backstabber as well. she asked me to spy on everyone there including the dentist. don't trust the doctor or the regional manager at all. they also like to go on meeting during lunch to get smashed. if you ask me they need to fire the regional manager as well as the doctor.
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No complaints
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Rating: 5/51
CHESTER, VIRGINIA -- On February 15th I had thirty teeth pulled and an immediate denture placed. I researched Affordable Dentures thoroughly before taking them my business. The Chester, VA office has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureu and no complaints within the past year.
I was very anxous and fearful - thirty is a lot of teeth. I made a lot of phone calls to the office and every time my questions were addressed with patience.

The dentists treated me respectfully. They had gentle hands, my extractions were painless after all the lidocaine took effect. The injections were painful - they are injections after all. But the fear that pulling my teeth was going to be awful was quickly put aside.

My mouth was filled with cotton and I was immediately fit with a temporary full set of dentures. I was prescribed appropriate pain control and a prophylactic antibiotic.

I consider my course so far as better than expected. No dry socket, pain controlled, no infection. I use adhesive on my dentures as instructed and am slowly learning to speak more clearly and eat soft foods. My dentures look just like the teeth I lost and I am going in for my first adjustment on the 21st day after the extractions. The office was clean and the staff wore appropriate gloves and masks. They washed their hands upon entering my area and cleaned up soil with the proper solution. Cleanliness and infection control are key to my returning for care. I've been an RN for 27 years.

Up to this point I don't have any complaints. Nor do I expect any based on my previous experience.

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Alain on 2012-03-07:
Like most franchise businesses, reviews vary from location to location. Looks like this office is right for you!
Teresa on 2013-07-18:
I also used affordable dentures in Tupelo .Ms
It has been the worst thing I have be though. Teeth don't fit and the staft os every rude. Want give me back my money. Spent 47 hundred with them and still can't eat. I beg anybody to make sure you know what you are doing before you use affortable dentures. It could cost you a lot more money.
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