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Don't Do it
Posted by DLC2004 on 12/10/2004
COMMERCE, GEORGIA -- I went to them, because of a salesperson on the phone, thinking I could accomplish this for less money. After all day sitting there, and getting the service, and feeling like a cow in a cattle auction being processed through, I was given a partial, it was very uncomfortable and I told them, they said it would pass. I went back next day and told them my teeth were not meshing. I did not expect to be attacked, but I sure felt I was. The 'Dentist' yelled at me, told me I did not know what I was talking about, that it was the way it was supposed to be. I went to my regular dentist, he told me what they had sold me as a permanent device was what they call in the industry as a 'flipper', a temp device until the real one comes in, Affordable Dentures said that it was permanent. It is most uncomfortable, like having a wad of wax in my mouth, and this is the midrange, not the economy version. Bottom line is, I still have to get the ones that I avoided for financial reasons, they (Affordable Dentures) won't adjust or fix the ones they sold me, and are about the rudest people I have ever met.

So not only do I have to spend what I originally had to spend, but I am out $750 to them. The only good thing is that their extractions are very cheap, if you can handle the pain, where they give you a small shot similar to Novocaine, and then pull the teeth with an instrument that has been laying out for at least 15 minutes, and then given unsterile gauze pads for the bleeding and all that in a dirty office.

Again, avoid these guys, if they could deliver what their salespeople promise, life would be good, but they are only interested in your money, not your well being

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Posted by Dawana on 2007-02-02:
I was at Affordable Dentures in Madison WI today and had dentures made. I told them they did not fit right and that I was not happy. They told me that I would have to get used to them. I have worn dentures for 27 years and these are poorly made, fit horribly, look like billy bob teeth. I already have a call into them to refund my money. If I don't hear back I will stop payment on my credit card and ship them the teeth certified mail. They are a total rip off.
Posted by Darth Grenadier on 2007-02-04:
My wife just had the same issues, her dentures looked like the fake prank teeth from Spencer's, and she is still bleeding after five days. She couldn't even wear hers due to the discomfort, never mind the horrible appearance. We got a refund for them the next day after much heated debate and the PROMISE of legal action. Even so, there is going to be legal action as I did not promise to drop any case against them. My wife is now unable to eat much at all, aggravating the fact that she is underweight and a borderline diabetic. Our regular dentist has promised to correct this mess and is going to assist us in any action taken against them. STAY AWAY from the Lenoir City, TN location of Affordable Dentures.
Posted by readytosue on 2007-04-05:
Your post made so much sense to me. I told my husband the day he took me there that I felt like a cow getting ready for the slaughter. Every seat in the waiting area was taken. I should have ran!
The dentist who pulled my tooth was so angry when I told him I felt pain. He said there was no way that I should be numb. He was angry when he had to give me another shot of novacaine and wait for it to take effect. He finally got the tooth out (so i thought), stuck my partial in and then told me I had a cavity on the tooth next to the one he pulled. He said get it filled as it is an important tooth to have in my mouth.
The partial looks like something I could have made with clay. They are so misaligned I hate wearing them and there is only 2 teeth on them!
I went to another dentist to have that one tooth filled. This dentist told me that:
1. I have a lot of bone fragment left in my gum. Where the tooth broke and it was just left in my gums.
2. My tooth has a trauma injury to it caused by an instrument that extracts teeth.
3. There is no way this tooth can be saved because of the trauma to it.
4. I will have to go to an oral surgeon to have it taken out.
5. The front teeth around it could start shifting due to it being an anchor tooth.
The tooth that dentist told me was so IMPORTANT to have in my mouth. I have to get pulled because of him!
My dentures are not so affordable at this point.
Affordable Dentures wont give me my x-rays that they took. I found out today by law they have too.
So if anyone else has a problem with getting their own x-rays, the law is in your favor not theirs!
Skip Affordable Dentures. Especially the one in Kentucky!
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Poor Quality Product
Posted by Jonico on 05/29/2004
My mother and I purchased dentures at the Middletown, OH facility and they were the worst dentures I have ever seen. However, the company will not refund our money.
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Posted by puggy on 2009-02-02:
Affordable Dentures ADDL are a VERY GOOD QUALITY & VERY GOOD SERVICE as to the replacement for dentures are concerned. They are all made by an experienced dental team and ADA quality made materials and for the money you won't beat them. Give them a try , you won't be sorry. And if you are a old geiser you'll love'm too !!!
Posted by Mark on 2013-12-19:
I have been seriously considering Affordable Dentures in Franklin. My teeth need to be pulled and I need a whole set of dentures. I am concerned because of the comment that there may be issue. The other concern is the fact that they would not take the teeth back to re-work or replace them. That is not good business.
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Tyler, Texas Office of Sinclair, Blake, G. DDS
Posted by Oldpoe on 02/13/2011
TYLER, TEXAS -- I went to Affordable Dentures in Tyler, because I could not afford a regular dentist. I had 7 teeth to be extracted and a full lower plate to be put in. These are the beginning stages, as this is the first temporary plate. The permanent plate will not come until 6mo to 1yr after this initial plate... First of all, call ahead and get the information about their hours. Anyone wanting a consultation needs to be at the office at 1 P.M. They only do consultations in the afternoon. Also remember to bring a book, as this place is packed with poor people and there will be a long wait. It may be 5:30 P.M. until you are seen, but you will be seen... I went for a consultation and it took about 2 hours before seeing the dentist. I was taken in and a full lower x-ray was done, then the dentist came in and looked at it and we discussed my options. My teeth (only 7 left in my mouth) were so bad, that he decided I should go ahead and get a lower plate. He does not recommend a full lower, as there is always trouble with them. A full lower plate is a life changing event. You will not be able to eat any crunchy or hard foods. That's the truth. You will have to eat ground meats and soft foods the rest of your life. They will not tell you that, but I am telling you that. After deciding on having the extractions and the full plate, I decided on the "Premium" denture. You can see 3 different types of dentures. Economy, Good and Premium. It's pretty easy, if you want the longest lasting, then get the premium. Economy dentures often break after a couple years... I had to pay the full amount right then, before they would go any further. They want all the money in advance or they don't do the dentures. Be prepared to pay up front in full, before you go, or don't go. They do not use insurance, so don't ask. It's cash or credit card up front. I paid $1,330.00 for 7 extractions, a temporary denture till I heal and a permanent denture within a year. I know first hand that going the other way with a super good dentist, would have resulted in an Oral Surgeon, a Dentist and an expensive Denture Lab. It would have cost me over $5,000 if I had gone the best way... I made an appointment for a week later, to have the teeth removed and before that I went one morning to have my form made, so the temporary denture could be ready for the extraction day... The following lines are my thoughts about the people there...
The office people and assistants must be low wage workers. They have the typical low paid, high stress lack of concern for the patient. The person who did my form did not do it well. That was evidenced in the quality of the temporary denture. The Dentist who did the extractions was the absolute best dentist I have ever seen in my 55+ years. They give you a pill to take an hour before you get there and if needed, one when you arrive. It relaxes you and one was enough for me. I was ready to go to sleep. They took me straight in and the dentist took 20 minutes numbing every tooth with a local anesthetic. He was very good and I did not once feel the needle. Then he extracted the 7 teeth is less than 5 minutes! I was amazed at the skill he used. I had some really bad ones, that a regular dentist would not have touched, but this guy was the best... Once the teeth were out, he put in the temporary denture and had to make a couple small adjustments, because it was too tight. He used a "liquid bandage" substance over the wounds and put the denture in...
Pain is not my thing. I have a low tolerance for it and if you have several teeth removed, it will hurt like hell. I believe that this dentist did a great job, but of course the pain is terrible and they did give me a prescription for pain killers...
The denture itself is not very good. Again, I fault this due to a low paid lab worker, who is probably texting while he makes the denture. It clearly did not fit properly, too much in one area, too little in another. I am glad that I have had a partial for years and an upper for years, as I know what can be done to alleviate the pressure points. I had to remove material in several spots on the lower edges of the denture, to keep it from bruising my gums. I will ask to see the dentist when I return and tell him that if the permanent denture is not going to be formed with any more care than this, I want the remainder of my money back and I will go elsewhere. Even for an "affordable denture" the quality of this temporary is not worth the mouth pain and I will never be able to wear it for 6mo to 1yr while I wait for the permanent one. If you can afford better, then please do, as you will not be happy with the poor quality results.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-02-14:
There are some reasonable suggestions and realistic expectations in your informative. Thanks!
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Bad experience, poor quality of work
Posted by Rolyat on 08/18/2007
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- If you are thinking about multiple extractions and new dentures, think about seeing a good oral surgeon first. Then get a recommendation for a dentist doing denture work. I had only six teeth removed on lower front. It turned into a nightmare. There were a lot of sharp edges left on top of jaw and gums pulled up and sutured over them. They cut through gums within two days. Dentist put me off for five days with a flap hanging and raw bone exposed. Then he resutured them borrowing tissue from inside my lower lip. That lasted overnight. Unbearable pain. Had to seek help of an oral surgeon. I lost most of my tissue from front and top of jaw in area of extractions. Having to wait months to grow new tissue and will need more surgery to correct where too much bone (sharp edges) was left. May be four to six months or more from time of surgery until I can wear a bottom denture. Top denture was to replace older one. Have had top plate for forty years and never had to use adhesives until now. My denture that was replaced had some broken teeth but fit well and stayed in place with no adhesives. This dentist told me this is the best fit he can give me! Not! I'll bet someone else can. If you are thinking about using this firm, hang around the waiting room and listen to the compalints of the people waiting for "adjustments". There are more dissatisfied customers than there are satisfied. Don't do it. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.

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Posted by mountainman on 2007-09-24:
Your expectation for having your lower denture work as well as your upper denture is totally unrealistic. You were certainly informed to that effect several times. Is this not the case? Apples and oranges.

Having the bone smoothed over after multiple extractions is common, but many forgo this and rely on an extended healing period in order to save money. The procedure carries a considerable additional expense. Sometimes some people require multiple bone smoothing and bone spike removal procedures to get a satisfactory healing and fit.
It is unfortunate that your stitches came out and exposed the bone. This happens with the best of surgeons. Any chance you did not purchase a new denture wearer package? This comes with unlimited soft liners to cushion the wounds and improve the fit as your gum shrinks rapidly after the extractions. Did you decide to forgo elective bone trimming that was suggested?
Posted by mountainman on 2007-09-25:
mountainman Affordable Care is not only required to care for the "easy" patients (the "rule" as you put it)but also for those who have problems. In any healthcare setting there are those who pass through without a problem no doubt, but there are always people who have difficulties. I think you greatly underestimate how difficult and traumatic it is to go from natural teeth to dentures and I would bet you have not experienced it yourself.

You are mistaken here. Affordable Care is not required to treat anybody. Like all dentists, they select cases that are within their scope of treatment. Difficult patients are quite often referred to specialists. Also, I am well aware of how difficult and traumatic it is for patients to go through just what you are talking about. By now you should too, and should reflect it in your comments. Rather than complain because you are not satisfied, perhaps you should recommend preservation of natural teeth and encourage anyone going through extractions to be patient and accepting of the real difficulties. Whining just makes you come off as a crank.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
mountainmanman writes: "By now you should too, and should reflect it in your comments. Rather than complain because you are not satisfied,"

Huh? I am not complaining about the service, I have not used the service. My main complaint is with your patronistic attitude toward the original poster and his pain and concerns about the lack of care he experienced. You act as if he/she deserved it and they should suffer in silence...that is just lack of understanding on your part.
Affordable Care IS required to treat a patient whose money they take. The time for cherry picking the "rule" consumers is at the beginning, prior to taking money or contracting to provide a service not after.
Posted by rolyat on 2007-09-25:
Thanks AmaniR for seeing beyond this guys rhetoric. I have blocked him from posting any further on this discussion. He is echoing the statements made by Affordable Denture employees and investors "we are able to help very many people by our services" I've heard it all before and that's why I believe he is actually an investor, owner or close to someone who is. Who else would know the date and location of their annual convention. This organization is a "chain' of independantly owned affiliates. The one that I had the bad experience is owned by the dentist who botched my surgery. I have been told by two other dentists, the oral surgeon who I am seeing to correct this mess and a independant denture studio that it is standard practice to trim the tops of the tooth sockets and smooth out the jaw bone before closing in order for a patient to wear a denture. It has been nine weeks and I still have exposed bone jutting through my tissue that should have been trimmed at the time of surgery. I was told that some dentists who are not oral surgeons do not have the equipment or the expertise to do this and they just take their chances. I maintain that if they don't have the experience or skill or equipment that they shouldn't be doing the surgery. They take xrays at the time of consultation and should at that time refer these kind of cases to an oral surgeon. Also they shouls actually see their patients after surgery and not trust their fledgling techs to do the post-op for them. This guy didn't do the impression, didn't see me on the day of my post-op visit and didn't see me until there was a problem and then he still didn't refer me to an oral surgeon but tried to resuture over the exposed ridges of untrimmed bone again! I am not saying that all Affordable Denture practices around the country operate this way but I am trying to warn people about this one..
Posted by karyll on 2007-09-28:
Blocking comments different than your own makes you seem less credible in your complaint—maybe you didn’t listen to options that could have made your recovery easier.
Posted by rolyat on 2007-10-05:
I blocked this guy because he failed to see any other view than his own. What options would have made recovery better from sharp edges of bone at top of tooth sockets, not trimmed by this dentist as is standard practice. There were no options given to listen to. I didn't bite down on anything or do anything to cause my gums to come apart. It was poor quality of work, plain and simple. What could I have done that would have made up for the impressions made of my gums not being done correctly. They should have offered new impressions and new dentures, I met people in the waiting room who were on their second and third remake and still didn't have a good fit. I don't care if some might think that I am less credible. I am only trying to warn others who might be considering using this particular practice. If they heed my advice or not I cannot control.
Posted by rolyat on 2008-01-09:
It has now been six months and I still can't have a new bottom denture made as the area is way to sensative. I have had three trips to the oral surgeon for trimming of bone and extraction of dead bone pieces that have worked their way through the gum and I still have more working their way out, which is why my gum is so sensative. So, my opinion still stands, this guy new I had an abcessed tooth, and did the surgery anyway, then when he got in there and found that the infection was more than he might have thought, he continued anyway. Definite malpractice on his part
Posted by Dinerokid on 2011-05-23:
I am scheduled for tomorrow at 10:00 am to get fitting on new dentures that I had made in Canada
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Affordable Dentures - South Hill, VA Dr. Michael Shawn Smith
Posted by Amazinggrace on 10/29/2010
SOUTH HILL, VIRGINIA -- I've read a ton of negative reviews regarding Affordable Dentures, and I was scared to go because of these reviews, but like most of us, I don't have a billion extra dollars to go to a "normal" dentist. I first went to the branch in Colfax, NC (because that office is close to home) a couple of times for some extractions. My experience there was very poor and I don't recommend it. I had to get extensive extractions and so started researching on the web for an Affordable Denture office that had good reviews. The only one I found was in South Hill, VA, so I decided to give it a shot.

I am so incredibly grateful to have found them. The entire office staff were pleasant and kind. Dr. Smith was extremely compassionate, caring and fast! He was very skilled. He actually gave me a suggestion that ending up costing less money than what I was intending to spend. I had 6 teeth extracted and a partial on the same day and it was all done with professionalism and compassion. And my new teeth look wonderful. If you need to have denture work or extractions go here, even if it's a commute - I drove 2.5 hours to get there, and I'll do it again happily. A lot of these places are more like butcher houses than professional medical facilities, but they are all individually operated, and I will recommend this office to everyone.

Most of us find ourselves in this position due to money issues, or dental phobias, or just plain neglect, but whatever the case, we're still people with feelings and deserve respect. Don't go to one of the "butcher houses", make the drive and go to South Hill, it is absolutely the best.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-10-30:
From the reviews, it looks like the service at Affordable Dentures varies a lot depending on the location. Thank you for letting us know about a facility that treated you well.
Posted by highhatsize on 2011-05-31:
Ditto Alain, above. From the reviews that I have read, the quality of service at branches of this franchise is a crap-shoot. Thanks for taking the time.
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Ill Fitting Dentures - Twice
Posted by Donnamc on 05/17/2008
MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Let me start by saying a extreme lack of money brought me here to start with. I had to have a new set of dentures since the temps. no longer fit. I didn't have $2000 more for new ones. After checking around in Oct.07 I went to Affordable Dentures so excited about getting new dentures (my first set was made in March after extractions). The teeth they made that day looked beautiful but they didn't fit that way. From the start the upper dentures were nothing but problems. There was a gap under the top that let air and saliva in. I had such a difficult time because saliva and the adhesive continuously poured down over my top teeth. The times I went back I kept trying to explain but they are REAL short on patience if you have any kind of problem. They kept taking more off of them (it just seemed to me they needed something added to fill the gap).

After several months of frustration I went and had them relined. This made it even worse. The upper or lower would not work together. In utter misery, I did not have the money to go buy more somewhere else, I sent a letter to the main office. They gave me a call and said to go back to the Myrtle Beach office. I did but the first thing thing he let me know is this was All he was going to do for me. They first attempted to add something to the original denture, them came back in and told me they WOULD have to be remade. When they came in with the new try-ins the teeth looked horrible they were much longer than the original ones and also are not even (they line up slightly sideways).

By that point, #1 my MAIN concern was that they fit comfortably and #2 they had me so upset I was scared to complain about anything. This I know is my fault, I should have made them do something, but when you are in a situation where you know the people do NOT want you there it affects your feelings. When they brought in the finished product it was so thick and would NOT seat in my mouth but never less they said they were fine and I shouldn't be needing to come back. Well I haven't. I have worked on them myself with a Dremel tool at least trying to make them tolerable to wear. They are better now than when they sent me away with them but the EXACT same problem is with these. They will not suction and air, saliva and adhesive constantly run over the tops. When I close my mouth or try to swallow I have difficulty.

I finally figured out with my mouth shut my tongue is bound, there is no room for any movement. I have NO idea what to do, I CANNOT afford new dentures, even from the dollar store! I would NOT recommend going to the Myrtle Beach office if you need dentures to wear ALL THE TIME. You don't realize how drastically it affects the quality of your life. You can't go anywhere without teeth and go very little when the teeth you do have are so unbearably uncomfortable. I only go out when my little boy absolutely needs me to go somewhere. PLEASE SPEND WHAT MONEY YOU HAVE WISELY. The quality and the attitude of this business is in definite need of help. If one person reads this and it helps them to go somewhere else, then God Bless!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-17:
I would write a response, but suddenly I am overwhelmed with the need to go brush and floss.
Posted by msnanny on 2008-05-18:
Sadly the old saying "You get what you pay for" applies here. I'm truly sorry for your situation but you bought cheap and got cheap results. Good luck.
Posted by Bernie57 on 2008-06-12:
It is hard to believe that 'you get what you pay for' should ever be linked to medical/dental health. If you were bleeding out would you be content with a bandaid. NO, and you should not. And dealing with teeth or the lack of can be just as dangerous as the bleed out. Ill fitting dentures can cause open ulcerations on the gums allowing an infection that can travel through the blood stream. If you have any type heart disease, it's like playing with a loaded gun. I worked in health care many years, and also needed dentures in my 30's. We found out way too late I was allergic to the dental material. It took 3 doctors 5yrs and one bankruptcy to switch to implants. This was before implants were popular, and allergic to all metal alloys. No one should go through what I did or the person who wrote post. The pain, embarrassment, shame & anger never go away.
And I had a very polite medical team. My cost was just shy of $100,000.00. For the writer, go to a school connected to a hospital and use their students. They are already certified dentists, but they are going on to be surgeons ect. Do not use dremel tools any sharpness,no matter how small could be fatal. Stand up straight and call you nearest hospital, and keep calling. Bernie
Posted by Margie M. on 2009-09-24:
I was attacked by four gun weilding criminals back in December of 2000. Because I dropped my keys rather than use them to unlock my door one of them hit me in the face with the butt of his gun. The result? I lost 9 molars that day & the concussion loosened all my other teeth & fillings. When I filed for our governments "Victims Compensation" I had about forty sheets of paperwork to fill out & only 1 year to pay out of MY pocket to fix the problems- I had to borrow $200 to get the roots that remained pulled out & the dentist used catgut to "stabilize" the remaining teeth. He tied them to each other then put me under so he could hammer them back up into my gums. Since I WAS & STILL am poor- I had to find something on my OWN to replace the missing teeth my bottom partial USED to clip onto (the dentist wanted $100 PER TOOTH!) & over the years I made my own "Filling" when the originals fell out. I've had four dentists try to steal the teeth that had the filling material in but NONE that were willing to trade dental work for the secret. I hope I'll have a better ordeal than others have had.
Posted by Eloise on 2009-09-24:
'Steal your teeth'?
Posted by Skye on 2009-09-24:
What about the part about stealing the secret??

That post kind of scares me.
Posted by Sue on 2013-06-06:
The problem with this office is the Dr. has no patience at all. No "bed side manner"...I had a partial done by them..he got so irritated trying to get it to fit right that he made them so tight I broke a real tooth trying to get it out. I have not gone back to them because where the tooth broke you can't really see it and the denture goes in and out with no problem. Someone really needs to tell this Dr. off...it's not a question of you get what you pay for...he just needs to control his attitude..
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Posted by The Denture Pro. on 08/23/2007
I am a Denturist who began his career in the dental field as the owner/operator of a successful Dental Laboratory which I operated for 20 years before becoming a Certified Denturist and opening a private Denturist practice which I retired from after 22 years in practice.

In retirement I have provided denture advice and information for a web site and through address. I have received numerous complaints from patients who attempted to use an Affordable Denture Clinic. Regardless of the state or location of the clinic most complaints are the same. Staff (on all levels) that didn't seem to know exactly what they were doing. Poor workmanship, unkept promises, inability to receive prompt services and an attitude after services of "Go away and don't bother us"...What the public needs to know is that "ONE DAY DENTURES" require a "disregard" by the dental office staff for custom individualized created dentures. Patients and the dentures created for them in One Day Denture Offices, are seen as a "production line" customer where personally designed dentures are not required or can be done on a production line basis. Production line dentures have one thing in common.You can take a coin the size of a Silver Dollar and place it behind the front teeth of an Upper denture and the teeth will match the curve. Patients and their Mouths are like fingerprints, no two alike and dentures should be individually designed to meet their individual shape, size and appearance needs. In my estimation, One Day Dentures" should be titled, "One Day Disaster", regardless of what company, office or corporation offers them.

"ONE DAY Immediate Dentures" have nearly cost some patients their lives, especially when they got the Immediate Dentures and Extractions a long distance from home.
The denture Pro.@aol.com (Retired)
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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-23:
Thank you for you comments and advice! I can't imagine much worse than having teeth pulled and then getting dentures that don't fit. Even if it is cheaper it doesn't sound worth it :/
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-23:
The Denture Pro, I echo amaniR's sentiments. Affordable Dentures and similar health providers are just another step in the corporatization of health care. It's not going to be too awfully long till your dentist and heart surgeon occupy a stall in your local wal*mart supercenter. Very good info! I voted it 'Very Helpful'.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-23:
All good points and good review.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-08-23:
Denturist?? I love that word!
Posted by The Denture Pro. on 2007-08-24:
To those who responded to my comments, Thank You for taking time to do so. While attending a County Dental Association meeting on the subject of recognizing and licensing Denturist to practice, a high level ranking member of the association finally stood and said,"Hell, if people can't afford our prices, so be it, I never heard of anyone dying because they couldn't afford dentures"....Of course the real issue for the Dentist group was the known fact that Denturist already had a an outstanding reputation for creating successful dentures and their fees averaged half of the Dentist fees and the Denturists gave a money back guarantee. The Dentist didn't want the competition so they witheld support for Denturist Legislation...OH Yes, in states where Denturist are licensed, they must pass both a written and a practical licensing test...that means they have to actually create a denture for a patient to prove their skills before getting a license...Dentist don't have to pass a practical test, the testing board already knows they don't know how to actually create a denture with their own hands. They simply are not taught how in dental school.

As I provide "Free" advice about any dental situation you may have.
Posted by denture lady on 2007-09-02:
I think you are wrong.Affordable Dentures is giving all of us a bad name. I am a denturist and I treat all my denture patients as if they were friends.I can make "One Day" dentures of the same quality [heatcure] as all my dentures and include a wax set up for try in [edentulous] or approval [immediate denture] by the patient.I've made thousands of dentures in our dental office.- Since I started working for the public in 1997 I have had 6 unsatisfied patients and I didn't give up on them .They gave up too soon.Many patients tell me I've changed their lives and I've been called a miracle worker many times.Good quality dentures,quickly,for less money,no wonder we have to fight for our place against the establishment.
Posted by The Denture Pro. on 2007-09-04:
Well now Lady Denturist...I made no specific evaluation about the Affordable Denture business, I only stated that there were many posted complaints about them. What I did relate to and stand by as a general rule is that "one Day" dentures by far lack the quality and esthetics of dentures having true characterized set-up's, wax-up, processed in extended heat cure acrylic and then creatively finished and polished. Silver dollar set-up's (if you know what that means), fast heat cure, plain pink acrylic, slick finished and polished does not provide the optimum quality esthetic denture. Many patients are happy with run of the mill dentures, even some made in one day. As a qualified tallented dedicated Denturist, your goal should be Quality, Precision,Esthetics and Affordability. Those cannot be achieved with production line prosthetics. One Denturist, One patient and One set of quality dentures are the ingredients that can be achieved...one at a time. A survey of my practice over 22 years showed a 96% patient satisfaction. Six refunds with out question. As you must know there are some folks no one can satisfy because of either physiological or emoitional stress issues. I've not only chnaged lives, I've saved lives. Because of my affordable fees patients came to me and received a full mouth examination some resulting in some patients being diagnosed with oral cancer by the specialist I refered them to when I found abnormal conditions. As an affordable quality Denturist, you are the answer to the inability of thousands of low income people to have a comprehesive oral examination and achieve the ability to eat a balanced healthy diet, all at an affordable price...Now, be all that you can be.
Posted by SWDillingham on 2007-09-06:
I went to the Affordable Dentures and had the worst experience in my life. I had a tooth extracted that had already been capped (the cap came off) and then filled (the filling fell out)and without insurance I didn't have the money to have it recapped and decided to have it pulled. It was no different than running cattle through. My gum was cut up into my jawbone and actually needed a couple of stitches and was treated with such an uncaring manner. It was the closest thing to a drive thru tooth pulling as you can get. I had to stop him from pulling it before the numbing had taken affect, and he gave me an extra shot. Both shots (on the inside and outside of the tooth) were jabbed up in there and the numbing fluid rushed in as fast as he could squirt. He did this twice! I didn't know if I was going to puke or pass out. I prayed for the tooth to hurry and come out! It finally did and he threw it down on the tray & said "you were expecting it to be worse weren't you"? and left. Doctors with that much lack of empathy (I think that's the right word) should not be in that profession. I know that I for one will NEVER go back nor will I ever recommend anyone to go there. I will ward off as many people as possible! -- and this is just my 3 cents worth. :-) And don't worry - this does NOT give good dentist a bad name, as a patient of many years of good dentists - I highly praise your work and your caring attitude!! (even more so now that I have had such a bad experience with a careless dentist!)
Posted by The Denture Pro. on 2007-09-06:
Hey "SWD"...Unfortunately your tooth extraction experience is far from unusual. I once had a patient who predicted where her gums would hurt when I put in her new dentures.Her son brought her to me because she tossed her old dentures in the trash because she had hurt for twenty two years...I immediately had full mouth x-rays taken and in the areas she pointed out were three old tooth root stumps with sharp edges. She said that the person who extracted the teeth told her they had broken off but the stumps would simply dissolve so there was no need to get them out. My oral surgeon extracted them and I placed temporary "Soft Liner" treatment in her old dentures while she healed.Made her a new set and she never had even one tender spot when she came back for her four week check up. She was 93 years old. There are some very fine Dentist's practicing and there are those who should be doing something else for a living....Of course, there are those kinds of people scattered throughout every profession. There are two major facts I stand by: Denturist's are the only "Real" denture specialist and "One Day Dentures" are very risky with regard to quality. Regardless of who creates them.
Posted by The Denture Pro. on 2007-09-06:
Posted by Wanda on 2013-11-21:
I am sitting here at affordable dentures, because I can't afford any where else. My money was paid over a year ago. Everything done in this office in Tampa takes a day. Plan on being there all day. So yesterday I came in to get my permanents. Was here about 7:30
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Bad company to work for.
Posted by Bradash78 on 09/26/2012
MADISON, WISCONSIN -- I worked at Affordable Dentures located in Madison WI for 2.5 weeks, and after working 8 years in the Dental field I've never worked with a company that treated their patients and employees with such disrespect and rudeness. They had patients in and out of the Dental Chair in 2 minutes, it was like an assemble line, only to keep them waiting for hours for crappy dentures that were poorly made, and if for any reason a patients had a complaint or a problem about the fit of the denture the assistant was VERY rude to patients. From my experience I think its just a rip off they are all about money, there's no good customer service skills at all. Patients complain all the time!! Be warned!

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Posted by tweetbird on 2014-01-03:
This place is full of lies, very unsafe to receive treatment there. the Dr doesn't do much of anything. he has his assistance do it all for him while he lays on the couch in the breakroom, or he goes in the back lab to gossip about the patient. he kick the can and cussed me out because of the other assistant not being there. he has taken instruments out before they have been fully sanitize and he has he been on patients. many of the patients there could have contracted some type of infection or disease because of it. I was overworked and underpaid. he talks with the regional manager about all the other dentist and dental assistant. telling all of their personal business. that regional manager is a backstabber as well. she asked me to spy on everyone there including the dentist. don't trust the doctor or the regional manager at all. they also like to go on meeting during lunch to get smashed. if you ask me they need to fire the regional manager as well as the doctor.
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Worst Teeth Ever
Posted by Max92311 on 11/26/2011
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I went to the office in Milwaukee. I have been wearing dentures for 45 years so I know when the fit isn't right. They would not listen to me, the patient and these teeth were like wearing razor blades. The dentist was rude. I got my money refunded and ran out of that office. Pain doesn't begin to describe it. However, I decided to fly to Georgia to visit with my sister and go to the Macon, GA office for some dentures. The people were polite, friendly, and knew what they were doing. The upper denture fit the very day I left the office and the bottom denture is coming along. The difference is like day and night. Thank goodness to find a place to make a good set of dentures. In my view, the Milwaukee office should be closed.
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Posted by Alain on 2011-11-27:
You might want to report this to the State via both http://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/guide/spec/probmddds.htm
and http://datcp.wi.gov
Posted by April on 2011-11-27:
I'm sorry to hear the OP wasn't happy with their dentures but why should they report it? They were given a refund and were able to go elsewhere.
Posted by Alain on 2011-11-27:
The pain was unusually bad and the fit was not right, April. The reason it gets reported is because that indicates substandard dental work.
Posted by Kimberly on 2012-07-26:
We also had an experience in the Milwaukee office where the dentures were too big I think its because they took the impression off the healing dentures not his mouth (then denied it) the technician said she filed too much off so suction was lost. Much to my surprise, the denist said it was the best he could do and gave back the money for the top denture and said we should go somewhere else.
Posted by Aramay on 2014-01-02:
I also had the misfortune of being in the Milwaukee office. The initial impressions were fine, and the bite was correct. However, when I came back (3day wait for top tier denture) for the finished denture it was either severely damaged or someone else's upper plate. The overbite was so bad it covered my lower lip. After another 2 day wait , the final product didnt fit at all. Kept falling out and there were weird ridges on the palate like folds. They told me to try them for a week and come back. I could not bite on the front because the back would fall, If I bit on either side, the opposite side would fall, if I drank any liquid, the whole upper plate fell down. Not at all workable. I went back in a week and they said would put in a liner for an additional $140. Why should I pay more when they didnt fit to start with!! Then the dr came in and started screaming that he had my lab work ??? (never had any labs done) and I was in such poor health that he wasnt going to fix the teeth. He told the technician to take my plate and give me a refund. I am in good health with no dental problems or abnormalities and told him I wanted to see this mysterious lab report. He ignored me and stomped off. As I was leaving, I heard him screaming at another patient that his implants were failing because he must be in really bad health! Seems to be a cop out for shoddy dental work. Avoid this place like the plague!!
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Not even able to talk about!!
Posted by Pissant75 on 08/11/2009
EAST MOLINE, ILLINOIS -- I went in to get talk with the doctor about getting the denture before I had my teeth pulled and the doctor was down right rude.. I have spent so much time and money on my teeth but due to genetics it was a lost cause and the doctor told me that me loosing my teeth was all my fault.
The first plate they made for the immediate denture was great no problems, looked good felt good, and I was able to eat. when the made the lower partial they didn't ask what type I wanted or anything. The tech only held down one side while it was casting so the fit came out totally wrong. I was not even able to wear it at all. When I went back in a year later for my permanent top plate they made me wear the lower partial that didn't fit in order to do the mold for the top. Due to the fact that the bottom didn't fit the final upper plate does not fit at all either. If I put the top plate in I can't close my mouth or even rub my lips together. They ended up looking like I could carve a tree with the front teeth.. The main office for Affordable dentures said I had to deal with the dentist himself. So here I was no teeth, and no money for new ones that actually fit.
There has to be a way to get at least part of the money back from the no good teeth. All this has totally shot my self esteem. I am only 34 years old and I won't leave my house because of my self esteem.
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Posted by JPMarrow on 2009-11-26:
I had a great experience in South Hill, VA! I am so sorry, I wish you well!
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