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Full Set of Dentures to Replace My Old Ones
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Rating: 5/51

FRANKLIN, INDIANA -- Ok so today I went in to Affordable Dentures in Franklin, Indiana. I love my new smile and the staff was great. Although they are a little hard to get use to - having more teeth - they look wonderful and fit great. I am only 45 yrs. old and I can honestly say they have made me look younger since my old dentures teeth seemed small and were definitely wore down.

The staff was wonderful and worked with me. They looked so great I smile a lot more. Definitely worth the money although I got the premium ones for 1175, I think the middle grade ones with wax try-ins would of been just as good. Also my dad got his the same day and he loves his as well. Definitely go here... You get to see them in a wax mold first. Thank you Affordable Dentures, I love my new teeth.

Review of My Experience With Affordable Dentures
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Rating: 5/51

WILSONVILLE, OREGON -- I have been a client of Affordable Dentures in Wilsonville, Oregon since March of 2015. I initially went to Affordable Dentures for a reline of my upper dentures, which had been made somewhere else. The dentist and staff was very friendly and listened to my issues. They relined my upper dentures for a very nominal fee and replaced an o ring in my lower implant denture (free of charge). I was told that my upper and lower dentures did not line up properly and that I may have trouble with o rings or housings.

Since that initial visit, I have lost o rings and a housing came out of the lower denture. The office made a new set of dentures in one day. I cannot praise the office dentist and staff enough. They went well above the normal. The dentures look good and I can chew better than I have in years. I would rate them as 10 out of 10 across the board. WELL DONE!!!!!

Upper Denture
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Rating: 1/51

ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I went in to the office, picked the premium package @ $1980 for a upper plate with adjustments and reline as necessary for 1 year. I paid in full, they extracted 6 teeth, placed the denture, gave me instructions then rushed me out the door. The denture is the most miserable, horrible denture I have ever had to deal with. It is too big, it falls out, it gags me when trying to put it in. It feels like it is cutting into my nose every time I try to chew or bite.

I call for an appointment to fix it - they are only open Monday - Friday 9AM to 3PM and are 3 weeks out on appointments. I finally got in after 2 months only to have them make an adjustment that did not fix the problem and was told my jaw was shrinking more than they thought it should. Eight months later I've finally managed to get an appointment that works with my schedule. Called to confirm the appointment and was told my appointment was not for another week and they couldn't do anything until then. I explained what date I was told to come in and I wasn't happy with denture or their customer service and was told "we'll tell the doctor in a week."

I don't know what else to do but go back because I can't keep spending nearly $2000 and the time to find a dentist who can actually make a denture and care about the quality of their work or their patients. People beware. Affordable Dentures are not affordable nor do they care about patients. They get your money and are done with you!! They have no clue how to make a denture that actually fits.

Terrible Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ALBURQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Went there to get dentures because they make it sound so pretty over the phone. Drove 260 miles with the understanding that the dentures would be ready the same day. Dentist advised me to get upper with metal plate. I agreed because he said it would only take ten days to have them ready. After not hearing from them 14 days later, I called to ask how much longer. Woman who answered phone replied very rudely that they will be ready when they're ready.

After two more weeks of waiting, they finally called to make appointment. Was told to be there at 11 am for fitting and they would have them ready by 3 pm. Rented car to drive up there thinking that was going to be the case. Fitting went o.k. was told to return at 3 pm for final product. Took almost 2 hours to be called in. When the dentures were put in my mouth, one side of upper and lower touched but other side didn't. Was told they had to redo bottom plate. Since I live 260 miles away, I could not afford another trip up there, so I demanded a refund.

The people that work in this place really need to take customer service classes so they can learn how to show a little more respect to the customers. They make you feel like they are doing you a favor. They offer cheap dentures, but BEWARE because you get what you pay for.

Teeth Falling Out of Upper Plate After Buying the Ultra
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Rating: 2/51

BARBOURSVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA -- In May of 2011, I was purchasing new dentures because my older ones kept breaking. I went to Affordable Dentures. I was told about the economy dentures, the custom, and the top of the line, which looked more like real teeth. I was told they were made out of a better material and should last a long time.

I had no problems until a little over a year. One of my front teeth fell out. I super glued it in. It has stayed. Then last night, I was chewing on a soft granola bar. I felt something hard in my mouth but didn't think about it because I've always been able to eat steaks, corn on the cob, etc. I took a drink of my Coke. After that something felt strange. I moved my tongue around and my 2nd tooth in the front on upper plate had fallen out and I had swallowed it.

I paid in 2011 over $1200 for the top of the line dentures which were to be stronger. My mom has been wearing the same dentures for 26 years with no problems. I think Affordable Dentures charges you a significant more amount of money for the top grade but they still aren't very strong. I live in another state now and a dentist is putting in a new tooth in my upper plate. For the price I paid, there should have been a longer warranty time on the supposedly ultra set that shouldn't break. I would definitely go somewhere else if I would need new dentures. I feel I paid for the high quality but got a cheaper set.

Full Set Dentures - Rip Off
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Rating: 1/51

MONTGOMERY, ALABAMA -- I am 70 years old and have had false teeth since I was in my 30's. I have never had the trouble with dentures that I am having now. I had a set of full dentures made at Affordable Dentures in Montgomery, AL in February of 2015. I kept telling they did not fit. Finally they made another set and I have had nothing but problems.

My mouth protrudes. They don't meet and I still cannot chew meats and other solids such as hard bread, apples, etc... I have to stick them down every day with Polident and sometimes 2 times a day. My bottom gums stay sore if I don't and they sometime get sore when I do according to what I try to eat. I will never go back to them again and I want another set of teeth but can't afford them.

Great Dentist, Great Staff!
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SOUTH HILL, VIRGINIA -- I just wanted to write a review on my recent experience at the affordable denture office in South Hill Virginia. I am a 49 year old man and for one reason or the other I have always had trouble with my teeth, and I have seen many different dentist in my life. I have had teeth pulled in Chester Va., Richmond Va. Petersburg Va. and even in New Mexico. It is a long story but I have never been able to afford to get the work done that I needed done. And if you are in a similar point in your life I would HIGHLY recommend the office located in South Hill Virginia.

I ended up going there because the office in Chester Va. did not take "care credit" and I'm so glad they didn't. I don't have that much experience with the Chester office only when I called the lady that answered the phone was short with me and told me that they don't take the Care Credit card, which I applied for and was easily approved for for three thousand dollars so that is the way I wanted to pay for my dentures that I knew I needed. I first went to a very reputable dentist in Midlothian Va. They pulled three teeth and it was very expensive, they were good people but way overpriced and pushy.

Anyhow I said all that to say this, when I called the Affordable denture office in South Hill the Receptionist was so nice just on the phone. She told me about how they do things there. It is not like a "typical" practice. Anyway I asked her about cost and if they accepted my credit card. She told me every thing I wanted to know and the hours and what time I needed to be there and the office is a hour drive for me but well worth every mile. I drove there and back! Patience is the key. If you are like me and have been suffering for years one whole day won't be that bad.

So I get called back there and I don't know what to expect really I mean I've never had all my teeth pulled or had dentures or anything but the Dental Hygienist got me in the x ray machine and made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. After that I had to get upper and lower impressions of my mouth so the upper dentures I was getting would line up, again very friendly staff. And then I met The Dentist at the South Hill office Dr. ** the best dentist I have ever been to, and I have seen a lot, (unfortunately) anyway he assured me I would be fine and everything would go good.

Well after that he prescribed me my medicine and they told me to return at 1:30. It was only about ten or so. Like I said patience... so I went to the nearby Walmart and two of the three medications I was given were only 4 bucks each. Total for all meds 15 bucks granted it may be different for you but I can't imagine by much.

So I go back at 1:30 and did not get called back until 4:00. But finally after all those years I had been waiting it was the big moment. And I a 49 year old man don't mind telling you I was scared to say the least, but again the Doctor and his Assistant were very reassuring. And he shot me full of novocaine and waited a few minutes and came back and gave me a little more. And the only pain I felt at all was the needle behind the teeth when he put it in the front. To my amazement very very little pain. Well I didn't keep my eyes open because I was scared.

But people let me tell you what I had to get 11 teeth pulled and it really seemed like by the time they had laid me back, they were setting me up I mean I was and am very impressed with Dr **. I do not write reviews but I had to for this Dr. and my temporary dentures were in and they took the time to get it right and wow I look good! lol But I really do, the dentures have made me smile again. They are awesome.

Thank everyone there at Affordable dentures South Hill Va. office. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions for me but the best thing to do is call them. It is a very sad day when you realize you have messed up and neglected your natural teeth but I'm telling you Dr. ** is THE best dentist ever bar none.

Affordable Dentures, Scam, Theft, Intimidation
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CHATTANOOGA, TENNESSEE -- I ordered the custom dentures from the company. The day they gave them to me I informed them the dentures did not fit. They told me it was fine and come back in 2 weeks and they would do a remake if needed, and adjust it otherwise. I used my old dentures for the 2 weeks and when I returned they told me they would only fix any sore spots I may have and replied 'I dunno what to tell you' when I said they didn't fit. Then a man came in and said the new teeth were same as the old and I said 'no look there man, it's the gum that's too high'.

The man then turned and bent over about 12 inches from my face and shouted 'DON'T CALL ME MAN! YOU CAN CALL ME SIR WITH RESPECT'. I could smell alcohol on his breath and was very nervous about his aggression because he was a very tall large man. I said 'man is just an expression, I didn't mean it with disrespect, just trying to show you the problem area on the denture'.

The man then continued shouting and said 'Get up and get out of here! GET OUT! HIT THE BRICKS BUDDY!' I was afraid to say anything else because he was red in the face and obviously drinking so I got up and left. As I left I noticed there were at least 2 other customers in the cubicles beside mine who heard the exchange. Also my fiance was there with me. At the front we asked them to put in writing that they were refusing to make the adjustment and the receptionist stated 'I ain't giving you nothing in writing, bye'.

There were about 12 customers in the lobby who heard this exchange as well. I have never been treated this way in my life and I cannot remember being that afraid for my safety. He frightened me so much that after I left when I realized he still had the teeth the company made that did not fit, I was afraid to go back so I just called and asked. I was placed on hold then the line went dead.

I will tell you that after having thought about this overnight I am getting very upset. I paid for custom dentures that would fit, and I was given something that I cannot wear at all. I want custom dentures that fit... I paid for it. I do not want any drama about it, I did not pay for drama and intimidation. The part that unsettles me most about all of this is that I am 26 yrs old but I noticed many of your customers are senior citizens and I should really hope and pray that this office is not treating them the same way they treated (attacked) me if they try to get them to stand behind their quality promises.

I have looked online and found quite a few testimonials from consumers that are almost the same as mine. Very unsettling. I am hereby demanding in writing that Affordable Dentures refund my money because they not only didn't provide dentures that fit, but they kept them when I tried to get them to make them fit. I will cc my attorney on this email in case Affordable Dentures decides to outright scam me.

Consultation for Partial
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Rating: 1/51

FT MYERS, FLORIDA -- I went in for a consultation. The reception, nurse and dentist were all very pleasant, but when the other dentist came in, I assumed he was the boss. He was very unhappy with the fact that I didn't want him to pull all of my teeth and give me upper and lower dentures at the cost of $4000.00. He proceeded to yell at me and tell me, "Oh, ok you are the dentist. I see what you want. You want happy teeth." His temper tantrum went on for about 15 minutes. All the while, there were patients in the other rooms and a waiting room full of patients.

This guy is a miserable, excuse for a human being. I would pull my own teeth out with a rusty pair of pliers before I ever allow him to touch me. I will be sure to tell anyone in need of dental care to steer clear of Affordable Dentures on Cleveland Ave. in Fort Myers, Florida!

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ZANESVILLE, OHIO -- In January of 2007 I went to affordable dentures in Zanesville, Ohio to have my teeth extracted and get my first set of dentures. I paid for the best package and what I got was a nightmare. I was told they can only extract half your teeth at one time, which is not true. Many places do them all at once, I found out later, but here's what happened.
They extracted my top teeth and sent me home with a prescription of pain medication that I was allergic to, even though I informed them repeatedly about this beforehand. When I tried to contact them in severe pain that Friday as soon as I got home, they didn't get back to me until Monday.

I was scheduled to get my top teeth done on Monday. They called me in the correct pain meds and then rescheduled me for Wednesday due to the 2 inches of snow they got, they were closing. Wednesday they called me and rescheduled me for Friday stating they were playing catch-up due to being closed Monday and Tuesday from the 2 inches of snow. Friday they finally seen me, but due to the medication in my system, 4 of my front bottom teeth wouldn't numb. I insisted he wait and let me stop the meds for a few days and let me return, so they could be numbed.

The dentist told me no, he couldn't stop now! So he pulled 3 teeth that were not numb while I screamed and cried and fought him and then cut the last one out that was also not numb! When I walked out the door, I had blood all over my face, I was shaking in shock, crying and collapsed into my son's arms, who had to physically carry me to the car. The doctor was insane, the women working there were witches and the whole atmosphere was a terrible environment.

I had to go back to that horrible place for my fittings as the swelling went down and these people were awful. They violently force the dentures into your mouth, even an 80 year old man and a woman in her 70's in other rooms moaned and cried while only getting replacement dentures! These people are heartless and cruel! I recently received a notice that they have a new dentist there now. No doubt the old one lost his license, I hope! Beware, the same evil women probably still work there!

I should have sued, but instead I settled for my money back and was given it from their corporate office happily after my story! Beware please, you will wait, wait and wait some more, they will bump you and bump you so they can make room for new patient money, they will treat you very brutally and leave you wondering how they're still in business. Don't go there unless you want a cheap fix and can endure the pain and abuse from these people and end up with dentures that are terrible and plan ongoing back 50 times until you give up. They don't know what they're doing!

I feel bad for the new dentist - he's in for a surprise with that staff!! He'd do well to fire mostly all of them and hire new people!!!

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