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Worst Teeth Ever
By -

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I went to the office in Oregon. I have been wearing dentures for 45 years so I know when the fit isn't right. They would not listen to me, the patient and these teeth were like wearing razor blades. The dentist was rude. I got my money refunded and ran out of that office. Pain doesn't begin to describe it. However, I decided to fly to Georgia to visit with my sister and go to the Macon, GA office for some dentures. The people were polite, friendly, and knew what they were doing. The upper denture fit the very day I left the office and the bottom denture is coming along. The difference is like day and night. Thank goodness to find a place to make a good set of dentures. In my view, the Oregon office should be closed.

Do Not Use Affordable Dentures
By -

SUN CITY, ARIZONA -- In August of 2010 I went to the Tempe Affordable Dentures location to obtain consultation and to get an upper denture. We live in Northern Arizona and that was the closest and was 5 hours south. He did an extraction on 8 teeth and gave me a temporary denture.

After days of severe pain and swelling, I developed a fever of 102 and called the emergency number he had given me on my sheet of instructions. It took hours to hear back from him and then he just called in an antibiotic and suggested it may be dry socket.

After 10 days on the antibiotic I was no better at all. I developed sores inside my entire mouth and the gums were so painful I could still only consume liquids weeks after the extractions. I drove back down and told him I couldn't stand the pain anymore. At that point, he examined me and informed me the sutures had not dissolved but had grown up into my gums. He removed them and advised me it should heal fine.

I went back down after the gum swelling had subsided and he did a soft reline (even though the package I purchased called for a regular reline). I went back home with the denture fitting better. However, by the beginning of 2011 it was again quite large due to more swelling subsiding and I called and found out that the Tempe branch location was closed. No word from Affordable Dentures as to why, but I was told my files were transferred to the Sun City, AZ location. I went there and was given a reline and told that I was ready for my permanents. In the beginning of March I went in for a permanent denture.

Now, almost a year after my initial visit with Dr. Acosta, I have some protrusions on my gums which lead me to believe there may be other foreign things in my gums. I'm not sure if it's additional sutures or pieces of teeth or what is causing it, but want to get it taken care of and do not believe I should be financially responsible for an exam/x-ray. I feel it is Dr. Acosta's responsibility. And NOW, not even 6 months after receiving my permanent denture a tooth fell out. And I purchased the "exact duplicate" pair they advertise and it is NOT a duplicate. It looks like wax teeth. DO NOT fall for this business' advertising. It has been—and is—a continuing nightmare.

Ripped off by substandard products
By -

KINSTON, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have been taken for $2,500 by Affordable Dentures and still don't have a set that is worth anything. I have had to go out and hire a lawyer to handle this matter for me. I sent in a complaint in the main office in North Carolina and was talked to if I were stupid. I went from being nice to angry. I think the public should know about this company before they spend their hard earned money and get treated like an animal. My dog got better service at the Vet's office. The materials they use is of poor quality and are made terrible. The replacement teeth are usually on the side of your mouth and when you bite down the material bends, making it imposible to eat a meal in peace, What I would give to eat a regular meal. The metal partials have sharp edges that cut into my gums and the inside of my jaw. I have gone in countless times to get adjustments. this was a total waste of time. I have pictures of these partials and have shown them to another dentist, needless to say they told me I should get every penny back that I spent. They said how can anyone expect someone to try to eat with these things. The also said they have never seen garbage being passed off as dentures. They also pulled a tooth for me that was nightmare. I was sent home without antibiotics or pain meds, had bone fragments left in my gums that were sticking out through my gums and I can't even describe the pain I had from the DRY SOCKET that developed. I denist that pulled the tooth got angry that I kept coming back and torchered me even more by cutting into my gums and filling on my bones to get the fragments gone, but made a long incision in my gums then placed these extra long stitches in my gums. I was horrified when I looked in the mirror. I took pictures of course. I took me a long time to get past this extraction horror. I amletting the legal system handle this issue.

Dr Ryan Flemming Affordable Dentures Columbus, Ohio
By -

COLUMBUS, OHIO, OHIO -- I wish I had gone to a more professional dental practice. There are no shortages in the Columbus area. The staff can be Very rude especially the receptionist. The young girl that does adjustment and re linings is rather rough and so is her work. Flemming is only seen on the first or second visit, after that you are on your own.
Just went in for a second soft reline, gee I thought that they would remove the previous lining. Not at Affordable... they just slapped on some more goo and shoved it in my mouth. After my first re lining I told them that the lip support was way too high. I was told that I had to tell them before the lining was put in. It was not too high before the new lining. By dinner the upper denture had cut the skin between the gums and lip about an inch and a half. I am not a dentist, but I am pretty sure that my mouth should not bleed! It was beyond painful. Thank God I am a jeweler and have much of the same equipment as a dentist. I cut the lip support down considerably and it fit without blood. It took all of about 3 minutes to do, they don't seem to have the time.
There are some other SERIOUS problems with my dentures, but to list them here will identify me. I have six months left before I receive my Premiums so I am stuck with Affordable. $4000 to be treated like crap and shoved out the door every time. Don't think for one second that Premium means anything to these folks, it does not!
During extractions, Dr. Flemming was rude and basically called me a liar while I was in the chair. It was painful and he seemed to think that it shouldn't be. He only uses Novocaine and I am here to tell you it did hurt like hell.
In short, Dr is rude, Staff is rude, if you do not feel rushed through I will be shocked, expect no extras, dentures may not be straight (like mine), and if you wait for a while there may be a drive-through around back. Just lean the car seat back and hold your money out.
Do not let impulse guide your decisions. Choose your dentist very carefully. I did not and do I ever regret that decision. Once they have your money, you are OWNED! Anywhere else will be more friendly and professional. I had high hopes. Saved for years. Got screwed.

Not even able to talk about!!
By -

EAST MOLINE, ILLINOIS -- I went in to get talk with the doctor about getting the denture before I had my teeth pulled and the doctor was down right rude.. I have spent so much time and money on my teeth but due to genetics it was a lost cause and the doctor told me that me losing my teeth was all my fault.
The first plate they made for the immediate denture was great no problems, looked good felt good, and I was able to eat. when the made the lower partial they didn't ask what type I wanted or anything. The tech only held down one side while it was casting so the fit came out totally wrong. I was not even able to wear it at all. When I went back in a year later for my permanent top plate they made me wear the lower partial that didn't fit in order to do the mold for the top. Because that the bottom didn't fit the final upper plate does not fit at all either. If I put the top plate in I can't close my mouth or even rub my lips together. They ended up looking like I could carve a tree with the front teeth.. The main office for Affordable dentures said I had to deal with the dentist himself. So here I was no teeth, and no money for new ones that actually fit.
There has to be a way to get at least part of the money back from the no good teeth. All this has totally shot my self esteem. I am only 34 years old and I won't leave my house because of my self esteem.

Here's The Rub About "Affordable Dentures"
By -

I have been periodically checking into this forum to see what sort of feedback people are relaying about the concept of one-day "affordable" dentures, and the service they receive from such a practice.
From what I have read, it's not at all good.

First of all let me tell you about what qualifies me as one who can advise about said topic.
I am a registered denturist in Canada, and have been authorized to do so by the College of Denturists in my province.

I have been in private practice for just over fifteen years, and I have other members of my immediate family in this same trade.

Here in Canada, and in some American states Denturists are a "direct to the public" resource for people who need our services.

We specialize in the fabricating and maintenance of denture prosthesis for the general public.
In other words, no dentist referral is needed.

You can walk in right off the street into a denturist practice/lab and have one made from start to finish with additional adjustments included after the service. You work with the builder of your new dentures directly.

In most Dentist's offices, if a Dentist is to make you a set of dentures, he would have to take the impressions and send them to a dental lab who in turn would have to make the dentures without seeing the person who was to wear them. Not very personalized an experience is it? You can see how making dentures in this way leads to a LOT of issues.

Don't get me wrong, there are a LOT of really fantastic dentists out there who are very skilled and well trained at what they do. However the art of making a set of "good" dentures requires a SEPARATE set of technical knowledge from that of the Dentist.
A dentist is still a VERY important part of your denture treatment, the extraction of any teeth and the care and management of your remaining teeth/supporting tissues still require the skill of a good dentist.
Here in Canada Denturists consider your treatment a "team effort" involving our skills and the Dentist's.

When making a personalized set of dentures, there are NO shortcuts. Proper construction means taking the time to do it right in every step.
INCLUDING the processing of the denture itself.
A proper curing time for a heat cured denture is approximately 4 to 9 hours. From what I have read, these "quickie" labs use what is called a Pour n' cure type resin. It's a cheaper, softer, more porous resin which is weaker and isn't nearly as good as the heat cure resin.

Furthermore, the most important part of your treatment is the period AFTER you get your dentures. Adjustments are always needed, and in most denturist practices are included in your treatment.

Just remember that you really do get what you pay for. There are no "quick" fixes, and there are no shortcuts.

Don't Do it
By -

COMMERCE, GEORGIA -- I went to them, because of a salesperson on the phone, thinking I could accomplish this for less money. After all day sitting there, and getting the service, and feeling like a cow in a cattle auction being processed through, I was given a partial, it was very uncomfortable and I told them, they said it would pass. I went back next day and told them my teeth were not meshing. I did not expect to be attacked, but I sure felt I was. The 'Dentist' yelled at me, told me I did not know what I was talking about, that it was the way it was supposed to be. I went to my regular dentist, he told me what they had sold me as a permanent device was what they call in the industry as a 'flipper', a temp device until the real one comes in, Affordable Dentures said that it was permanent. It is most uncomfortable, like having a wad of wax in my mouth, and this is the midrange, not the economy version. Bottom line is, I still have to get the ones that I avoided for financial reasons, they (Affordable Dentures) won't adjust or fix the ones they sold me, and are about the rudest people I have ever met.

So not only do I have to spend what I originally had to spend, but I am out $750 to them. The only good thing is that their extractions are very cheap, if you can handle the pain, where they give you a small shot similar to Novocaine, and then pull the teeth with an instrument that has been laying out for at least 15 minutes, and then given unsterile gauze pads for the bleeding and all that in a dirty office.

Again, avoid these guys, if they could deliver what their salespeople promise, life would be good, but they are only interested in your money, not your well being

Consultation for Partial
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Rating: 1/51

FT MYERS, FLORIDA -- I went in for a consultation. The reception, nurse and dentist were all very pleasant, but when the other dentist came in, I assumed he was the boss. He was very unhappy with the fact that I didn't want him to pull all of my teeth and give me upper and lower dentures at the cost of $4000.00. He proceeded to yell at me and tell me, 'Oh, ok you are the dentist. I see what you want. You want happy teeth." His temper tantrum went on for about 15 minutes. All the while, there were patients in the other rooms and a waiting room full of patients.

This guy is a miserable, excuse for a human being. I would pull my own teeth out with a rusty pair of pliers before I ever allow him to touch me.

I will be sure to tell anyone in need of dental care to steer clear of Affordable Dentures on Cleveland Ave. in Fort Myers, Florida!

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Rating: 1/51

CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA -- It took over 2 months to get my partial and it still does not fit.
I had to have two extractions and they didn't bother to tell me that after my gums shrunk I would have to have the partial redone at an additional cost.
When I was consulting I specifically asked if I should have the extractions done first and was told that they could be adjusted.
I was told it would take two weeks to get them back. They first set they had failed to tell the lab about the extractions and so it was another two - three weeks to get the second set done. That was just the metal base which fit the second time but after the teeth were put in it no longer fits.
The staff is rude and could care less if you're satisfied since they already have your money.
Be prepared to wait and hour to and hour and a half even if you have an appointment.
If you're considering this place save your money and go to a real dentist. After you pay all their individual charges, you'd come out cheaper.
Partials - $950
X-ray - $80
Extractions - 1@$90 1@$140
Realign - $170
Total for one partial $1630
And that doesn't include the 3 extra trips due to their error.

Good Experience
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Rating: 4/51

CORPUS CHRISTI, TEXAS -- They were busy, but kept me apprised of what was going on. Staff was great. Dr. looks like he was from outer space, but made me feel comfortable. Got my the premium set of dentures and they fit nicely. Have had problems with the lowers, not the dentures fault, most people do. He discouraged me from getting lower implants because he said he doesn't like doing them. A year later and many issues I have decided to get the mini implants, but because he sold his practice and I can not use my Care Credit card I am having to go to one in Friendswood TX for my lower implants. But really, besides the dentist being a little strange, I love my uppers and hopefully after the implants will love my lowers.

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