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I Recently Had 16 Teeth Pulled and Immediate Dentures, Got the Ultras, Doc and Staff Were Great, No Sedation, So Far Been 48 Hours
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Rating: 5/51

BOREDMAN/YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO -- Had a great experience with affordable denture of Boardman Ohio. 16 teeth extracted, immediate dentures. This is only my 3rd day post op, no sutures. I love my new smile.

Not a Scam. Low Priced Dentures
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Rating: 4/51

SHEPHERDSVILLE, KENTUCKY -- My dad needed new dentures because the old ones he had, kept having teeth that fell out. I took him to my dentist and they wanted $1600 for a full set. I called around and other places charge $1500-$5000. He's in his 70s and I'm a student, so we don't have that type of money. I noticed a place called Affordable Dentures offering full dentures for $435 while looking online. I thought it was a scam and thought their dentures might be generic. I was so scared to take my dad, but I prayed about it and took him. Well I'm going to tell you all about it.

  1. Make sure to visit the website and look at the price list. 2. Don't go by the website or 1800 number for office hours. You need to call your local office for the real hours of operation because the Dr sets his own hours and days of the week.

  2. I bought the Economy (cheapest) full set (upper and lower) for dad for a total of $435. This included office visit and fitting, no other hidden fees. This is for someone that was already a denture wearer. They are able to give cheaper rates because they have their own lab on site, so they don't have to pay for sending out the dentures or a lab off site. If this is your first time as a denture wearer or you need teeth pulled also, it will cost more money.

  3. The Economy is a strong material. You pick the color of the gum and color of teeth. So don't worry that they will give you yellow teeth.

  4. There is only two differences between Economy and the other more expensive ones. One, you get to try on the dentures and decide if you want them to change it. Two, the gum area looks more natural. The teeth on dad's Economy look natural, but the gum is a little glossy looking so that part is not as natural looking. But you can't tell unless you get really close and he's smiling so hard that you can see he's gum area, which doesn't really happen.

  5. The bad thing is the Dr doesn't have good bedside manner. He came in the room, didn't say hello, and quickly started the procedure without explaining anything. He's a little rude and harsh. So be ready for that. The good thing is that they are clean, I see the nurses and Dr wash their hands between procedures.

  6. Conclusion, very worth it! Good economy dentures. Good quality. Can't beat the price.

Beware They Are No Good
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Rating: 1/51

BOWLING GREEN, KENTUCKY -- I went to Affordable Dentures in Bowling Green, Kentucky in 2011. The employees were very nice and helpful at this time. I bought their full economy set for new wears. I got my temporary set before I got my teeth extracted. They worked out great, had no problems with them. After a year, I went in to get my permanent set. That's when the trouble started. While eating frozen yogurt one day, with CRUSHED UP, powder like candy bar, my lower denture broke in half. I went into Affordable Dentures that day, to see what could be done, since they have a year warranty.

They said that they could repair them for no cost. I thought wonderful. I came back the next day to get them. They did repair them by adding a very small, thin metal piece and melted them back together. They put them back in, and checked my bite. And sent me my way.

No more than a month later, I was eating a salad. Nothing hard or crunchy!!! Just lettuce, cheese and tomatoes. I felt my dentures splitting half again. This time, the metal piece was holding the dentures together. So I went back to the office, and was told there was nothing they could do. Because I was eating hard food. I thought to myself "hard"? And walked out. And told myself, well the metal is holding it together pretty much, maybe they will be OK.

Well, I was wrong. For the next 3 months this lower denture caused me so much pain. While talking and eating my tongue would get caught in the split, which caused sores. I had a big gap that people could see, which was embarrassing. And it was hard to talk, and eat. So my husband decided to make me appointment to go in and see what they would do.

Just got home from the appointment. They are going to "repair" them again to be NICE. Even though I still have a warranty for 4 more months. But I was informed, that eating even ice cream, YES ice cream could break the dentures again. Let see how long this repair last. They said this will be the last time they will fix it, matter what.

The employee at this office, are very kind and helpful when you are looking into getting dentures, but once they get your money, watch out they are not there to be nice or helpful. And very disrespectful!!!!! They talk to you like you are scum. They don't stand behind their warranty, or their dentures. BEWARE!!! Wouldn't recommend Affordable Dentures to anyone!!!!

Absolutely Wonderful!
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Rating: 5/51

MADISON, ALABAMA -- After reading the price list for the dental work I needed done I chose affordable denture of Madison Alabama. The night before I went I stayed up freaking out (as I HATE needles) and was researching the company and the procedures praying they would knock me out lol. It didn't happen. Upon searching for hope, I stumbled upon the reviews. It almost made me change my mind. There are so many unhappy customers and most of it is customer service issues...

I was honestly scared. But knowing I had to do this I sucked it up and prayed for the best. When I got there at 07:30 they saw me quickly, were very respectful, did a full mouth X-ray for the price advertised ($90) and did my impressions.

I left about 10 am because they told me to return at 1:30 for the procedure and my temporary denture would be done. They also stressed the importance of eating a great lunch because it would be harder later. I did as I was told and returned at 1:30. She brought me right back and checked my blood pressure. She knew I was nervous (the nurse) and told me to go outside and smoke to calm down and to come back. So I did and it helped.

Once in the room Dr. ** told me everything she was going to do and what she was doing as she did it. She was fast but thorough. She kept praising me for how good I was doing (I was screaming because they have to shoot Novocaine in the roof of your mouth and it hurts) and once finished she left me there to relax and to completely numb. Then she tested every tooth before she started. She finished about 30 minutes later after pulling 9 teeth, rinsing, and stitching up 8 as well as packing them to keep me from getting dry sockets and added one to a recently pulled tooth. (Not her work.)

She prescribed me pain meds and told me to return the next day at 10 am. I did, and the nurse asked if my night was ok and and asked about any problem areas of the denture. I showed her and she sanded it down for me and now they are comfortable even though I had the procedure yesterday. I love this place and I will return with all my business from now on. I had budgeted $2000 which is what I figured up after researching their advertised prices including extractions. I paid $1900! I love this place and all that work there. Thank you so much!!!

Upper Denture Repair
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Rating: 4/51

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- I have been to Affordable Dentures once before, little more than a year ago and had the initial treatment $80.00 x-ray and had my denture repaired. Then recently I went to them to repair a small tooth that had fallen off the denture. I called them to see if I can have it repaired and they said I needed to have an x-ray before repairing the denture of a tooth that fell off. Even though I have a partial on my lower jaw with six teeth only, they still said it is policy to get an $80.00 x-ray before repairing the one tooth that fell off my full upper denture.

I tried to make sense of it all and asked why would I have to have an x-ray in order to repair my upper denture to repair the one small tooth that fell off? They replied "that is the policy here" and they were very rude. The customer service really sucks. I also asked for a copy of everything even the x-ray and the receptionist said "that would be $25,00 for a copy." So I said OK. She also asked why I would need a copy of the x-ray and I replied "I needed to show someone what was charged for the services." Then she said "well! I have to see if the doctor would want to see you or to work with you."

After waiting a while she called my name and said "the doctor will not see you." The day before I had called the corporate office and also called them on the day the doctor refused to see me, I was going to go to channel news where I live to let them know what they charged me for and what work I had done. Since I had not received such services I thought I would express it here.

So it turned out good for me. I looked up for another dentists in my area and found one that does not charge for x-rays if you are 21 and older with no insurance and would just repair my denture. They also were courteous and very good customer service. Enter affordable Dentures at your own risk literally.

Worst Affordable Dentures EVER
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Rating: 1/51

ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- I was there last spring (2012).

1) I have very easy gag reflex. There is a spray product to reduce the gag reflex while having dental work done. 'Dental' personnel angry that I insisted on this spray, as though it was too much work and I was a hypochondriac. I insisted on the spray.

2) 'Dental' personnel saw something of interest in my mouth and loudly call to other 'dental' personnel to come look! No explanation to me what the problem was.

3) Brought in the dentures which had a painful burr on the inside. As she literally jammed the dentures into my gums, it almost brought tears to my eyes. I could not get her attention to stop pressing, I touched her arm to get her to stop. She yelled...and I do mean yell as though I was trying to strangle her, "Don't touch my arm". I said "listen, I won't touch your arm if you quit ramming that into my gums. I will raise one finger and when I do you will stop pressing."

4) After many times of trying to sand the burr off, the dentures cracked. Of course, she didn't tell me that had happened. Within a week the crack had discolored and was obvious. I live 2 hours drive away, so I couldn't go back right away. Within another 2 weeks the denture crumbled into many pieces. Luckily I still had my old ones.

5) No! I will never go back to the Asheville office. I've used Affordable Dentures in another part of the country. I was treated with respect, care and could not have praised them enough. Tomorrow, I try a new Affordable Denture, also 2 hours away. Crossing my fingers that it will not be anything like Asheville.

6) Run away from this branch of Affordable Dentures.

The Absolute Best Dental Office Anywhere
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Rating: 5/51

CARTERSVILLE, GA, GEORGIA -- I want to praise the Cartersville Ga Affordable Dentures office. The dentist, Dr. **, is absolutely Spectacular. I had one of those Complicated Tooth extractions because a bottom tooth broke off at the gum line and right in the front of my mouth. I immediately went to this office and they explained what they could do. I chose their recommendation and extremely happy I did. It is so nice to have a dentist and staff that you can trust to be honest with you. She had to pull that Complicated Tooth extraction and she did it so good I didn't even know the tooth had been pulled until it was lying on the tray.

Now that is awesome, and shows you how great she is. I had been to the office earlier because I had lousy top dentures made in another dentist office and this Affordable Dentures office made me a new top denture that is great and I love it, and so that is why I trust them explicably. She recommended I get a partial for my bottom and I immediately said yes. I trust her and I trust the competent staff to give me the best service possible. Their price is right, they are so caring, and they get everything right to make you happy. All I can keep saying is: "I am so happy I went there."

And I want everyone to know that they are the Absolute Best Dental Office Anywhere. I cannot praise them enough and give them 5 big Gold Stars. Not only is Dr. ** good, but she has a great staff that compliments her strength in excellent dentistry. The staff is great from first telephone call, they are friendly, and helpful, very polite and knowledgeable, even when taking an x-ray, or when the lab technicians are taking impressions. Everyone is as professional as they can be, which is a blessing because going to the dentist office is usually not fun, but they make it a pleasurable experience.

Yes, there will be some waiting, but let me assure you that a few extra minutes waiting in their office is well worth your time... you will be very happy that you chose them and the waiting will become just a minor thing. I promise you your teeth will be beautiful. I don't know how they do such a fantastic job for the price they charge.... their prices are so affordable that everyone can afford them and they do not rob you of your money like a lot of dentist offices do.

I cannot praise them enough, so all I can do is highly recommend the office and their services. KUDOS to Dr. ** and her entire staff.... they are absolutely great! I will most definitely use them for any future dental work I need and I will always recommend them to all of my friends and neighbors.

There are still some good doctors around
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CARTERSVILLE, GEORGIA -- I am writing to compliment dr. ** and her wonderful staff of the Affordable Dentures in Cartersville, Ga. I have read so much reviews about Affordable Dentures that I was skeptical about going there but my boss (The mayor in my city) said he had a good experience so I decided to try. He told me to request the lady doctor. I did have to get there at 7:30 am and there was a lot of people there, so you must be patient. The lady at the front, was exceptionally nice, I was nervous, so I had lots of questions and she did not get mad.

When I was called back, x-ray was taken and this young ** girl came in, (I thought she must have just been out of high school) but she is the DOCTOR! She was VERY sweet, and patient, she advised me not to pull all my bottom teeth but to get a partial. When I came back after lunch, she numb me and pulled my teeth- I didn't even know she had pulled them all. My dentist always sent me to a surgeon because he says my teeth are hard to numb and have to pull.

I can't believe this small lady got the teeth pulled out in about 10 mins, all 22 teeth! She was so gentle and talking to me to calm me down throughout. Then my temp denture was placed - looked really good. I was crying and my wife cried too. This was such a good experience for my family. I start a new job in 2 weeks and my self confidence is back. Her staff even called me the next day to check on me. No doctor or dentist has ever done that before. Try the Cartersville office and if you are lucky to see dr **, I'm sure you will not regret it - I didn't.

Here's the Rub About "Affordable Dentures"
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I have been periodically checking into this forum to see what sort of feedback people are relaying about the concept of one-day "affordable" dentures, and the service they receive from such a practice. From what I have read, it's not at all good. First of all let me tell you about what qualifies me as one who can advise about said topic. I am a registered denturist in Canada, and have been authorized to do so by the College of Denturists in my province.

I have been in private practice for just over fifteen years, and I have other members of my immediate family in this same trade. Here in Canada, and in some American states Denturists are a "direct to the public" resource for people who need our services. We specialize in the fabricating and maintenance of denture prosthesis for the general public. In other words, no dentist referral is needed. You can walk in right off the street into a denturist practice/lab and have one made from start to finish with additional adjustments included after the service. You work with the builder of your new dentures directly.

In most Dentist's offices, if a Dentist is to make you a set of dentures, he would have to take the impressions and send them to a dental lab who in turn would have to make the dentures without seeing the person who was to wear them. Not very personalized an experience is it? You can see how making dentures in this way leads to a LOT of issues.

Don't get me wrong, there are a LOT of really fantastic dentists out there who are very skilled and well trained at what they do. However the art of making a set of "good" dentures requires a SEPARATE set of technical knowledge from that of the Dentist. A dentist is still a VERY important part of your denture treatment, the extraction of any teeth and the care and management of your remaining teeth/supporting tissues still require the skill of a good dentist. Here in Canada Denturists consider your treatment a "team effort" involving our skills and the Dentist's.

When making a personalized set of dentures, there are NO shortcuts. Proper construction means taking the time to do it right in every step. INCLUDING the processing of the denture itself. A proper curing time for a heat cured denture is approximately 4 to 9 hours. From what I have read, these "quickie" labs use what is called a Pour n' cure type resin. It's a cheaper, softer, more porous resin which is weaker and isn't nearly as good as the heat cure resin.

Furthermore, the most important part of your treatment is the period AFTER you get your dentures. Adjustments are always needed, and in most denturist practices are included in your treatment. Just remember that you really do get what you pay for. There are no "quick" fixes, and there are no shortcuts.

Tooth Extraction
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Rating: 1/51

FRANKLIN, INDIANA -- This is the worst place ever!! I had a really painful broken tooth that had to come out and quick. I don't have dental insurance and thought it would be easy to go in get a tooth out and go. I was in pain so I was desperate, remember you get what you pay for.

I had a appointment at 9 am. They had every reason why I still wasn't seen until 11:30, I stayed because I was in pain. I finally go back and they say that no one wrote down I needed a tooth taken out that I was there for a consultation, what??? So they couldn't take it out till after their lunch hour now and had to come back at 2:30.

I'm in pain begging for something and there was nothing they could do until after their lunch. I went out to my car and waited, went back in a 2 pm and waited until 4 when they finally card me back. I have never been treated worse in my life. They complained I wanted gas and I had to pay an extra $75 to get gas, they put it on and wouldn't give it 3 minutes before they were giving me shots that were painful on a already painful tooth. They were bad that I was complaining about the pain and told me if I didn't like the way they did things I could leave. I sat there thinking please just take it out.

They turned the gas up all the way so I got sick because I wasn't getting numb fast enough for them and yanked and pulled on my tooth. I was crying saying "please stop" because it hurt so bad. They pulled the mask off and literally shoved me out the door.

Bad tooth and all, they were mad I got sick and wouldn't take my tooth out. I was fine with that at that point but they threw me out still too high on gas and I couldn't even get my keys out of my purse. I sat in my car for at least 20 minutes before I could drive. I could've died if I drove home. This place is a sad excuse of a dentist. Save your money.

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