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Where to Start - Terrible Company
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Rating: 1/51

COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- Where to start? Three years ago an Aflac representative came to our workplace and convinced us all how much we needed Aflac. So I signed up, for short term disability and accident, even paid extra for one day pay. Well the representative who sold us everything up and quit, and we all got letters in the mail saying our policies were cancelled for nonpayment... What???

Our money was coming out of our checks. Well apparently the Aflac representative messed up paperwork with Piedmont who takes money out of our check and pays AFLAC, or at least is supposed to, they weren't. So another representative joins the company and shows up at my work, and says he is going to fix everything. So as far as we know he does. Money is coming out of my check, 60 plus dollars for three years.

That representative quits. As far as we know, no new representative comes over and a bunch of our guys want to sign up but nobody knows who to call. I leave multiple messages with Aflac out of GA, and send multiple messages since we are in Harrisburg PA and I assume have no representative.

Finally I get someone on the phone. About two months into emailing them and leaving messages I have surgery and need to use my short term disability. I have never filed a claim so this was my first. The first positive contact I have with Aflac is somehow getting through to a customer service person named Wintress.

Finally someone who actually takes pride in their job. She informs me that I do in fact have disability but the second Aflac representative who said he fixed everything never reactivated my Accident policy, WOW!! I had been paying the premium to Piedmont for 2.5 plus years and there was no policy. Good damn thing I didn't need it huh?? So Wintress got me Piedmonts contact number to find out where all my missing money is. She then sent me the short term claim papers so I could get started on my claim.

Once I got the paperwork completed, I faxed it all in. That was January 18, today is the 26th. It is still not showing online! Processing claims in 4 days? Bologna! Now they have all kinds of excuses... MLK day delayed processing, snow in Georgia last week delayed processing, now today, they told our representative (who Wintress was able to find out who he was and put me in contact with him) that claims processing is running 7-10 days behind.

But they obviously can't do the math because they set my claim to be reviewed on 2-1, that is 14 days after receiving the paperwork. Then how long after that will they pay? 4 days, 7 days?? Meanwhile I went without pay because I had some stupid false sense of security thinking that AFLAC was a company with integrity that actually did what you paid them to do. Well they don't.

I would highly suggest if you are looking for a short term company, look elsewhere. Aflac has horrible call centers, long customer wait times. Apparently only one person there actually cares about her job, and they absolutely falsely represent how they process their claims. They don't care because they already have your money.

I have had Aflac short term disability for approximately 3 years, and have never filed a claim. I had surgery and had to file my first claim. Well, to start out, they never answer the phone, they keep you on hold for 40-60 minutes or a message comes up saying they will call you back and you will not lose your place in line and that never happens.

Aflac Don't Waste Your Time or Money
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Rating: 1/51

COLORADO -- Claim submitted for left knee disc damage. Sent in all supporting documents, refusal for payment. MRI diagnosis meniscus disc tear. Degenerative arthritis, well I'm over 50 years of age. That is expected with age, but the tear is not. They declined to pay claim. Went to cancel policy, they said it was not purchased in my state I reside. I have never resided in another state nor did I purchase a policy out of state. There's another loophole they can use.

I did thank Aflac for taking my premiums for the last year, it was in good faith on my end. Another BIG company profiting from policyholders! Would not recommend to anyone. I have never posted a online before this, but buyer beware.

Thank God for Aflac!
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Rating: 5/51

BANGOR,ME, MAINE -- I have NEVER had an issue with Aflac. I have had an accident policy for 9 years and added short-term disability 6 years ago. I have had 4 surgeries in that time frame, the most recent being Sept 7th, 2016. The longest I waited for a check was 2 weeks and that was my own fault, because my paperwork from the doctor was dated a day off so I had to resubmit. That was 4 years ago.

If I upload my info I am typically paid with direct deposit within 48 hours. I submitted ALL my knee surgery paperwork which included physician and employer statement, continuing disability form, (as this accident happened back in January), so it's considered the same claim, and my operative report, my mileage(I had to travel over 50 miles so I was paid $600 ), and also hotel bill for my husband (they paid $125 per day for the person that travels and stays with you).

I submitted all this through fax last Saturday, September 24, and when I went online to my Aflac page (everyone should set theirs up to monitor status so you know what is going on), at 5:30am on September 30th, I have a check for $7,490 that was issued yesterday's date to be deposited into my checking account in the next two days. This depends on your bank. So in 4 business days mine was taken care of. Don't ever count weekends or holidays folks!!!

And the number one problem with people's complaints is they never read their policies. Can't find your policy?! Then set up your Aflac page online and download it! If you can read you can figure out what is covered and how long you have to wait for things to be in effect are on your first page of what YOU signed up for. I always look at my co-worker's claims at my job, because they never read what they have!

For short-term disability, they only pay until the anticipated date back to work the doctor fills in so if you are out longer than you and your doctor thought you need to submit a new physician's statement with the new anticipated date. I signed up for 6 months of short-term for full-time disability and 3 months for part-time, which does not have to be used all at the same time for same accident/illness. You just can't do a new claim on something else until you have either used all available time or doctor fully releases you back to work. Hope this helps.

So to every Aflac policy holder, before you have your surgeries or put a claim in, first look at what you actually have for coverage and it will save a lot of headaches. They say ignorance is bliss! Not when it comes to your health!

Benefits Payments
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Rating: 1/51

CAPE MAY COURT HOUSE, NEW JERSEY -- A relative was diagnosed with a terminal disease this past July 2015. Completed paperwork August and faxed in. It is now December and no payment has been made. My relative passed away and Aflac will not talk to us because we are not the policy holder. Really?? Asked for a copy of Will, we sent it along with death certificate. Still no action. That was a month ago. Do not buy Aflac Insurance.

Short-Term Disability
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Rating: 2/51

STERLING, COLORADO -- Aflac's emails and commercials are all lies! When they say a claim will be processed in 3-5 days it is a bland outright lie and they know it. It is closer to 13-15 days. So if you are like me and depending on your claim to help you get through while you are off work, don't depend too much. They need to be more upfront when you submit your forms on how long it will actually take.

Company Response 02/22/2016:

Hi Unhappy,
Please email our customer service team at so they can assist you with your concerns.

Aflac You Should Be Ashamed of Yourselves!!
By -

My mother had a stroke on the 18th of October 2010. I received the paperwork to file for her short term disability, and after having to pay the doctor $300 to get it filled out, I submitted it to Aflac. By mid November they had sent a check but the amount was only $240, not even remotely close to what it should have been. As it turned out they only prorated the payment from the date of the stroke to the 30th of October when the doctor signed the form. A question regarding when she would be going back to work was left blank by the doctor because she won't be returning to work.

After taking the form back to the doctor to fill out the question on the form, I faxed it back to Aflac. Aflac then said there was white out on the form so they did not pay. Then in December I had her transferred to another hospital, and the doctor then filled out another form for me, which I faxed on the 23rd of December. They claimed they never received it. It was then faxed again in January, finally they said they cut a check on the 11th of January, it is now February 2nd and nothing.

Amazingly enough I received everything else from Aflac but somehow the check gets "lost". Now they say in order to reissue another check, they need my mother's authorization. I find all of this very frustrating because in the meantime, I'm the one paying my mother's COBRA premiums on my teaching salary. These people pay into these policies and trust they will be there when they need to use them, how shameful that it should take so much just to get what is theirs by right. I would rather someone just come out and say "we're not going to pay your mother" than to just have people continue to lie to me.

Now I have to figure out a way to put my disabled mother, whose speech is slurred from the stroke, on the phone with an Aflac representative to tell them she authorizes them to re-issue a check. How about a little common sense, why wouldn't someone re-issue a check, why does it need an authorization? Just do the right thing for God's sakes Aflac!!! Do the right thing!! Seriously I don't want to have to get an attorney, but if that's what it takes to do right by my mother I will!

Very Disappointed!!
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I am very disappointed and feel I was lied to and scammed to believe Aflac is something great when in fact it is NOT! Like normal, a representative came out and presented all the Aflac policies to me and my co-workers. ** made them sound great! I had been having trouble with my hands, so when he asked if I would be interested in Short-Term Disability, I let him know that my hands are falling asleep a lot and I think it might be due to carpal tunnel syndrome. He told me that I should definitely get it but I have to wait until June to get the surgery done (this was in January) so it does not seem as pre-exsisting. I told him I would.

I did not get the surgery done until August and was told today, after waiting over 30 days, that my claim has been denied because in April I went to the doctor for symptoms of my hand falling asleep. He made it clear I had to wait until June to get the surgery done which was fine, but I asked him at least 3 times if I go to the doctor will I get denied, and he repeatedly told me NO. I was LIED to!

Now I am responsible for a $4,000.00 bill and not paid a dime for any lost wages. I am disgusted and cancelled my policy right away. Oh and I have another policy with them and was told I have to wait 90 days before the end of the year to cancel but was never told that when I signed up. So now they are continuing to take my money and I don't get crap from them. Nice. Horrible. DO NOT sign up! All you will get from Aflac is stress and a headache!

Unsympathetic Customer Service
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COLUMBUS, GEORGIA -- I was talked into getting Aflac by my co-workers. I just found out that I have a brain tumor that needs surgery. This was scheduled and I continued to work until my doctor felt I could no longer do my job. I was told by my doctor that he wanted me off work and I asked for some time to give my employer time to adjust my work load. He gave me two weeks.

I received the forms from my agent who said to have the doctor and my employer fill them out. He said that Aflac can't receive them prior to my date of disability but to send them to him and he would forward on my date of disability which he did. I was told that there was a one week waiting period. On the 7th day I received a letter from Aflac stating that they needed a completed form from my employer and physician. This was completed two weeks prior and forwarded by my agent in on my date of disability.

I called and spoke with a representative who said they received the papers but were not accepted because the date the doctor and my employer signed them was prior to the date of disability! Are you kidding me??? The first question on the form asks "first date of disability". What does it matter when they signed the papers??? I asked them to show me where in the policy it states this and was told it doesn't. When I questioned them, they said it was on the form requirement.

They are making my doctor and my employer refill the form just so they can change the date they signed it. OMG!!! All they needed to do was call my doctor and employer and verify but NOOOOO, I have to do the work for them. They refused to pass me on to a manager or to the audit department. They are an uncaring and unfeeling company and the representatives remind me of Spock.

Aflac Is Not All Its Quacked Up to Be
By -

I had a horrifying experience with Aflac. I was pregnant when I signed up for a policy. I was assured by the sales representative in front of my employees that if anything went wrong, I would be covered throughout my pregnancy. This was not the case...

Upon experiencing severe abdominal pain, I was informed by my doctor that it was either my own and my child's life or my job...they were unsure of exactly what was wrong with me. Waiting for my claim to be processed was a very difficult time. I did not lose my home once but twice in this period of time. So not only was I jobless, I was pregnant and homeless. I became so far behind in my bills, I have never truly been able to catch up - still struggling to pay my car payments.

When I filed a claim, I was told that pregnancy is a pre-existing condition but it was not the pregnancy. My gall bladder had become so filled with stones, they were escaping and causing me severe discomfort, breathing problems, and difficulty moving. However the true root of the problem was not discovered until the morning after I gave birth.

I re-submitted my claim at this time, praying they would approve it because I never had any gall bladder issues, but once again was denied they stated that mental issues were not covered. It was not mental issues, it was my gall bladder. They did not process my claim correctly! When I called them they did not offer any explanation, only that I was denied. I was so frustrated by that time I was unable to find a lawyer that had any experience in dealing with this type of claim.

I am very disappointed in this company and its methods of getting people signed up. I was assured that if anything new came up I would be covered. I do not suggest buying into their policies! I am still suffering from the lack of income during that period of time.

Scam Artists
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Rating: 1/51

ANYWHERE, FLORIDA -- 2 Aflac reps came in selling policies. I was 4 months pregnant and had just come off of bed rest and was back to work. They text me about their disability policy which sounded great! My concern was that if I went back in bed rest towards the end of my pregnancy would I be covered. Absolutely I was assured! I also took an accident policy on my husband and kids because he was between jobs.

I went into premature labor at 6 mos and delivered by emergency c-section. My baby was in the NICU for 100 days. When I tried to utilize my policy I was told flat out "they never should have said it to you knowing you were pregnant because there is a 10 month waiting period for maternity." That was my 1 and only experience. I recommend you stay away from Aflac.

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