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Uninformed Agents
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I have had an AFLAC Accident policy with a sickness rider since 1998, and except for the $60.00 per year for my physical I have never made a claim on it. That was, until now. I had surgery in August, and then again in December. I was told by the agent that sold me the policy that they wouldn't cover my claim because I'm a teacher, and I had the procedure during the summer.

Then the reps came to school during open enrollment period and I explained my situation, plus the fact that I'd be having surgery again in a month. They "called the company," who said that I'd be covered for both, and told me they'd e-mail me the proper form. It was not the correct form, after I had the doctor fill it out (x2).

I called the customer service number and they told me what form I needed. I had to go back to the doctor and have them fill the new ones out. I called the representative and told him that I had had enough of AFLAC and I wanted to cancel it (I've certainly paid enough over the years) and he sent me a cancellation form. I called customer service just to be sure that was the right paperwork this time, and they told me my company would suffer tax consequences if I cancelled now. He never told me that.

While I realize this may sound confusing to read, it has been even more confusing to experience! One mess-up after another. The message on the customer service line tells you to go to for online information. There is no you go to the main site. The rep's name on my page when I finally do get logged on is incorrect. The errors just go on and on. I'm sorry, but come November, I'm finished with AFLAC. I'm lucky I have patient office staff at the doctor's office!!!

AFLAC Truly a Life Saver!
By -

NORFOLK -- Our bright, energetic, handsome son graduated from college as a Mechanical Engineer at only 22 and began interview with numerous companies. He noticed when he would put on a tie, a small lump in his neck. The doctors thought it was a clogged lymph node, and a round of antibiotics would take care of it. In the meantime, he landed a fantastic engineering position with a Fortune 500 company, rented a beautiful apartment, bought an expensive new car. Once settled into his new life.. he opted to have that bothersome lump removed.

There are no words to explain the feelings you go through when the news of Cancer is delivered, especially when the diagnosis is your child's. It was aggressive, and after a year of numerous surgeries and treatments, it had moved to the vocal cords, then to the lymph nodes, then tumors appeared in the neck, and the cancer was spreading into his shoulder. We were losing the fight, we were losing our son.

AFLAC has benefits that allows their policyholders to be seen at a major Cancer Center, and pays for experimental treatments. We chose DUKE Cancer Center, and AFLAC was with us the whole way. They paid $300 for EVERY single treatment, they paid $300 for EVERY day in hospital, they paid thousands towards surgeries, they paid for 1 pill that cost over $5,000, they paid the co pays, they paid the deductibles, they even paid for our hotel room while we were away from home.

THEY PAID US OVER $30,000 THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! They allowed us to be seen at one of the best hospitals, by one of the best surgeons, and receive the best treatment in the US that has allowed us to have our son here today... Cancer free after a 2 year fight for life. The money also paid for that apartment, and new expensive car... because those bills come monthly regardless of your ability to pay. AFLAC is truly a Life Saver!

Duck DooDoo
By -

I purchased Aflac 2 years ago and never filed a claim until a few months ago. I had to see a Cardiologist... office visit $500... he did tests... and I had one trip to the Emergency room where the Cardiologist administered a medicine to Reset my heart. All of this totaling $8,000. Aflac paid me my $25 x 4 for Dr. Visits I did not use for the 2 years and a Big Kiss my @$$ for the rest of the bill. They are NOT going to cover me for anything more than the $100 because they said that they do not pay for tests and xrays???!!! WHAT? It took those tests to figure out what the problem was BEFORE it became something Major.

Unable to cancel Aflac policy
By -

This is exactly what I sent them via email tonight when I couldn't get my information expedited: When I signed up my account on the phone I asked when and how to cancel after getting the details and insurance policy in the mail. This occurred on Thursday but due to the nature of both of my jobs, I was not able to cancel my policy on the phone as notified by the individual who set my account up. He told me I was not able to cancel my policy until after I was charged and that I would have to call customer service. I inquired about this because I needed to contact my other insurance carriers to make sure I was not over covered.

Upon receiving my policy packet, it stated that I have to mail in my request to cancel. It is now Saturday and your customer service center is closed! I was not charged on the 22nd as stated as effective date which was the date of which I was intended to have the funds withdrawn. In which event because that you did not charge my card until after business hours on Friday, I was utterly left to proceed to work my 12 hour shift on Saturday unable to
mail out a request after already being uncomfortably ridden of my ability to cancel my policy until the funds were deducted and advised that to do so would mean to call in.

This agent and perhaps others are misguiding and subjecting innocent consumers bound by terms they know nothing of and in fact failing to give proper and correct information which is, in fact, misleading and shameless in nature. I wish for a full refund! and removal from all network and pools of databases which now hold any of my personal information. Please address this issue promptly and prevent me from being a victim of a shameless assault on my good nature and intellect.

I find it very hard to believe that you will and can go as far as to provide customer service and process data and information on behalf of innocent and valued consumers over the phone but fail to give proper information and extend some form of simplicity to even allow me to opt out of service in a sensible fashion. Thanks for taking to time to read this and consider the nature of my urgent circumstances.

Get The Aflacts!
By -

[Note: Author is an Independent agent contracted with Aflac.] TO THE FEW AFLAC NAYSAYERS... I have read your reviews, but the negatives are so skewed: AFLAC claims process is VERY simple, YES, documents are required but they have to be to support the claim and prevent fraud. They are just the standard stuff: A simple 2 page claim for the claimant and physician to complete and authorization to release medical info page to be signed.

And your AFLAC representative can do the rest (they will make sure it's done right!), just give him or her the paperwork with proof of treatments (receipts), and to the AFLAC Claims Department it goes, BY FAX... CLAIMS are paid QUICKLY, in as little as three days (5 day average). Plus, the Accident plan has 20+ cash benefits with only a few limitations, up to 6 follow-up treatment visits and 10 phys. therapy treatments... but you can file multiple claims, there are specific sum injury payouts, accidental life-insurance, and a wellness benefit to offset some premium.

Family coverage is also available to children up to age 25, no student requirement! They are all outlined in the brochure given to you, and the agent is accessible for questions, before or after the presentation, etc. There is too much to mention here but all in all they are a a GREAT long-term investment with stable rates and the ease of administration and service is great. AND if you cannot reach your agent for some reason, call AFLAC directly and or visit So before you criticize, get the AFLACTS!

***It's Insurance for Daily Living*** Illness is the number one reason for bankruptcy. 100,000 families went bankrupt last year as a direct result of cancer. 1/3 of people battling cancer last year were in financial distress. In 2007, 72 million working-age Americans struggled to pay medical bills. People don't realize that they need to shoulder 20% of thousands of dollars. ***AFLAC HELPS***

Claims Ripoff
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Anyone who says that Aflac is a great company is totally clueless, or has never filed a claim with Aflac. Aflac is a rip off, plain and simple. I had an accident, I filed my claim. Aflac lost my fax, lost the mailed copy, etc, etc. When they finally acknowledged receipt of the claim, they would scan in the claim form only, and not the back up, the operative report, etc. This was a way for them to drag the claim out, make it hard on the customer, in the hopes that the customer would just give up. Basically the run around.

I have been paying Aflac premiums for 10 years, and never filed a claim, I wish I had, then I would have stopped wasting my money. I don't know about anyone else, but, for me and my family, I am going to work really hard, and encourage my husband's co-workers to stop using Aflac and stop wasting their money. Each person pays about $140 monthly, $1600 annually, on an average. That money could be used for something worthwhile.

As for their customer service; all I can say is "what customer service?" I was shipped around from person to person, lied to, yelled at, hung up on - you name it, it happened. I even had my husband talk to someone at Aflac, to take me out of the loop. He spoke to a "supervisor". Her name was M. **. He said she was sighing the entire time he was talking, as if what he was saying was not important, and that he was bothering her.

Now I have cancer, and I have to have a craniotomy. I absolutely know without a doubt, Aflac will not be there for us. We have chosen to cancel our this dire time. Saving the money for my family, instead of stressing them out with claims that will never be paid, is worth more to us. I feel we have one here, simply because they won't be taking our money and laughing at us behind closed doors, at what idiots we were for continuing to pay them... I beg everyone, stop the money...stop using Aflac.

Aflac Dental Policy: Not Worth It
By -

MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I have AFLAC for my dental policy and although they are very easy to file a claim with, what you get back is pennies compared to what you spend. I had 1200 dollars worth of work done on 2 teeth and they only reimbursed me $75.00. Also I think that the way AFLAC works is insane. The fact that you have to pay in full for all your services first and then file a claim with AFLAC is crap. That is not the point of insurance. If I have the money to pay for my services why the hell do I need the insurance?! It just doesn't make sense. AFLAC needs to redo how they work things. My policy is up in April and I am cancelling immediately.

Scourge of the Earth
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Rating: 1/51

EL DORADO HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- Every week, sometimes twice a week, another new face representing Aflac comes to waste our time trying to sell us door to door insurance. Each time we ask them not to return. They keep coming, a new person, normally 2, each time. I hate this company now, and by proxy, the people representing them. Each time I get more irritated, and next time I just might put the next solicitor's head through the glass door. If you work for Aflac selling insurance of all things door to door, you should really take a look at your life and be sad about the events that led you to work for Aflac. 1 star and I'm not a customer, nor will I ever be a customer now.

Do not work for them
By -

I worked for Aflac and after a few months a few agents started getting scared because I did too much business so they started slandering me in government emails which is highly illegal. I have federal laws that protect me but they are so stupid it is sick. I am a native American doing business on my own reservation and they still fired me because they are too darn stupid to look at the federal laws. Now they are sending me a bill saying I owe them even though there are thousands of dollars of my policies in force.

They are so chicken ** they have a clause in their contract that they can fire you for no reason. Now they claim they are going to sue me if I don't pay it! What a bunch of losers!! Can't wait to see them in court because I will fight them SOB's tooth and nail. If this happened to anybody out there let's get a lawsuit against them unethical SOB's!!

Better to Aflac policies
By -

There seems to be two problems I have found with Aflac. 1. They seem to roll through a number of agents. 2. Their claims services seems designed to wear down the claimant. I believe company greed causes both of these observed problems to occur. Without the agent who sold you the policy actively engaged, you have no local service representative. You will find you are on your own when the event you bought the insurance arises.

I was asked to have Doctors fill out forms and re-file and explain details and get additional information on three separate occasions with weeks going by between company requests. Their claims service as well as their company goal is to not aid in paying claims. They spend an inordinate amount of money advertising when compared to other similar companies and I expect them to continue do so, but not with my money.

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