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AHS - Do Not Sign Up
By -

In December, I had no heat and logged a service request on a Thursday only to be told that AHS could not get the vendor to come to service my heater until Monday. To expect someone to go without heat in the dead of winter for that amount of time is unacceptable. I paid out of pocket and had a technician at my house the very next morning.

More recently, I logged a request for what I originally believed to be an issue with my garbage disposal. In order to service the disposal, a stoppage had to be cleared. The plumber called AHS and received authorization to clear the stoppage and I also received a call from AHS stating that the service would be covered. The plumber did not have the equipment and necessary access to complete the examination.

I received another call from AHS that evening stating that when access was available, to call the plumber and let them know that they could come back out and that this would still be covered under the original service request. The next morning I received a phone call stating that nothing would be covered. I understand that there are items that do not fall under the warranty, but once AHS commits to providing coverage for an item, it is not favorable for them to take back their commitment and then refuse coverage.

Very Poor Experience
By -

I have been very unhappy with the total experience with AHS. When my water heater needed to be replaced, they sent out someone who really tried to scam me. I was provided with a written estimate of all they things they needed to do that were not covered by the warranty.

When I got a second opinion, my suspicions were confirmed that none of the additional work was required. After getting my water heater replaced by a non-AHS contractor and passing inspection, I proceeded to try to contact AHS 3 times via e-mail. When there was no response, I had to call in on my own time, be placed on hold for 33 minutes, and then not have my complaint addressed, just the cancellation. Very poor service overall and I suggest RUNNING away from this company for your home warranty.

American Home Shield
By -

If you can cancel this service, please do it within 30 days to get most of your refund back. This company finds all sorts of excuses NOT to pay for any claim. AHS said that had I filed the pool heater claim after 30 days, it would have been covered. Since it's before 30 days, AHS said it's a pre-existing problem. Therefore, they don't cover it. The coverage I had was a flex plan, extended (costing over $600 a year).

Don't waste your time calling the escalation department to dispute. They won't be able to help you out. Call the main line on their website to talk to someone about cancellation. You will then be on hold for a long while. The person will try to convince you to stay with AHS and to offer you a coupon for the next service call. Be firm and get your money back. Save the money for future repairs.

Didn't Fix Problem
By -

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA -- I had a leaking toilet bowl and notified AHS. They sent out a plumber who said the problem was caused by the water softener AND said it would cost at least $400 to fix the toilet problem because they would have to flush all the water lines and $3000 for a new lifetime warranted water softener.

I informed him that I could buy a new toilet for $125 and a new water softener for under $1000. Had to pay him the $55 service fee and called another plumber. He fixed the toilet for $88, no need to flush lines and put in new water softener for $1050. Let AHS know what happened, they apologized saying they would reimburse me for the $55 service call. This was 2 months ago and still no reimbursement.

So Far, Excellent Service
By -

I may just be one of the fortunate ones but I have had success with every call I have made to AHS. All problems were simple to fix. Good customer service when reporting a problem. They came out quickly, sent an email to ask how satisfied I was with the repairman. I pay $60 for each event and it is much cheaper than I would pay on my own. I hope this good service stays true to their promise.

Unauthorized Charge To My Credit Card (Updated)
By -

CENTRAL ISLIP, NEW YORK -- Of course, all of should be aware of ordering anything over the phone, BUT it's companies like this one that leaves a sour taste in ones mouth. I had called one day to order a rare coin that they had advertised in a news publication (one per household). Once they get you on the phone your immediately eligible for this and that offer.

Being of sound mind about the slipperiness of these spam/scams (things that are attached to the original offer) I, more than once during this "recorded call", made it clear that all I was interested in was the one and only original coin that I read about. the next day, knowing that this is one of those things one should keep an eye on...found two other charges from this company other than the agreed charge to the total amount of $46 (I agreed to $5.95).

Now I'm informed after reaching Customer Service that I'm now going to have to go through sending back the extra coins that I did not agree to before they will credit me back my $46 (God knows what the postage will come to). I'm not a man who can just have $46 just floating around and I'm sure I can find an owed institution that would be happy to have that money.

What the telemarketing community is reliant on is that the consumer will give up or be to lazy to get up and mail this crap back, let alone stick up for themselves or write a review.These companies make a heck of a lot of money getting away with this..I'M not one of them!!! So...if you cannot order it online with print to read...I say don't do it!!! of company - The American Historic Society. (which only has a phone # for obvious reasons). P.P.S...IF YOU HAVE AN IDEA OF A FREE LEGAL RECOURSE I COULD TAKE, PLEASE RESPOND!

UPDATE: Well it's not over yet but it looks hopeful. Called the BBB about the situation to get some pointers from the professionals. They advised me to ask a prepaid label to be sent to me so I cant get the merchandise that got wrongfully charged & sent to me (supposedly on its way).

When I talked to American Historic Society, they seemed helpful (and not surprised or argumentative) to arrange the reimbursement. They immediately gave me credit back for the $6.95 S&H and are promising the $39.99 back as soon as I get the two coins, that I didn't order, back.

(By the way, I had these appraised @ $20 for both...the gentleman at the coin shop alerted me to the fact, and I quote, "not 90% but 100% of coin offers my mail are to be avoided like the plague".) Although had the company sent me exactly what I ordered, I would have got merchandise worth $10 for only $5. I will be back to hopefully & end my story on a happy getting all my cash back!

Won't Replace Unit
By -

TEMPLE CITY, CALIFORNIA -- I have an AHS Warranty and I used them before for other services. My garage door was broken and my air conditioner wasn't working and it was fixed just fine. But I've had a heater problems for the past 2 months. I had 5 people come to my house from 3 different company and they cannot find anything wrong with my heater, it is cold and I have an 8 month old baby. AHS is not being helpful at all. When I asked them how many people does it take to come to my house so they would replace the unit, I was told technician will have to make the call. But it seems like when they are about to "make that call" AHS sends a different company to check...very frustrating.

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