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Liars And Thieves Posing As An Insurance Company
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SAINT ANGELO, TEXAS -- AIG - it's been in the news for months. It needs money to keep its doors open, but it doesn't tell of the tricks, lies and theft it forces on policy holders. Here is one example on an accident victim.

Accident on a highway in Texas:
Results: Helicopter call to take a passenger quickly to a hospital, dire emergency. AIG is the insurer.

Hospital gives emergency service, calls AIG to confirm insurance and next day puts the bleeding, cut up, unable to walk patient in a cab with two pain medication prescriptions in hand and sends him to recuperate in a motel. Reason: AIG refuses to pay for services given that early morning, accident was at 2-3 A.M.

AIG would not pay for needed medical care - would not pay for needed medicines, lost salary about $1.000 a week and AIG pays $100 for 5 weeks and stops payments altogether.

Meanwhile AIG is paying huge bonuses as we keep reading in the newspapers, having exquisite outings for executives, receiving free tax funds.

Warning: buy your health/accident/disability insurance with someone other than AIG. AIG takes the fee, leaves you to bleed. Trillion dollar company can't pay for a 10 day hospital stay which is what was required? Not saying much about the Texas Hospital either. But that would be a different review. This one is to tell all who listen: do not buy AIG policies, they are worthless. AIG is worthless. Be warned.
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 04/10/2009:
Completely unacceptable.

Contact your state's insurance board and office of the Attorney General regarding AIG's failure to pay for required coverage. Emergency coverage is one of the most important parts of the policy, and for any company to deny this to a severely injured policyholder is appalling.

As for the hospital dumping a patient-in-need like that, contact the city and have charges filed against the hospital. The job of hospitals is to provide immediate care right away, and worry about money last. Not to dump people and leave them to die for lack of payment. I am appalled by what was done, by both parties.
hello dolly on 04/10/2009:
Unfortunately if the hospital is a for profit facility they are only required to provide stabilizing treatment. Any care beyond that can be refused and the patient put out if they are not able to pay.
Anonymous on 04/10/2009:
What type of policy do you have with them?
Anonymous on 04/10/2009:
San Angelo is in TX. Saint Angelo ain't.

Hello dolly is right. They send plenty of patients home to recover. Many are sent home too soon, but they are sent.
Slimjim on 04/10/2009:
Are you the accident victim? You don't really imply such. If not, what is your relationship with the victim and are you privy to ALL the facts?
inthespirit on 04/11/2009:
Thank you for the information to contact the insurance board. Will do so next week.

To Hello Dolly, the person carried an AIG insurance card in his wallet, and the insurance was active and will be until September 2009. Active does not mean they will pay doctors, matter of fact was refused medical care again two weeks ago.

Kenporn: Accident/disability insurance which was current. Person owned and drove, also trained students on how to drive a tractor-trailer from coast to coast.

C20 - corrected. ty.

SlimJim - I am not the victim - am helping the victim financially until he recovers. Doctor who declared him disabled asked me to be his guardian. This is how I have
become aware of details. I see the refusal letters first.

Beware who sells you insurance, they are glad to collect and find it easy to refuse to honor their policies.
Soaring Consumer on 05/08/2009:
So AIG denied their obligation under the policy multiple times now?

Can you give me an update on your situation?
madconsumer on 05/08/2009:
"Can you give me an update on your situation?"

so you can sue em?
Gus on 06/20/2014:
Driving to work in Jan 2014, passed by a reputable (I thought) bus company here in Cent Ill. Crosswalk arm on the bumper, rather than laying against the bumper or straight forward (as when kids are getting off the bus so the driver can see them) was sticking straight to the right. Yep, you guessed it, down the side of my car. Driver wouldn't stop (hit and run?), police couldn't find the bus. Officer contacted the bus company, and had their safety rep contact me. Now several months later after the docs had gone to their insurer (aig), suddenly since I have 'no proof and no eyewitnesses', it's my problem. Estimate I have is over $1k. If I get a lawyer, it'll cost me more than that. If I go to my insurance, my rates will go up. Guess the crooks get away with another one.
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