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Something Lacking in the Air!
By -

BEAVERTON, OREGON -- Once again Big Mama and me enter a complaint. This is getting to be a regular thing for us. Is it that the companies we are doing business with are not quite what they claim to be? Probably. The company name is: Air Delights ( and how I found about them was by doing a search in google for the kind of products they offer, which are Air Deodorants kind of like Fabreze, glade, Air Wick, etc. We wanted the Mercedes Benz of the air deodorants, something we could enjoy with different fragrances which by the way Air Delights offers quite a variety of scents.

We bought the AutoFresh Select Aerosol Dispenser which was $10 off at the time for a price of $49.95. Plus we bought the cans of scents for a total of 12 (we figure might as well if the products were as great as we were led to believe) which for buying a dozen came out to about $5.50 a can. Total price with S&H $127.59? Or very close to that amount.

We open the box, read the instructions, inserted the 2 D Batteries, loaded a lemon scent can (promised to deliver 3,000 sprays) and set the controls for one spray every 7 minutes, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So what this thing does is every 7 minutes it sprays one time the scent. If the device is located on a high platform I think it works a little bit better. The mist that came out smelled lemony, kind of nice really, but to my dismay the area in which you could detect the smell was not the 800 square feet it so advertised!

I could not for the life of me smell the lemony scent very few feet away. I was expecting a small size room to have the lemony scent permeating the air but no Siree! And this company's warranty is "iron clad". No returns once the product is opened or used so here I am with 11 more cans to go and very little to show for. Maybe one of the nice people that read this review can recommend the kind of product that actually spreads around and covers a larger area.

Please do not think for one moment that Big Mama and me are trying to camouflage a smelly house because that is not the case at all (I thought I throw that comment out there) because first: we are not french (didn't they used to say the french tries to disguise personal "odors" with cheap cologne? No offense, I hope, that is what I heard) and second we are very clean. We just wanted that kind of "potpourri" smell that pleases the senses and makes for a nice house.

Before buying this I bought Air Wick which you plug in and supposedly emits a very pleasant smell but didn't work at all. So I hope this saves someone money but it certainly did not save us any. You would need about 6 of these in strategic locations spraying all around for some serious and dependable results. Air Delights: You failed to Delight Big Mama and Me! Thank you for reading and like always forgive my long winded effort.

Company Response 08/19/2016:

Hi there! We apologize about the lack of 'scents' we had to write you sooner! :) With our manufacturer's we are in a bit of a bind when it comes to our returns. Or scents have gotten better over the years. With the reduction of VOC's (volatile organic compounds) and other harmful substances it allows for more fragrance.

We have also always tried to remain pleasant, yet not overbearing with our scents over the years. We do hear the opinions and try to work with our manufacturer's on those issues. We have a new scent we'd love some feedback on!

Thanks for your feedback and sorry about the late response! :)

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