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Air France Double-Faced
By -

JFK, NEW YORK -- This is a complaint regarding flight #: 5, on the date of August 11th, 2008, departing JFK at 1AM, arriving Paris Charles de Gaulle at 2:10PM. This flight, as tardy as it was scheduled, was cancelled at the last minute, after everyone was already on board. The situation was handled with complete unprofessionalism. After we debarked none of the attendants at the airport knew what was going on or helped make any arrangements for the passenger's next flights.

Eventually, after about two hours of confusion (mind you this is 3AM by now) an Air France employee went to the check in counter and started telling the passengers that they were going to be put at a hotel and put on a flight out the next evening – after a 17 hour delay!!! No one was asked if this was interfering with our plans, and no one knew if there were other flights we could take that would leave earlier.

Such was the situation that I was en route to my OWN wedding together with my fiancé, and not only under a lot of stress, but also under a very tight schedule. Needless to say that all our appointments we had scheduled for the following day had to be cancelled and some of them could not be rescheduled, such as the tasting of the menu which was going to be served at OUR WEDDING!!

Everything we had carefully planned was irremediably delayed, while my fiancé and I were under tremendous amounts of stress trying to schedule and reschedule the mess created. No one at Air France offered a single apology when our flight was cancelled or the next day on the second flight. On the contrary, the crew of the flight we finally took the next day, flight #: 017 was extremely unwelcoming and rude and intentionally ignored us if we had a question or needed something!

Also, while at the airport trying to understand what was going on and if we had other alternatives that would bring us to our destination earlier, we tried to find an Air France customer service desk – needless to say, that was impossible. An Air France employee gave us brochures which we could mail to Air France customer service, however to this day we did not receive a response.

It was the most awful experience, and although I knew Air France standards were low, I didn't expect them to have become this bad. The week of the flight was absolutely awful, my fiance and I worked on fumes all week constantly trying to catch up on our appointments and everything else we had to get done, and wasting a whole day and night at an airport derailed us completely.

Employees Just Don't Care
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Rating: 1/51

MADRID SPAIN -- I booked a trip through the Air France web site for my sister-in-law, her husband, my niece and a friend traveling from Madrid to Houston, TX. Everything was fine until the morning of the first flight from Madrid to Paris. As Spanish people actually have three names, the middle and last was in their computer reversed.

Their passport numbers were in their computer also and the ticket agent could see that this was them, but they were denied boarding passes and told that if they were allowed on board, once they reached the states, they, meaning my in-laws, would be fined by immigration. The flight was at 7:00 am in the morning, but no one with authority would arrive until 9:00 am.

So, they missed that flight and once 9 am arrived, this minor problem was resolved in less than 5 minutes. So, they missed two days of vacation for a simple problem, plus had to pay extra to fly Sunday over a book-in agent's incompetence to use their head.

Refunding Airline Ticket
By -

My son and I had tickets to fly Air France from Italy to Dublin. When we arrived at the airport my son didn't have his passport so a) they wouldn't let him on and b) they told him he needed another ticket. He then paid for a one way ticket to Dublin, retrieved his passport and we linked up in Dublin.

When it came time to return, he went to check in and Air France said, because he didn't use the first half of his ticket, they canceled the return ticket. So he had to purchase another one-way back to Italy. We were never told the return ticket would be canceled. If so we would have purchased a much cheaper round trip ticket in Italy. I purchased a ticket to Dublin and the return flight back. They wouldn't let him on the 'to' part, and I now want some level of a refund. Any advice?

Lost Baggage Again!!!
By -

I am amazed that after losing my luggage in Mumbai last August travelling with Air France and spending five days waiting for it, and not claiming any money for clothing as it is a complex process, Air France did it yet again last week on my flight to Chile. Both were Business Class and both were experienced as 'couldn't care less' by Air France. The passenger in front of me in Manchester Airport checking in was also travelling to Chile and his luggage got there fine but not mine! The logic of losing it then makes this difficult to explain.

My first onward trip to Patagonia kayaking in the mountains was also spoiled to some degree by not having clothing and some equipment that I couldn't carry on board. I was then speaking at an important event in Chile and my smart clothes of course were still not there for my first day... Four days later... Very poor service and no one seems to care. In India the case arrived at 11.30 pm one evening yet it only got to me at 1 pm the following day! "The courier got a flat tire" said Air France ground staff! Really?

Air France lost my baggage, don't care and aren't trying to find it
By -

Friends, if you want to arrive with your baggage, don't fly with Air France. Ever. Because if you do, when they lose it, you'll then enter the hell of their specially designed "no customer service" routine. You know the game. You call the tel #. It connects. Then you wait 15 minutes to speak to someone who can't help and sends you to the website. The website tells you your baggage is lost (thanks for that!) and you have to submit more written notification to Air France. Air France local sales office deny all knowledge and tell you to call the #.

Repeat until you have a heart attack or give up exhausted. Air France don't care which. Really, they don't. My baggage was last seen Dec 22 in Paris. May it rest in peace along with the family Christmas presents it contained and test coursework...

NO Baggage since December 18, 2010
By -

YARMOUTH, MAINE -- And no response from Air France. This really is an airlines that should be shut down from all the complaints about lost luggage that I am seeing. It seems to be a very poorly and rudely run operation. I flew from Boston to Paris on the 18th of December with a connecting flight to Basel which was grounded due to the storm. Eventually I made it to Basel, filed a missing luggage form with the Basel Air France service department.

I was told that the suitcase would be delivered to my hotel in Lucerne. It never was. Then I was told that it would be delivered to the boat I was to catch in Basel on the 20th. This did not occur. I was told that my bag would catch up with me during my voyage. This did not happen. I am back in the United States now, still without my suitcase or any word as to when I might expect it. What makes the matter worse is that Air France is not answering their phones, claiming to be too busy! I will never use Air France again and will certainly advise everyone I know not to book flights with them. They appear to be a very shabby organization.

Lost Luggage Farce
By -

Having arrived in Toronto via a transit stop at Charles De Gaulle, I was notified my luggage was held over and will arrive the next day (today). I was given a tracking number and was told I'll receive a call this afternoon and the luggage will arrive at my door this evening. Here are all the ridiculous things that took place since. 1. Throughout the afternoon, the number I was told to call with any inquiries had the following voice message: "We are in a staff meeting right now. Please leave a message. Thank you for supporting Air France”. I guess they never heard of leaving someone by the phone in case a customer calls!!!

  1. With no answer on the phone, I tried using the tracking number to find out what happened with my luggage online. Despite entering the correct number numerous times, the system kept telling me that “The number cannot be found"! 3. Attempts to call other Air France numbers yielded no results – all I found were voice mails in the US, or a person in the general number who used the word ‘unfortunately' numerous times.

Yes, she could take my money to buy a ticket, but ‘unfortunately' she would be unable to help in any way whatsoever when it comes to lost luggage. Not even a miserable little ‘Let me see what I can do for you”. Just “unfortunately”. C'est tout. It is now night time and no word from the company yet. There is no one to call, no online resource that works. This is totally Kafkaesque!!!

Traveling to Paris With Air France for a Vacation Turned Into Hell
By -

This past weekend we took a flight from Boston, MA USA to Paris, France to begin a 10-day vacation (flight #337 from Logan Airport). When we arrived in France we were not allowed to enter the country because my traveling companion did not have the necessary Visa. We were detained by the French police for 8 hours in a small holding room (with no food, limited bathroom access, no rights to use a phone) and made to get on the next flight back to Boston.

One of the French policeman and two of the Air France employees in France said to me that this was the fault of Air France not checking appropriate visas on check-in in Boston and also that Air France will be fined heavily for letting this happen. Had the person at the Air France counter checked for visas when they checked our passports, we would not have had to go through the ordeal at the airport in France. Besides the time wasted and what we went through both physically and emotionally, we also wasted thousands of dollars that could have been avoided.

Delayed Luggage Is the Norm
By -

If you can avoid flying Air France do so. Is it acceptable to wait for nearly 2 hours to complete a baggage drop after having checked in online - Air France think so. Having completed the baggage drop within the required time, is it acceptable that the bags never get on the flight - Air France think so. Is it acceptable that although there is a 6 hour period for the bags to be sent from London to Paris to get to the Mauritius connect flight they do nothing - Air France think so.

Is it acceptable for them to do nothing with the bags for 48 hours even when they have been informed that the bags have not arrived at destination - Air France think so. Is it acceptable to offer no compensation at the destination for the delay - Air France think so. Is it acceptable to take the airline to the small claims court for payment for service not received - I think so.

Luggage not lost!
By -

6 years ago I traveled with Air France and on the way back home to Canada after having to spend a night in France because of Flights, the luggage was nowhere to be found. Air Canada told us they were not responsible for it as it was lost on an Air France flight but we did not have Air France agents in our area. So after called many times to Air France and filling out forms we were told that our bags were being search for.

After 1 month they said they found one but could not locate the rest. They said that they found them in Paris even though I made sure before I left the airport to make sure that the bags were on the flight with us. However, they did not go on the plan with us. After 3 months of h***, lots of long distance phone calls, they found all the bags in a storage area but they managed to send them one at a time, which was a bit annoying as we went to the airport the first time to pick them up and to our surprise only one bag was present.

Anyway to make a long story short, I said I will never travel with them again but I wanted to go to Paris with my sister so I used them again and they were great. Did not lose any of our bags both ways even though we had two stops to our final destination. I was surprise and I had made a bet with my sister that we will not be getting our suitcase. Either way we carried on two bags which had all our clothes and everything that we thought is essential just in case!

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