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Refunding Airline Ticket
Posted by on
My son and I had tickets to fly Air France from Italy to Dublin. when we arrived at the airport my son didn't have his passport so a. they wouldn't let him on and b. they told him he needed another ticket. He then paid for a one way ticket to Dublin, retrieved his passport and we linked up in Dublin.

when it came time to return, he went to check in and Air France said, because he didn't use the first half of his ticket, they canceled the return ticket. so he had to purchase another one-way back to Italy.

1. we were never told the return ticket would be canceled
2. if so we would have purchases a much cheaper round trip ticket in Italy
3. I purchased a ticket to Dublin and the return flight back. they wouldn't let him on the 'to' part, and I now want some level of a refund

Any advice?
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Anonymous on 03/20/2011:
Ireland is outside of the Schengen zone and you are required to have correct travel documents. Your ticket was canceled because you didn't fulfill your contractual obligation of flying the first segment and unless you purchased a refundable ticket no refund will be offered. It sounds regressive but "hidden city ticketing" and "throwaway ticketing" practices by others have cost airlines billions in revenue, thus the policy.
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Lost Baggage Again!!!
Posted by on
I am amazed that after losing my luggage in Mumbai last August travelling with Air France and spending five days waiting for it....and not claiming any money for clothing as it is a complex process.....Air France did it yet again last week on my flight to Chile. Both were Business Class and both were experienced as 'couldn't care less' by Air France.

The passenger in front of me in Manchester Airport checking in was also travelling to Chile and his luggage got there fine but not mine! The logic of losing it then makes this difficult to explain. My first onward trip to Patagonia kayaking in the mountains was also spoilt to some degree by not having clothing and some equipment that I couldn't carry on board. I was then speaking at an important event in Chile and my smart clothes of course were still not there for my first day .......four days later...........

Very poor service and no one seems to care.

In India the case arrived at 11.30 pm one evening yet it only got to me at 1pm the following day! 'The courier got a flat tyre' said Air France ground staff!

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Air France lost my baggage, don't care and aren't trying to find it
Posted by on
Friends, if you want to arrive with your baggage, don't fly with Air France.


Because if you do, when they lose it, you'll then enter the hell of their specially-designed 'no customer service' routine. You know the game:
- you call the tel #, it connects, then you wait 15 minutes to speak to someone, who can't help and sends you to the website
- the website tells you your baggage is lost (thanks for that!) and you have to submit more written notification to Air France
- Air France local sales office deny all knowledge and tell you to call the #

Repeat until you have a heart attack or give up exhausted. Air France don't care which. Really - they don't.

My baggage was last seen Dec 22 in Paris. May it rest in peace, along with the family Christmas presents it contained, and test coursework...
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NO Baggage since December 18, 2010
Posted by on
YARMOUTH, MAINE -- And no response from Air France.

This really is an airlines that should be shut down from all the complaints about lost luggage that I am seeing. It seems to be a very poorly and rudely run operation.

I flew from Boston to Paris on the 18th of December, with a connecting flight to Basel, which was grounded due to the storm. Eventually I made it to Basel, filed a missing luggage form with the Basel Air France service department. I was told that the suitcase would be delivered to my hotel in Lucerne. It never was. Then I was told that it would be delivered to the boat I was to catch in Basel on the 20th. This did not occur. I was told that my bag would catch up with me during my voyage. This did not happen.

I am back in the United States now, still without my suitcase or any word as to when I might expect it. What makes the matter worse is that Air France is not answering their phones, claiming to be too busy!

I will never use Air France again and will certainly advise everyone I know not to book flights with them. They appear to be a very shabby organization.

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Alain on 01/09/2011:
Wow. I really, really hope you get your bags back.
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Lost Luggage Farce
Posted by on
Having arrived in Toronto via a transit stop at Charles De Gaulle, I was notified my luggage was held over and will arrive the next day (today). I was given a tracking number and was told I'll receive a call this afternoon and the luggage will arrive at my door this evening.
Here are all the ridiculous things that took place since:
1. Throughout the afternoon, the number I was told to call with any inquiries had the following voice message: "we are in a staff meeting right now. Please leave a message. Thank you for supporting Air France”. I guess they never heard of leaving someone by the phone in case a customer calls!!!!!
2. With no answer on the phone, I tried using the tracking number to find out what happened with my luggage online. Despite entering the correct number numerous times, the system kept telling me that “'the number cannot be found"!
3. Attempts to call other Air France numbers yielded no results – all I found were voicemails in the US, or a person in the general number who used the word ‘unfortunately’ numerous times. Yes, she could take my money to buy a ticket, but ‘unfortunately’ she would be unable to help in any way whatsoever when it comes to lost luggage. Not even a miserable little ‘Let me see what I can do for you”. Just “unfortunately”. C’est tout.
It is now night time and no word from the company yet. There is no one to call, no online resource that works. This is totally Kafkaesque !!!!
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Is Air France using teenagers as unwilling guineepigs?
Posted by on
There is not lots of info regarding flying an aircraft into volcano ash loaded atmosphere, yet AF decided to take the risk and fly WITHOUT giving pasanger with non-essential travel needs a chance to postpone the fly until the air is "cleaner".

My teenager niece was about to fly two days after they opened the air to fly again. We, the family considered that is still unsafe for a teenager to fly alone, especially that she doesn't have a direct flight. The situation in Iceland is not calm yet and if something unexpected appears, she will be stranded in Paris airport all by herself.

The Air France people told us that because we purchased an "adult ticket" for her, they don't believe us that she is underage. (needless to say her DOB is on their records).

They said that because her ticket was a 1 month ticket, we cannot extend the departure date even if we offered to pay the extra fees and I wanted to buy a ticket myself to accompany her at a later date.

When I offered that we would like to let the airport AF people know they can use the seat for a stranded pasanger (me thinking they cannot resell that ticket), the agent replayed rudely: "you're not getting any refund and don't worry they'll sell it once they see she's not boarding".

Never asked for a refund just wanted to help some unfortunate people. It was interesting to find that AF is reselling the tickets that are paid and not used. Isn't this fraud? Selling the same service twice? Why they don't give it for free to someone that needs it?

Greedy company. It was our family first travel with them and hopefully the last. We will go back to our old British Airways which is not perfect but ten thousands times more decent.

I read what others went through with Air France. I don't feel so angry anymore, I realized that it can be worse.
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Alain on 04/25/2010:
Glancing at the reviews here it does look like Air France has a customer relations problem. To be fair, though, there will be a lot of problems facing both airlines and their passengers as a result of the eruption (which is an event that nobody has control over).
Anonymous on 04/25/2010:
How old is your niece? My daughter begged me at 14yo to let her fly alone, I didn't let her do it until she was 17.

YunkaG on 04/25/2010:
I understand your concern but it wasn't just your niece on the airplane. Every seat was probably taken and this was the second day of flying, and how many hundreds of flights, with no mishaps. How many days or flights would it take to make you feel comfortable enough to let her fly alone? If she was going to fly alone in the first place I'm not sure why having you fly with her would make any difference. I agree AF could have handled it better.
Starlord on 04/25/2010:
What do you expect AirFrance to do, fly empty planes if very many people with tickets don't show up? How would you fairly decide who got the unused seats?You did not state your niece's age. There is a massive backlog of people waiting to travel due to the volcano. IDK, but I believe reselling unused seats is a common practice in the industry. Can you imagine the chaos if the gate attendant announced there were five empty seats on a departing plane, who wants to fly? If those seats were given away free? There would be a riot. Some people would say, no, people are more civilized. The WalMart employee killed in the rush when the store opened last holiday season puts the lie to that stand.
PepperElf on 04/25/2010:
I don't understand...

if she's too young to fly alone, what were the original plans for her?

did the original plans involve her flying alone?
Anonymous on 04/25/2010:
I'm going to agree with the general consensus of the group here.
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70 Year old Disabled parent harassed, denied a requested wheelchair and left unattended at Charles De Gaulle airport.
Posted by on
I am putting this complaint regarding the treatment meted to my parents who flew from India through Paris to Houston recently. My father has multiple health issues – amputated feet (actually he doesn’t have one foot and doesn’t have any finger on other foot), has gone through multiple Heart surgeries and heart attacks and has diabetes. For him walking one mile is a very painful and cumbersome proposition. To add to all the woes they can’t speak English and can barely read it.

We had requested for wheelchair while booking the ticket – Wheelchair for Mumbai airport and wheelchair for Paris airport. But for some reason when they landed in Paris they weren’t entertained at all. They were kept on wait from 2 and half hour. My mother kept on asking for wheelchair but they did not respond. There was a guy with wheelchair standing nearby and he said it was not his duty. When last half an hour was remaining the air lines personnel at the gate told them that they won’t get the wheelchair and they will have to walk till the other gate which was in other terminal and required a walk of almost a mile. They almost missed the flight and my mother got almost got a panic attack.

Isn’t this harassment? Can’t these officials put themselves in these old people’s shoes and realize that the treatment meted to them was painful and unjust. Can you please give an explanation for such an inhumane treatment? What is the justification you can give for not providing the requested wheelchair.

Please respond to this complaint else I will be forced to take legal action against Air France.

They will be returning soon and my mother panics and breaks down when it comes to travelling via Paris.

I am attaching the itinerary for reference.


Sumeet Vatsa
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Anonymous on 02/03/2010:
Wheelchairs are not a guarantee at any airport. The best option here would be to have them bring their own wheelchair. The airport is in control of the wheelchairs, not the airline
Anonymous on 02/03/2010:
Despite what the above poster mentioned, your father was required to have assistance if they notifed the airline/travel agent 48 hours or more in advance. Here is a copy of the EU regulations which your situation is covered under. Starting at Page 5, Art. 7, para 1 and onwards.

Also, here is the link to make a complaint. I can't seem to make it work on my decrepit laptop but hopefully it will point you in the right direction.

Sorry you'll have to copy and paste them. Sometimes they show as links when I post and sometimes not.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
Did you or your parents call the reconfirm that a wheelchair would be required the day of or before the flight? Wheelchairs are not guaranteed at any airport simply because too many people coming and going and using them. Can your parent not bring his own? My husband's cousin is paralyzed from the waiste down and goes nowhere without his chair, even flights. He just got back from Columbia visiting his inlaws.

Next time, for the language barrier, send an email to them with some common phrases on it to help them along. (where is the restroom/thank you/hello/need wheelchair) etc.

Too much responsibility is put on companies these days and not on the individuals who need to take it.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
Arggggghhh.......I have to disagree with ya LS. The ADA in the US mandates that if a customer asks for a wheelchair, one must be provided or the airline will face fines. Not as familiar with EU stuff but the links I read and provided above seem similar laying out what must be provided or the airline faces penalties.

Please don't say they are not guaranteed. They are. The guarantee being the airline could be fined if it's not provided.

Also, this quote was in the review........"We had requested for wheelchair while booking the ticket" That is all they are required to do, request it 48 hours or more in advance.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
Judge, exactly how many wheelchairs does the law mandate the airports keep on hand? If they have 100 and 100 are in use, how are they going to give them something they do not have? I am interested in the laws position on this. that is why I said they are not guaranteed.

As for requesting at booking, that is fine. When my child flew alone I always asked for a FA to help her during booking, as well as calling back to reconfirm that such help was needed to help her get to her plane. Never had a problem.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
Makes no difference what the number is from what I've read. The airline is legally obligated to supply one if requested. It's their duty to have sufficient numbers on-hand. God.....I sound like James236 reincarnated.
AngryChuck on 02/04/2010:
Very sorry to hear about your parents suffering during their journey.

I'm not sure what the regulations are regarding wheelchair provisions and EU law, but I am quite sure that if you reported to this website that Air France stowed your parents with the luggage, then lost them in transit for 3 weeks, LadyScot would wholly support Air France and put the blame squarely on you for not specifically requesting they be seated in the cabin, and walked them on the plan to seat them personally.

I'm pretty sure about that one...
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
lol angry.....Lady is pretty good at always defending the companies, not matter what. She would make a great lawyer.
goduke on 02/04/2010:
She's not sleazy enough to be a lawyer.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
Thank you duke.

Angry, I am not blaming anyone in this case. Just trying to be reasonable. I asked about how many wheelchairs are required since it has been said they MUST be available when asked for. Obviously if the law demands it, they have to set a number.

There are many things people can due to make their travel go smoother by not expecting someone to do it all for them. Maybe I am OCD, but I over plan everything. From dinner parties to travel, to shopping. I leave nearly nothing to chance.

We flew to Mexico. We do not speak Spanish. I went online and translated several common phrases and printed them in case we had an common issue. We had all paperwork AND copies in my handbag. Luggage identifiable by being wrapped in bright colored ribbon with our address and names attached in several places AND on a card inside. If I were disabled, I would have done as my cousin does: take my chair along. If I ask for help, sure I would like it. But I live in reality where I know things happen.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
"There was a guy with wheelchair standing nearby and he said it was not his duty."

That line is in the review too. Apparently, at least one wheelchair was not being used. One's all that was needed. I hope the OP's parents at least get treated correctly on the return with a wheelchair for pops.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
Judge, could that chair have been a privately owned one and the couple misunderstood the duty comment? Or it could have been reserved for someone else. The OP did say English was not their language.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
Sure. Could have been. OTOH, in my experience at airports, and it's fairly vast, these guys carry radios or at least have a cell phone. Would have been very easy to communicate that assistance was needed.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
And was the guy standing with the wheelchair even an airline employee? Just because he had one doesn't mean it was public property...

I am thinking there was a lot of misunderstanding due to the language barrier and not necessarily an unwillingness to help. I know I get frustrated when someone tries to tell em what they want in Spanish and I have no idea what they are saying. I had one little Spanish lady start screaming in Spanish at me when I couldn't understand her. I just turned and walked away and tried to find someone else to help her.
Anonymous on 02/04/2010:
When it's daytime and there are no clouds, the sky is blue.
DerAlte on 02/09/2010:
I regularly fly to India from the US, and have stopped doing so via European carriers almost entirely. As your hub is IAH, there are alternatives: direct connections through ATL or the option of going through Dubai or Doha with better service for 200-300 dollars more for roundtrip on peak dates (no difference in off-peak fares). Personally, I find these to be much superior to going through Europe.
jytdeepa on 02/15/2010:
It is too much to go through this much harassment in the airport that too for handicapped and old people. I would have taken severe action no matter what it could be to punish the airline.
Whoever is causing this mental and physical torture should be severely punished does not matter who the heck it is in the airport. Could it be the entire airline. I pray that these kind of harassment should be stopped.
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Luggage Nightmare - Worst Customer Service
Posted by on
I left Los Angeles Airport on Dec 16 on Air France connecting through Paris and continuing on to Rome. When I got to Paris my connecting AF flight was cancelled due to bad whether in Paris. After standing in a long line for 3 hours I was booked on another AF flight departing later that night. I did not receive any voucher for food. Then my flight kept getting delayed and eventually was cancelled. After another 3 hour line, I was put on an Alitalia flight that had boarded and was about to take off. I was told my luggage would be transferred but it was not. I filed a claim with Alitalia in Rome when I arrived 1 day late Dec 18. My claim was forwarded to Air France in Paris. My luggage was located on DEc 19. Since I was leaving Dec 20, I told them to deliver it to my home address. It was not until Dec 25 that my luggage finally arrived at Los Angeles Airport. I was told that I would have to pay the delivery costs to deliver it to my home as Alitalia was responsible and they would not deliver. I argued with him that I purchased my tickets through Air France. He hung up on me. I have been in contact with Alitalia whose customer relations is great. I get a response within 10 minutes after filing a complaint. They insist that Air France is responsible and have contacted them for me regarding the baggage claim policies. I have filed 2 complaints with Air France but have gotten no response. I spoke with a very rude person in the luggage department today who insists I need to contact Alitalia or pay for it. I asked for a phone number of the corporate office and they said they are not allowed to give that out. I am
completely disgusted with Air France. I am their customer and they need to deliver my luggage to me and resolve their dispute with Alitalia later.
I am a travel professional and I will never book any clients on Air France anymore. I cannot work with a company does not look after its customers when there is a problem, I have traveled extensively on many airlines and have lost baggage and experienced flight delays and cancellations but I have never experienced awful customer service. So right now it is Dec 29 and I am still without my luggage. It is long drive to the airport and it will be at least a week before I will be able to get there.
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Anonymous on 12/29/2009:
Maybe someone could correct me if I'm wrong about European carriers but the carrier who delivers you to your final destination is responsible for your luggage. For example, if you take carrer 1 from a to b and carrier 2 from b to c and carrier 3 from c to d.....carrier 3 is responsible for getting your luggage to you and all problems associated with it. To me, your claim is with Alitalia not Air France.
Anonymous on 12/30/2009:
And no airline can do squat about bad weather. These complaints make me want to smack someone in the head.
Anonymous on 12/30/2009:
Judge you are correct, the only exceptions would be when no interline agreement exists, or the plating carrier sells to circumvent cabotage rules and/or in a package.
"I am a travel professional...." You should know the obvious that unless you are a serious status Flying Blue or Skyteam member you have almost no chance of getting any sort of consideration (food voucher, etc) for weather delays.

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Treatment of customers
Posted by on
My parents, my mother being seventy one and my father being seventy six and suffering from Parkinsons disease quite badly were booked to fly from Narita in Tokyo to Manchester England via Paris France.
The flight time was 10:30 A.M. with the checkout closing at 9.30, unfortunately due to very heavy traffic and finding a way to wheel my father around Narita to the checkout counter meant that we arrived twenty five minutes after the checkout had closed, I completely understand that such companies have to run to tight scheduales but the treatment we received when we finally arrived at the checkout counter was totally idiotic to say the least, even though the check in counter had closed the flight was still in the process of boarding, as there was at least another thirty minutes before take off, absolutely no effort was made to try to get my parents to the plane before take off, I would like to add that I had completed internet check in twenty four hours before and so there would be no need to go through the check in procedure, the response from the staff was basically this, the check in is closed and you will now have to buy new flights, even if this was the case the way that we were told this with absolute no care or respect for our situation especially with my father being so ill and needed to be back in England for doctors visits. The only thing the staff seem to be bothered about was making more money by selling us more seats and having no thought or care to my parents situation. In my opinion, they had every opportunity and time to rush through my parents so that they could make their flight, but straight no from the off was all we got combined with give us another two thousand pound and we will fit you on the next flight.
I would like to add that yes, the tickets were non transfereable or refundable but if this company are quite willing to leave a sick man stranded with no money to pay for an extra flight and with zero concern for his situation then the whole event is an absolute disgrace.

My parents have now had to stay on with me for another four days causing considerable stress on both my parents as they needed to be back in England due to their health.
Two seats have now been booked for Sunday the 9th of August with B. A. at a cost of well over one thousand pounds, money which my father needs for for his hospital treatment and medication.
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User Replies:
yoke on 08/06/2009:
The airlines did nothing wrong. There is no excuse for not being at the airport on time. You cut it close and lost.
Eloise on 08/06/2009:
1.If your father has Parkinson's and was truly that bad off he shoudn't be flying in the first place. (My Grandfather died of Parkinsons/Alhzimers.) Parkinsons patients can become disoriented easily and be come combative as a result. Who was supposed to care for him during the flight? Your elderly mother or the crew of the plane? It creates an unsafe environment for everyone on the plane.
2.You didn't leave enough time to get to the airport, plain and simple. This isn't the airline's fault it is yours.
3. 1000 pounds is only $500 not bad for two tickets on a transatlantic flight, but that won't pay for a bandaid.
Hope your Father is able to get the care he needs.
Anonymous on 08/06/2009:
What they said!
Nohandle on 08/06/2009:
When you stated "In my opinion, they had every opportunity and time to rush through my parents so that they could make their flight" quite frankly wondered how many other passengers feel the same way? Those same passengers who arrive late with very valid reasons as well. They might expect to be rushed through too. Your parent's seats might very well have already been given to other individuals "AFTER" the cutoff time and before you arrived. You might very well have been treated rudely and I don't condone that in any business.
Eloise on 08/06/2009:
Sorry it's $1500 not $500 I missed the '1' button.
Ben There on 08/06/2009:
Eloise, I was about to see if you would give me £1000 for $500. I would even be willing to go up to $600 so you could feel like you were ripping me off:)
Anonymous on 08/06/2009:
If your father needs to be in England to see his doctors then he shouldn't have been in Japan. It is not the job of the airline to care about your situation, especially if you were late. Your opinion on rushing them through check in and security has no merit. You got them there late, take responsibility and don't blame the airline for your actions. I'm sure you weren't treated rudely, you just didn't get the special treatment you thought you deserved.
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Air France Double-Faced
Posted by on
JFK, NEW YORK -- This is a complaint regarding flight #: 5, on the date of August 11th, 2008, departing JFK at 1AM, arriving Paris Charles de Gaulle at 2:10PM. This flight, as tardy as it was scheduled, was cancelled at the last minute, after everyone was already on board. The situation was handled with complete unprofessionalism. After we debarked none of the attendants at the airport knew what was going on or helped make any arrangements for the passenger’s next flights. Eventually, after about two hours of confusion (mind you this is 3AM by now) an Air France employee went to the check in counter and started telling the passengers that they were going to be put at a hotel and put on a flight out the next evening – after a 17 hour delay!!! No one was asked if this was interfering with our plans, and no one knew if there were other flights we could take that would leave earlier.

Such was the situation that I was en route to my OWN wedding together with my fiancé, and not only under a lot of stress, but also under a very tight schedule. Needless to say that all our appointments we had scheduled for the following day had to be cancelled and some of them could not be rescheduled, such as the tasting of the menu which was going to be served at OUR WEDDING!! Everything we had carefully planned was irremediably delayed, while my fiancé and I were under tremendous amounts of stress trying to schedule and reschedule the mess created. No one at Air France offered a single apology when our flight was cancelled or the next day on the second flight. On the contrary, the crew of the flight we finally took the next day, flight #: 017 was extremely unwelcoming and rude and intentionally ignored us if we had a question or needed something!

Also, while at the airport trying to understand what was going on and if we had other alternatives that would bring us to our destination earlier, we tried to find an Air France customer service desk – needless to say, that was impossible. An Air France employee gave us brochures which we could mail to Air France customer service, however to this day we did not receive a response.

It was the most awful experience, and although I knew Air France standards were low, I didn't expect them to have become this bad. The week of the flight was absolutely awful, my fiance and I worked on fumes all week constantly trying to catch up on our appointments and everything else we had to get done, and wasting a whole day and night at an airport derailed us completely.
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Ben There on 01/13/2009:
There are no flights from the USA to Paris that leave in the morning on any airline that I know of - they all leave at night and arrive the next day. If you are booked on the last flight of the day and it gets cancelled or you miss your flight there is no quicker way to get you to France besides flying out the next night. If I have a really important meeting that I can't miss in Europe I always go a day before for this reason. More than once something has happened and I arrive a day late and go directly to work. Not fun at all but a fact of life.
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