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Poor Service at a high price
Posted by on
We booked the premium service for our July & August 2008 vacation- half way between first class and tourist and over double the cost. On the flight Vancouver/Auckland, we were ignored by the attendants and couldn't get service even when we asked for it. We were supposed to have the same menu/food service as first class but what we got was what was left over (no choices. for dinner and they never once offered fruit or a snack or anything else 1st class got. The attendants spent their time in Tourist or first class and we only got attention if we grabbed someone going from one to the other. We had to ask for permission to use the first class washrooms, just on the other side of the curtains.

For the Aukland Brisbane portion, we were seated in crappy old tourist quality seats seats just in front of tourist, as it appeared that they decided to close the upper deck of the 747 where we originally were booked because there weren`t enough premium class passengers to bother the staff to open up the area. We had to seek permission and be escorted to use the upstairs washroom.

On check in, the area reserved for premium check in was being used by tourist class, and we would have had to wait in that long line had we not complained (both ways).

They misplaced the suitcase with all my scuba gear on the way back. It was located by an employee at the Brisbane airport who found it and contacted me directly to arrange return. To add insult to injury, they assigned baggage recovery to Air Canada, which ran the LA Vancouver return flight and who could not have been less interested.

Needless to say, they ignored all of my written complaints and no-one ever replied to them.

Next time, Quantus. If you must go Air NZ, the Pacific Premium seats are probably not going to be worth the extra cost.
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Anonymous on 10/28/2009:
I assume from your post you don't fly often. Your expectations were a bit too high for this booking class. You booked what was essentially "E+" a bit more legroom and a few small perks thrown in.
Airlines are reluctant to offer a product too similar to First class as it would cannibilise their highest yield product.
As far as your baggage recovery through Air Canada, this would be normal practice as its inter N. America - outside of Air NZ domain.
Finally, its Quantas not Quantus
Ben There on 10/28/2009:
I agree with VF-213 - you were expecting a lot more from Premium Economy than you were ever going to get. Like Qantas, the premium economy cabin has slightly nicer seats with a few extra inches of leg room and recline but nothing like a lie flat business class seat. As for the food, I don't see on their website where they claim the food and service is the same as business - it is enhanced, but as the name implies it is still economy:
Anonymous on 10/29/2009:
VF-213....I know it's just a oversight but it's actually Qantas, not Quantas. No u.
banana_boat7103 on 08/24/2013:
Actually she's not expecting too much yet expecting what airNZ has promised to give her. Its AirNZ's fault for offering such a high quality service at a lower than first class fare. They clearly know this as once youve paid for your upgrade they stop caring
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Flight Change Fee
Posted by on
If I could give half a star I would and I haven't even taken the flight yet. I booked a return flight to Auckland for my wife and myself, a family reunion. Due to some mis-communication I had to change the dates of departure and return. I expected a change fee but was gobsmacked to be hit with a bill for $400. Yes that's right $100 per person per change both ways. This is simply extortion or legal theft. I myself made the changes online so operator intervention was minimal. Updates to records take place in nano seconds so where is the justification for $400? Perhaps checking availability? Nope, this was checked by me prior to making the change. All flight times are the same, even the flight numbers are the same, just a week earlier.

The only explanation I can think is that it is done because it can be done and you the customer can do nothing about it. Airlines and airports are totally out of control. The change fee plus all the other add on costs come to more than the flights cost.

Perhaps if Air NZ cancel the flight I will be able to bill them for $400. Fat Chance!
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User Replies:
Jambra on 01/28/2008:
This is standard procedure for all airlines, unless you bought the more expensive ticket that allows such changes
jktshff1 on 01/28/2008:
"gobsmacked " I like that word.
Hugh_Jorgen on 01/28/2008:
I imagine moving your reservation up a week might have had something to do with it. The closer you are to the date of flight, the more expensive the ticket.
Anonymous on 01/28/2008:
Jambra is correct, just about any airline, anywhere is going to hit you for a hundred bucks if you change your tickets.
guthfrith on 01/28/2008:
Thanks for the comments. I have no problem paying a change fee it is the size of the penalty that is infuriating. The flights cost $923 without other add-ons, the penalty is $400. That's a 43% charge. And the flight is six weeks away. This is profiterring and is out of control. I would like to see a detailed analysis of the steps involved in making a change so it could be independently costed. Fat chance!
MSCANTBEWRONG on 01/28/2008:
I travel for business a good bit and I've had to make a changes to my flights and was only charged $50.00. On a few occasions, I was issued credits for the difference in flights. I typically fly Delta, Southwest or AirTran. These were also non-refundable tickets. $400 is a lot of money but if that's their fee, there's not much you can do about it. Sorry...
chris513 on 01/28/2008:
Have to agree w/ everyone else...this is pretty much the standard on a non refundable ticket w/ any airline. it sucks, but it is what it is. consider yourself lucky that it was only 400 bucks. international flights can get extremely pricy to change...
wgaguy1984 on 01/30/2008:
I'm pretty sure they told you about the change fee when you booked your flight. And $400 for four people is not that bad, most airline change fees run about 100 bucks per person, so it sounds like you're getting the same fare. I'm sure if you had a legitimate reason for changing they'd let you fax something in to get at least one or two waived. But if it's just a discretionary change, quit whining, you agreed to their contract of carriage when you purchased the ticket.
IM shocked on 06/03/2011:
I am going through the same process with my mother in law. We had to change the ticket a week before travelling. Because she had to go to hospital and found a tumor in her throat. They have removed it and she has been given the clearance to travel. Since she was on a connecting flight. The first airlines with Alaska Airlines to Los Angeles and the second with crappy air nz from los angeles to Auckland. Air New zealand is charging us $800 USD to change the flight. No compassion at all. Worse than the Americans.
lee on 11/18/2013:
Think its getting worse since that self checking in thinging starting, I had a bit of medical issues before the flight...and I was a bit late...but still before the boarding time. When I got to the counter, without even looking, well...the guy was busy doing some personal texting and without lifting his head...pointing at that self check in machine to me. However, one of the machine was broken and was soooooooooo slow, think that machine was alwayz broken (from my last time memory). Buy the time I went to guy, I was old that I was not allowed to check in my internationaly flight to mebourne and to US because its closed. at that time it was still 30 mis left till the boarding time. without doing anything to help me out...I felt like he was not supposed to be the one who should give the customer a lesson at this time.
In the end, I bought anouther ticket from Quantas just to carry on with the plan...coz I have paid bills for the vacation in the states.and that process only took me no more than 10 mins with the quantas, that was 20 mins before the flight boarding time.!
So, that is the situation. The air NZ was not sophistacated in sorting out some very circumstances.
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Air New Zealand Overcharged on Pet Transport
Posted by on
I organised to fly my two large dogs from Dunedin to Auckland July 2010 using their 0800 number. I was overcharged and when my mum went to the airport they did not have the crates I had ordered for them. One of my dogs was put into a medium sized crate when he is meant to be in an extra large crate. Worst of all now I am trying to resolve this problem and no one is calling me back and they are telling me I had not ordered the crates. Strange as the dogs were especially measured so I would know what size crates to order. They are bascially calling me a liar. I would recommend always getting the persons name you speak to.
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Alain on 07/27/2010:
You can give them feedback, if you haven't done so yet, via ''. You're right that it's always a good idea to document calls when contacting a company about a problem.
Ritah on 05/01/2012:
I believe that AirNZ don't provide crates for pets at all. I fly with them very frequently since 2007 with my dog and the travel crate is ordered via Aero Pets who meet me at the terminal each time I fly. It is known that AirNZ are just a carrier not a seller of baggage, crates and gift wrapping company :)
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Rough return to London
Posted by on
Traveling with a child we were very grateful to the Kiwi side of this organisation of help and assistance, smiles and kindness every step of the way. Until that is we boarded our last leg of the journey on Air New Zealand from LA to London where we were faced with awful grey and unconfident and unfriendly staff. I sat with my child on my lap when it was obvious to us that there were spare seats that could have helped us and the other passengers by utilizing them. It was a sad end to a great trip.

Glad I didn't bother wasting my time complaining officially as from the other reviews that I have it would seem that it would have been a waste of time. Poor show London, big up the Kiwi's!
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Anonymous on 01/22/2010:
Did you pay for a seat for your child? A child under two can travel for free if they sit on your lap. If you didn't buy a seat for your child, then why would you think that you could sit the child in a seat you didn't pay for?
Anonymous on 01/22/2010:
I am with ya. If you didn't pay for that seat then you do not get to use it. What would you have complained about?
jktshff1 on 01/22/2010:
Question, was a seat available next to you, or would they have to inconvenience other passengers by asking them to move themselves and their overhead stuff? If so, I can see the airlines point.
memoryx57 on 01/22/2010:
Come on people...there was no one sitting in the seats. Big deal, a child sat in a spare seat...I can't for the life of me see where it would have made a bit of difference to anybody. It would have simply been an act of kindness on the airlines part to let a child have a seat that nobody was wasn't going to cost them a cent!!
jktshff1 on 01/22/2010:
mem, I agree, provided it did not cause a mass migration on the plane, moving overheads, moving people, etc.
If a seat was available next to the problem...otherwise, they ain't special.
Anonymous on 01/22/2010:
Business has nothing to do with kindness. If you go to a buffet right before it is changed do you think they are going to give it to you for free simply because it is about to be tossed? WHY would anyone complain because they won't?
Ben There on 01/22/2010:
Did you ever ask the crew if you could move to those seats, or were you waiting for them to ask you if you would like to move?
spiderman2 on 01/22/2010:
When I flew with a little one, I paid to have a seat for him and not gamble and see if there was a seat or if people would move for me. sure it cost money, but if you can't afford a seat for everyone don't fly.
jktshff1 on 01/22/2010:
+10 spider
MissMae on 01/22/2010:
It's really too hard to offer up any sort of a response to your review because you don't tell us whether or not you asked if you could use one of the open seats or if you just sat there and waited for a crew member to offer one to you.

If you didn't ask, you really can't expect them to read your mind, right? They may have thought you preferred to fly with your child on your lap and that's why they didn't say anything.

If you did ask, and were told no, then I side with you. There's no reason not to let passengers use the open seats...unless the plane is making a stop and picking up more passengers and those seats will be filled then.
Anonymous on 01/22/2010:
The flight attendants could have said no due to weights and balances. I was on a flight once and they wouldn't let me sit on the other side of the plane for that reason.

And do we know if the OP even asked for an extra seat? Or did they assume the flight attendants would offer up an extra seat?
Ben There on 01/22/2010:
I have never seen any issues with people moving on a large plane unless they unintentionally sit in a crew seat, an infant restricted seat or a different cabin of service. There could be many reasons the crew didn't specifically ask you if you wanted to move... Maybe the seats you saw were restricted for the reasons above, or there were too many people with special needs that they decided to leave it up to the customers to pick on their own. Maybe if they asked you, the other people with babies would have gotten mad, (or someone in a cast, or the person sitting next to the obese passenger, or the lone business travelers sitting in a row with loud teens, etc...). If you don't have the nerve to move yourself over a 12 hour period then what can they do?
Anonymous on 01/22/2010:
I wonder if the OP even asked to move seats. And if they did, if they asked why they couldn't move. I was on a flight with an ex boyfriend once and he had a brace on his leg (from a car accident a few months earlier). He asked a flight attendant if he could sit in the exit row so he could stretch his leg out. The flight attendant said no. He asked why and she explained that he would not be able to open the door in case of emergency since his leg was in a cast. She did, however, offer an aisle seat to him so he could extend his leg out. We were happy to have gotten an explanation and a solution.
Ben There on 01/22/2010:
When I am booked on a long flight, I will watch the seat map on the airline's website to see if there is anybody sitting next to me. If there are still plenty of seats open but the computer has happened to put someone next to me I will move myself. This is never a sure thing since someone can be put next to you till right before departure, but you will have better odds than if you just don't do anything. Also, when they say "You must turn off all electronic devices at this time", that means the main cabin door has closed so no one else will be getting on board. That is when you can make a mad dash for the empty rows.
molli on 09/18/2012:
Hey ben, you ARE NOT allowed to make a mad dash for a spare seat when the doors closes, expect staff to get miffy.

On both take of and landing they advise ALL passengers to be in their aloocated seats.

Once airboure SURE, but not on take of and landing. So don't get mad if they shoo you back.
Molli on 09/18/2012:

When I had my infant in arms (4months old) I was required to hold her for the ENTIRE long haul flight as they had allocated the bassinette rows to a group of men who were unwilling to move???

I got told by the Hostess I didn't PAY for a seat so what did I expect!!!

No longer their customer.. for sure.
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My Own Airline Is A Joke
Posted by on
Recently I flew home to New Zealand from London for a visit. My return flight to London was a shocker. I had a seat which reclined all by itself at random times and random angles. The attendant told me it would be fixed at the 1/2 way point (Hong Kong). It wasn't. The overall flying time was 24 hours. I was able to be moved on the final part of the flight but to a useless seat! But worse than any of this is the service from Air New Zealand afterwards - that is, none. I have made to official complaints through their website and have heard nothing.

I'm a kiwi and have tried to support AirNZ in the past, but increasingly I am hearing more and more reports about their poor service and bad flight experiences. Looks like loyalty comes at a price I'm no longer prepared to pay.
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User Replies:
Ben There on 04/16/2009:
I hate chairs that try to make me more comfortable against my will. A lot of new seats recline at a different angle than older seats - where the bottom slides forward.

What type of compensation are you looking for?
BokiBean on 04/16/2009:
24 hours of flying in a possessed chair would be a nightmare! Not replying to a consumer's complaints is a no-no too....
Anonymous on 04/16/2009:
Ben There, Pray Emirates joins OneW. I just got back JFK DXB on EK. Interline, a couple of phone calls... wife and I snagged the last two F suites. A380, lounge, bar, showers at 41k ft.
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New Seat Plan for Tasman/Pacific
Posted by on
Only option as Air NZ has dropped business class. What a shocker. We were told to move from our seats even though we had paid the premium for sitting there. One drink and a horrible so called meal. No priority boarding or baggage as advertised.

The plane has gone from 159 seats to 171 so cattle class is an obvious term. NEVER AGAIN
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User Replies:
Alain on 12/12/2010:
Have Spirit and Air NZ merged, perhaps?
Ben There on 12/12/2010:
LOL Alain... I am afraid that even the worst Air New Zealand flights are better than the best Spirit flights... In fact, even with Air New Zealand removing business class from theses short haul aircraft, their levels of service are still much higher than we see with most carriers in the USA.

As for the OP, it sounds like something was wrong with your tickets since you were told to move seats, you didn't get pre-boarding and priority luggage. Did Air NZ explain any of these things?

Next time, see if you can book a widebody trans-Tasman flight as they will continue to have business class.
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