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Stay Away At All Costs!
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- I have never in my life had such a horrible experience with any vendor anywhere. Salesman "**" agreed to a price over the phone and the minute we got there, it became clear that he was starting from scratch and had no intention of honoring the price he had repeatedly agreed to.

We had specified the color we wanted (tidewater blue) and when we got there and tried to confirm that it was on the lot (which is what we had been told), he kept saying it was "available". Then he immediately pointed out a red version of the model we wanted and said "Boy I really like that red one!" He even had us test drive a black version for no reason whatsoever. When we insisted on seeing tidewater blue, he asked if we wanted the royal blue. Classic bait-and-switch. They never did produce the car they said they had.

These people are slimy, oily, stereotypical cars salesmen. And if you are foolish enough to go, make sure that they return your driver's license! Two days after I saw these creeps, I looked in my wallet and noticed it was gone. It was immediately obvious to me where it was. When I called them and told them to overnight it to me I talked to some slimeball named "**" who told be to stop screaming (I wasn't).

Then he went away, came back and told me they were looking for it. I had to point out to him that in a phone call I made to them two minutes prior, the receptionist said she had it. (So they had it and made no effort to call me and tell me.) He was rude, condescending, disgusting and uncooperative. My sister called a few minutes later to follow up and she said she heard them laughing in the background. I guess I called too late in the day for them to overnight it, but I didn't trust them enough to send it to me so I had to drive 35 miles back to the dealership to retrieve it. STAY AWAY!!!

Refused to Honor Negotiated Price
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- My wife and I spent approx. an hour negotiating the price for a 2006 CRV AWD with the salemsan and then his manager. We were in no hurry to purchase so the sales manager kept lowering the price from thousands over the MSRP finally to a price we agreed on.

We filled out finance forms and transferred money to put as down payment. When the salesmanger finally returned, he told me he would not honor the price, offering instead a price approx. $2,000 more than we had just negotiated. At this point, the sales manager took the paperwork which showed his lowering the car's price to our agreed upon level. This was the written deal he had made.

We then spoke with the salesman's supervisor who told me he was under no obligation to honor a deal made by one of his salesmen, because he did not make the deal himself. When pressed he denied ever saying such a thing, instead denying there was never any deal to begin with.

Dishonest Dealers
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- They refused to give us the price they had promised us. They called us and when we went in, they wasted an hour of our time then told us they can't give us that price. Then their sales people would follow you to the car to convince you and play the same game again! They should not be in business! They suck really bad!

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Airport Marine Honda Rating:
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