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My sons new airsoft rifle caught on fire during first shooting session
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CALIFORNIA -- I wrote this letter to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission: On 02-12-10, UPS delivered an Airsoft rifle I purchased for my son from Airsoft Megastore online. The link to the site and product I purchased is I charged the battery according to the owner’s manual, loaded the weapon with the proper plastic BB’s and handed the rifle to my son to shoot at targets. The rifle worked perfectly for approximately one minute. I smelled an electrical burning odor however the owner’s manual stated this smell was ‘normal” during the breaking in period. I then noticed white smoke coming from the battery area of the rifle and immediately took the rifle from my son.

I opened the battery compartment in an attempt to disconnect the battery. I burned my hand and fingers as I grabbed the battery. The wires and fuse area of the rifle caught on fire at this time. I managed to disconnect the battery and extinguish the fire.

I immediately contacted Airsoft Megastore via email (it’s the only option they offer for products already purchased). I sent pictures of the burned wires and fuse box and advised them of my safety concern for other customers who may have purchased this product. I finally received an email from “Sam” in customer service. He advised me to send the rifle back UPS at my expense and I would hear back from them in a week or so. I attempted to explain to Sam that Air Soft Mega Store should be concerned about the fire and the safety of its customers and expedite this complaint. Sam refused to let me talk, told me that was policy and my complaint would be handled in the order in which it was received. Sam refused to give me a supervisor’s name and was beyond rude. I told Sam that I was recording everything he was saying in writing at which point he quoted a California State Statute, threatened to have me arrested and then he hung up on me.

I will get with VISA and work out the refund part of this situation. My main concern is consumer safety. The rifle caught on fire! Kids commonly use the products offered by this company. Sam, representing Airsoft Megastore did not feel the fire was a big deal and basically told me to try to get a refund if I was not happy.

I ask that this product (and similar products offered by Airsoft Megastore) be investigated for the benefit of consumer safety. Thank you very much.

Ed Busby
Resolution Update 02/19/2010:
Problem solved thanks to Mike...the operations manager.
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Slimjim on 02/19/2010:
Any product can have an isolated defect in it. I honestly believe you are over reacting and have no idea what caused the failure and if it is of any concern throughout the other rifles they build. I also believe if a child is old and responsible enough to handle an air rifle, he/she should be able to handle such a failure without getting injured. Again, this is a mostly metal product whose penlight batteries and a couple wires burned, no? So the real risk of safety to me is overblown a bit.
Take their replacement item and see how it goes before waging a war.
Skye on 02/19/2010:
I concur with Slim. I also think you are over reacting.

How old is your son??
PepperElf on 02/19/2010:
sometimes you can't be first in line
and as far as they know maybe it was dropped in water, or mishandled. they won't be able to tell until they look at it.

though personally I'm more for using a REAL rifle instead of a fake one.
the fake toy ones teach kids that firearms are toys in my opinion.

edybusby on 02/19/2010:
The batteries are large, this weapon was fresh out of the box. The batteries were red hot....the wires and fuse box leading to the wires were on fire. Heat+ fire directly next to batteries is not a good thing.
These rifles shoot plastic BB's and are very popular with kids. They commonly play war games in the woods with these products. Had my 14 year old son been in the woods when this thing caught on fire who know what would have happened.

All I was asking for was a replacement rifle be sent to me. I was told to ship the product back to them at my expense and they would either fix it our give me a new one.....I would hear back from them in two weeks or so. When I asked them if they were concerned about product/consumer safety, their customer service guy (Sam) got defensive and nasty. He then said to just try and get a refund so that he won't have to deal with me any longer. Now this company won't even provide me with an address to ship the product back so I can get a refund. Sam in customer service hangs up on my when I call. I not making this stuff up or adding drama to it. I will get my refund......I am seriously concerned for the safety of the kids who will be buying this product....that's all.
jktshff1 on 02/19/2010:
Got several of their products. never had any problems
edybusby on 02/19/2010:
Just got off the phone with Mike who is in charge of operations with Airsoft Megastore......he fixed my problem in 30 seconds!! Thank you Mike!!!!!
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