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The Flight attendants made me feel like I was an inconvenience to them
Posted by Raschwittay on 10/25/2012
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Let me just say that I am a very frequent flier for Airtran, as well as my two young children. 2 years old and 9 months as a matter of fact. Every single time, and I mean EVERY time I board a flight with my two children I am greeted with sighs and pushiness from the Flight Attendants! I am always treated like I am such an imposition to them and was even asked to turn down my childs leappad2 and told to make him use headphones because it was disrupting her and her friend (another flight attendant) who chose to sit directly behind me when the two rows ahead and behind me were empty. The plane is loud enough where no one else could hear it let alone even my child. I understand that it is frustrating to deal with children all day long. Believe me, I know. But it is your job to be kind and patient. I was disgusted.

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Posted by bob932304 on 2012-10-25:
I hate being in a confined space, like an airliner, and have someone watching a video with the volume on their headphones turned up so loud I can hear it. Playing anything that makes sounds without using headphones is an annoyance to many people. I guess call me a Grinch.
Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-26:
If the headphones were loud enough to be heard in a noisy airplane, they may have been louder than necessary and annoying to others nearby. There really shouldn't be a reason for anyone in a row in front or in back to have to listen to that. I don't believe it has to do with the fact that they are children - headphone noise is headphone noise.
Posted by Anna Molly on 2012-10-26:
OP said "was even asked to turn down my childs leappad2 and told to make him use headphones because it was disrupting her and her friend"

So, the child wasn't originally using headphones, at all, when the flight attendants "told" the mother to have her child use them.

Posted by DebtorBasher on 2012-10-26:
*Waving To Anna Molly*
Posted by Katie on 2012-10-26:
Just because your child is playing on a leappad 2, doesn't mean everyone needs to hear the child playing on it. Think back to when you were a single childless woman on a plane. Maybe you are trying to relax, nap, whatever then all of sudden you hear a screeech of a baby and a childrens song blaring. Is that not annoying? On a side note, why the hell would you not expect signs and glares when you are on a plane with a 2 year old and a 9 month old?
Posted by Anna Molly on 2012-10-26:
Hiya DB!
Posted by onlooker on 2012-10-26:
It is NOT their job to be kind and patient and friendly - they are there to make sure that all passengers are taken care of, safe and not disturbing other passengers.
Teach your 2 year old to use headphones, and the noise issue may go away. pretty soon he will be able to do it on his own.
You are right flying with young children you do get the extra arched eyebrow, the groan and the rolled eyes...it seems like you do your best to limit problems, and that is commendable. I do hope your next flights go well and you do not get the same feeling of pressure.
Posted by Anonymous on 2012-10-26:
When you're going to be using an electronic device around other people, the polite thing to do is to wear headphones. Put yourself in the other person's shoes. Would you want to hear someone else's game or music?
Posted by Ben There on 2012-10-27:
Maybe the flight attendant asked you to have your kid start using headphones at the request of other passengers. I know I have been on several flights with kids playing games or watching movies without headsets and several other passengers got upset and spoke with the crew.
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AirTran WILL leave you behind, and WILL kick you off a flight when they screw up
Posted by Dustin491 on 10/05/2012
BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS -- AirTran WILL leave you behind, and WILL kick you off a flight due to the incompetence of the people they hire. Let me explain: I took a flight out from Boston, ended up in the TSA security line for 45 minutes before I got completely through, and that included having to cut 3/4ths of the line when I realized I was cutting it pretty close to departure time. Showed up at the gate 3 minutes late; they left without me. They NEVER paged me, they NEVER sent someone to see if I was stuck in security. They also departed BEFORE their departure time (I screenshot the flight information at the end of the night from my phone as proof). Their staff had no interest in helping me upon realizing my flight left without me, and were genuinely uninterested in my situation. They offered no help, and basically told me, "too bad". They wouldn't even look at me when they talked to me - they were typing fast away at their computers. I left a BBB complaint about the incident and they are one of only two companies I've had to leave a complaint about that had no interest in making things right. They dismissed all my grievances to the matter and blamed me, under a guise of "we shut the doors 10 minutes before departure, as it's important that we get our passengers in the air as soon as we can and prevent delays." Let me now explain to you how this is a complete farce. On the day of my rescheduled flights, on my connecting flight a flight attendant managed to get her seat wet from rain (I've flown plenty where it's rained and never heard of this happening). After we pulled out from the gate, we sit for a couple minutes and we hear the captain announce the aforementioned issue, and that they'd have to pull back in so they got "replace the seat". I think to myself, "Replace the seat? Why don't they just put plastic trash bags over it, or towels or something?" What they ended up meaning by that is that they were going to get an AirTran representative to board the plane and tell, not ask - but tell, a coach passenger they had to deboard the plane and be put on stand by. Then they told, not ask - told, a first class passenger they had to move back to the now empty coach seat. And the now vacant first class seat is where the flight attendant ended up sitting for the flight. If you make a complaint against them, they WILL lie about the details, and do what they can to not own up to their own mistakes. They claimed in their response to my BBB complaint that they confirmed that they did page me - lies - I listened intently out of worry that I was starting to cut it close and it never happened. Heard plenty of other airlines paging other passengers to other flights. I rejected their response, made a rebuttal, they then reiterated what they said the first time for the most part, and closed the case out with no consequence. Don't make the same mistake I did by flying with these guys. They gave me a bad experience the first time I flew with them 4 years ago, gave them another chance because the flight was that much cheaper, and I regret it. I lost more money in the day of work I lost in comparison to what I saved choosing them to fly with. Also keep in mind Southwest Airlines owns AirTran, so you may want to consider skipping them as well. You're a number to them. Well, this number is taking his business elsewhere. In fact I just booked a flight for next week and skipped over them despite seeing they had a cheaper flight in to where I was going. Not worth the risk.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2012-10-05:
How far ahead of flight time did you arrive at the airport? Was this a domestic or international flight? These are critical details.

A long wait at the TSA checkpoint in and of itself is not the airline's problem, and should not result in the airline looking to see where you are. On the other hand, if there was a 1 hour delay checking in at the counter with the airline, they should delay the flight to allow passengers to make their way to the gate.

The minimum time to get through security alone for domestic flights is 30 minutes, and the maximum is an hour, depending on airport.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-10-05:
Planes must have their door closed prior to departure so weight, fuel, and other issues can be calculated. That is one reason that one must arrived at the gate 15 to 30 minutes prior to departure time. No one is going to come get you, if you fail to show. The departure time is ideally leaving the ground, not shutting the door. If you arrive after the door shut, any airline will leave you.

The wet seat was a safety issue, which is why the plane reopened the door. Someone had to get off. The flight attendant may have had to be at that destination in order to have a full crew to fly her plane, so the airlines made a passenger get off.
Posted by Buddy01 on 2012-10-05:
Departure time does not mean you have until that time to board.
Posted by CUontheFlipSide on 2012-10-05:
It is pretty clearly posted at Logan Int'l that you should arrive two hours before flight time for domestic flights, and 3 hours for international. Most times you breeze through the security and have time to read a newspaper at the gate, then again there are times like this when you need that time to get to your flight. There are many variables that can cause security lines to back up, and none of them have anything to do with the airline.
Posted by Susan on 2012-10-05:
You missed your flight because you didn't arrive at the airport allowing enough time for security screening.
Posted by Josh on 2012-10-07:
Having to arrive several hours before your flight is the norm now. Having someone paged over the
Intercom is a nice customer feature, but the airlines through default probably assume that the passengers are full grown functional adults who have a basic understanding of time management and airline constraints (specially, since you mention that you have flown x times before). As far as being a a number, yes you were one of thousands of customers for that day and one of the hundred thousands for the year. Sorry to say, you are not 'that' special to most outside your personal
acquaintances circle.
Posted by Mike in FL on 2012-10-09:
As others have stated, this falls squarely on your head and nobody else's. YOU THE PASSENGER are supposed to take into account the time needed to get through security to get to YOUR flight on time. The airline is also beholden to those other passengers to get them to their destinations on time as well. Is it fair for YOU to cause another passenger to miss THEIR connecting flight at another airport? No, it's not.
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Double charged
Posted by Scott.rymer85 on 01/01/2012
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I had booked a flight from Charlotte North Carolina to Columbus Ohio witch a lay over in Atlanta. When I arrived at the airport to check in at the Airtran counter, I was asked by if I would like to upgrade to Business class for $49.00, I said no thank you until she told me my bag fee was going to be ($49.00)I then accepted the upgrade to business class for the $49.00. I gave my credit card and I was then given a receipt for the $49.00. Well when the wife was balancing the checkbook and Airtran had charged me $49.00 (2 separate charges). I called Airtran and I was told that it was for the connecting flight. I was never informed that the upgrade was for each flight and they will not refund my money. The only reason I accepted the upgrade was because of the overweight bag fee ($49.00) and she told me if I upgraded for the $49.00 that business class bag was free. So if they are telling me the additional $49.00 upgrade was for the lay over flight, would they or do they charge the bag fee for the same layover?
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Totally Missed my flight & AirTran put me on next flight no fees
Posted by Nancythayer196931 on 11/30/2011
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I booked two separate flights for my husband and myself. I was leaving to fly from Orlando to Pittsburgh on 11/18 and he was leaving the day before Thanksgiving. I must have looked at his itinerary the day before I left and thought I was departing at 11:30 A.M. Well, I got up really early and went to do some stuff with my husband before he dropped me off. Got to the airport about 9:15 A.M. and the baggage handler informed me that I missed my flight which left at 9:15 A.M. I panicked but he quickly went inside to the AirTran desk and came back out and told me they were going to put me on the 11:30 A.M. flight and "NO CHARGE". The outcome would have been different if it was the day before Thanksgiving flight. Never have done that in all the times I have been flying!!!

Thank you AirTran. I also owe a the baggage handler for his great attitude and willingness to help the customer!!

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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-11-30:
Wow that's great customer service. Most airlines would have made you pay at least a change fee. I hope you got the agent's name and let their supervisor know how great they are.
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Our Airtran return flight was cancelled and noon told us!
Posted by Rready12 on 11/15/2011
PORTLAND, MAINE -- In August, 2011 I booked round trip business class travel for our 20th anniversary. We were scheduled to travel in December, 2011. I was recently on the Airtran site looking at options of departing a day earlier and when I put in the return date we were booked for I kept gettin a message that said "There are no flights available for that day, they may be full, or unavailable."
I assumed they must be full, so when I called Air Tran to change our departure to a day earlier I happened to mention it to the agent and asked if the flight was full? She asked me to hold the line, when she came back she informed me that due to a schedule change ( for which I had not received any info from AirTran) my connecting flight out of Baltimore was going to leave before my flight from MBJ arrived.
There is only one Air Tran Flight a day, so now anyone traveling from Montego Bay to connect in either Baltimore or Atlanta has no way to get home? Is this legal? I was offered no alternative from Air Tran, only that I could cancel and lucky for me my business class tickets were refundable. I contacted their customer service department via email and was offered a $50 travel voucher towards future travel on Air Tran to "restore my confidence in them." Really?!
I am now forced to rebook on another carrier and my departure date is now less than 30 days away. Availability is limited and fare prices are sky high and I have no option but to book them.
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Posted by azspots on 2011-11-15:
THEY changed the schedule. THEY need to find you alternate transportation. It isn't like weather where they won't do anything, this is their doing. Demand they reassign your ticket to another airline.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-11-15:
I don't think Airtran has any responsibility here in finding you an alternative, or for your inconvenience.

Look at page 15 of the CoC:

This is what air travel has come to, unfortunately. Limited flights and cancellations.
Posted by Ryan84 on 2011-11-16:
A lot of airlines change schedules without notifying the passengers. I am flying on Dec 4th on Jetblue and I booked a flight that leaves at 8:15am. I checked my itinerary 2 months ago and that flight now leaves at 7:10am. I never got an e-mail and still have not even though I left it on file. Luckily I am not the type of person who arrives at the airport 45 minutes before my flight, so I still would have made it, but I wonder how many people won't make the flight?
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Bad news
Posted by Kmkane444 on 09/29/2011
10 different stories from 10 different reservation agents.
Claim they have notes from previous discussions but clearly they cannot read.
Hopefully, the fact that Southwest Airlines has bought them out will improve their service and their planes. The first time I flew them from Houston to Atlanta I was scared that was the end for me as there was an old toothbrush holder in the bathroom the plane was so old.
Rudeness times a thousand; misconceptions all the way around.
Goodbye Airtran and good riddance. You're extremely fortunate Southwest bought you guys.
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Posted by Ben There on 2011-09-30:
AirTran might not be much, but they don't have planes older than a decade. Delta, American, Southwest and United on the other hand have some planes that are much older.
Posted by saj80 on 2011-09-30:
I have flown AirTran, and my experience was wonderful. Clean airplane, friendly crew, great service.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-09-30:
It may have been good for you, saj, but that is obviously not the same service that this person had. Every persons experience isn't the same.
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Never again
Posted by Cnonanimo on 08/26/2011
AirTran airways is one of the worst airlines I have ever booked with. On my flight to San Francisco from La Guardia, via Milwaukee, on August 19, 2011, our plane taxied for 3 hrs (max allowed by law) before returning to the gate due to weather conditions in Milwaukee, which after deplaning for 30 min, was ultimately cancelled. In those 3 hours, they couldn’t figure out how to reroute the plane that the storm eventually approached the NY metropolitan area. I proceeded to rebook my flight for the following Tuesday, according to the AirTran agent, the only flight available was from LGA to SFO via Atlanta with a 7-HOUR LAYOVER. In the days between my cancelled Friday flight and my new reservation on Tuesday, I called the airlines daily to find out if I can get an earlier flight Tuesday morning with a shorter connection. The agent I spoke to on Sunday, who was very helpful, said I can attempt to fly standby early Tuesday morning and advised me to be at the airport an hour before the departing flight (LGA to SFO via Milwaukee). I called AirTran again Monday to see if any flights had opened up, and if I could fly standby. This time the agent said NO, all the flights were sold out. He sounded irritated with me, and didn’t even advise me to try to fly standby, nor did he even disclose to me any of the departing flights to SFO—just a flat out NO. He didn’t care and wasn’t interested in helping me in anyway. Well, I followed the advice of the first agent I spoke to on the phone and showed up early at the airport in hopes I could score a standby flight. When I inquired at the front ticketing desk at LGA, the AirTran agent said, “NO, I cannot put you on the standby flight to Milwaukee” (in contrast to what the first agent told me on the phone) because the reservation or connecting flight MUST BE identical; so instead, she puts me on later connecting standby flight to Atlanta. Well, I decided to see another agent, but this time at the gate. He was super helpful and put me on standby for the next flight to SFO, which happened to be the connecting flight to Milwaukee. By this time, I realize how inconsistent AirTran is with customer service and rules regarding flight reservations. And it’s absolutely frustrating. I get on the Milwaukee flight and personally thank the agent that helped me, and when I finally get to Milwaukee, and I think that after this whole ordeal I can finally make it home to San Francisco, our plane again is taxing on the runaway, this time a failure of the weather radar. Of course, the captain says “it takes a few minutes to replace then we’ll be on our way”. 5 minutes later he states, the antenna failed and will take 2 hours to fix. AREN’T AIRLINES SUPPOSED TO DO MAINTENANCE CHECKS BEFORE DEPARTURE??? I finally make it so SFO with no problems afterward. With all said and done, the most pleasant aspect of AirTran is the stewardesses who were consistently friendly on each flight; however, it is not enough to choose AirTran again for my future travels.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2011-08-27:
The problem flying an LCC such as AirTran is when IRROPS (irregular operations) occur you can get stuck for days - esp since aircraft fly >80% full today. Legacy carriers (Delta, American, US Airways, United) have extensive networks and if required, endorse you to a competitor. LGA has a "perimeter rule" which does not allow flights over 1500 miles, thus no non stops to SFO exist. In this case it was false economy to try to save a few dollars when EWR, JFK both offer N/S to SFO on DL, AA, UA.
As far as maintenance checks, things break when they break. You can flip a light switch a 3 times in a day for years and one day, on the 3rd flip it could quit working.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-08-27:
Who else but Bete Noir would know about the perimeter rule?

The three flip rule I AM familiar with. Excellent reply.
Posted by thelmalue on 2011-08-29:
I really don't think your complaint is about Airtran but their customer service. Flights get cancelled, sometimes making a horrible trip, but the airline's staff can make that inconvenience a tad bit better by being friendly and helpful. You should talk with their complaint line and tell them that although you can maybe understand the weather delays (because they cannot control that), the maintenance problems, or the silly perimeter rule; you can't excuse the terrible customer service by some of the staff, and that is ultimately the major factor in your decision to never fly Airtran again.
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Air Tran cancels spring break flight to D.C. for 5th graders
Posted by Tegs on 03/13/2011
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- My daughter was scheduled to go to Washington D. C. for spring break with her 5th grade class. The flight was scheduled to leave at 6:30am. the flight was delayed for over 8 hours and the trip was cancelled for spring break. Flight delays happen, but over 8 hours? They were flying in a new part to repair the grounded plane.

They got it, but continued to have trouble. If your thinking about flying with Air Tran, think again. My vote goes to Southwest.

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Posted by dan gordon on 2011-03-13:
sorry but when you fly SW Airtran or any of these smaller carriers like Jetblue when things go wrong they have no reciprocity with bigger carriers. Its the chance you take for a cheaper fare. When United has an issue they can book you on Delta etc. Its just something to think about
Posted by drugdoc121 on 2011-03-13:
This happened to me before. Flight was delayed leaving Phoenix, while trying to get a part. Flight was subsequently canceled. Caused me to miss my connecting flight to Germany and had to spend almost 24hrs in the airport waiting for the next flight to go out. So what, I would rather wait and fly on an air-worthy plane than take a risk and leave. Especially where my children are concerned, I wouldn't be complaining. FYI- the airline that caused me to miss my connecting flight? Southwest.
Posted by trmn8r on 2011-03-13:
This is one of the risks of flying. I agree with the thinking that flying in a safe plane is a whole lot better than flying in one that has faulty radar, faulty landing gear, faulty engines, faulty flight controls, faulty communications systems, etc etc.
Posted by Ben There on 2011-03-14:
I personally have had delays and cancellations of this nature twice on Delta and once on Continental. I have seen it happen with American while waiting at an airport, but luckily it was not my plane involved. It can and does happen at any airline.

I think the issue is magnified when its a large group of children traveling during a busy time like spring break. Unlike business travelers and adult couples, you really can't split up a group of 5th graders on different flights... you have to wait till there is another plane with enough empty seats for everyone and that might be a couple days.
Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-03-14:
Isn't it better to diagnose and fix a defective airplane part while it is still on the ground?

Being stranded sucks, but so does instantaneous deceleration.

FWIW, I work in DC and now is not a good time to visit anyway; it is still cold/wet and not very pleasant. The only good thing is that the crowds are low this time of year.
Posted by Anonymous on 2011-03-14:
Stuff happens. I mean I agree with MD. Would you rather them fly a defective plane and take the chance of crashing and killing you and everyone on board, or try to fix the plane and be inconvenienced for a few hours?
Posted by saj80 on 2011-03-14:
You do know that Southwest has purchased AirTran, correct? Also, I flew AirTran a few weeks ago, and it was one of the best flying experiences I have ever had. Not sure what changes will occur when Southwest officially takes over, but I would use AirTran again, without any concerns.
Posted by ticia232 on 2011-03-15:
I was delayed in Germany when coming home for Christmas, (my husband was station there), for over 8 hours and my flight was not canceled.

But wait you said that the "trip" was canceled. Did the school cancel it? I believe it was that some children got upset at waiting and their parents picked them up. Because there is no way that the airline canceled the entire trip.
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Return flight issues
Posted by Barbie Lou on 12/24/2010
My spouse and I recently flew round trip from Atlanta to Cancun on Air Tran Airways. The flight to Cancun was uneventful. The return flight was a joke. I have flown both charter, as well as commercial flights for over 30 years, and find this particular service deplorable. The first problem arose when Air Tran in Cancun declared our checked bag was over the limit by 1 1/2 pounds. We chose to redistribute the weight to or carry on bags, right there at the check-in counter. As we discovered while waiting in the terminal for the flight, the majority of ticket holders had the same issue. Coincidence? After sitting at the departure gate for nearly 45 minutes, we were informed there was a gate change. Everyone had to relocate to another gate. After that move, I thought I heard the Air Tran check in person mention my name to someone on the telephone. I approached the desk and asked her if there was an issue. She confirmed the seats we had been assigned were going to have to be used by the flight attendants, as the jump seats were broken. We were assigned one seat in business class, and one seat in economy. Therefore, my spouse and I were not able to sit together on the fight home. We had no choice because the flight was full. We waited 30 minutes to be re-ticketed. Not a big deal until we walked on to the plane and the business class flight attendant had the gall to tell me "we have been waiting for you". I took the business class seat, and my husband took the economy seat. We were only 4 rows from each other, but not one of the Air Tran flight attendants even made an attempt to even offer my husband a cocktail or "business class" snack for the inconvenience. Because we had boarded last, my husband was forced to stow his carry on in one of the rear overheads, even though he was sitting in the 2nd row from the front. About an hour before landing he retrieved his carry on and placed it in the overhead above my business class seat, so that we would not e separated while deplaning. The business class flight attendant told him he was not a business class customer, and did not belong in the buisness class section. He ignored her, and went back to his seat. My husband is a Vietnam Vet, and did say, on his way back to his seat, "if we had her in the Nam we would have won". I believe her behavior was unacceptable, and she should be reprimanded. I can honestly say, I would not fly Air Tran again, however, I won't have to worry about it for long since Southwest, which is a far superior airline has bought them out. The flight was Air Tran 45 out of Cancun to Atlanta at 12:00 noon.
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Posted by Ben There on 2010-12-24:
If flight attendants allowed everyone from coach to put there bags in first class, there would be no room for first class passengers. Did you pay in advance for seat assignments?
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-12-24:
Business class is business class. You husband did not fly business class, so he is entitled to absolutely none of the benefits that come with it.

IMO, your husband is the one who acted inappropriately, ignoring a flight attendant and making that totally uncalled for comment. The flight attendant seems to have done her job, and I don't see anything she said or did that merits discipline.

As far as weight of bags, this is something you can check ahead of time yourself, so that you don't hold up the line swapping your goods back and forth. Did the "majority" of passengers really arrive with overweight bags, that they had to stop and repack?
Posted by Nohandle on 2010-12-24:
I understand your seating was changed. Had you already paid for business class? I've stated before I've flown everything from first class to hanging onto a wing. I recall when cabin passengers were not even allowed to use the restroom in first class, much less put baggage up there. I also received no assistance from a flight attendant when I had a cast on my leg and had been put in cabin due to changed flights.
Posted by dan gordon on 2010-12-24:
when someone gets bumped to a higher class of service iregardless of how they got there they are flying on that class of service. The airline changed their seats. When I've been upgraded to first class I'd be very upset to be told I don't 'belong' there or I'm not entitled to anything above coach service. I'd be writing letters as we speak.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-12-25:
dan, I think the wife was the one sitting in the front cabin, and the husband was in coach. If the flight attendant was unaware that the husband was traveling with the OP, she had every right to send him packing to coach. An easy solution would have been to say "I was just moving my wife's bag, who is sitting here is 2A..."
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A Labyrinth of Rudeness
Posted by FrustratedLady on 11/27/2010
I have always had good experiences with AirTran in the past (or so I thought); Maybe I wan deluded by the ridiculously low fare from Dayton, OH to Baltimore, MD. Well, it's low for a reason. One instance of particular dissatisfaction stands-out to me.

Several weeks ago I took my usual route from Dayton to BWI to the Capital to attend Jon Stewart's Rally. I was very excited and had a great time, but when I got to the airport, the check-in attendant leisurely took my information and started chatting with a co-worker even though I knew my flight wan close to boarding. When she handed me my boarding pass, all the information (Gate #, Seat #) had question marks where the information should have been, and in response to my desperate look she said, "Oh, just talk to the gate attendant.. person... thing." WHAT?

I make my way through security to find no one at the gate desk, though there in an AirTran worker taking boarding passes for the adjacent flight. I tried to get his attention several times and he ignored me completely, finally saying "I'm busy, ma'am." and going back to taking the boarding passes. I persisted, though, telling him I needed to be on the flight at the adjacent gate and he didn't even look me in the eye but said, "The doors are closed." WOW! Really helpful! Not.

When I finally did find a functioning AirTran desk, the FOUR (4) workers there were all chatting with one another and when I came to the front of the line, the girl said, "Um, I didn't say I was ready for you." At this point I wan so frustrated I thought I wan going to cry. You know those angry tears? Yeah. But I explained my situation anyway and she said I could either be put on stand-by for a flight that she knew was over-booked or I could buy a ticket for the next day and pay an exorbitant flight change fee. No empathy, no questions.
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Posted by Ben There on 2010-11-27:
The person who said "Um, I didn't say I was ready for you" sounds very rude, but it does not sound like the rest of the people were overly horrible.
Posted by olie on 2010-11-27:
It sounds to me like you got to the airport a little too close to flight time.
Posted by trmn8r on 2010-11-28:
How long before the flight was to depart did you arrive at the airport? The ??? may indicate you were there are the last minute - I think I had that happen to me years ago.

If the door was closed and the gate desk was empty, you definitely got there too late (don't mean to point out the obvious).

I wouldn't call this a labyrinth of rudeness. The last person you dealt with after you missed the flight could have been nicer, but what else could she do?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-28:
I do not think they were overly helpful but it looks like you cut it a little too close that time. The gentleman who said he was "busy" - did you really expect him to STOP collecting boarding passes for all of those other passengers? The check-in attendant should have saved you all of that hassle and called back to see if there was any possibility of your making that flight.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-11-28:
yep sounds like youre just mad you missed your flight. He said the doors were closed, which means to me, that the plane is already leaving the gate, which in essence means, you were too late.
Posted by Lifemates on 2010-11-28:
They can't pull the plane back for one person.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-11-28:
I would be upset if a gate agent stopped the boarding process for my flight to assist someone who arrived to late for another flight. 100+ people should not be penalized with a delay for 1 person who was too late.
Posted by yoke on 2010-11-28:
Where you late for your flight? If nobody was at the gate then I would think you missed the flight.
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