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Avoid This Airlines No Matter How Low Their Fare Is
Posted by on
ATLANTA, GEORGIA -- I would like to warn anyone planning to fly on Air Trans hopefully before you are stranded and left to find another airlines to take you home. This airlines will cancel flights because of "weather" and leave dozens of people stranded because of their incompetence. I heard numerous stories of stranding and cancellations while waiting in the customer service line in hopes of finding a way from Atlanta to SF. Our flight was 2 hours late leaving from FL. We were told this was due to bad weather. I noticed that other airlines were flying into Atlanta on time but assumed that the weather story was correct. We had 2 1/2 hours to wait for a connecting flight on to SF. Our captain new this but did not try to hold our flight like United, Southwest, and American have done for us in the past. We arrived at the gate just in time to have the door shut in our face. The plane did not take off for 15 minutes after shutting the doors. However the plane did leave on time from the same airport that was supposed to have the "weather" delays. I tried to find an Air Trans employee to see if there was a way to find our luggage and I was sent on to a very long line of extremely distraught customers. It turns out that somehow our luggage was able to get onto our connecting flight but the passengers were not. The customer service people are numb zombies. They are absolutely unconcerned that dozens of people have been stranded by their airlines. They told me it would be 4 days before we would be able to fly out of Atlanta on Air Trans.

I told them that I needed to be back in SF the next day so they offered me 1/2 of our ticket price returned. We did not have any clothes or supplies because they sent our luggage on to SF. I booked this flight several months in advance and through cheap tickets so I had a "low fare". 1/2 of the ticket price is ridiculous and so is a 4 day wait for another flight. We didn't fly 1/2 way and the leg we did take was pitiful. I was offered a flight to Denver which we took in order to get somewhere closer and hopefully get better customer service. We were treated the same way in CO and found out that Air Trans doesn't even fly out of Denver to SF so we were supposed to fly on the partner airlines Frontier. The rate for this was 388.00 each with no compensation given from Airtrans.

We ended up sleeping in the airport and flying out on Southwest for 260.00 each. After returning home I called to get 1/2 my ticket refunded and found that they decided that I had received my flights and was not eligible for any compensation. This is an annoying story but our situation was better than most. We were able to get home, however we are out 530.00. I would pay anything to stay off this airline and avoid being subjected to such horrible and thoughtless people.
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dan gordon on 01/06/2009:
if this had been a major carrier they should have rebooked you even if on another carrier. Unfortunately some like SW don't reciprocate with other airlines. Most of the bigger ones will match the fare of the no name ones. While it won't help you on this fiasco its good to remember the next time you want to go somewhere.
Anonymous on 01/06/2009:
Dan brings up a good point. Flying a LCC (Southwest, AirTran, Jetblue, Westjet for the Canucks) is great but if you think they'll put you on another carrier to get you on your way you are sadly mistaken. It makes sense to fly legacy/major carriers. Legacies allow you to collect air miles redeemable on all the carriers in the alliance rather than just the LCC.
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Stuck on plane total 5 hours in a DC snowstorm
Posted by on
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- I am writing to complain about Flight 716 on January 17th, 2008, nonstop from Dulles to Orlando leaving at 11:32am. My son, my fiancee, and I were on that flight. It is by far the worst flight I have ever taken in my life.It was my fiancee's first time on a plane, and needless to say he couldn't believe how bad his first flight turned out to be. It started to snow heavily at 9:00am in the Washington area and the flight was supposed to leave at 11:32am. Some airlines were already delaying flights. But not Airtran. The plane got to the terminal late, at 11:48am. Obviously the weather was a problem. Yet for some strange reason, Airtran decided to board the plane, and have us sit in the plane for three hours and ten minutes. Why make the foolish decision to board the plane in the middle of a snowstorm if you were not 100% sure that you could take off? The air circulation on the plane was awful. There was no fresh air circulating because the plane shut down, and it was disgusting. He tried to turn the plane back on once or twice more, for a few minutes each time, but it was so disgusting, and cramped and nasty in there, you felt like you were going to go crazy.

My fiancee, my son and I were sitting in a cramped plane with knee pains and back pains along with other frustrated, starving, confused passengers wondering why were we sitting on a plane that was not taking off! People took turns walking up and down the aisles smacking into each other just to stretch out their bodies. To make matters worse, the pilot decided to insult our intelligence by getting on the PA system every 20 minutes with BS excuses as to why we could not take off, which included, the weather, the plane had to be de-iced, the tower is not letting us go, the runaway needs to be cleaned, the plane needed to be 'pulled' off the runaway but some machine.....excuse after excuse after excuse.

He knew damn well we could not take off, so why was it necessary to keep us on a plane for three hours and ten minutes? We were not offered water/juices or appropriate snacks nor food vouchers. Somebody asked about getting off the plane, but the stewardess said we'd miss our flight if we got off the plane-turning us into fearful prisoners. We were only given soda which is absolutely unconscionable, and after three hours and ten minutes, we were told we could go back to the gate to go eat something and were told to come back in twenty minutes.

Why twenty minutes? Because after twenty minutes they foolishly boarded the plane again, and had us sit on the damn plane again for one hour and a half with more excuses how the plane had to be de-iced AGAIN, how there was now a maintenance issue (with no clarification offered) that needed to be resolved, the plane needed to be refueled, how the tower had still not told us we could leave. All he kept saying was 'we are ready to leave but this, we are ready to leave but that'. Total crap. WE WERE NOT READY TO LEAVE! By now, were were beginning to think there was something wrong with the plane and that you they used the weather as an excuse, considering the fact that in the total five hours were were sitting on the plane there was no fresh circulating air and other planes around us were taking off, but not us! We finally took off an additional confinement of an hour and a half later after the most horrendous experience with an airline that we have ever experienced. Why did they keep us on the plane so long instead of allowing us to just wait at the gate? Why didn't they offer us food vouchers if they found it absolutely necessary to keep us on the plane that long? Why didn't they offer us travel on a later flight? I believe they owe every passenger on that plane a written apology and compensation for the unconscionable and unethical way they treated us. The weather is no excuse for keeping people on a plane for 5 hours! We arrived at Florida practically running out of that plane, completely miserable, major body aches, starving, stressed-this is how we began our vacation. We would have been ten times better off if they had just used some brain cells and never allowed us to board, and just let us stay at the gate/terminal with access to clean bathrooms and food and comfortable chairs, and television/news access until they were 100% sure they could take off, or offered us travel on a later flight. Why would they board a plane and make people sit on the plane for a total of 5 hours in a snowstorm if they know the weather is not suitable for flying and if they had a clue that they would be delayed that long? I for one, cannot imagine flying with them again. Beware!
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MRM on 02/04/2008:
There was law that was just recently passed that airlines must provide food and water if they are on the tarmac for more than 1 hour.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 02/04/2008:
They've passed a few "passenger bill of rights" at the state level but nothing at the federal level yet. I believe New York has passed a law that applies only to delays in that state. Federal regulations are under consideration in the House and Senate.
Tc1073 on 02/04/2008:
Were other flights taking off while you were sitting on the tarmac? It may have very well been an FAA or airport decision not to let the plane take off and not the airline. While I see your point the airline doesn't control the weather. I know it would have been better in the airport instead of the plane, but maybe it was for the best you arrived alive and that's the most important thing.
StraightShooter on 02/04/2008:
I was in a similar situation once for about 1 1/2 hours once. They were waiting for a part to be delivered and installed. For 90 minutes I got to sit on the tarmac thinking is this a key part? The right part? Maybe they'd like to test fly this puppy first? Yea, waiting stinks.
CrazyRedHead on 02/05/2008:
Sounds like someone just needs to drive from now on, or maybe just walk.
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The Flight attendants made me feel like I was an inconvenience to them
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- Let me just say that I am a very frequent flier for Airtran, as well as my two young children. 2 years old and 9 months as a matter of fact. Every single time, and I mean EVERY time I board a flight with my two children I am greeted with sighs and pushiness from the Flight Attendants! I am always treated like I am such an imposition to them and was even asked to turn down my childs leappad2 and told to make him use headphones because it was disrupting her and her friend (another flight attendant) who chose to sit directly behind me when the two rows ahead and behind me were empty. The plane is loud enough where no one else could hear it let alone even my child. I understand that it is frustrating to deal with children all day long. Believe me, I know. But it is your job to be kind and patient. I was disgusted.
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bob932304 on 10/25/2012:
I hate being in a confined space, like an airliner, and have someone watching a video with the volume on their headphones turned up so loud I can hear it. Playing anything that makes sounds without using headphones is an annoyance to many people. I guess call me a Grinch.
trmn8r on 10/26/2012:
If the headphones were loud enough to be heard in a noisy airplane, they may have been louder than necessary and annoying to others nearby. There really shouldn't be a reason for anyone in a row in front or in back to have to listen to that. I don't believe it has to do with the fact that they are children - headphone noise is headphone noise.
Anna Molly on 10/26/2012:
OP said "was even asked to turn down my childs leappad2 and told to make him use headphones because it was disrupting her and her friend"

So, the child wasn't originally using headphones, at all, when the flight attendants "told" the mother to have her child use them.

DebtorBasher on 10/26/2012:
*Waving To Anna Molly*
Katie on 10/26/2012:
Just because your child is playing on a leappad 2, doesn't mean everyone needs to hear the child playing on it. Think back to when you were a single childless woman on a plane. Maybe you are trying to relax, nap, whatever then all of sudden you hear a screeech of a baby and a childrens song blaring. Is that not annoying? On a side note, why the hell would you not expect signs and glares when you are on a plane with a 2 year old and a 9 month old?
Anna Molly on 10/26/2012:
Hiya DB!
onlooker on 10/26/2012:
It is NOT their job to be kind and patient and friendly - they are there to make sure that all passengers are taken care of, safe and not disturbing other passengers.
Teach your 2 year old to use headphones, and the noise issue may go away. pretty soon he will be able to do it on his own.
You are right flying with young children you do get the extra arched eyebrow, the groan and the rolled seems like you do your best to limit problems, and that is commendable. I do hope your next flights go well and you do not get the same feeling of pressure.
Anonymous on 10/26/2012:
When you're going to be using an electronic device around other people, the polite thing to do is to wear headphones. Put yourself in the other person's shoes. Would you want to hear someone else's game or music?
Ben There on 10/27/2012:
Maybe the flight attendant asked you to have your kid start using headphones at the request of other passengers. I know I have been on several flights with kids playing games or watching movies without headsets and several other passengers got upset and spoke with the crew.
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Double charged
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I had booked a flight from Charlotte North Carolina to Columbus Ohio witch a lay over in Atlanta. When I arrived at the airport to check in at the Airtran counter, I was asked by if I would like to upgrade to Business class for $49.00, I said no thank you until she told me my bag fee was going to be ($49.00)I then accepted the upgrade to business class for the $49.00. I gave my credit card and I was then given a receipt for the $49.00. Well when the wife was balancing the checkbook and Airtran had charged me $49.00 (2 separate charges). I called Airtran and I was told that it was for the connecting flight. I was never informed that the upgrade was for each flight and they will not refund my money. The only reason I accepted the upgrade was because of the overweight bag fee ($49.00) and she told me if I upgraded for the $49.00 that business class bag was free. So if they are telling me the additional $49.00 upgrade was for the lay over flight, would they or do they charge the bag fee for the same layover?
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Totally Missed my flight & AirTran put me on next flight no fees
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I booked two separate flights for my husband and myself. I was leaving to fly from Orlando to Pittsburgh on 11/18 and he was leaving the day before Thanksgiving. I must have looked at his itinerary the day before I left and thought I was departing at 11:30 A.M. Well, I got up really early and went to do some stuff with my husband before he dropped me off. Got to the airport about 9:15 A.M. and the baggage handler informed me that I missed my flight which left at 9:15 A.M. I panicked but he quickly went inside to the AirTran desk and came back out and told me they were going to put me on the 11:30 A.M. flight and "NO CHARGE". The outcome would have been different if it was the day before Thanksgiving flight. Never have done that in all the times I have been flying!!!

Thank you AirTran. I also owe a the baggage handler for his great attitude and willingness to help the customer!!
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Anonymous on 11/30/2011:
Wow that's great customer service. Most airlines would have made you pay at least a change fee. I hope you got the agent's name and let their supervisor know how great they are.
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Our Airtran return flight was cancelled and noon told us!
Posted by on
PORTLAND, MAINE -- In August, 2011 I booked round trip business class travel for our 20th anniversary. We were scheduled to travel in December, 2011. I was recently on the Airtran site looking at options of departing a day earlier and when I put in the return date we were booked for I kept gettin a message that said "There are no flights available for that day, they may be full, or unavailable."
I assumed they must be full, so when I called Air Tran to change our departure to a day earlier I happened to mention it to the agent and asked if the flight was full? She asked me to hold the line, when she came back she informed me that due to a schedule change ( for which I had not received any info from AirTran) my connecting flight out of Baltimore was going to leave before my flight from MBJ arrived.
There is only one Air Tran Flight a day, so now anyone traveling from Montego Bay to connect in either Baltimore or Atlanta has no way to get home? Is this legal? I was offered no alternative from Air Tran, only that I could cancel and lucky for me my business class tickets were refundable. I contacted their customer service department via email and was offered a $50 travel voucher towards future travel on Air Tran to "restore my confidence in them." Really?!
I am now forced to rebook on another carrier and my departure date is now less than 30 days away. Availability is limited and fare prices are sky high and I have no option but to book them.
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User Replies:
azspots on 11/15/2011:
THEY changed the schedule. THEY need to find you alternate transportation. It isn't like weather where they won't do anything, this is their doing. Demand they reassign your ticket to another airline.
trmn8r on 11/15/2011:
I don't think Airtran has any responsibility here in finding you an alternative, or for your inconvenience.

Look at page 15 of the CoC:

This is what air travel has come to, unfortunately. Limited flights and cancellations.
Ryan84 on 11/16/2011:
A lot of airlines change schedules without notifying the passengers. I am flying on Dec 4th on Jetblue and I booked a flight that leaves at 8:15am. I checked my itinerary 2 months ago and that flight now leaves at 7:10am. I never got an e-mail and still have not even though I left it on file. Luckily I am not the type of person who arrives at the airport 45 minutes before my flight, so I still would have made it, but I wonder how many people won't make the flight?
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Return flight issues
Posted by on
My spouse and I recently flew round trip from Atlanta to Cancun on Air Tran Airways. The flight to Cancun was uneventful. The return flight was a joke. I have flown both charter, as well as commercial flights for over 30 years, and find this particular service deplorable. The first problem arose when Air Tran in Cancun declared our checked bag was over the limit by 1 1/2 pounds. We chose to redistribute the weight to or carry on bags, right there at the check-in counter. As we discovered while waiting in the terminal for the flight, the majority of ticket holders had the same issue. Coincidence? After sitting at the departure gate for nearly 45 minutes, we were informed there was a gate change. Everyone had to relocate to another gate. After that move, I thought I heard the Air Tran check in person mention my name to someone on the telephone. I approached the desk and asked her if there was an issue. She confirmed the seats we had been assigned were going to have to be used by the flight attendants, as the jump seats were broken. We were assigned one seat in business class, and one seat in economy. Therefore, my spouse and I were not able to sit together on the fight home. We had no choice because the flight was full. We waited 30 minutes to be re-ticketed. Not a big deal until we walked on to the plane and the business class flight attendant had the gall to tell me "we have been waiting for you". I took the business class seat, and my husband took the economy seat. We were only 4 rows from each other, but not one of the Air Tran flight attendants even made an attempt to even offer my husband a cocktail or "business class" snack for the inconvenience. Because we had boarded last, my husband was forced to stow his carry on in one of the rear overheads, even though he was sitting in the 2nd row from the front. About an hour before landing he retrieved his carry on and placed it in the overhead above my business class seat, so that we would not e separated while deplaning. The business class flight attendant told him he was not a business class customer, and did not belong in the business class section. He ignored her, and went back to his seat. My husband is a Vietnam Vet, and did say, on his way back to his seat, "if we had her in the Nam we would have won". I believe her behavior was unacceptable, and she should be reprimanded. I can honestly say, I would not fly Air Tran again, however, I won't have to worry about it for long since Southwest, which is a far superior airline has bought them out. The flight was Air Tran 45 out of Cancun to Atlanta at 12:00 noon.
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User Replies:
Ben There on 12/24/2010:
If flight attendants allowed everyone from coach to put there bags in first class, there would be no room for first class passengers. Did you pay in advance for seat assignments?
trmn8r on 12/24/2010:
Business class is business class. You husband did not fly business class, so he is entitled to absolutely none of the benefits that come with it.

IMO, your husband is the one who acted inappropriately, ignoring a flight attendant and making that totally uncalled for comment. The flight attendant seems to have done her job, and I don't see anything she said or did that merits discipline.

As far as weight of bags, this is something you can check ahead of time yourself, so that you don't hold up the line swapping your goods back and forth. Did the "majority" of passengers really arrive with overweight bags, that they had to stop and repack?
Nohandle on 12/24/2010:
I understand your seating was changed. Had you already paid for business class? I've stated before I've flown everything from first class to hanging onto a wing. I recall when cabin passengers were not even allowed to use the restroom in first class, much less put baggage up there. I also received no assistance from a flight attendant when I had a cast on my leg and had been put in cabin due to changed flights.
dan gordon on 12/24/2010:
when someone gets bumped to a higher class of service iregardless of how they got there they are flying on that class of service. The airline changed their seats. When I've been upgraded to first class I'd be very upset to be told I don't 'belong' there or I'm not entitled to anything above coach service. I'd be writing letters as we speak.
Ben There on 12/25/2010:
dan, I think the wife was the one sitting in the front cabin, and the husband was in coach. If the flight attendant was unaware that the husband was traveling with the OP, she had every right to send him packing to coach. An easy solution would have been to say "I was just moving my wife's bag, who is sitting here is 2A..."
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A Labyrinth of Rudeness
Posted by on
I have always had good experiences with AirTran in the past (or so I thought); Maybe I wan deluded by the ridiculously low fare from Dayton, OH to Baltimore, MD. Well, it's low for a reason. One instance of particular dissatisfaction stands-out to me.

Several weeks ago I took my usual route from Dayton to BWI to the Capital to attend Jon Stewart's Rally. I was very excited and had a great time, but when I got to the airport, the check-in attendant leisurely took my information and started chatting with a co-worker even though I knew my flight wan close to boarding. When she handed me my boarding pass, all the information (Gate #, Seat #) had question marks where the information should have been, and in response to my desperate look she said, "Oh, just talk to the gate attendant.. person... thing." WHAT?

I make my way through security to find no one at the gate desk, though there in an AirTran worker taking boarding passes for the adjacent flight. I tried to get his attention several times and he ignored me completely, finally saying "I'm busy, ma'am." and going back to taking the boarding passes. I persisted, though, telling him I needed to be on the flight at the adjacent gate and he didn't even look me in the eye but said, "The doors are closed." WOW! Really helpful! Not.

When I finally did find a functioning AirTran desk, the FOUR (4) workers there were all chatting with one another and when I came to the front of the line, the girl said, "Um, I didn't say I was ready for you." At this point I wan so frustrated I thought I wan going to cry. You know those angry tears? Yeah. But I explained my situation anyway and she said I could either be put on stand-by for a flight that she knew was over-booked or I could buy a ticket for the next day and pay an exorbitant flight change fee. No empathy, no questions.
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User Replies:
Ben There on 11/27/2010:
The person who said "Um, I didn't say I was ready for you" sounds very rude, but it does not sound like the rest of the people were overly horrible.
olie on 11/27/2010:
It sounds to me like you got to the airport a little too close to flight time.
trmn8r on 11/28/2010:
How long before the flight was to depart did you arrive at the airport? The ??? may indicate you were there are the last minute - I think I had that happen to me years ago.

If the door was closed and the gate desk was empty, you definitely got there too late (don't mean to point out the obvious).

I wouldn't call this a labyrinth of rudeness. The last person you dealt with after you missed the flight could have been nicer, but what else could she do?
Anonymous on 11/28/2010:
I do not think they were overly helpful but it looks like you cut it a little too close that time. The gentleman who said he was "busy" - did you really expect him to STOP collecting boarding passes for all of those other passengers? The check-in attendant should have saved you all of that hassle and called back to see if there was any possibility of your making that flight.
Anonymous on 11/28/2010:
yep sounds like youre just mad you missed your flight. He said the doors were closed, which means to me, that the plane is already leaving the gate, which in essence means, you were too late.
Lifemates on 11/28/2010:
They can't pull the plane back for one person.
Ben There on 11/28/2010:
I would be upset if a gate agent stopped the boarding process for my flight to assist someone who arrived to late for another flight. 100+ people should not be penalized with a delay for 1 person who was too late.
yoke on 11/28/2010:
Where you late for your flight? If nobody was at the gate then I would think you missed the flight.
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Customer Service Horrible
Posted by on
I am experiencing so much frustration with Air Tran Airways. I booked a flight online and inadvertently selected the wrong time from the drop down menu without realizing it. I called in to the agent immediately and she said it would be $15 to change it over the phone, but I should go online to make the change. I went through all of the steps she told me, but the change somehow did not take effect. Two days later I realized that the update didn't take effect and called in to another agent. After being on hold for 30 minutes before anyone answered, I was told that she could waive one of the fees for $75 but not the other. I am traveling with a 3 year old. How would I be on a flight without my child? I just want to state that I fly SouthWest airlines frequently and have been in a similar bind where I input the wrong passenger name online and didn't realize it until the day of departure. Southwest has a fee to change flights information but the agent realized that this was "an honest mistake" and waived my change fee. The agents I spoke to today with AirTran gave me resolutions like, "you can pay one $75 change fee" "you can fly stand-by" or "you can pay $49" to change the flight on the day of travel. These are not viable options for me as I am traveling with a 3 year old and need to arrive back to my destination at a certain time because my transportation has a small window from when they can pick us up at the airport. Please understand that this is the first time in many years that I have gone with an airline besides Southwest and I regret it with my whole heart. The experience with AirTran so far has been horrible and I am so disappointed in the customer service I've received so far. I have to fly to Charlotte on Feb 26 but I will not be choosing AirTran as my travel provider for this flight or ever again. Horrible service. It is so sad to feel like you are being nickel and dimed as a consumer during a recession.
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User Replies:
Ben There on 02/08/2010:
Southwest Airlines does not charge fees for these types of changes, but most other airlines do. Its unfortunate that you did not notice that the online change did not take effect. It sounds like the process was stopped before you completed it.
Anonymous on 02/08/2010:
For $15 dollars I would have simply had the problem solved - you aren't being "nickel and dimed" it was to correct your mistake. Flying out of Charlotte I'm not sure why you wouldn't chose US Airways as they fly most cities direct. Southwest does not serve CLT.
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Bait and Switch
Posted by on
AirTran Airways posts non-stop flights you can book months in advance and then two or so months before you are scheduled to travel you receive an e-mail that your flights have changed and guess what...instead of that 3 hour non-stop roundtrip between Boston and Ft. Myers you are stuck with an 6-8 hour travel through Atlanta or another city. This has happened to me for the third time and I have checked with others who fly this popular route and they report the same kind of experience. AirTran nduring the Florida "season" has one non-stop in each direction. The last time this happened (for a January r/t) it was exl[pained to me that my flight back was cancelled because the filght was not a full flight and in the future I was told to avoid Tues and Wed travel since these got cancelled the most. At the time I spoke to customer service I was looking to book future flights in May for me r/t to Ft Myers and for two other family members one way back to Boston. This was in early December. I specifically asked if the non-stop flights I was looking at on the we site would indeed be flying in May and was told absolutely. I booked my r/t and the other two one ways back to Boston and today 2/8/2010 I received e-mail notices for my r/t and the other two one ways that all flights have been changed. There are apparently no non-stop flights on AirTran between Boston and Ft. Myers in May. Had I known this in December I could have booked on either Jet Blue or Delta, and while the cost was more than AirTran at the time, it was still a decent price. Now the fares for the Jet Blue and Delta non-stops are extremely expensive. I have got to believe I am not the first to complain about AirTran's deceptive bait and switch practices. Something needs to be done to put a halt to doing business this way. I might add for what is it worth I am an A+ Rewards member but I will no longer support Air Tran with my travel dollars.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 02/08/2010:
Um, this is called a schedule change. It is not bait and switch
Anonymous on 02/08/2010:
A bait and switch is a form of fraud in which the party putting forth the fraud lures in customers by advertising a product or service at an unprofitably low price, then reveals to potential customers that the advertised good is not available but that a substitute is.
yoke on 02/08/2010:
I can see the OP's frustration. A lot of times you pay extra for a nonstop and then when they change it you not only get the layovers that you paid extra not to have, but you do not get a refund in the difference.
ndrulez on 02/08/2010:
OP story hard to follow but, unless there is a disclaimer up front from the airliner, it sounds like a form of bait/switch to me. If you secure a non-stop ticket, pay for it and then they switch you to a way lesser valued layover flight instead that's a problem. But maybe that's how they imsure the low prices by combining less than full flights...
Ben There on 02/08/2010:
Airlines discontinue unprofitable routes... This is a disadvantage of bookings months in advance. Low cost airlines seem to pull out of markets quicker than legacy carriers... That said, AirTran has been turning a profit while lots of airlines have not so maybe we will see more of this.

This is not the same thing as an airline that cancels a flight at the last minute because it is not full.
yoke on 02/09/2010:
Yes airlines have a right to cancel routes, but if the route they are cancelling was a direct route and passengers bought the ticket for that reason then the airline should have to reimburse the difference otherwise it is a bait and switch. They got the passenger by promising them a nonstop if they pay extra for it. The passenger agree's, then after getting the extra money the airline cancels the flight and tells the passenger you now have a long layover and there is nothing you can do about it.
Ben There on 02/09/2010:
Nonstop flights often have the same fares as connecting flights. The price difference will come if the airline has more seats on the connecting flight which makes it cheaper (supply and demand).

It is impossible to prove what the fare difference was back on the day of purchase.
Anke Exposed on 02/11/2010:
Anke Schlingemann - Food for Thought When Crossing Paths

Next time, take ownership and make amends for your poor social practices, Anke, and people will not feel the need to walk out on you and later blog their experiences about you on the Web.

And by the way, if you really are partly psycho like some have suggested, then get some professional help rather than live in denial of your problems. Just because your mother's brother may have abused you does not mean that you have to be abusive to others.

Thank you all out there for your attention and comments on the merits previously addressed about Anke Schlingemann.

Special thanks to Tim Berners Lee, Bill Gates, the U.S.Military and all the other numerous brilliant and talented minds out there for making these shared experiences possible.

Keep the faith and be clean!
Anonymous on 02/11/2010:
Anke Exposed, wtf are you talking about?
Fighting Dreamer on 06/14/2010:
If this had happened to me three times, I'd consider it bait and switch. The bait would be the promise of a non-stop flight and the switch would be the schedule change. So, yet littleyaya, the SWITCH would be the schedule change.

Airlines obviously can make schedule changes because they might lost a lot of money if they don't, but for it to happen three times to one person makes promises of non-stop flights sound fishy from Airtran. You can call it shrewd business but I doubt they're going to win over customers and fill their planes up by doing it too much so it's a double edged sword.
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