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Stay Away from AKC Pet Healthcare Plan
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I have had multiple pet policies with the AKC for my 4 dogs for YEARS. This insurance is only good for the SMALL STUFF! When you truly need it, they will claim some NONSENSE and deny the claim or give you some line of garbage. I had 3 separate hospitalization for my poor pup as well as diagnostic. I believed I had $13, 000 in coverage. The AKC took the 3 separate hospitalization and lumped it together as one illness - which were UNRELATED - and didn't pay as the policy indicated they would.

Unfortunately, I needed the insurance and the AKC did NOT PAY as they claim when they sold the policy. Clearly on the one EOB they CLEARLY indicate one ailment and on the second they indicate another in Denied it along with an MRI of the brain which indicated a lesion UNRELATED to nephritis or pneumonia. I STRONGLY suggest if you are purchasing pet insurance, and think you have a piece of mind knowing you have your beloved pet covered, THEY ARE NOT based on my experience with the AKC Pet Healthcare Plan under WELLNESS which is one of most comprehensive plans.

I am taking the matter to the IL Dept of Insurance - Public Service Section. I ask you... do you want to deal with the AKC; and the added loss of your beloved pet and UNPAID Claims of over $8, 000. You are best checking out an insurance company that pays an annual maximum WITHOUT a per incident restriction - unlike - the AKC. For myself, there were 3 separate hospitalizations that the AKC is considering ONE INCIDENT and DENYING diagnostics as well and lumping UNRELATED medical conditions as the same.

In the end I will see what the IL Dept of Insurance states, but BEWARE -- do you want to deal with this? Unexpected expenses when you are paying a high premium for YEARS and the loss of your beloved pet and these idiots?!

Don't let the AKC name fool you when you are buying insurance
By -

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- I purchased this insurance for our puppy. The Wellness Plus Plan inclusive of spay and neuter. With the name AKC being associated with it, I thought how could I go wrong? I went way off the beaten path by patronizing the AKC Pet Partners Insurance and falling for the AKC backing! Chloe needed a simple diagnostic test - under $100.00 for giarda. I had satisfied my deductible - the AKC denied the claim. I have other policies with them; it seems to be the AKC way. They even denied euthanasia for my Sweet Boy after hospitalization and being told it was medically necessary. Who needs insurance like this?

Clearly based on my experiences with the AKC - you have absolutely NOTHING if you have them as your insurance provider. I would NEVER recommend them to anyone and have since taken my insurance needs elsewhere and am so HAPPY that I did. The new provider does not have the AKC gimmicks and loop holes - even pay claims and have true animal lovers helping you and answering your questions.

I repeatedly received deplorable customer service from the AKC experienced tons of disorganization with lost claims and faxes. AKC claimed to have never been received - yet I have the proof they were. Please check out other options or self fund - you would be wiser to do that then get involved with this insurance based on my experiences.

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