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Posted by on 02/25/2002
I recently rented a car in Hawaii via priceline. The car had a hole (looked like a bullet) in the side-front, and had a huge cigarette burn in the seat. Moreover, it was very dirty. Most of all however, the lock on the drivers side would not work-- (we found this out during our rental); unfortunately on a mustang convertible this was the only lock as there is no passenger side lock. It took considerable time to open the lock, and we were not able to lock the door the rest of our trip.

When we turned the car in the manager said that he would send us a coupon good for 2 free days at any alamo location for a similar car. It has been over a month and a half and we have received nothing.

I also recently sent a note with this information to your customer service organization and received no response.

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

A) I would like the 2 free day coupon promised to me, and
B) I would like a letter of apology.

Not only did I have a horrible experience in renting the car, I now have had a less than superb experience in dealing with this situation.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident. Thank you for your time.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2002-05-04:
This issue was finally resolved in April; however, although corporate Alamo turned out to be helpful, I would be wary of using the Hawaii Alamo in the future.
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We were forced to buy CDW/LDW
Posted by Fulicia on 04/05/2011
We had a bad experience with Alamo car rental in Orlando airport, FL. We were forced to purchase CDW/LDW insurance, although we had rental car coverage under our own vehicle policy. The customer service woman basically said if something happened to the rental car, we would be charged for rental income loss for as long as the car was in body shop for repair. That could be several months! We were told there was no insurance policy to cover that cost. There was a long line at the rental car desk. We had no time to check with our insurance company. We ended up paying $95+ CDW/LDW for 4 days of rental.

After coming back from the trip, I called our insurance agent. I was told that was a lie! We didn't need to pay it at all!

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Posted by dan gordon on 2011-04-05:
also your CC coverage would have paid for any loss of revenue claims your insurance didn't pay so yes you were covered two ways.
Posted by SteveWiginowski on 2011-04-05:
I don't think it was a lie as much as they was misinformed about how it works. It is wrong that they would provide incorrect information, but you weren't forced into getting it. It would have taken longer than you wanted to get the correct information and then you still could have decided not to get the insurance.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2011-04-05:
"although we had rental car coverage under our own vehicle policy."
I always thought that meant if your own vehicle is being repaired that the insurance company would pay for a rental car for X amount of days.
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Alamo - Enterprise - National Car Rental Nightmare Story
Posted by Seantrudeau on 08/27/2010
I went to Los Angeles on vacation/business back in April of 2009. I got a vacation package with Southwest Airlines that included stays at the Holiday Inn and a rental car from Alamo. Southwest was a great flight (they were actually early!) and I have high marks for the Costa Mesa Holiday Inn we stayed out.. Alamo on the other hand is a different story. When I confirmed the reservation I asked for a subcompact. When we got to the airport and went to the Alamo terminal there was quite a long line. When we FINALLY got to the terminal the representative was OK. She kept trying to get us to upgrade to a larger car.. We had to refuse several times until she took the hint. She then pushed the CDW waiver on us big time. I also said no to that because I have rental car coverage on my insurance. We finally got away from here to go pick our car up. When we went to the compact area, there was not a SINGLE car out of many spots.. We found a porter and asked what to do, and he said take a midsize.. So we went to the midsize area. There were NO midsize car’s either. I found another porter and she said that we had no choice but to take a large car. So after all that haggling with the front service desk rep, they didn’t even have the car we reserved!! So they ended up giving us the Large car at the compact price. And they knew that they had no compacts but were still trying to charge us for a larger car. So from the get go, this company is a shady business. We went about our vacation and had a great time. When I got back I checked the car in at the airport. I did the run around with the gate agent and he told me it “looked fine” and I specifically asked him if “we were in the clear” and he said yes. We flew home and everything was fine.

Then 3 months later I get a letter from Alamo saying that I owed them “$700” because the car was all scratched up. I tried calling the guy on the letter “Steve Howard” numerous times to discuss but he never picked up nor called me back. They just sent me “after” pictures of the car with all of the scracthes. You couldn’t even see the scratches in the pictures! So I disputed this charge and they have sent me to collections. The collection agents have been harassing me. I have sent them certified letters disputing the charges, but they are still persisting.

I will be getting a lawyer soon and I plan to sue Alamo and the collection agency.

I have also found a class action lawsuit being started. I plan to be a part of that as well.

And just to note, I had used Alamo 3 times in the past and Enterprise 4 times… I was a loyal customer that was always happy with my service.

Now I will NEVER use any of the ERAC companies again (Enterprise, Alamo, National).. I have traveled 3 times since then and I have been using Hertz and Avis. When I told the gate agents my experience with Alamo they couldn’t believe that a company would be so terrible to a loyal customer.

I think it’s a case of “You get what you paid for”.. Pay a little bit more for an UPSTANDING rental car company and you won’t have to go with what I am going through.

So yeah, Alamo your pettyness in trying to get a measley $700 is going to cost you a customer for life. Plus I have been telling all my friends, family, posting in forums about how you treat your customers.


Sean M. Trudeau
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Posted by saj80 on 2010-08-27:
Consumers need to start keeping records of events such as this, not merely taking the word of an employee. I never return rental cars without an inspection with a company employee, and never leave without a signed report. I hope you can work this out, but if you don't have written proof of the condition of the car upon return, it may be difficult to prevail.
Posted by seantrudeau on 2010-08-27:
Yeah, regardless its the principal of the matter. And I will fight this. The burden of proof is on them. I will fight them tooth and nail. I think I lucked out in that they didn't bill my credit card. (alot of people seem to have this happen).. So they have to come get the money from me. Which I will fight..
Posted by alamocares on 2010-08-30:

I greatly apologize for your inconvenience, and we'd like to look into this for you. I advise that you contact our DRU department at (866) 300-3239. If you need further assistance, feel free to contact me at care [at] alamo [dot] com with complete details including your damage claim (DX) number, rental agreement (RA) number, exact rental location, and contact information.

Please include reference number 100830-003188 in the subject line of your email.


- Kevin from Alamo Rent a Car
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It pays to ask questions
Posted by on 08/10/2009
I rented a car from Alamo for my trip to Alabama. I usually choose Alamo for my road trips because they offer very attractive weekly rates, unlimited mileage and the driving area is the entire Continental United States and Canada. I book under my corporate contract in order to get all the insurance coverages and additional drivers at no cost. I use googled Alamo Coupon codes and prepay to save an additional 10 percent. (Alamo has a very fair cancellation policy) I also have a butt load of Alamo upgrade coupons courtesy of our corporate travel office. Overall I'm always satisfied with Alamo.

This last trip I got a mid sized Saturn (free upgrade) for a base rate of $143.10 a week minus a 20 dollar internet coupon minus 10 percent prepay discount which comes to about 111 bucks a week plus 16 bucks in taxes. Since the Alamo in OKC is off airport I get to forgo those nasty Airport surcharges. Anyway all in all sweet deal.

So time passes and I'm having such a blast in Alabama catching miniature catfish and enjoying the locals that I decide to delay my return. I see by the Alamo rental agreement that extra days will be billed at $89 dollars a day. I'm gonna be three days late so with taxes that comes out to about $300. This does not please me in the least. Holy cow that's more than double my weekly rate. So I did what every good consumer should do and called the Alamo reservation line in order to find a more favorable and reasonable solution to my problem.

I asked the Alamo guy if I could get billed the weekly rate instead of the daily rate for the additional three days. He said 'No sir'. I asked him if the daily rate was negotiable. He said 'No sir'. I see on the rental agreement that I can extend the rental up to 28 days so I asked him if I could extend the rental by a week at the $143.10 base weekly rate. He said 'Yes Sir'. Cool. I asked him if I extended my rental by a week but turned the car in four days early would I still get the weekly rate. He said 'No sir, you have to keep the car at least five additional days to qualify for the weekly rate'. Okay, Gotcha. Extend by rental by a week at the weekly rate which he did.

Bottom line is by reading the rental agreement and asking the right questions I was able to save about 150 buck by merely keeping the car an additional two days. I don't understand the logic of the Alamo policy but hey whatever saves me money. I actually enjoyed the car so much that I kept it for the full seven day week. It was like pennies from heaven.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-10:
I'd be very interested in reading some tips and tricks from our veteran road warrior members or any other member with a good 'lesson learned' experience.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-10:
I've never rented from Alamo, but it sounds like you ended up with a good deal.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-10:
Enterprise is pretty easy to work with too. Last May, we rented a car at the Long Beach Airport. I wanted to add an additional person and they needed their D/L info which I didn't have. They made it very easy for us. They called the person, received the info they needed and it was a done deal. No hassles whatsoever. They also gave us a nice car upgrade (Nissan Maxima) and the rates was great. It went very smoothly. I use them everywhere with good results.
Posted by skelly39 on 2009-08-10:
So THAT'S what happens when you read a contract. VH
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-10:
Indeed Kia. Our travel office almost always books Enterprise for us when we business travel. They are always awesome. The Enterprise at DCA greets you with an offer of a cold drink. Let me tell ya that ice cold Enterprise free diet coke always taste so good.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-10:
Free is always good, Stew! When I briefly lived in CT, I used a local Enterprise in a small town. They enjoyed my cheerfulness so much, they always gave me their one and only Saab to drive to Boston, at no extra cost. It does pay to be a nice, cheerful customer. You never know what extras or freebies they'll throw in. They told me they got plenty of irate people all the time. It was good to be me, lol. I rented from that location about 5 times.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-10:
The ole K2 charm pays off big. Good advice. I find that 'cheerful' works in a lot of situations. As a consumer or even as a husband I'm always looking for solutions and not conflict. In my experience conflict never pays very good dividends.

Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-10:
No, Stew, it doesn't. It just stresses people out and what may have been a good situation suddenly turns out to be something out of a psycho flick. Who needs it!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-10:
One tactic I've used with great success in dealing with customer service is asking the rep if they can be my hero in resolving whatever situation is at hand. Sounds silly I know but it lightens the mood and shines a positive light on the rep and their job. You'd be amazed at the lengths CSRs will go to when you acknowledge their power in resolving your issues. I do my best to make the CSR feel good and proud about their job so that I can get their best.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-10:
It does work, Stew. If only more people would chill out when they are trying to get good service, they may be very surprised at what they come away with--and maybe even a smile.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-10:
Good info, Stew. I don't travel often and when I do it is usually with my friend who is always traveling on business. She's asked these same questions... its good advice!
Posted by BokiBean on 2009-08-10:
You have learned well from m3c, Young Skywalker. VH.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-08-10:
Thanks Boki-Wan and John.
Posted by Voutyblonde on 2009-08-11:
What troubles me is that the Alamo clerk did not offer any options other than to say "No Sir" (nothing like negative responses from the help to promote business). It was up to the consumer to wrangle information from that Alamo rep. Alamo should be training their counter reps to offer information necessary to ensure a positive experience for the customer and encourange repeat business.
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Alamo are crooks & unfortunately I learned that lesson twice
Posted by Steve1959 on 10/31/2010
I should have known better. They screwed me about 6 months ago by claiming a small parking lot ding was my fault and trying to bully me into paying for it. I've never had a car rental company come after me for a parking lot ding before, and I swore I'd never use the company again. But a few months later their price difference was so significant I couldn't pass it up, and I decided to give them another try. This time I went through beforehand and pointed out every smudge, scratch and fleck of missing paint that I could find. When I returned the car, I had the attendant look the car over carefully, and she gave me a "everything is fine." But, alas, a few days later I received a letter, first thanking me for my business, then saying there was a problem. The letter did not specify the problem, but only asked me to send them my insurance information. I know, this definitely falls into the "Screw me once, shame on you, screw me twice, shame on me" category, but I have really, really, really learned my lesson this time.
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-31:
YOu have to be very very careful with these rental companies. I think its absolutely rediculous the way they badger customers like this. Number one, ALL cars have small dings here and there, its called "wear & tear" Sort of like how interiors wear down over time and use. These rental companies are in the business to make as much money as possible, even if they have to try to rip off their customers.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-31:
You do still have your copy of the paperwork that was signed and stated everything was fine don't you? I woudn't give any information without an explanation. Sounds like the problem may be with something that couldn't be seen with just a visual inspection.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2010-10-31:
So it sounds like you admit there was a "ding" to the first rental while you had it. As an ex-car rental vet-I spent 9 years with Enterprise (who owns Alamo+National)-I'll tell you most times the difference between our "ding" and a customers "ding" can be wildy different. It's easy to pick on the rental companies because there are so many "horror stories" (and yes-some are 100% true)-but sometimes-the customer understates the amount of damage done. An extreme example-I had a lady once say there was a "small dent" on the passenger side. The whole side of the car had been sideswiped! And then she fought the claim tooth and nail.
My advice though is don't send any information on this second claim until they can verify what the "problem" is. Good luck.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-10-31:
The OP didn't "admit" anything. the OP said they tried to blame the dent on her.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-10-31:
yeah i'd say... have them show you exactly what was wrong with the car.

Posted by trmn8r on 2010-10-31:
Did you call to find out what the problem is?
Posted by Enterprise cares on 2010-11-01:
I'm sorry to hear about this Steve. Our Damage Recovery Unit (DRU) is best to handle this issue and can be reached at 800-327-0421. Please have the DX/claim number available when you call.

Should you need further assistance after speaking with DRU you may email me, care[at]alamo.com with your full name, rental agreement number and the DX/claim number.

- Elizabeth with Alamo Rent A Car
Posted by leet60 on 2010-11-02:
When I reant I take my video camera with me. I video the entire care from front to back and then do the same upon return. This has helped me twice in fighting rental companies that insisted the damage (dings etc.) was not preexisting.
Posted by bruce2954 on 2011-12-10:
Don't send them anything unless you're legally required to.
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Fraudulent claims on car damage
Posted by Ondy500 on 08/10/2010
ARIZONA -- I recently graduated from AIT (advanced individual training) from the army and my mother and friend drove out to see me graduate. They rented from Alamo and we used that car for about 2 days and returned it. When my mother was filling out the paperwork for the rental they asked her if she wanted to by insurance just in case the car was damaged. She said no and that was the end of it (or so she thought). We returned the car in the same condition it was rented and when it was returned they wrote no issue of damage on the receipt and we left. A few days after getting home to New Jersey we received a call about damage to the car. My mother argued it and has all the documentation to back it up. She spent about 6 hours of her time argueing it that night. A few days later she was contacted again and this time the claim was turned over to a collection agency. She then spent more time providing documentation and doing some research and mailing it to them. A week or so later she got a envelope in the mail saying the collection agency though the claim was valid and was going to pursue it when it is not valid AT ALL. Reading reviews and scouring the internet I've come to find this happens all the time. It is their policy to not inspect the car and to push to have the insurance purchased or file faulty claims. Their is reviews of disfunctional cars that have lead to accidents and injuries as well as a slue of other things. This company needs to be set straight. Noone seems to have done anything about it, because they are afraid and or do not know the system so they just pay the money. THIS IS WRONG. My mother and I have decided to file a class action lawsuit against this company.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-08-10:
Let us know how your class action suit progresses.
Posted by goduke on 2010-08-10:
A class action will go on for years (upwards of 5) and, in the end, the only one who wins is the lawyers. They get new house on Star Island. And since Mom rented the car, she's the only one with standing to bring suit.

You're probably better off contacting the attorney general for the state in which Mom lives and Missouri (Alamo is based in St. Louis). The Atty General's office(s) have been much more effective at bringing change to different business areas than class actions.
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2010-08-10:
I would like to start by thanking you for your service to our country.

If I were you, before contemplating any legal action (which, as goduke pointed out, will only benefit the greedy lawyers), I would write a certified letter to the CEO of Alamo detailing what happened and highlighting the fact that you are an active duty member of the United States Army. I would send copies of that letter to the Attorney Generals of both Missouri (where Alamo is headquartered), and of the state where your mother rented the car. Be sure to include in the letter your intention to contact the media if your concerns are not addressed and favorably resolved. The media loves stories about members of the military who are being screwed by some heartless corporation or bureaucracy.

Good luck, and I hope my advice will be useful to you.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-08-10:
Weird. I always make sure the reps look at the damage and give me a paper before and after the rental showing that there was no extra damage done to the vehicle while I had it. I NEVER just drop off a car without someone inspecting it and giving me my reciept.
Posted by ondy500 on 2010-08-11:
My mother will be the one going through with the legal action, not me i'm just helping her with the process. My mother and i's aim is to find a lawyer that only takes a cut of the settlement after he/she has won us the case. That way the lawyer has to actually work for his money. The way i see it is until someone does something about this company or makes it public knowledge they will continue to conduct their unethical business ways, because heck, its worked for them so far. I do appreciate the input and i intend to pass it along to my mother. Thanks for reading.
Posted by CaptainSpaulding on 2010-08-11:
ondy500: In order to start a class action lawsuit, your mother has to join forces with other people who have been treated in a similar manner by Alamo and wish to sue them. The best way to do this is to see if there are currently any existing class action lawsuits against Alamo.

This is a useful website to find out if there are any existing class action lawsuits against Alamo (or any other company), or to contact a lawyer who might be interested in your case:


You can also enter "Complaints against Alamo Car Rental" in a Google search to read about people who have similiar experiences with Alamo as your mother did.

Again, good luck!
Posted by goduke on 2010-08-11:
Let's talk about the "lawyer takes a cut of the money." Here's how it works...

The lawyer agrees to a fee of 1/3 of the total take. What they really don't tell you is that the "costs" of the litigation usually come off the top, before the split. It's an arrangement designed to make sure the lawyer ultimately has zero out of pocket expenses and then gets a big payout on top. It's not designed to help out the consumer.

I stand by my position that you are much better off going to the OAG
Posted by ondy500 on 2010-08-11:
Yes spaulding, that is why i put this up to see if anyone else was having issues. And my mother and i found a class action against Alamo that is taking place in Nevada. So we're trying to get in touch with the lawyers and see what happens. Thanks for the link i'm gonna look it over tonight.
Posted by ondy500 on 2010-08-18:
So far, my mother contacted a lawyer and showed the letter to them which they then revised and told her to "let it rip" and send it to Alamo since they are still coming after us for money. If that does not stop them then the firm will send a letter directly from them, and if yet again they still do not stop, then the lawsuit begins.
Posted by PepperElf on 2010-08-18:
good luck on the suit.

out of curiosity is there an option there to let you use your own car insurance vs using the rental insurance? just wondering cos where i've rented insurance was mandatory but you could use either one.

(just thinking that making it mandatory is a good idea for consumer protection... cos that way the rental place may still want you to buy their insurance but ... they also know the big insurance companies are good at going to court over false claims so it could possibly make them behave more.)

but back on topic again good luck.
Posted by seantrudeau on 2010-08-27:
I am going through the same thing Alamo and has already sent me through to a collection agency and they have been harassing me. I do not owe this debt! (I rented a car from Alamo in LAX back in April of 2009.. I have sent them the collection dispute letter and the collection agency is still coming after me.. I haven’t called a lawyer yet but I plan to call one soon).. I have done nothing wrong and this is not acceptable. I would love to be a part of this Class Action Lawsuit so please post the info on your lawyer so I can contact them as well. I was a loyal Alamo/Enterprise/National customer before this happened, and since this I have been going through Hertz and Avis.. (who have been awesome by the way)

Thank you!

-Sean M. Trudeau
Posted by Charlie on 2011-06-14:
I too have been scammed by Alamo. I had just come from an overseas trip that took over 30 hours between flights and layovers. It was about 9:00pm.
I was very tired and anxious to drive 2 hrs home.
Make a long story short, the car I drove off with was damaged on the passenger side...I hadn't noticed it.
Alamo has since asked me to pay for the damages.

I will never ever use Alamo again....

Beware of Alamo....in my book they are scam artists.
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Charged $10 fee for .75 toll
Posted by Bospdom on 01/21/2010
We were late to the airport and not familiar with the Orlando toll expressway booths and accidentally went through the E-Z Pass lane without a E-Z Pass. Needless to say the toll charge was. 75 and Alamo tacked on $10 fee and would not waive it when I called customer service. While $10 is not the end of the world, I just spent over $400 with them and would hope. 75 would be forgiven. If they charge credit card I will dispute it to put a little sand in their gears and maybe they won't be so greedy the next time with other people for. 75
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Posted by goduke on 2010-01-21:
It's in their contract. Lucky you didn't get slapped with a ticket for running the toll booth.
Posted by MRM on 2010-01-21:
I wish the EZ Pass and cash only lanes would be consistent throughout the States so that you wont be changing lanes at the last minute.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-01-21:
goduke, they did get a "ticket". The municipality catches the tag number of the car not paying and sends the "ticket" to the owner of the vehicle who is responsible.
Pay more attention while you are driving. Alamo should not have to pay for your mistakes.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2010-01-21:
JKT is right, The bill you get sent when you do that isn't only for the toll, there are costs associated with your not stopping andy paying. If there wasn't, why would anyone use EZpass? We would all just drive through whatever lane and get a bill at the end of the month.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-21:
You got off cheap. It's not .75, it's .75 plus the service charge assessed by the turnpike for not paying it, plus the service charge from Alamo for the paperwork they had to do. I'd be jumping with joy if I only got a ten dollar charge, some companies will charge you $50 for the same thing.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-21:
Yep, ditto with everyone else. I accidently did that once in Orlando too. It was a my mistake, I wasnt paying attention. It was probably the same toll booth this OP is talking about.....lol its easy to miss. If I would have gotted charged for it, I wouldn't be on here complaining about it. If you should be complaining about anything, you should be blaming yourself for running the toll. People never want to take responsibility for anything. It makes me SO angry. Take responsibility for your actions and pay the 10 bucks and shut up.
Posted by redmx3racer on 2010-01-21:
Why should Alamo have to pay for your mistake? The toll may cost .75, but if you run it there might be a penalty. In my state it is $3 + the toll. Then Alamo has to pay an employee to..open the bill, research who had the car on the date and time of the ticket, input the data, cut a check, put it in an envelope, pay postage to mail it. Then print and mail you off a new invoice.
Posted by Slimjim on 2010-01-21:
You have no real beef and I doubt your credit card will reverse the charge upon finishing their investigation. You ran a toll and got THEM a ticket. It's only fair you pay them a service charge for having to deal with it. I think you got off pretty cheap personally.
BTW, I've been on the Floridas Turnpike and ran a toll also. It's not hard to do with all those Sun Pass bypass lanes. Very confusing and I can see how it happened to you too. Still, what can you say. Not alamo's fault.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-21:
Your mistake, pay the piper!
Posted by Starlord on 2010-01-21:
You got off light. The Verazanno Narrows bridge in Washington (yes, Gallopin' Gertie) has a toll, and if you drive through without paying, you are subject to a $154 fine. They may send the ticket to the owner, but a rental place will pass the fine along to you.I am not that familiar with toll roads, because we went around the bridge by going through Shelton.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-21:
I hope you do dispute it and never pay the $10. At some point this unpaid ticket will turn into a warrant, and they'll arrest you. That would be fair.
Posted by Ponie on 2010-01-21:
'...put a little sand in their gears...' Hoo Boy! That bit of 'so there' will end up being mud in your eye and egg on your face after all the other charges are tacked on.
Posted by momsey on 2010-01-21:
Starlord, you must be referring to the Tacoma Narrows Bridge! Verrazano is in NY!
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-21:
Starlord is ubiquitous.
Posted by trp2hevn on 2010-01-21:
$10 service fee is cheap. Where I work, it's a $40 service fee. And we make you initial next to that part on the contract when you pick up the car.
Posted by Starlord on 2010-01-21:
Yep, I made a booboo. At least I am not writing a complaint about my keyboard being defective. LOL Thanks, momsey, for pointing that out, but it is the replacement for the bridge seen in footage when it shook itself to pieces. Ken, no, I'm just dumb. ROFL
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-21:
Star, they are about 80,000 people here who know *that* isn't true
Posted by roch369 on 2010-06-16:
If you check the Orlando EZ Pass site, it states, "A digital image of the vehicle's license tag is recorded and an Unpaid Toll Notice (UTN) is mailed to the vehicle's register owner for payment of the unpaid toll(s) plus administrative fees. Under Florida Law, this image can be used by the Expressway Authority to issue a Uniform Traffic Citation." Why should Alamo pay the extra fees when it was your fault?

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AlamoCar Hire Beware Hidden Charges.
Posted by Quinnella on 01/16/2010
FLORIDA -- I rented a car from Alamo in Miami During Sept 2009,and paid fully on my credit card for the rental charge. I was totally shocked and disgusted to find in checking my bank account during December 2009 that alamo had taken a further charge from my account without any explanation, or without my permission. I telephoned Alamo UK to complain about this matter only to be met with a rude girl who would not let me speak with her supervisor. Told me to write in with complaint. To-date I have not received a reply to my letter.

I would never hire a car from Alamo again, and furthermore will advise my many friends of this poor service!!!!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-16:
What was the charge for? Was this charged above and beyond the total for which you signed for? If so, contact your bank to file a chargeback with them.
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Car broke down during rental
Posted by Pilici on 11/23/2007
GERMANY -- While in Germany I rented a car for 7 days. The second day the oil light went off, I called the assistance to know what I had to do, they sent a technician that said there was NO oil in the car, I had to pay for the oil.

The third day I got up at 5 to take my husband to the airport, and the car would not start, did not have cash only American Credit cards that the cab would not take, we had to stop someone on the road and beg for a ride to the airport. I called assistance (and I was very upset, I am sure it is in their notes)another technician came - said the battery was not good, he jump-started it and told me to drive around for an hour to make sure it would recharge well.

(Said the battery might be too small ?!) When I returned the car I explained to them what happened, they refunded the money that I paid for the oil, and then said that they will probably give me 10% off my rental for the inconvenience.... and the tip my husband gave to the person that drove him to the airport and the fuel that I used to drive around Munich for an hour during rush hours. Since then I have been emailing back and forth with the customer service and they say there is no proof of evidence that I need a refund. They say they will not refund me because the car did not need any repairs after we brought it back... (who knows for sure?) And I mean, that does not even matter because...it had a lot of repair done while we had it!!


I don't recommend it. Customer Service not very friendly and not very customer oriented.
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Upgrade Con Beware
Posted by Markqqq on 09/28/2007
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- If you are offered a free upgrade beware, they will charge you for it.... My story..

I reserved a compact car for one week online, for my trip to Orlando. On arrival at the Alamo car rental desk at Orlando int airport, I was asked if I would like to upgrade to the next size of vehicle. I said I was quite happy with the compact class of vehicle as I had used a similar car before. The agent said I would be helping him out as they had a shortage of compacts but many mid size vehicles, and that there would be no extra cost for that reason. I said if that was the case I would accept the upgrade. I overheard other agents offering similar deals while I was waiting. Upon return of the hire car I noticed that I had been charged for the upgrade. I was furious and felt that I had been cheated and conned by Alamo. When I complained to the manager she said that that what I said was not true, and that the Alamo agents were not allowed to offer free upgrades. I was amazed at her answer. She offered me a 50% ( $40 approx) compensation which I refused, as I was was so upset and having been cheated. There is something very wrong with Alamos sales tactics and I am hoping I am a unique case. I will definitely not be using Alamo again, and definitely not be recommending Alamo to any of my fellow frequent travelers.

I know I signed a contract which I did in good faith based on what I was told by the agent, which proved to be a sales trick.
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Posted by Timboss on 2007-09-28:
I always ask for the smallest car and normally get a free upgrade at no cost. Of course the car agencies do it. I'll be careful next time to double check my paperwork before I sign it.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-28:
There's no bigger (potential)nightmare than renting a car. I always walk around the car checking for dings or scratches before I drive away. This includes glaring down the sides of the car and looking at the rims, etc. At least 1/2 of the time I end up going back in and reporting some sort of damage BEFORE I drive away.
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