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Auto Renewal of Monitoring Contract
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KELLER, TEXAS -- How come an alarm monitoring service can insert an auto renewal feature into a contract that automatically renews a full year, and not offer a reasonable termination fee.

I don't mind paying an additional month of two of service, but to be on the hook for another year?

As a consumer, I'm letting everyone know to beware of this company. The contract term is meant to rob you of your money. You will receieve no correspondence from this company and they will continue to bill your card.
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User Replies:
killerklown on 12/10/2007:
You'd probably be complaining if they just let your contract run out without renewing it and your house got robbed because they were no longer monitoring it for you, wouldn't you.
DFWMovieGeek on 12/10/2007:
I would not complain, as if they would cover anything in the case of a robbery ... Whomever knew I would first get robbed by the alarm monitoring service first.
Ponie on 12/11/2007:
DFW, convoluted thinking.
DFWMovieGeek on 12/11/2007:
How is this convoluted, this auto renewal feature does not benefit me.

I admit it, I missed the legalease, I will eat the cost. In my opinion I am being robbed. I am now forced to pay the fees. I signed a 3 year contract.

I am now going to have pay for a service I do not want and for a full year. My cable company, cell phone company, and gym will charge me a reasonable termination fee. This clause is not designed to benefit me. It is designed to fatten this dishonest company's wallet. As a consumer, I have made the mistake. Some states have laws where (NY) the alarm company is required to notify the individual the renewal is coming up.
Anonymous on 12/11/2007:
DFWMovieGeek, you make a very good point here and I for one thank you for this information. (VH)
Anonymous on 12/11/2007:
DFWMovieGeek a number of companies are doing that to their customers now. A couple of cellular companies have been taken to court over it. See if they can produce anything in writing showing that you agreed to the renew. If they can then you will be stuck paying, if not then you should win your case with them. Best of luck to you. (VH)
Brian on 06/02/2012:
I am an alarm technician and have been installing residential and light commercial alarm and camera systems for over 15 years. I can assure you that this is a common practice in this industry. I have worked for this company in the past. Many times contracts have neen amended for various reasons. I hope this helps in the future.
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