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Alaska Airlines
19300 Pacific Hwy. S.
Seattle, WA 98188
206-431-7040 (ph)
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Alaska Airlines Pillages On Fees-No Flexibility
By -

My boyfriend and I are going on our first cruise this September, and are on a pretty tight budget. We booked the tickets after getting some literature from the travel agency. We were excited as we had heard good things about them. Yesterday I got my confirmation from the cruise line and was disappointed to find that we had booked the flight one week off!! I immediately looked up prices and was happy to see only a 40$ difference, so I then called, I talked to a nice lady who told me about the 100$ per person change fee and after asking if there was anything she could do, she transferred me to ** from Phoenix her supervisor.

He was very cold and unfriendly; he continued to quote policy and refused after me practically begging for a break to do anything. So we are writing a letter in hopes of finding someone with a heart. If we don't get resolution we plan on abandoning our flight and booking with Virgin as we have had great experiences with them and the total for the flight through them is 270$ and to change my ticket with Alaska would cost 230$!! I refuse to give them anymore money until they respond with a more customer service style attitude! Apparently ** does not subscribe to this thought pattern.... if anyone else has had luck in this situation let me know!

Noise & Air Pollution
By -

EAST WENATCHEE, WASHINGTON -- Horizon Airlines flies several flights per day right over our East Wenatchee, Washington Fancher Heights neighborhood. It would be easy for them to avoid our area as they fly into Pangborn Airport in East Wenatchee - but no - they insist of flying directly over us with their:

  1. high level of noise pollution
  2. high level of air pollution
  3. ice falling from the planes in winter
  4. a possible crash in homes rather than open space
  5. parts falling from the planes on homes
  6. insistence on being a poor neighbor to the East Wenatchee area

Please select some other airline - Alaska is NOT a good/fair/safe neighbor. Thanks.

Rude Gate Agents in Helena, MT.
By -

HELEBA, MONTANTA -- I try to avoid Alaska, sometimes at considerable cost, just to avoid the unsupervised and rude gate agents in Helena, MT. Tonight I had the opportunity to just observe a Horizon gate agent while I waited for my Delta flight. It was amazing. One passenger after another, treated rudely and rushed. I have experienced many rude and unhelpful Horizon agents in Helena, and this one was no different. Just a little extra "care less" attitude. Alaska, ARE YOU LISTENING? This can be fixed you know.

Alaska Airlines is the Best
By -

I book flights across the US on a regular basis, and when I do, I try to book with Alaska Airlines. Their web booking is perfect, with no problems. When you talk with customer service you are talking with a nice polite person who will always do whatever they can to help. The flight attendants are wonderful, real people who do a great job. For 2009, I have made Gold Status with Alaska Airlines and I will continue booking flights with this company. Thanks.

Expensive for Rural Alaska
By -

NOME, ALASKA -- I would like to know how the web specials are decided and who decides them. It's not uncommon to see web specials from Bethel to Anchorage and a lot less likely to see web specials from Nome to Anchorage. What's with that? The regular fares from Anchorage to anywhere in Alaska are exorbitant and prohibitive. If it cost just a little less that many of us would be flying a lot more and would be much happier when we do fly.

Flying With Service Dogs
By -

PHOENIX TO SEATTLE -- On June 2nd we were dropped off at the airport by my Mom, and we got there around 3:00 in the afternoon, flight time was 6:47 p.m. We had two service dogs with us... all their gear as well as our two suitcases. I walked in the door at Alaska Airlines and there was no one in line, so we got there right away, checked in with the dogs and got everything headed to security. When I called to confirm, they said to allow an extra 45 minutes for check-in with the dogs.

After we checked in and got boarding passes, we were asked to have a seat for a few minutes and the person handling the wheelchair for my hubby would be right down... they showed up with TWO wheelchairs so I got to ride too! We were whisked off to security and flowed smoothly through that, the dogs took it all in stride, as they usually do.

When our flight was boarding we were the first ones on the plane, and one flight attendant wanted the dogs on the floor, however it's hard to put a five pound dog on the floor of a revving plane when it's something totally new to them, they were fine in their totes and we just held them a bit closer. At the end of our flight, we were met by two more wheelchairs and taken to luggage and they then took us out to my son's vehicle. So far... KUDOS Alaska Air.... see you the 30th!!!

Helpful, Efficient Customer Service During a Medical Emergency
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I recently went into preterm labor during a trip to Seattle, and once my condition stabilized my husband and I needed to cut our trip short and fly home ASAP, flying out of Seattle instead of Portland as we had originally planned. When my husband called Alaska Air customer service, he was put through to a person almost immediately, which in itself is unheard of at an airline these days.

They were extremely helpful about changing our flight, and due to the medical emergency they cut our change fee in half, to $100 total for both of us. (This is in contrast to Hertz rent-a-car, which wanted to charge us $380 to return our car in Seattle, and who wouldn't budge.) We were very impressed with how they handled the situation, and wouldn't hesitate to fly this airline again.

Great Customer Service Kept Me From Missing My Flight
By -

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA -- Through my own poor planning, I arrived at the San Francisco check-in counter less than 45 minutes before my 2 pm flight to Vancouver -- you're supposed to be there at least 1.5 hours before the flight. I was resigned to missing my flight and having to take a later flight (which would have meant a delay of at least 5 hours), but the Alaska Airlines employee at the check-in counter found a seat on the plane and literally ran me to the security lineup. I was still able to make it home to my family on time, instead of missing my flight and arriving home several hours later.

Needless to say, next time I'll try to plan better (and perhaps check in online). I was fortunate that I didn't have any baggage to be checked, otherwise there was no way I would have made it on the flight.

The Father, the Son and Alaska Airlines
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Alaska Airlines (at least during meal service) would include small Old Testament verses (Psalms, if I remember correctly). I thought it would be interesting to see how their service holds up to examples from the Bible.

In scripture, Jesus returned from the dead on the third day. In Sea-Tac, Alaska returned my baggage on the third day. My prayers to the almighty about lost baggage are met with silence. My calls to Alaska about lost baggage are met with busy signals. The Good Book says 'seek and ye shall find.' Alaska: "Are you sure you tried carousel 12?"

Book of Revelations "and there was silence in Heaven for about half an hour." Alaska Baggage service: Hold music and something about heavy call volumes, 41 minute wait times... Jesus: "I will come like a thief in the night." - so do the neighborhood kids. Alaska suggests leaving baggage on my doorstop in the middle of the night. David slew scores of Philistines with the jawbone of an ass. Does anyone know what happens to traveler suggestions to airline management?

On the Day of Pentecost, disciples were granted the gift to speak in many tongues. I could have used this gift when speaking to representatives trying to track down my suitcase. Jesus: "Suffer the little children." Hey - at least THEY will have leg-room... and I knew Sunday School would pay off someday.

The Worst Airlines I Have Ever Experienced
By -

Instead of the food, which was supposed to be included (due to the ticket) a piece of toast was offered for $5. The same flexibility as the one connected to providing services was NOT observed by check-in. For only two kilos of overweight I was charged $25. Toilets were stinking in the cabin. There was shortage of blankets and pillows in the cabin. The pillows which were there, were dirty. The temperature in the cabin was varying over the flight so much that people were wearing jackets and caps in one moment and short-sleeve T-shirts in another. My boyfriend got a cold after the flight.

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