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The Father, The Son and Alaska Airlines
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Alaska Airlines (at least during meal service) would include small Old Testament verses (Psalms, if I remember correctly). I thought it would be interesting to see how their service holds up to examples from the Bible.

  1. In scripture, Jesus returned from the dead on the third day.
    In Seatac, Alaska returned my baggage on the third day.

  2. My prayers to the almighty about lost baggage are met with silence.
    My calls to Alaska about lost baggage are met with busy signals.

  3. The Good Book says 'seek and ye shall find'
    Alaska: "are you sure you tried carousel 12"?

  4. Book of Revelations "and there was silence in Heaven for about half an hour".
    Alaska Baggage service: Hold music and something about heavy call volumes, 41 minute
    wait times...

  5. Jesus: 'I will come like a thief in the night". - so do the neighborhood kids.
    Alaska suggests leaving baggage on my doorstop in the middle of the night.

  6. David slew scores of Philistines with the jawbone of an ass.
    Does anyone know what happens to traveler suggestions to airline management?

  7. On the Day of Pentecost, disciples were granted the gift to speak in many tongues.
    I could have used this gift when speaking to representatives trying to track down my suitcase.

  8. Jesus: "suffer the little children".
    Hey - at least THEY will have leg-room.

... and I knew Sunday School would pay off someday.

The Worst Airlines I Have Ever Experienced
By -
  1. Instead of the food, which was supposed to be included (due to the ticket) a piece of toast was offered for $5.

  2. The same flexibility as the one connected to providing services was NOT observed by check-in. For only two kilos of overweight I was charged $25.

  3. Toilets were stinking in the cabin.

  4. There was shortage of blankets and pillows in the cabin. The pillows which were there, were dirty.

  5. The temperature in the cabin was varying over the flight so much that people were wearing jackets and caps in one moment and short-sleeve T-shirts in another. My boyfriend got a cold after the flight.

Endless Delays in Boise
By -

BOISE, IDAHO -- Alaska used to be one of my favorite airlines, but Alaska/Horizon are my definition of the bottom of the barrel. A group of us flew from San Jose and Seattle to meet in Boise in December 22, 2006. Both flights were late; the San Jose one was over 11 hours late. The Alaska/Horizon personnel are so used to this that they don't even talk about 'scheduled' times, they say "target" times as if being on schedule is an unexpected event. It is.

Making matters worse, the Alaska staff makes it clear that there really is little they can do for you, so they don't even pretend to try. They're always late, so why care? That's the attitude that come across.

On the next leg of the trip to Seattle, we were told after we checked our bags that the plane would be late by four hours, but maybe not really because the replacement plane was in maintenance, and it might not really be available or it might arrive early. I had to wait in line for an hour to obtain that "information." I tried calling the 800 number and was told that for them to help me, there would be extra charges.

Stolen items
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- On April 7 2006 flight 228 leaving Los Angeles to Cancun after arriving to my destination in Mexico I found out my video camara was stolen from my check-in lugagge. I complain to Alaska airlines, TSA and also made a police report. What upsets me the most is the arrogance, defensive attitude and poor treatment I got from Alaska employees. Not only do they denied any responsabilities for stolen electronics, but are very fast to put the blame on TSA. I got far better traetment from the TSA employees including the supervisor in LA. To make things worst another passenger from the same flight got his laptop stolen, when he got back to L.A. he was told he had to go back to Cancun and file a complain with Alaska airlines in Mexico since he found out it was gone when he arrived there.
Yesterday I e-mail them and got a response saying that because of the high volume of e-mails I will not get an answer for at least 8 weeks.
I will wait and will post a review with the outcome when they respond back.
On the mean time I will tell everyone to avoid them like the plague.

Hope the trend continues
By -

My last two flights on Alaska Airlines went very well. I had to check a bag on my last flight to Newark. On both the outbound and return (SeaTac), my luggage arrived quickly on the carousel.

On my last flight to Las Vegas, both the outbound and return flights departed on time. The flight crews did a great job getting people on board and ready.

I hope this trend continues.

Great Service/good flights
By -

ALASKA -- I should preface this comment, I do not work for or have family who work for Alaska Airlines. I live in Alaska and take Alaska flights quite often for business and pleasure. My flights are always pretty close to on time (except for weird weather), never lost my luggage, and only have had darn nice people helping me on the phone and with customer service.

I am sure there can be issues, as I read them here, but I think you'll probably have a good trip to Alaska with this airlines.

Alaska Airlines
By -

SANTA ANA JOHN WAYNE AIRPORT, CALIFORNIA -- Had a terrible experience! My husband was not allowed to board the plane without purchasing a second ticket for $1100.86! Even though the first ticket was fully paid, and I showed the counter personnel the receipt marked paid. Then they lost my parents luggage.

Now I cannot get a refund, I have been trying for 5 weeks. Flying with Alaska was a expensive mistake and a endless hassle.

Resolution Update 02/03/2009:

Yes we did finally get a refund, but it was a ton of work to get there.

All-Time Customer Service Nightmare
By -

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- Buckle your seatbelts for this one! I started in Orange County and our plane was delayed four hours. Finally get on the plane and make it to Seattle. Then in Seattle, Alaska made an error and I had to take another flight. The other flight was delayed another four hours, also the gate was changed 7 times (no joke). I was trying to get on other flights as standby but to no avail. The employees were very rude. To go from Orange County, CA to Spokane, WA took over 18 hours. I will never fly with this airline!

Cancelled Flight
By -

RENO, NEVADA -- Alaska Airlines/Horizon Air cancelled our flight from Reno to LAX. The ticket agents both at the gate and at the ticketing area seemed to have no idea how to handle re-ticketing and re-routing the passengers.
We stood in line at the ticket counter for over an hour without moving, because the ticketing agents were so flustered and unsure what to do.

After observing the utter lack of organization, it seems this airline hadn't adequately prepared the ticket agents for problems. There was no manager present at any time during our five hour dilemma.

Stolen Items
By -

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA -- Dateline Aug 9 2005.
Lax to King Salmon Alaska. Arrived to find my six weeks worth of gear missing and the parts necessary to put my kayak together. Had no choice but to get on the next flight back to Los Angeles. If I order the kayak parts from Russia today I should have them by Dec so I can buy another ticket to kayak in the snow. Hope everyone at Alaska Air got a share of my stuff. P.S. I'm sorry that they didn't get my fly rod it was in my carry on luggage. Noww that I think about it I almost feel as if I cheated them

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