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Poor Business Practices/Bait-and-Switch/Poor Customer Service
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Rating: 1/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- Albertsons Store #00928 Lomas and Juan Tabo, Albuquerque, NM 87112. My complaint is not about a specific person but about: misleading ads, re-labeling meat with extended expiration date after expires & recent promotion of pots and pans.

Misleading ads: Recently you had coupons for Oroweat Bread $1.99 selected varieties. I was told that the bread that was pictured on the coupon was not the one on sale because the coupon stated pan bread? There isn't any pan bread in the style pictured. BAIT-AND-SWITCH, HMM?

Re-labeling meat: Just before the Christmas holiday I was shopping and looking at the leg of lambs (prices ranged at approx. $50). I noticed that the previous tag had been removed and a new tag was posted with an expiration date a couple of days out. I asked if they were re-labeling and extending expiration dates, I was told that they re-labeled because they were previously on sale and re-labeled to reflect new price. I watch my ads like a hawk and they were never on sale. This was the second time in the last month they had been re-tagged. They rarely have them on sale, sometimes around Easter.

Promotion of Cuisinart cookware exp. 01/08/13: I went into the store on 01/07/13 only to find the display sparse in product. Availability was only 3 out of the 10 items offered. They always run out of these promotions but previously gave rain checks when out of the product that was needed and would call you when product was in. This time it was tough luck if they did not have what you had been saving stamps since September 05, 2012 - NO RAIN CHECKS!

I was told possibly other Albertsons had the cookware I had been saving the stamps for 4 months for. If you have a promotion, shouldn't you have the product available until the promotion expires? Poor business practices to say the least, not to mention extremely poor customer service. I wish Raley's was still in town, they conducted business with the priority of CUSTOMER SERVICE!

Customer service training needs to be conducted for the checkers and courtesy clerks. Rarely get a smile, eye contact greeting or a thank you! Needless to say, that was the last straw for I will not be shopping at Albertsons ever again!

The Customer Is Never Right
By -

SANTA FE, NEW MEXICO -- I went in the Albertsons in North Santa Fe to load a prepaid Visa. I have been to other Albertsons and have no problems. Well as I was on the phone going through the robot instructions, the Albertsons employee decided to come up and let me know that I had 5 minutes before they closed, so I was unable hear what the robot on the other line had to say. So I had to start over with the pressure of only having 3 minutes to get my transaction finished. I was able to get a real person on the line and get the transaction completed, but when it came down to the reference number, I did not have pen to write it down and the employee that interrupted me was nowhere to be found.

The man on the other line told me it was in their system and they should be able to retrieve it with no problem. So I hung up the phone and went looking for the employee that was in such a hurry to close. I found her outside talking to someone and told her I needed to complete my transaction. We go back to the counter and she has no idea on how to work the machine. I told her that I was on a automated phone line and when she told me I had five minutes, I had to start over again. And would she find someone that would know how to work the machine because I had already completed the transaction on the other line.

She finally gets a so-called manager - he has no clue and the other employee, all she wanted to do was argue with me. I went back to the phone to get instructions on how they could complete my transaction. When I went back to the counter with the instructions, the so-called manager starts yelling at me and telling me that the machine they are using does not have the capability of completing my transaction. I told him I have a supervisor from MoneyGram on the line that says you do, and he refused to listen to me and proceeded to yell at me for not telling him how to do his job properly.

I finally convinced him to get online with the employee from MoneyGram and she told him how to do it. I finally was able to complete the transaction. I wrote down all the names of employees that were rude to me and the original employee that started the whole mess. I wanted to let her know not to interrupt people while they are on that phone. She threw up her hands and told me she also worked for the public defender's office, like she was threatening me. Either way I will not go back to that Albertsons again.

Bad Service
By -

CHULA VISTA, CALIFORNIA -- I have had one problem with the store that keeps repeating, always out of at least one item I need for my recipe at the time. Sometimes it's uncommon item that I have to go to Vons for or what usually is a very common item like split green peas that they can't seem to keep in stock. I have discussed this with employees over the past year. But there is nothing they can do about it. About 4 weeks ago when yet again this store fell short of an item I needed, I talked to the general manager which is no easy task and time-consuming. He apologized and yet again I ended up at Vons.

Yesterday I went in to redeem my stamps for a pan, I was told they ran out of every item and that they will have more tomorrow (today). I went back today, I asked a cashier about redeeming my stamps. She said I had to go to Customer Service. I went to Customer Service and there was a sign that stated see the cashier. Well to make a long story a little shorter, I was told to come back tomorrow that they still did not have the items. At this point, I was not very happy and asked to speak to the general manager. 15 minutes later someone other than the general manager shows up. I went from being unhappy to being upset.

Since I could not speak to the general manager, I asked for the name and telephone number to the district manager, she gave me the name and number. I went home and called the district manager. Well wouldn't you know it, it was the wrong number. I then attempted to contact Albertsons' corporate office and was given a number to Customer Service. I find out that Albertson doesn't even do their own customer service, they send it out to a third party.

Now I am no longer unhappy or upset, I am pissed and only thinking at this point that Albertsons just has no respect for their customers at all. Going from store manager to corporate office. Now I am thinking of legal ways I can make Albertsons feel the sting of their anti-customer policies. Anyone have any suggestions? I am willing to put in as much time and energy as it takes to get Albertsons to change their customer service policies to be customer-friendly.

Albertsons Redefines MEAT
By -

UNIVERSITY PLACE, WASHINGTON -- A co-worker told me about a 2-for-$2 sale in the meat section of Albertsons this week. This would be for Oscar Mayer bologna and hot dogs. I thought this would be a great opportunity to save on the over-priced hot dogs they sell. I picked up 6 packs of hot dogs and 4 packs of bologna, a loaf of bread, a package of cheese and proceeded to the check-out.

The lady took the coupon and said she would ring it up. I scanned the hot dogs and bologna and the price did not reflect the special offer. I was told that the sale was only on the meat weiners and bologna, not on the beef products.

To me, and most people that know of meat, poultry and fish, BEEF is meat. Beef is not fish. Fish is not poultry. But BEEF is definitely meat. I went to the customer service desk to complain. I brought up the fact that by any reasonable definition, BEEF is meat. They would have none of that nonsense. They said the sale applied only to the meat products, not beef. I find that to be an incredibly stupid comment!

I got the number for corporate complaints and called them as I walked to my car. I had a long argument with ** at Albertsons corporate customer service. The situation escalated to the point that now I was out for blood [no bologna!].

I was told that the marketing department would call me within 24-48 hours. Marketing called the next day and we went around again over the definition of meat. Apparently, Oscar Mayer has developed a hybrid weiner which should be referred to as the by-product or hybrid weiner, not meat, because that is deceptive advertising.

It is this deceptive advertising and the attitude of Albertsons grocery personnel in University Place that causes me to have to suspend all future purchases at that store. For those that keep track of that sort of thing, this is one customer no longer spending approximately $475 each month at their store. Multiply this by each customer that reads this blog and decides that BEEF truly is a meat and that Albertsons grocery is guilty of a bait-and-switch advertising gimmick.

Blame it on Oscar Mayer if they choose, either way, I won't be shopping at the Bridgeport Way Albertsons store any longer. I will take my business to Fred Meyer for now. They often have lower prices than Albertsons, anyway. By the way, to assuage this angry customer's feelings, Albertsons thought a $10 gift certificate would be sufficient. They are wrong. If they do send the certificate, I will award it to anyone with the best response to this blog. Do you have a similar complaint about Albertsons? Tell us here. Register and blog. The best comment wins any certificate that Albertsons sends me. **

Beware Albertsons Produce/Driscoll's Berries
By -

I shop for fresh produce at Albertsons grocery stores in Las Vegas (store is on Warm Springs and South Rainbow). Overall, it's a good place and the employees are very helpful and friendly. However, last week I purchased Driscoll's yellow raspberries from their Produce dept. When I got home, I found a DEAD BUG in the package. Also, on previous visits to the supermarket, I have noticed mold OBVIOUSLY growing in the red raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, and blackberries--even in the packages stocked on the TOP of the shelves, in plain view.

I returned ALL of my produce with the receipt. I did get a refund, but I also mentioned the problem to their produce manager. Instead of apologizing, reassuring me that they would take steps to improve, etc. He was defensive, condescending, and tried to imply I was being unreasonable for even complaining. I will NEVER buy produce from this store again. It's a shame they employ someone so careless about his dept. and his responsibility to maintaining public health.

As for Driscoll, contrary to their corporate hype about food safety, like other big agri-businesses, I don't think they really give a rat's ass about the safety of their products. And God knows the FDA and Agriculture Dept. doesn't bother inspecting stores or farms these days.

Called To See If They Had An Item
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Rating: 1/51

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO -- I called Albertsons on Eubank and Candelaria, spoke to grocery person. I asked if they sell an item. He quotes he's not aware of that item. I quoted, "well I need to know for sure if you do." He didn't want to check and hung up. I called again, asked for manager of store name ** - I'm holding. A man comes online, said "what can I do for you?" I said "I'm waiting on Lisa." He quotes, "she's at lunch will be done in five minutes." I call back in ten mins, then I'm told she's in a meeting. I got nowhere with any of these people!!!

Manager Is Very Rude
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Rating: 1/51

HELENA, MONTANTA -- I was in there with my son and I heard the manager being very rude to another employee. I also asked her to put my meats in two bags so it wasn't so thick and she wouldn't do it. I didn't like the way she was talking to that other girl, so I went up front and checked out and told the lady up there and she said she was sorry and that there has been a lot of people complaining to them about her. They said they have told the store director and they don't do anything to her.

I will not go back in there ever again. You are going to lose a lot of people if something isn't done about her. I looked at her name tag and it said **. That's all I know about her. She isn't very friendly when she waits on you. I wouldn't want her working for me. You need to do something about her asap. I don't want to give my information for I don't want anyone knowing I made this complaint. You can talk to the other employees about her. If you do, do it away from her.

They Overcharge on Items Repeatedly and Seniors Are at a Greater Risk of Being Overcharged
By -

I can spend 100 dollars every couple of weeks at Alberstsons and I guarantee you they overcharge me on at least one of my trips for one item or multiple items. This must make these companies millions of dollars. I really worry about seniors and alike that might not notice or can't remember what the items were supposed to cost them. When I get to the counter, I know exactly how much each item is.

Unfortunately they start ringing it up while you are unloading your cart. I almost always have to go back inside and get my money. I will go back in for 25 cents, because it is my money, not theirs. This is an ongoing problem and they never seem to get it right. I just think of the thousands and thousands of dollars they collect that is not rightfully theirs. I would love a job as an undercover shopper to expose this abuse.

Ground Meat
By -

CHINO, CALIFORNIA -- I have asked 3 times "do you add water to your ground meats?" I have not received an answer. They promise in their automated response that they will reply within 24 hours, but their goal is to reply sooner. I have not received a reply and now find that their customer service site is "forbidden". I think that they do add water to their ground meats. When I cook their ground beef in a skillet, it does not fry until the water boiled off. By the time the water is boiled away and the meat starts to brown, it is overcooked and dry. Does anyone know where I can buy just plain ground beef?

Excellent Customer Service, Far Beyond Expectations
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Rating: 5/51

MCMINNVILLE, OREGON -- I am so grateful and impressed with the employees at the McMinnville Oregon Albertson, after I became disabled and had difficulty doing everything--including getting my groceries. An employee named ** has helped me several times now by ever so patiently and carefully picking out the items in my shopping list and delivering them to me (fortunately I live nearby). In this day and age, that kind of customer service and just simple compassion for folks in the community is rare!! Thumbs up to the McMinnville Albertsons and their excellent employees and their management.

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