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250 E Parkcenter Blvd
Boise City, ID 83706
1-877-932-794 (ph)
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Ground Meat
By -

CHINO, CALIFORNIA -- I have asked 3 times "do you add water to your ground meats?" I have not received an answer. They promise in their automated response that they will reply within 24 hours, but their goal is to reply sooner. I have not received a reply and now find that their customer service site is "forbidden". I think that they do add water to their ground meats. When I cook their ground beef in a skillet, it does not fry until the water boiled off. By the time the water is boiled away and the meat starts to brown, it is overcooked and dry. Does anyone know where I can buy just plain ground beef?

Starbucks in Side Albertsons Markets
By -

RAMONA, CALIFORNIA -- Starbucks inside of the Albertsons markets - well at first it was a great idea but then that changed. We are in a med.-sized town about 125,000 people in the 92065 area in San Diego and it was a great thing to have a Starbucks here and it was a big hit. Then the Starbucks started closing at 9:00 pm, then 8:00 pm, now it closes at 6:00 pm.

What kind of Starbucks closes at 6:00 pm? When I asked them how come they close so early they said, "well we're here at 6:00 am and it's just too long to be here working". Hell they need to close it down and take it out of Albertsons and let someone open up a Starbucks on the outside in town and stay open 'til at least 10:00 pm when everyone is still up and needs coffee and drinks of that nature. Thanks.

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