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Ground Meat
By -

CHINO, CALIFORNIA -- I have asked 3 times "do you add water to your ground meats?". I have not received an answer.

They promise in their automated response that they will reply within 24 hours, but their goal is to reply sooner.

I have not received a reply and now find that their customer service site is "forbidden".

I think that they do add water to their ground meats. When I cook their ground beef in a skillet, it does not fry until the water I boiled off. By the time the water is boiled away and the meat starts to brown, it is overcooked and dry.

Does anyone know where I can buy just plain ground beef?

Uncle bill

Starbucks in side Albertsons markets
By -

RAMONA, CALIFORNIA -- Starbucks inside of the Albertsons markets, well at first it was a great idea but then that changed. We are in a med.sized town about 125,000 people in the 92065 area in San Diego and it was a great thing to have a Starbucks here and it was a big hit. Then the Starbucks started closing at 9:00pm , then 8:00pm ,now it closes at 6:00pm. What kind of Starbucks closes at 6:00pm ? when I asked them how come they close so early they said ,"well were here at 6:00am and its just too long to be here working". Hell they need to close it down and take it out of Albertsons and let someone open up a Starbucks on the outside in town and stay open till at least 10:00pm when everyone is still up and needs coffie and drinks of that nature. thanks G.

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