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Please retrain the manager of Aldi
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Un satisfied customer. I shop there once every week. I like to buy a lot of groceries in bulks most of time for my business. this is like the 4th time. the store needs to keep their stocks on hand according to my purchases and other customers purchases. Every business needs happy satisfied Customers. Unfortunately, this Brand NEW store is not setting their STANDARDS. Please re-train the Manager. When the mgr. came by the cashier not to sale to me all my purchases. She did not even apologize. She just said the products needed to be evenly sold to other customers according to HER ORDERS for the store. the mgr. face was not smiling but the cashier was smiling and happy faced.

Is the Store mgr. the CEO, FOUNDER, OR THE OWNER?
If not, she needs to be FIRED. Retrained. or DEMOTED. OR SOMETHING ELSE.
ON Friday 9.30.2011, I purchased Bananas by the cases. I had only 2 cs. Previous shopping times. She Saw me and Said it was OK. TODAY, SHE SOLD only 1 case.
BUT READ THIS CAREFULLY. The POSTED PRICE OF BANANAS I saw at 0.30 cents per lb. THEN at the check out she Ran there to the Cashier and said something to her. My Receipt showed 0.44 cents per lb. I then walked back to check on the POSTED price "the manager (SHE)" HAD ALREADY CHANGED TO 0.44 CENTS IN JUST FEW MINUTES.

I hope your store have CAMERA TO CHECK ON HER. PLEASE DO SO.

I also purchase Avocados. I always bought 40 pieces or More. But TODAY she took back 30 pieces .
she had just pushed a CUSTOMER AWAY. SO SHAMEFULL ON HER.
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User Replies:
spiderman2 on 10/02/2011:
If you are going to be making bulk purchases for your business you could see if they can ordered the amount you need each week. I can see their concern if you come in and clean off their shelves. Other customers that come in to get their groceries will stop shopping there and then if you stop, they will be out of business. They are just trying to keep the majority of the customers happy.
trmn8r on 10/02/2011:
It sounds like you have larger volume need than the average customer of this discount supermarket chain. To have happy satisfied customers, they need to have stock on hand. It is very hard to plan inventory to account for a few customers who may or may not come along and buy 20 times the amount of a typical customer. I sympathize with the manager in this regard.
Nohandle on 10/02/2011:
I'm unfamiliar with the Aldi grocery chain. Are they wholesale grocers catering to restaurants and the like? If they are a regular grocery store perhaps next time you will see a sign *We reserve the right to limit quantities* or something akin to that. If you want them to have 2 cases of bananas and 40 avocados reserved for you on a particular day each week they might order extra just for you. I, however, don't understand the price change on the bananas if it was an advertised special and still good that day.
raven2010 on 10/02/2011:
Nohandle, Aldi is for extreme budgeters---you even have to put a quarter in a slot to get a cart (you get it back if you turn the cart in correctly)

Sometimes you can get name brand items, but most things are off, off, off label---still good though---and the produce prices are amazing

I LOVE my local Aldi---they do have a sign up in that indicates they reserve the right to limit quantities.
PaulaJ on 10/02/2011:
If you are going to buy in bulk at least call the store ahead of time to let them know you are coming. Are you a restaurant owner? If so, you should probably call a supply store instead, which you would probably have been better off doing in the first place.
Nohandle on 10/03/2011:
Thanks Raven. I had never heard of the chain. We have some wholesale grocers in our area and they only sell to businesses. A regular grocery chain, discount or not, might prefer not to be completely depleted of a particular item because of one individual. It makes for a lot of *sore* shoppers later who have to go to several stores just to complete their grocery list.
Starlord on 10/03/2011:
I went to an Aldi with relatives when I was visiting in Richmond, IN. As far as I could tell, it was just another grocery store. When we had our hot dog stand, we dealt with wholesale suppliers for most of our supplies. Here in Washington, we have Cash'N'Carry, which is basically a restaurant supply house that also sells to the general public. Great for large families, too.
PepperElf on 10/04/2011:
Sounds like the manager is trained just fine.

Telling you "no" isn't bad training. It just means you can't buy up EVERYTHING as if you're the only customer around.

And if you need that much, have you considered joining a warehouse store, or ordering it directly? You may even get cheaper prices that way vs using a small store like Aldi.
Anonymous on 10/04/2011:
Great review. Very resourceful.
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