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Don't Believe Their Posted Signs
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ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA -- On October 8, 2007, I brought my VW Golf GL TDI for the 60,000 mile tune-up. During that time, the technician states that the thermostat and the temperature sensor was bad during the checkup. I had purchased a platinum warranty plan which covered the sensor but did not cover the thermostat. The technician called me at 3:30 PM. I requested that the technician contact the warranty people to see what would be covered. I received a call back at 3:46 PM indicating the sensor was covered but the thermostat was not. I authorized the repair to be done. Now, what I found unusual was that I received a callback at 5:24 PM indicating that all the repairs were done.

This means that BOTH repairs were completed in 1 hour and 40 minutes. Yet I received a repair bill where the labor was over 235 dollars. You have a sign in your repair shop that states that you charge a flat rate fee of 95 dollars per hour. I understand that a flat rate fee per hour means that if you have to spend 1 - 59 minutes that is one hour and 1 hour and 1 min to 2 hours is 2 hours flat fee. Yet, I don't understand how I can be charged for over 2-1/2 hours of labor for the thermostat. 95x2.5 = 235. At best, I should only be charged for one hour since there were two items that needed to be covered and one was done via the warranty.

In addition, the bill they provided showed that they had charged the warranty item a full hour, which shows that the item that was being fixed under my own cost did not take a full hour to be fixed. I can only take my car to them due to the LIMITED warranty that I have but anything that has to be done out of pocket will go to Volkswerks down the street.

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