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The Best USB Wireless WiFi Adapter
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I bought this WiFi Adapter for my laptop, based on "very good" to "Excellent" reviews found on the Internet.
==> BTW; Not to be confused with a household router. This antenna picks up WiFi broadcasted signals from nearby routers [Including those from neighbors].

Prior to the hookup of the unit, my laptop's internal wireless WiFi picked up 4 other signals from my neighborhood; of which one was "Unsecured" [Their WiFi connection not password protected].

After installing the software and using only the basic small 'rubber ducky' antenna, I receive ELEVEN signals from other sources [Signal strength of 10 measured above "Good", while 1 measured as "Fair".]

Out of those 11 other WiFi connections displayed, THREE were unsecured!
And this was using only the small 5dB antenna. I can only imagine what I could receive using the extended magnetic roof antenna in my car, near an apartment complex!

One of the three unsecured signals came from a neighbor who named their connection as "@home 4482".
Obviously, their house was easy to locate [since they included their address as their network name].
They were a little shocked when I knocked on their door and suggested that they password protect the WiFi connection.

And, 'No'; it is not illegal to view a display showing other WiFi networks. It IS illegal to access them.
Nevertheless, a simple password isn't going to stop anyone with the drive [maybe someone like me!] of hacking into your connection anyway.

Just for giggles, I may simply follow the directions given on one of many YouTube videos on how to do that.
At any rate, this unit is really efficient.

I bought this unit from [Now called "] because they INCLUDED the magnetic 9dB roof antenna accessory at no extra charge.

Alfa AWUS036H 1000mW 1W 802.11b/g USB Wireless WiFi Network Adapter With Original Alfa 9dBi Rubber A - AWUS036H + 9dBi mag base
$43.00 Including shipping from
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