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Alitalia: the worst customer service ever to be found
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My parents were supposed to come visit me from Rome to New York, today 11/16/2009. Instead they spent all day at the airport in Rome, without even the possibility to check into their flight. There was a strike of the personnel and Alitalia did not give them any update for at least 8 hours. I, on my own end, called the NY customer service, but they never picked up. When I called the booking service, 5 times, after explaining the situation and requesting a reallocation of my parents on a new flight, the customer service person, always hung up on me.

They were rude, absolutely insensitive to the fact that my parents are elderly and had been waiting the entire day at the airport. We still do not know whether they will ever make it to NY, or get the ticket reimbursed. Alitalia is the worst airline there is. Shame on them. Avoid them at all cost.

Don't ever fly Alitalia if you can help it.
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I traveled on Alitalia to Italy recently and on the return trip, they lost my bags along with those of around 10 other passengers. The Alitalia agents at their "lost and found" in JFK airport in New York were rude and thoughtless, suggesting sarcastically that I should not have put medicine for my young son in the checked luggage when I pointed out politely that the medicine was in there and that it would go bad if we did not have the bags back in a few days. Then, when I tried to call the number they gave me to follow up I learned that it rolls right into voice mail with no one picking up. I left several messages, which went unreturned.

I tried to call another number where an agent picked up and hung up on me when I asked to be put in contact with a live person to discuss my lost luggage. I have checked their website and two days have passed and they claim to still be looking for my bags. The bottom line is they care nothing about you once they have taken your money. I will never, ever fly with them again. If you are considering flying with them, I suggest you search the net for Alitalia and complaints and you will find many similar horror stories and also indications that they regularly lose customer luggage.

Lost luggage
By -

OREGON -- This is the absolute worst experience that I have had with any airline. Alitalia lost our luggage on flight from Rome to JFK. They have no idea where our luggage is. Their computer system is never updated. We located one bag through Delta airlines. It was supposed to be on a Delta flight from Rome to JFK on August 4. It is now 24 hours later and we still don't have any idea if this bag made it to the destination. Delta cannot confirm its arrival. Alitalia does not answer the phone. The other bag ended up in Boston. The claim check tags were ripped off.

An alert Alitalia employee (an oxymoron) happened to see a tag with a phone number and contacted us. She is going to Fedex the bag to us. She was afraid that it would get lost again. Another employee stated that the Alitalia computers are never updated, so the website is useless. It has been four days and we still do not have our luggage. Every flight we took with this company was delayed. It took 16 hours for us to go from Florence, Rome and then to JFK. I pray that this airline goes out of business soon.

Lack of Customer Service
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NEWARK, NEW JERSEY -- I wish I had been to this website before buying my whole family tickets for a vacation in Italy. The lack of customer service for all the personnel in this airline is out of this world. When traveling back from Italy to USA we found a lack of professionalism, customer service and basic organizational skills an all of their staff. The flight attendants were all in a bad mood, like if you were asking for a favor and not paying for a service. Even asking them for ice for a Coke seems to bother them. We lost one bag and the lady even told us not to call anymore and just look on the internet.

By -

TORONTO, IDAHO -- This airline is heading for surefire closure unless they completely revamp their ill staff: I had a documented confirmed reservation from Toronto-Milan-Bombay with special meal request for 3 of us. But to my astonishment at the time of Check-in the counter clerk told me, (even without looking at the ticket or confirmation on computer) that my ticket is valid only if I pay 255 CAN$ and asked me to go to ticketing counter with my 2 kids and baggage. All the counters were supervised by very bored predominantly frustrated staff looking forward to their retirements.

I wanted to know the reason for asking excess charges sought for confirmation. Rude and arrogant staff of Alitalia gave no response to my simple question & said if I want to fly then I pay or she will leave the counter and go. I paid 255$ since I had no option and that lady was not interested to talk. After paying I went to check-in where I was told that my special meal is not confirmed though I had a computer print out from travel agent. I asked counter clerk to call their manager to clarify.

An old aged man who was rudest of all, supposedly manager, said he cannot do anything since his system do not speak anything and also he cannot make any alternative arrangement for vegetarian. His claim was that any documented evidence from travel agent is not genuine and hence invalid. Anyway I had to starve onboard without food up to Milan and kids remained on biscuits I carried. If Alitalia crew/staff was little professional, then could have made arrangement when we checked in 2 hours before. When asked for complaint form it was refused and crew forcibly kept plates with meat which was out of question to be accepted being vegetarian.

However onward journey from Milan to Bombay was little better with okay crew and proper food and service. I heard couple of times before traveling about Alitalia which is on verge of winding up and bankruptcy. I have decided never to fly this Airline again.

Staff/crew are mostly ill-trained with attitude problem with zero customer service. Arrogancy, harsh and unfriendly attitude seems to be way of their culture.They have no respect for the customers, young or elder. Top of all Toronto Alitalia's old aged manager(?) looking for sweet retirement who is frustrated and only means an extra cut of money on the name of confirmation of reservation to save the Airline with bankruptcy and debts heading for tough competition with Aeroflot and Air India.

Keep Alitalia far from your travel ideas. Service onboard is not poor - it's almost non existent. Flight attendants are pathetic and unconcerned about their work. Service is not a word for Alitalia. If you ask for something you can hear them making fun of you with the rest of the crew. They strike once a month for extra incentives so that you are in trouble and cannot fly. They gather in the back of the plane to chat instead of doing their work. I don't know if this is an Italian thing but generally the crew had no manners and spoke to you as though you were a burden on them.

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