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Resources to Consider if You Want to File a Complaint Against Your Credit Card Company. Mastercard, Visa, Discover Card, American
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NATIONWIDE -- Report the credit card issuer to the Comptroller of the Currency. Phone number is 202-874-4700.

Report the company to your state's attorney general's office. You can find links to your state's AG website at Your state might allow you to file a complaint online. This is probably the most effective complaint to make as it is the attorney general's who have filed most of the lawsuits against credit card companies. For example, it was the California AG who sued Providian and forced them to pay the largest judgment against a credit card company ever.

Report the company to the Better Business Bureau. Submit your case for dispute resolution online at

Report the company to your elected representatives. You can find their email / mailing addresses at and The banking industry, which is composed mostly of credit card companies, has a lot of power in Washington, D.C. in the form of lobbyists and contributions to election campaigns. Despite this fact, your elected officials are more afraid of you because you can vote them out of office. If you think contacting them is a waste of time, you're wrong. Someone will read your correspondence and if enough complaints are received something will be done about it.

Report the company to banking regulators. Their mailing address is Division of Credit Practices, Bureau of Consumer Protection, Federal Trade Commission, Washington, D.C. 20580 or file a complaint online at

Report the credit card company to the FDIC - Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

Contact the consumer / investigative reporter at your local ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX and PBS station and let them know what you have experienced. The station may do a story if they see the event as newsworthy or they receive similar complaints from several consumers.

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Top 10 Consumer Friendly Credit Card List - Not on List (Chase, Bank of America, MBNA & Discover Card) Surprised????
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I found this information and wanted to pass on to everyone so we can band together and "Fire" the major predatory loan sharks which we currently have our credit cards with and switch to a better company. Hope this resource helps many.

The 10 most consumer-friendly credit cards, per Consumer Reports., a leading source of data on the credit-card industry, analyzed 10,200 card offers to identify those with the lowest cost in a group that provided the best terms based on CR’s criteria. None of the 10 cards has a universal default clause, two-cycle billing, or balance transfer fees, all of which can jack up finance charges. All cards have a grace period of at least 25 days and have no annual fees. The information is current as of Aug. 1, 2005. An “f” indicates that the card has a fixed rate; “v,” a variable rate. Rates are the lowest offered to customers who meet issuers’ credit-score standards. The “go-to APR” takes effect at the end of the promotional period.

Card Issuing bank, Intro APR, Go-to APR,Cash advance fee, Late-payment fee, Over-limit fee, Currency-exchange fee, Phone number

Platinum MasterCard Town North, none, v 7.99%, 2%, $15, $15, none, 877-866-2265

Visa Platinum First Tennessee, f 3.90%, v 8.40, 3, 35, 35, 3%, 800-234-2840

Visa Gold Pulaski, f 0.00, f 8.50, none, 35, 29, none, 800-217-7715

Visa Platinum Rewards Simmons First National, none, f 8.95, 3, 29, 29, 2, 877-245-1234

Target Visa Target National, none, f 9.90, 3, 35, none, 1 877-474-8378

Visa Platinum BB&T, f 1.90, f 9.90, 3, 35, 29, 2, 800-476-4228

Platinum MasterCard Franklin Templeton Bank & Trust, none, v 9.99, 3, 29, 29, 2, 800-238-2761

Visa Platinum RBC Centura, f 2.90, v 9.99, 3.50, 29, 29, 1 800-236-8872

Visa Platinum Commerce, f 2.99, v 10.49, none, none, none, 2, 888-751-9000

Visa Platinum Zions, none, v 11.50, 2, 29, 29, 1, 800-789-8800

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User Replies:
Hugh_Jorgen on 04/20/2006:
I see you are at this again. You know, you really should let go and enjoy life. I'm sorry you fell victim to the evil credit card company, but this stalking them isn't doing you any good.
makingmegopostal on 04/20/2006:
Mr Jorgen, what department at Bank of America do you work in? Wouldn't it be better to apply the Golden rule in your banking practices than to bash people that honestly complain about your crooked bank?
Discoverhater on 04/20/2006:
I actually am going to do some good because I know I am empowering consumers with information so they do not fall victim to the big credit card companies and can stand up to the card companies abuses.

Are you a “status quo” person who does not challenge the status quo and will continue to let companies screw you while you exercise the “ostrich principle” and stick your head in the sand hoping the problem will go away and/or will not happen to you? I am a leader and a leader will always face resistance and antagonism from people who oppose their vision for one reason or another and try to sabotage the idea. The reasons people oppose change are usually one or a combination of the following: (1) you stand to loose power, (2) ignorance, (3) inability to adapt to changes, (4) unwillingness to change, (5) fear of the unknown, (5) person is a stakeholder in the cause and stands to loose if the process, rule or law is changed (As in this case, you will oppose me and try to sabotage me if you work for a credit card company because you stand to lose a job, revenue, negative brand image and/or shareholder funding so you will not support me even if you know I am right). I am prepared for opposition and am ready to cause changes to happen within the credit card industry. If no one ever challenged the status quo in America then we would be a stagnant nation and would never see change and growth because no innovations and/or new challenges or products would occur and/or be developed.

I am going to battle the credit card companies all the way to the Supreme Court of the United States of America. If you only knew what the credit card companies are doing to people, you would be a leader too and stand up for the citizens of the United States of America. Congress and our elected officials are not doing their job to protect the consumer so someone has to represent the people. The credit card companies and banks buy our elected officials with bribes and political contributions. The Comptroller of the Currency is actually funded by the banks so the Comptroller is biased towards the banks.

All you have to do is look at the bankruptcy reform bill put into law in October 2005. The bankruptcy bill was passed because the banks lobbied and "paid" Congress to implement the reform so big banks will have more power to rip-off consumers. The consumer is provided with less protection and cannot discharge debts as easily in bankruptcy because of the credit card companies predatory tactics.

You might as well get used to me. You are going to see and hear a whole lot more of me as my crusade has only begun. I am currently working on several class action lawsuits against the credit card companies and I have notified all the media outlets in America and have had several contact me to do a story. I am going to be the "Ralph Nader" of the 2000 decade for the consumer. I have only received positive feedback from many people in my city and from the media. They are glad someone is standing up to these credit card companies because they have all been victimized in one way or another by their credit card company.

I am also going to develop an anti-credit card website so everyone can post his or her experiences and challenges they have encountered with the credit card industry. This site will allow consumers to become empowered and not be victims and/or be victimized by the credit card companies because of ignorance or fear.

I am also working with several newspapers to take out a full-page ad to educate consumers on the credit card industries predatory and abusive tactics and let consumers know they do have choices.
Discoverhater on 04/20/2006:
I was instrumental in commencing a class action lawsuit back in 1999 against First USA in Dallas, TX and look what happened to First USA as a result of my action and many others nationwide. Consumers were empowered with information and rebelled against First USA by closing their accounts. First USA experienced a large cardholder attrition rate. They had to pay close to $400 million dollars in restitution, fines and attorneys fees. The value of Bank One's stock plummeted because of the lawsuits. First USA had to "hide" under the Chase umbrella in hopes of consumers not knowing they now belong to Chase and use the Chase name so they could hopefully get cardholders back. First USA had several class action shareholder lawsuits brought against them because of the fraud and earnings shortfalls resulting from the publicity of the class action lawsuits.

I am proud that I was instrumental in standing up for hundreds of thousands of cardholders nationwide who held First USA accounts and were being victimized by First USA's actions and practices. First USA is now a dead brand and the practices have carried over to Chase as they acquired the brand and changed the name from First USA to Chase.
Discoverhater on 04/20/2006:
Hugh Jorgen, as "Makingmegopostal" stated in his great post that proves the point of my message below, "What.....Bank of America do you work", can you answer this question for us as the question is valid as you do seem to be a stakeholder within a bank or credit card company. Your post "nicely and indirectly" tells me to leave big banks and credit card companies alone because maybe you don't want people to be informed of the daily practices you engage in and how B of A rips people off daily (If you do indeed work for them) so you are attempting to practice a little self preservation on behalf of Bank of America because maybe you have a job and/or bonus at stake if people find out how bad B of A steals from people everyday and maybe your bonus and/or salary compensation is based on how much "junk fee" income your branch generates.

As I stated before, I am not going away anytime soon so get used to me and go complain internally to your superiors within the bank that consumers are becoming vigilant to the bank's exploitative practices and maybe the bank should rethink their rip-off strategies before it is too late.
Ponie on 04/20/2006:
D-hater, I didn't even bother reading all the rants you've written here, but I have a question for you: How many times did you make late payments causing you to be slugged with late fees? And a second: How many credit cards will ALLOW you to make late payments without assessing a fee?
Hugh_Jorgen on 04/21/2006:
I don't work for any bank. In addition, I have had credit cards for many years and have never had a single problem with them. Want to know why? Simple - I read and make sure I understand the terms and conditions before I sign my name. And once I have the card, I abide by the rules I agreed to. That means I don't go over the credit limit and I make my payments on time. If everyone else did the same, then there would be no problems. CC compaines (like all for profit business) are here to make money, that are not a public service and a credit card is not a "right" in this country.
Discoverhater on 04/21/2006:
"Ponie", you stated that you have not "read my rants" so how can you claim they are "rants" when you have not read them. You might want to read them as you might learn something.

I have reviewed your posts and for the most part all you do is criticize others who do not think as you do and I do not see you making any positive contributions to this website.

Ponie's statement "…....I have a question for you: How many times did you make late payments causing you to be slugged with late fees?" Twice and the relevance to this topic post is?

Ponie's next question - "And a second: How many credit cards will ALLOW you to make late payments without assessing a fee?” If you know the answer and can provide a list of those credit cards that do not charge a late fee, then please post a review so all of us can be informed. I do not know of many cards that do not have late fees. Some of your retail store credit cards will not assess a late fee; Kohl's is one of them. The new Citibank "Simplicity" Visa will not charge a late fee as long as you make one purchase a month with the card. Citibank promotes the "no late fee" aspect of the card but what they do not tell you and bury in the fine print of the cardholder agreement is that the purchases will start accruing interest as of the purchase date so "buyer beware". The Visa Platinum Commerce, as listed in my original post, also does not charge a late fee.

Again, the relevance of your late fee question to this post is. Nowhere in my post did I present an argument and/or challenge the issue of late fees or even breach on the topic of late fees. If you review the list of cards in my post, you will see that 9 out of 10 charge a late fee. Maybe you are just hoping to create an argument because you cannot provide any informative information that consumers can use so you have to find some way to insert your "criticism" even though the criticism is completely irrelevant to my original post.
jme022 on 04/26/2006:
Looking for thoughts here...
I paid Discover a $2000 payment online 4/3/2006. They took the money out of my account and posted it as a payment. Completed transaction, right ?

Then a week later, I decide to transfer $3000 to another higher interest rate card to pay it off. I keep track online and come to find out that Discover applied the $2000 towards the 4.9% $3000 balance transfer I did a week later. Basically what they did was apply money from a completed transaction to the 4.9% balance transfer. I understand transactions being done within the same billing period and all that.

My point is, they took my $$ and applied it to the purchase % rate, then undid that transaction to apply it towards the $3000 transfer first in the interest charge on my statement. In summary, I took advantage of a 4.9% balance transfer for $3000, and I am only getting the rate on $1000.

Can they do this ???
JG3_Dragon on 04/29/2006:
Seeing these post here today. I know what I have done is the cure. NO CREDIT CARDS!
Find another source to back your spending activity and finance. Or you WILL be another victom of Credit Card Sharks.
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Consumer Friendly State Credit Card Laws - Avoid Predatory Charges - Discover Card, Visa and Mastercard
Posted by on
NATIONWIDE -- Here is a sampling of states with consumer-friendly credit card laws and guidelines. Remember, the rules apply to people using credit cards from issuers based in that state. The state laws do not apply to people using credit cards issued by a company based in another state.

Low interest rate
Arkansas: State law caps interest rate at 5 percent above the Federal Discount Rate at the time of the credit card contract. These super-low rates (currently 9½ percent) are reserved for people with excellent credit.

Caps on annual fees
Georgia: $12
Mississippi: $12
Tennessee: $15
Kentucky: $20
North Carolina: $20

Extra time before late fees charged
Maine: A customer has 15 days past a bill's due date to get a payment to the issuer before a late fee is imposed.
Iowa: Iowa-based issuers give customers 10 days of leeway after the payment due date. Iowa law also caps late fees and over-the-limit fees at $15.

Extended notice of change in credit card terms Iowa: 60 days
Wisconsin: 90 days

Allows people to pay off balance at old rate when rate hike occurs

Gives consumers a comparative listing of credit card rates, fees and grace periods
New York
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User Replies:
Ponie on 04/25/2006:
Do we have to go through this again, and again, and again? Please--spare me!
Anonymous on 04/26/2006:
Yup, What Ponie said!
P.S. Cutting and pasting skills do not make you a consumer advocate, sorry
Discoverhater on 04/26/2006:
Ponie, Yes we do have to “go through this again and again…” so if you don’t like it then don’t read my posts or I can spare everyone your negative thoughts and block you from posting comments to my reviews.

I do not see you making any positive contributions to this website. I checked your profile and the comments you have posted and your profile shows you posting Zero reviews and 384 Comments. Ninety-eight percent of the time, you criticize the poster and/or question their credibility and the other 2% of the time you concur with the poster because you have encountered the same experience and/or the poster thinks like you. There obviously appears to be an inferiority complex present or you are perfect unlike the rest of the population and never make mistakes. This website is for people to post information for other consumers to review so they can become aware and empowered. Since you present yourself as being perfect, you should be a leader and provide us information that we can used to become perfect like you rather than always criticizing and belittling people.
Discoverhater on 04/26/2006:
AmaniR, What are you going to accuse me of next? Plagiarism. Would it make you feel better if I cite my sources in the reviews I post where I have inserted a table and/or information from an outside source?

This website is a website for raising consumer awareness. I am posting to this website and creating reviews for others to read in one central location. Some items I have copied from other websites and posted them to this website but most of my reviews I have composed myself. Again, I want people to be able to read relevant information in one location and not have to spend hours searching the web or be ignorant. Do you really want to think like Ponie and present yourself as narrow minded and negative?
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