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All In One Handyman Fail On Every Level
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ROCHESTER -- I am writing this review on here because "All in one handy man" and his wonderful crew keep deleting the negative comments on their website (go figure though) here is how things went down.

4/20 He showed up and quoted the price on installing the garage door opener which we agreed to and wrote up a contract so we wouldn't get screwed as he demanded half up front, the agreement was to come and install it he next morning 4/21 at ten A.M, however around 930 am he calls and says his wife took his tools to another town, to which I replied "I have plenty of tools and you can just use mine. His response was silly " it takes special tools to install a garage door opener. Well he then continued to say he would for sure be there the next day at the same time ten o'clock A.M. Well on 4/22 his wife calls and states that he is in jail, how lovely I think to myself.... She further claims that she will make it right and drop the down payment off at our house later on that same day 4/22 but never shows. We call her back and she says she'll drop it by on 4/24 and low and behold she doesn't show? Right she doesn't show or even call to let us know something came up.

So now here it is 4/30 they have spent our down payment and claim they'll pay us back on Wednesday 5/5 but if I kind of see a pattern, if your looking to get robbed blind give this number a call (507) 202-8074. They claim to have never scammed us and that we are blowing it all out of proportion and have harmed their good name, are you serious your good name?? Don't make me chuckle.

I hope that nobody else has to be put through their swindling con game and have nothing to do with these lying thieves
*update* they did not show on the 5th

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