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All In One Handyman Fail On Every Level
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ROCHESTER -- I am writing this review on here because "All in one handy man" and his wonderful crew keep deleting the negative comments on their website (go figure though) here is how things went down.

4/20 He showed up and quoted the price on installing the garage door opener which we agreed to and wrote up a contract so we wouldn't get screwed as he demanded half up front, the agreement was to come and install it he next morning 4/21 at ten A.M, however around 930 am he calls and says his wife took his tools to another town, to which I replied "I have plenty of tools and you can just use mine. His response was silly " it takes special tools to install a garage door opener. Well he then continued to say he would for sure be there the next day at the same time ten o'clock A.M. Well on 4/22 his wife calls and states that he is in jail, how lovely I think to myself.... She further claims that she will make it right and drop the down payment off at our house later on that same day 4/22 but never shows. We call her back and she says she'll drop it by on 4/24 and low and behold she doesn't show? Right she doesn't show or even call to let us know something came up.

So now here it is 4/30 they have spent our down payment and claim they'll pay us back on Wednesday 5/5 but if I kind of see a pattern, if your looking to get robbed blind give this number a call (507) 202-8074. They claim to have never scammed us and that we are blowing it all out of proportion and have harmed their good name, are you serious your good name?? Don't make me chuckle.

I hope that nobody else has to be put through their swindling con game and have nothing to do with these lying thieves
*update* they did not show on the 5th
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User Replies:
MDSasquatch on 04/30/2010:
File a police report; then he will really be in jail.
PepperElf on 04/30/2010:
I agree.

I'm betting they're lying about taking the tools to another town
and being in jail.

I would suggest, in addition to filing the police report, call the jail that he was in to verify that he was even there. it should be public information.

Slimjim on 04/30/2010:
Agreed, file a police report. More often than not, business transactions are civil, but certain cases the police at least will make a call. This sounds like one they may. Also file a BBB complaint. This is the kind of business that would rely on a clear report as a reference.
PepperElf on 05/01/2010:
I don't think the BBB will help
I saw his website and didn't see any BBB affiliation.

In fact the only thing his site really has is a blurb about himself, the 2 work numbers to call, and a guest book.

and a link about how to get a free web page.
Yeah, his "official" web page is just a free page hosted at

Slimjim on 05/01/2010:
With the BBB, it doesn't matter if he's accredited by them or not. Local BBB charters keep records on any business they have ever had a complaint or even inquiry on. A handyman is the type of guy someone may want to check out with the BBB before hiring. An independent contractor like this will be hurt if his BBB record has a complaint history. Now those we've seen here that want to complaint to the BBB about huge public companies like say Bank of America, LOL, now those guys are wasting their time on that one.
PepperElf on 05/01/2010:
but they also can't take legal action

so filing theft charges will help too, especially if he's already in jail....

which reminds me, if he was arrested, I wonder what for.

though, considering how he & his wife acted - and how cheap his website looks - I'm kind of wondering if he even cares what the bbb says.

I mean it's not like he's going out of his way to look professional in the first place.
chromebones85 on 05/01/2010:
Thanks for all the info guys I voted helpful! I've recenlty contacted them and they claim I'll have my money back on Wednesday 5/5 when they get money lol rob peter to pay paul? idk thanks though guys and I'll keep this updated.
Anonymous on 05/01/2010:
Most independent contractors aren't registered with the BBB and don't care what is said about them there - word of mouth is how they get business in most cases.
PepperElf on 05/01/2010:
CB - don't hold your breath though.
if they fail you again take it to the law
chromebones85 on 05/01/2010:
thanks I will for sure and I'll let them know I posted here cuz they freaked when I posted an ad titled "my money back" in the wanted ads in Craigslist lol
chromebones85 on 05/01/2010:
PepperElf (05/01/2010)
"but they also can't take legal action"
What you mean?
Anonymous on 05/01/2010:
I think she means the BBB cannot take legal action.

You chromebone certainly can take legal action. If you have a contract and they didn't make good on it, follow the legal route and file in small claims court. Collecting is a different matter but it will be a strike against them.
chromebones85 on 05/01/2010:
Oh ofcoarse, and thanks sometimes it just takes a different perspective,
PepperElf on 05/01/2010:
yes pro is correct.
the bbb has no legal authority, so other than giving the guy a bad rating they can't do much against him.

but you yourself can take legal action. and I hope you do if they don't pay you back on the 5th.

also... another option you have is to contact the FTC. I can't say they will or won't take action but... they do have legal powers that the BBB doesn't =)
chromebones85 on 05/02/2010:
Thanks for all your helpful advice PE, I will be ready to hit them with anything I can if the cash doesn't makeits way back to me! I also ended up doing the job myself, no crazy tool were needed just simple wrenches and a socket set
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