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Do Not Use All My Sons Moving & Storage
By -

I used your service on june 12th. I called on my 20th to schedule my move for june 12th & was told that the movers would be there between 8:00 & 10:00. To my surprise when I called back to have my cell # listed on my account I was told that the movers never came between 8 & 10 that they would be there at 7:00 or noon. I requested 7:00 & was told that it shouldn'€™t be a problem since I had called so far in advance. I had to call to confirm because my cell # was not used to contact me 2 days before the move & was told that the movers would be there at noon. It was bad enough that I wasn'™t scheduled for 7:00 but the lady (& I use that term very loosely) was extremely rude.

I was told by one of the movers that there was only one woman that answered the phone so it shouldn'€™t be hard to figure who this rude woman is. First of all she said "get on the phone" & said 5 times that I had changed the date of my move!!! Which is absolutely incorrect. I never changed the date of my move. She ended up saying & I quote.."oh, of course you didn'€™t." She practically accused me of being a liar. Then she said & I quote. '€"well, i'™ll just call the people who were scheduled for the morning & tell them we have to move you instead." I have never had anyone be so rude to me when I was spending hundreds of dollars for a service.

Also, a guy named Roger called & wanted to know if I could move on sunday instead of Saturday. What kind of company is this where customers are supposed to work around a companies schedule? Who'€™s making the profit here? The rude woman also complained about having so many jobs on the day of my move. Is that really supposed to be my concern? I don'€™t think so. I am the customer for goodness sake.

Now, that was my first complaint. The movers!!!!! One of the guys was too old & too slow to be doing this type work. This older guy commented on some of my furniture not being in good condition. I thought that was very rude & the younger guy said he only did this job on the side. I believe I read on your website where you only used professional movers & that this was their only job. So much for honesty on the website!! The movers were extremely slow!!!! It took them 3 ½ hours just to load up my stuff & get to the new house & I was in a 2 bedroom apartment!!!

Not only were they terribly slow but they nicked up my bedroom suite & left articles in my old apartment & I had to drive 30 miles to go back & pick up. Since they were so slow I ended up paying over $500.00 for this service & it should have been around $445.00 it should not have taken 6 hours & 15 minutes. I have used 2 men & a truck before but used your service to try & save money. Never again. If 2 men & a truck were a Lexus your company would be Yugo.

Needless to say I will never use your service again & as soon as I have time I am going to post all over the internet about my experience with your company.

All My Sons Moving, Little Rock
By -

LITTLE ROCK, ARKANSAS -- This was my 14th complete household move in 38 years and the worst moving experience ever. The service promised at the time of the estimate, included the same employees loading/unloading and guaranteed delivery date, were not provided as promised. The packers were sloppy and unskilled and uncaring. Our furniture sustained many scratches and damage from the poor packing in the truck. The master bedroom set was new and every piece has large scratches. Part of our load was put on a second truck and was packed so loosely that it was just rattling around in the truck.

AMS was the highest of the 3 bids I received but I chose them because of the services they were allegedly offering. Every time I look at my damaged furniture, I want to smack myself in the head. The manager's attitude about the damage was that is just what occurs normally in the course of a move. After 13 other moves, I think I am pretty well educated about what to expect from long distance moves. I take every opportunity to warn people not to use this company.

Avoid This Company At All Costs
By -

STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT -- On August 1st, I employed the services of All My Sons (Stratford, CT) to assist me with a local move. To my dismay, not all of the items that were loaded on to the truck were offloaded. Valuables were taken, including cash, and much damage was done to the furniture. Not only was the final bill 3x the quoted estimate, but they stole my property.

Check with your local Better Business Bureau (they are affiliated, but with the worst record of complaints) or do a simple web-search before you contract a mover. I implore you to avoid this company at all costs. You will find ZERO customer-service skills & movers with criminal records. Does this sound like the kind of company you want to trust with your belongings? Unfortunately, I didn't research them until it was too late.

They "moved" me to complain
By -

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I thought that my poor experience with this company was a fluke, 'till I had the idea to "google" them... and saw the other complaints about them on this site, nationwide! We contacted All My Sons movers waaaay in advance of moving my 76-year-old mother from her condo in a 38-story elevator building, into a retirement community on the 16th floor of an elevator building. Both buildings had very strict move-in requirements. We negotiated with both.. the movers would begin the move-out on Friday at 1:00 p.m., and complete the move-in by 4:30 that same afternoon...

Fast-forward to moving day... We have to chase down the movers, who don't show up at all on Saturday. They claim they had a problem with the prior move... but they didn't bother to call the 6 of us, waiting for them. They did have all our cell phone numbers! All my sons agrees they'll come "whatever time, whatever day" the buildings will allow... We'll work it out.. Including any additional fees the buildings might charge... we're very sorry!

We finally renegotiate with a very reluctant 1st building to move OUT 12-2 Saturday... Not a moment before 12:00, and not a moment after 2:00 says the building... We have a move in front of you and a move behind! The 2nd bldg agrees to accept a move-in... but not a moment before 5:30. All my sons says "fine". Saturday we arrive early, and guess who's there arguing with the front desk? All my sons worksheet says "start at 11:00" amazingly we get the bldg. to allow us to start early...

Surprise... the movers don't have the 4 wardrobes they'd agreed to provide for free. Surprise... the foreman didn't know anything about delivering after 5:30 at the 2nd bldg... He threatens to leave because he doesn't have to take this **!! (his words) Now we're negotiating with HIM to please stay. He reluctantly agrees (he's doing US a favor!! geee thanks), but then insists we call the 2nd bldg, and get them to accept a move-in prior to 5:30... Because his son has a baseball game at 6:00 he needs to attend. Believe it or not... the 2nd bldg. agrees, but ONLY if he's there to START the move by 3:00!

So now we're "moving" ...the actual move itself goes fairly smoothly... We get OUT of the 1st building... Arrive at the new building at 3:10 (the 2nd bldg has been wonderfully cooperative)... where All My Sons now wants to be paid in prior to unloading... Fine, we said, but we're going to need to negotiate your fee... We attempt to negotiate the price with Mark, the Supervisor on the phone, based on the unbelievable problems with scheduling and losing an entire day...

They give us a modest discount (still $200 higher than our originally quote price, even WITH the discount... Go figure!), and agree not to charge us for the nonexistent wardrobes (how nice of them).. and not charge us for 4 rolls of "tape"... Nice of them since the boxes were all sealed with OUR OWN TAPE, and BY US!!! As you can imagine, we feel this is an inadequate resolution. They say "too bad" that's it. Take it or leave it. They say they'll refuse to deliver our furnishings and will take it back to their warehouse, unless we agree.

I tell Mark (the supervisor) on the phone, that I'll notify the management of the 2nd building who'd recommended him, and anyone else I know (I'm a realtor) that All My Sons sucks, to which he responds "oh, now you're hurting my feelings!"

Angrily and reluctantly we agree to pay.. only because they're holding my mother's furniture hostage. They won't take a check (smart move) only a credit card. The move-in goes okay... a few glass frames broken, and a piano bench badly scratched, and the leather couch scratched. They say "file a claim" (clearly "charm-school" graduate!) These guys should be avoided at all costs. Hire anybody else, before you hire these guys... I'd have my 76-year-old mother move you, before hiring these guys!

This Was the Worst Move Ever
StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarEmpty StarBy -
Rating: 1/51

LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I hired these movers and they were not careful with my items. I had one box of broken China, 2 pieces of missing jewelry, 2 broken plastic totes, 2 broken book cases. Sloppy work. I requested a claim form from my local office and was told it had to be sent certified mail. I talk to corporate and they told me that was not true. I could receive one today by email. I expect to get that today. The local office has not been cooperative.

Missing Several Items After the Move
By -

AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I was fooled; they seemed trustworthy, but the movers ripped me off. Not all of my things came out of the truck. I was pressed for time to move and had no one helping me watch everything going on. Three movers, one person so I could not be in two places at once. I later discovered that several small valuable things were missing. I even tipped these guys!

Great Service
By -

INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- I used All My Sons to move from the midwest to the east coast. The men that loaded and unloaded the truck were friendly and knowledgeable. They took good care of my things and everything arrived in good shape. The owner of the business is very hands-on; customer service is their priority. I highly recommend this company.

Poor Logistics Planning and Abyssmal Customer Service
By -

PEACHTREE CITY, GEORGIA -- This moving company is to be avoided!! My boyfriend scheduled a move with them for a Saturday. They were supposed to call on Friday to finalize, but never did. He had to call them three times before anyone would even discuss the matter with him. They finally said movers would be there between 1 and 3 pm. The movers never showed. He got a call around 7 Saturday evening saying the movers would be there at 9:30 Sunday morning. No apology, no explanation, nothing. Sunday morning came and went, no movers.

The movers finally showed at 4 pm on Sunday. When they did come, they did not bring the wardrobe boxes we requested. They didn't even have a record of the request. Had there been anyone else to do it, we would have cancelled, but everyone was booked solid and we both were recovering from injuries, so we couldn't do it ourselves. We've been calling the company to complain and request a partial refund for the inconvenience, but no one will talk to us. We've now filed our complaint with the BBB.

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