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FLORIDA -- Note: This review is NOT about All Star Vacations in Syracuse, NY.

All Star Vacations also operating as Next Level Tours, Inc are scam artist who target mostly Latinos and prey on their vulnerability. They scammed me and deceived me into believing I had won a all paid vacation package if I was calling number 15. $399.00 later, I find out this was all a scam.

Please don't fall victim to this scam and lets stop listening to the radio station who advertised a vacation package to "no where" and furthermore, allowed this company to con their listeners into believing they had won a trip. La Mega 97.9 should be held liable for their part in this deplorable scam. Shame on 97.9 for betraying the trust of their avid listeners.
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Anonymous on 05/22/2008:
La Mega is a Latino radio station...close enough sounding to 'La Migra' to tip me off about a scam. Arrribbbaa! LOL
Ben There on 05/22/2008:
So what was the scam? Did you pay $399 and not get a trip?
Slimjim on 05/22/2008:
You should provide more details of the events to help others recognize this alleged scam.
tander on 05/22/2008:
If you won a paid vacation then why are you paying $399. You shouldn't have to pay anything to win a contest, if you do it's not a legitimate contest.
Zoei on 05/23/2008:
La Mega 97.9 is latin radio that is well known. They have been advertising all kinds of contest to win anything from concerts, prize money to vacation, etc. I just happen to call that one day and was caller number 6, imagine my excitement when I was told I won a paid vacation for two to Punta Cana for 5 days. Since taxes are paid on everything that was the gimmick they used to convince everyone who fell for the same scam. I know the old phrase, nothing for nothing. Again, in my defense, I was calling the number advertised by La Mega 97.9, I had no notion I was being transferred to a marketing company (All Stars Vacation) in Florida. They deceived the public. Once we went over the details of my win, no mention of limitations, just congratulation....wait for your travel vacation package in 7-10 days. Once I received the brochure and not a package as promised; I called and could not get a live person on the line, this went on for several more days. When finally a live person got on the line, I inquired about the process of airline reservation for myself and fiancé'. I find out that Air Fare was not included and what I was paying for was a $399.99 administration fee and a stay in a hotel in Punta Cana. I demanded a refund, but to no avail. I find out later on through Univision that an attorney in Yonkers is filing a class action lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court against the Radio Station and All Stars Vacation on behalf of hundred of listeners who fell victim. Believe me I learned my lesson at a cost of $399.00. P.S. they also operate under NEXT LEVEL TOURS.
Ben There on 05/24/2008:
Tander - you are slightly incorrect with your comment - the government requires that contest winners still pay taxes on any type or prizes or contest winnings.
Anonymous on 05/24/2008:
I don't see where the OP says the nearly $400 went to pay 'taxes'. But, it is likely what the poster was told. And, while contest winners must pay any taxes due on prize winnings, legitimate contests typically issue the winner a 1099 for the amount of the prize. Contest rules stating a requirement to pre-pay taxes on winnings before getting the prize is a tip-off that the contest is likely a scam.
lizzz18 on 03/05/2009:
Omg...that happened to me. I heard it on 94.3 Que Buena. They told me I won a 3day/2night trip to Disneyland and 3day/2night trip to Daytona Beach, and an open destination trip to anywhere I wanted. And then that since I was the first caller from my city that I had won 2 open destination vacations for the year 2010. It shoulod of hit me right there and then that this was a fraud, but I was too excited and dumb to notice at that moment. It wasn't until after I hung up and started thinking about it, that I realized what this might be. I immediately went to the bank and told them to stop any transaction that may be coming in. I have called the station and they said they don't back anything up. So I called All Star Vacations and am trying to cancel the "vacation package" at the moment. Please people, pay more attention to what you do! Hopefully you guys can tell before its too late.
Anonymous on 03/05/2009:
Here's what I keep telling my little old momma. If somebody has something good to give away, why would they give it to a total stranger? They would give it to themselves, or a friend or relative. Sheesh. People are so gullible.
MIngui on 05/28/2009:
I live in Miami and I just realized after paying $380.00 that I got scammed! These people advertise in La Mega 94.9 in Miami, they say that your the winning caller and then they tell you the only thing you're paying is taxes. I have had the worst luck getting my reservations, and then they make you go to this time share thing for 90 minutes. It's not a legit contest people. They are targeting Latino population with their scam. we must do something about this. We need to get our money back.
MD07 on 06/08/2009:
I had the same problem with all star vacation. I contacted the Florida Attorney general and someone has contacted me to help me. This is the link.
Me on 04/02/2013:
I was a victim as well
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