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Nothing But Cheap CRAP!!!
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Rating: 1/51

UNION, NEW JERSEY -- What the heck??? I bought a pack of their large safety pins and THIS is what I get??? It's not as if I was trying to pierce through IRON, just a piece of soft fleece, that's IT! SOFT FLEECE!!! I attached a photo to show how flimsy and cheaply made they are. No wonder they call them "Safety Pins", I doubt you can even poke your eye out with them!!!

I found their website and noticed they sell craft and office supplies, no way would I ever buy anything more from them, if they can't even make a safety pin that can pierce through a thin piece of fleece material. I can just imagine what their scissors or staplers must be like! Stupid China CRAP!

4/11/12- Well it's been a month now and no replacement product yet! In fact I had forgotten about it, until I just received a "Helpful" notification for this review. So, I guess this hasn't be "Resolved" after all. Cheap China Crap and empty promises... no surprise there.

Resolution Update 03/06/2012:

After writing this review and Emailing Allary a link to this review, I recieved the following response:

My Email to Allary Corp:
From: D B
Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2012 3:42 PM
Subject: Product Complaint

I have to tell you, I am very disappointed in your Safety Pins products.

They are so cheaply made, I bent THREE of them, just trying to pin a thin fleece fabric.

I wrote a review about my disappointment, if you would like to read and /or comment on it.

I just wanted to let you know so maybe some improvements can be made to make this a better product in the future.



RE: Product Complaint
Tuesday, March 6,2012 5:01AM From: "Peter[Snip]"
Cc: "'D B'" "'Julie [Snip"

Dear Alan,

Sorry to hear about this.
We guarantee that the products we offer you now are exactly as the final samples you offered us, if we make changes and lead to troubles, we will be responsible for that. Thanks.

Best regards,

At 2012-03-06 02:33:44, wrote:

Dear D B:
Actually, your comments are accurate and we are embarrassed by this product being in the market place. Allary sells millions of safety pins on a annual basis and although the pins you are referring to are but a minute fraction of our sales it never should have occurred. A long term Chinese factory decided without telling Allary that it would be okay to change our specifications and produce safety pins using thinner gauge wire.

Your complaint was not the first but when we received the first complaint about 6 months ago, we immediately discovered the problem, cancelled this vendors orders and replaced with a new vendor who is producing to the correct specifications. It was impossible to recall as we had no idea who actually got this very limited shipment.
We sincerely apologize and if you send us your address we will be glad to send you replacement products.


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