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Worst Customer Service
Posted by Ddaverio on 08/20/2013
ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- I would like to share my horrible experience on your Alligiant airline. On August 1st my 6 year old daughter and I were flying from St. Petersburg to Youngstown at 7:15 in the morning. We arrived at the airport at 6:00 AM and stood in line to check our bag, which was prepaid, when I got to the counter my bag weighed 43lbs. The gentleman at the counter told me it was over weight and if I could remove three pounds, I did and put the additional three pounds in my pack back to carry on.. Then he proceeded to tell me that this bag was too big and it would cost an additional $50.00. He was extremely rude and I was not the nicest person with a tired daughter and it being so early in the morning.

This is where I have a real concern, my bag never showed up in Youngstown and was the only bag on the entire flight that did not arrive. I have to believe after not being very polite to the gate agent that he tore my bag tag off and placed it in the pocket of my bag and placed someone else’s checked luggage tag on my bag and sent it to Peoria, IL. I cannot prove any of this but wanted to make sure you were aware of this coincidence. It was very interesting that the girl in Peoria called me and told me that she found my the tag in the pocket. I even doubled check that I had my name on the bag before giving it to the agent.

Next, when I arrived in Youngstown and inquired about my bag it took almost an hour for someone tell me it did not arrive. I spoke to Chad the manager and he told me someone would return my call that day. I NEVER heard from him or anyone from Youngstown or St. Pete. I called 866.719.3910 over 10 times in two days and never received a call back. I had some very important things in this bag for my daughter.

I finally decided to call the agent line and held for 45 minutes before connecting to an agent. Once I finally connected to an agent they sent me over to Scott. I left him a Voice mail and he did return my call on Friday afternoon. I did receive my bag on Saturday.

As a traveling professional for 17 years this is the first letter I have ever written and hope that you look into this incident. I will never fly your airline as it was not worth the few dollars I saved and the situation I put my daughter in.

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The Worst Moving Company On The Globe, Do Not Use
Posted by Ambarfaridi on 08/06/2013
EUGENE, OREGON -- Allegiant Van Lines is a giant scam. It is a handful of criminals who will steal your money and goods. They do not have their own trucks or drivers. They are scam artist brokers.

They will give you a low, appealing initial estimate. Julian/Josh/Brad/Chris/Alicia/Sherry/ Shannon will contact you and you speak of an excellent deal; then they'll take your money and disappear.

They will be days late to your pick up. They will arrive in a UHaul or Budget truck and will double or triple your original estimate and add on fees that make no sense. Once the truck is loaded and gone, you will have no idea where your goods are. No clue because no one at Allegiant will return a single email or return a single phone call. Well, Julian might, but he'll just make a sarcastic attack at you, proving over and over again what a giant jerk he is.

Their telephone #s are Google voice generated, and their warehouse address in Eugene on Roosevelt is a fake address. Alicia is the owner and will speak to you only once, promising to "fix everything, with a discount, ASAP delivery" and will never follow through. Any subsequent phone calls or emails you send her will go without any responses, for weeks. If she does respond, she will give you no information other than "we're trying to get your things on a truck ASAP" - in her characteristic all caps.

At this time Allegiant shouldn't be doing inter-state business as they had so many complaints with the Dept of Transportation (45+ this year) that they got shut down. If they somehow are up and running again, with another name as they've done in the past (Northern Van Lines, Word Alliance Lines), then please be aware, DO NOT USE at all costs!
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Posted by Fleur on 2013-09-14:
I agree, I also had a terrible time with them. They stole 3 of my boxes and damaged my things.
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Disrespectful and Dangerous for Senior Citizens
Posted by Paulaandbuddy on 07/08/2013
LAS VEGAS, NEBRASKA -- At McCarran airport in Las Vegas I registered to get a gate pass to escort my 85 year old mother to her departure gate D3 for Allegiant Air on June 24,2013 and assisted wheel chair. ( My mother walks with a cane in unfamiliar areas and long distances is very tiring for her.) My mother is very proud and does not like to use the wheel chair. Once we arrived at the gate she said she was ok without the wheel chair. About 15 min they told us there was a gate change so we were instructed to go to gate 6. It was a reasonable distance so we walked there. After about 10 min they said another gate change to D16 which I asked my mother if she was ok with the distance and she said she was ok. We get there and 15 minutes later they announce another gate change to D31.

Went to one of the agents and said this is the 3rd change and my mother gave up her wheel chair at D3 I am very frustrated and she is does not get around easily. She offered to get a chair but my mother declined. So we walked it and it was quite a distance. We sat there for about 15-20 min and there are no signs no announcements when it's close to boarding time. Again I ask an attendant when will my mom board she checks and says they are boarding at D6 so now we are under a time crunch. My mom is exhausted. When we get back to gate D6 they are boarding and tell the agent what they put us through. She said she was sorry not even looking into our eyes. My mother is finally boarded and I decide to wait until the plane departs just in case they de- board, which Allegiant is famous for.

It takes 45 min before the plan even moves. Once it moves I leave the airport. I call my mother later to make sure she arrived safely home. She did but said people needed water on the plane it was very warm while they were waiting for take off and the attendants said they had no water and the passenger should have got their water before boarding. I can't believe how rude this airline is. Las Vegas is hot and there should be a regulation that water always be available on board before the passengers can board. I am so glad I went with my mother to board she would have been so stressed alone..
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Posted by Old Timer on 2013-07-08:
Pretty poor service for even Allegiant Air. Just another great reason to avoid them when ever possible.
Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-07-08:
Could have been easier if your mother accepted the wheelchair. Pride? It didn't help in this situation.
Posted by FoDaddy19 on 2013-07-08:
Sometimes gate changes aren't made by the airline, the airport itself can make those changes if the situation dictates it. If they changed gates 4 times, I'm leaning towards the airport bumping that flight around, an airline wouldn't willingly do that.

I'm not sure where the disrespectful and dangerous part comes in. You mother declined use of the wheelchair, twice. And you have to remember that Allegiant Air is dirt cheap for a reason, on a two hour flight, I wouldn't expect much in way of food or drink. On some flights there are apparently no food or drinks available for sale at all.
Posted by Nohandle on 2013-07-08:
I have an aunt 10 years older than the OP's mom and my aunt still has maintained her pride. She wouldn't step outside her home unless her hair was just right and her clothing freshly washed and pressed. She wouldn't dream of parking in a handicapped spot unless she had just come from the beauty parlor and didn't want to get her hair wet during a rain. I see nothing wrong with it and applaud any senior who is trying to remain active.

I do have a problem with any airline not having ample water on board for the passengers. What are they to do? Go to the restrooms and stick their heads under the lavatory sinks?
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This Company Is a Scam They Stole My Property
Posted by LISARSANDERS on 06/26/2013
Please go to Facebook and type in allegiant van line scams, add your story please. power in numbers. They took my last penny then stole my property. They have done this to 27 families now in the last 4 months. please help us by posting your story to this page.

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Posted by jktshff1 on 2013-06-26:
Specifics would be helpful.
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-06-26:
please tell us why you think this?
Posted by LISARSANDERS on 2013-06-27:
They stole my property and they tripled my quote after they got half of my stuff on the truck, they are not a real company, it is an internet scam. the feds are after them and they are all going to prison... if you want more information please contact me personally
Posted by LISARSANDERS on 2013-06-27:
my story is on the face book page that I posted above..
Posted by LISARSANDERS on 2013-06-27:

In March of 2013, I entered my information on Movers.com to inquire about a move from Phoenix Arizona to Newberg Oregon. I got several quotes from moving companies and decided it would be easier for me to rent a u haul and do it myself. Then I got a phone call from Sebastian at Allegiant van lines.

He told me that he could move my things cheaper than if I rented a u haul because they piggy back loads. Upon explanation I found out that meant they put several families things on one truck making it cheaper for them to move people. Sebastian then asked me to go to each room in my house telling him everything that was in each room. I did that. Then I hung up went to my storage unit and called him back and told him everything that was in there down to how many shovels I had. He then gave me an estimate of 1800 to move all of my things from Phoenix to Newberg. He then told me I need to pay a 600 dollar deposit in order to hold my estimate. He wanted cash but I told him there was no way I could get cash to him in 24 hours. He told me to pay him a 50 dollar hold fee until I could come up with the money. I did that. Before I paid anymore money I called the BBB in phoenix to ask about this company, they informed me that they had a A- rating and they had only 1 complaint. So, I was assured that they were a ligitmate company with a good reputation. I still had no way to get cash to him so He finally agreed to take it off my debit card. My account was charged 590 to hold my estimate on 4/4/2013.

My move date was suppose to be on May 28,2013. By the end of April 2013 I had recieved nothing from this company regarding my move, no calls, emails, mail.. nothing. So I started calling the company at 888-551-2884, I left message after message with no return call. I finally left a message stating I was going to call the Lane County Sherriffs office and have them go to the address listed on their website. I thought they stole my money. I finally got a phone call from "Julian" he identified himself as a "supervisor" who apologized all over the place stating that Sebastian had been fired and all the contracts that he had written were lost at the moment and that he would have to call me back. A few hours later he finally called me back stating he had found my contract. He told me at that time not to worry, that one week before the truck would come, I would start getting emails from their "dispatch" letting me know when the truck would arrive on the 28th of May.

The week before the move I heard nothing from anyone. Again, I called and called the number leaving messages for "Julian" after several days I finally got a phone call from "Julian" stating that dispatch was very busy and that my truck would be at my house between 8-10 on May 28, 2103. All my things were packed by me and ready to go. On the morning of May 28th 2013, we waited for the truck, Noon rolls around and no truck. I start calling again, with no answer from anyone in this company. I finally reach someone named " Shannon" who stated there was no truck available that day and no one had told her that she needed to send a truck to pick up my things. She stated she would try to get me a truck the next day and that was the best she could do. I started calling the company again, trying to find out why the truck was not there. I finally got ahold of "Alicia Glenn" aka Alicia Green aka Alicia Michalski, depending on what day it is. She also claimed to be a supervisor, above Julian, she was Julian's boss. She told me there was a miscommunication between them and dispatch so no truck was dispatched for that day. She also gave me her personal extension number so I could call her directly. That number will be listed at the end of this statement. She promised me the truck would be there the following day. So we sat and waited til the next day.

The next day we finally got a call from a guy named "Manuel Fuentes" stating he was a truck driver for Allegiant. He was on his way to pick up my things and that he wanted to go to the storage unit first to pick up those things and then pick up the things from my house. I said fine we will meet you at the storage unit. This was about 4:30 in the evening on the 29th of May. We met them at the storage unit where they arrived in a Ryder truck. No company identification on it just a rented Ryder truck. When I asked them if they worked for Allegiant they said yes. I asked why do you not have a company vehicle. We were told that the smaller trucks pick up the loads and meet the driver of the 18 wheeler and load it on to his truck. Seemed plausible to us. We sat and watched as they loaded my things. They were moving my fridge onto the truck when they lifted the gate to put it on the truck it fell off onto the ground. Needless to say the fridge was destroyed and does not work. I immediately called Alicia and told her that they dropped it off the truck, I had to leave a message because she never answers her phone directly. She called me back and told me that I would be able to file a claim once my things were delivered in Oregon and that I would be reimbursed for the damages.

They Load my things on their truck and proceed to my house where they were suppose to finish loading my house so we could leave. They get to my house and by this time it's 7:30 at night. They start loading my stuff onto the truck. Then This man shows up claiming to be a "supervisor" his name was Alex. He immediately jumps out of his car walks up to me and started screaming at me.. literally screaming at me. "We are not moving your stuff, this is too much stuff, you either rip up your contract and sign a new one or I am throwing your stuff onto the street." I was in a tailspin, had no idea what was going on . I had given Sebastian a room to room list and not one thing more was in this load to move. Not one. I started yelling back at this man, I said "look, I gave you guys an exact list of what was to be moved and I expect you to get this stuff moved tonight you are already a day late and I was suppose to be out of my condo yesterday" We fought, Alex tore up my contract, I tried to call the company but by this time it was 9pm and of course no one was going to answer the phone, not even supervisor Alicia! Half my stuff was already on the truck and I had no where to go.

Alex told me that my stuff was 3 times the original weight that was quoted me. I told him he was lying, how could he know this without weighing the truck? He finally agreed to finish loading my things and to go to the weigh station to weigh the truck if I agreed to sign a new contract including a new price of 6400 dollars. I had no choice, I had to be out and I had no where to go so I agreed to sign the contract on the condition that the when the truck was weighed the price would be adjusted accordingly. Alex said that he would agree to that, when I went to sign the contract I asked for "full replacement insurance" he stated "we are not required to offer full replacement all we offer is .60 per pound of what is lost or damaged. That is all we are required to do by DOT law. I had no idea what the law was at the time, so I signed it. I later found out that the company was actually REQUIREED to offer me full replacement insurance as well as the booklet that explained my rights as a consumer, none of which I got neither has any of the 27 families they ripped off since March of 2013.

I was finishing loading the cars, Manuel Fuentes told me to meet them at the weigh station in a hour I agreed to do that. I took pictures of the license plate of the truck that was at my house and the truck number. When we got to the weigh station, of course they said my things weighed more than the original estimate. They demanded 1700 cash, refused cards or checks, cash only, or they were going to dump my stuff at the weigh station. My friend went to the bank and withdrew 1700 to give them so we could get moving to Newberg, I was told at that time that the truck would arrive on Newberg 3-5 days from that date, which was May 29th 2013. I was also told that by Sebastian when I got my original contract, that it would only take 3-5 days to receive our stuff in Newberg. I was suppose to start work that next week. Unbeknownst to me, my friend took pictures of the truck that was at the weigh station, it wasn't til we got to Oregon that we realized the truck that was at the weigh station was not the same truck that was at my house loading my things on it. It was a different truck with different license plates.

We left Arizona and went on our trek to Oregon, the second day we were on the road I tried to call both Alex and Manuel Fuentes to see if our stuff had left Arizona yet. Neither one of their phones were working. I panicked. I started calling every number I had for this company, leaving messages, never once did I get a call back. When we got to Newberg, I started calling again. Finally I get a call from "Aicia" I asked her if my things had left Arizona, she stated "I have no clue where your load is" I said what? What does that mean? She stated that the driver they hired to pick up my things did not actually work for Allegiant that he was a subcontractor out of Nevada that they used to do the pick ups and they were suppose to deliver my things to the "Allegiant warehouse" in Phoenix. They had not received my stuff. I was livid, I started investigating these people and this Alex charecter.. I called the Arizona DOT and they told me that "Alex" had been banned from doing business in Arizona since 2010 and they have been trying to catch him since then.

I then called Ryder trucks and gave them the license plates off BOTH trucks and asked who had rented those trucks. I was told that Allegiant van lines has never rented a truck from them but EXPRESS MOVERS had rented the trucks in question. Express movers is owned by this Alex guy, he did have a website up but since my investigation started it has been taken down off the internet. I called JJ Stroh at Arizona DOT and told him what I had found. He informed these people are scam artists and him and the federal DOT investigator, Lawerence Hawthorne, had been tracking them for two years. He told me to keep after Alicia to keep calling her and getting as much information as I could out of her.

I called Alicia daily looking for my things. I couldn't get ahold of her for a few days when she finally returned my call on about the 6th of June she told me she had "flown to Phoenix herself and inspected my load personally herself and that according to the inventory list, all my things were not there, things were missing." She then told me she was going to continue to fly back and forth from Eugene Oregon to Phoenix Arizona until she located my missing load. This went on back and forth for about a week. In the meantime, I continued to investigate this company.

I found numerous complaints about this company, all complaints sounded like an exact reinactment of what happened to me. Many of these complaints ended up badly, things broken or missing all together. I become more upset. I keep digging. I find that this company has had many DBA's in the past two years, several that had been revoked by several DOT offices around the country. JJ Stroh of the Arizona DOT office then asked me to contact Lawrence Hawthorne, the investigator for the federal DOT office. I did that. He told me to keep this woman Alicia talking as much as possible, get as much information as possible. But it was very difficult. She would never email me, all she would do is call me. From numbers generated by google voice. None of which are traceable. I also found out the address on their website, is not a real address but an empty warehouse in Eugene oregon, the owner of that warehouse is trying to find these people for using his address as their business address and they have NEVER been on the property. He has had several people calling him looking for Allegiant for the same reason I am and he has never heard of them.

In the meantime, I had recieved several emails from info@allegiantvanlines.com, attached were invoices, supposedly for my load. Everytime I got one I would call Alicia, she said to me " I have no idea where those are coming from, they are not from me and I am the one in charge of your load, please email them to me and I will check it out" I would email them to her and she would never email me back.. ever. Her email address is Alicia@allegiantvanlines.com. These contracts as well as my original one will be attached to this statement.

Finally, June 10th 2013, Alicia called me to say that my stuff was going to be delivered to me that Wednesday, and that I owed them 1400 for the balance of my contract that was rewritten by this Alex guy. As stated above I had recieved many contracts from these people, all reflecting different amounts owing. So I asked this Alicia, is all my stuff there? She stated she did not think so and that she was going to show up at my house to help me inventory the load and that I would owe nothing if it was not all there, until they could locate all my boxes and belongings. Wednesday came, no call from Alicia or the supposed dispatch. I called and called her. she finally called me back asking "didn't dispatch call you" No I told her. She then stated she would have to hang up and call dispatch herself to see what was going on. a few hours later she called me back stating that the driver "AVERY" was on his way with my stuff and that he was going to deliver all the other households on the truck and then bring me mine. She told me that Avery was to call her prior to his arrival at my home so she could drive up from Eugene Oregon to meet the truck and help me inventory. Thursday came, no truck, Friday came no truck, so I called Alicia again. She then stated that the truck was having problems delivering to another property and that he was behind.. She also then informed me that the owners of the company told her she could not come to my home to help me inventory because she was too "emotionally involved" when I asked for an explanation of that, she stated "well I am a retired nurse and since you are a nurse they think that I am too invovled with you" It was at that very moment I realized I had been had. I hung up and called JJ Stroh with the AZ DOT.

JJ informed me he was calling the Newberg Police to get them involved and the Oregon DOT. I got a call from Det. Simmons who told me that I needed to contact them when the driver called to say he was bringing my things. I gave him the phone number and name of that driver. Det. Simmons then informed that this driver did not have a CDL and had a warrant out for his arrest. So they would arrest him when he got here. Saturday June 15th, 1:00 pm the driver called me, this driver's name was Oday.. not Avery. He told me that he was called to pick up the trailer in Washington state where Avery had dumped it. Some how this Avery got tipped that the police would be here to take him in when he arrived. He unhooked the trailer in Washington state and left it. This Oday informed me he would be here at 1
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Scam Company - 22 Complaints W/ The Fmcsa
Posted by Denrerob on 06/12/2013

SCAM COMPANY, DO NOT USE THEY HAVE 22 COMPLAINTS W/ THE FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION (FMCSA), check them out. They gave my daughter a contract for $1943.02 and after her things were loaded on a Budget Rental Truck, in Home Depot boxes the driver came back w/ a "new" contract for $3329.00 !!!! This was for a small one bedroom apartment and they didn't even take everything. We took all of her clothes, shoes and other things she needed since her things were going into storage, the rest we gave to her neighbors. I started calling and calling, no one returns your calls, you might get lucky if they p/u the phone, but you can forget it otherwise. I'm a Mother who puts up w/ nothing when it comes to my children, especially when my daughter is a Wounded Warrior who served in Afghanistan.

They are all about deceiving the public and taking your money, period. If you get your stuff back in one piece, you're lucky or lucky if you get it at all. Read the negative reviews, those you know are true and check them out w/ the Federal agencies, too. I had the Houston Police by our side when they showed up, here in Texas it's a crime to hold goods for more money, so we were lucky in that we didn't pay anymore than the original contract, but most people aren't. Not that I would have paid them anyway. Oh and Alicia G. and Scott S. have threatened to take me to court if I filed any complaints w/ any agency against their company....WHATEVER !!!

They write most of these reviews, look at the similarities and you'll see what I mean. Let everyone you know, not to use this company, it's run by criminals. They need to go to jail for good.

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Posted by denrerob on 2013-06-21:

Posted by denrerob on 2013-06-25:

Posted by Slimjim on 2013-06-25:
Wow, I'm about to move from a 6500 square foot house and we were quoted no more than $3000, and that included packing. Unless they were moving it from NY to LA, i'd say $3300 sounds a bit ridiculous to move a small apartment.
Posted by Dennis on 2013-06-26:
This company is the WORST, they are now using the name UBER MOVERS INC.
Posted by denrerob on 2013-06-26:
Up, Up, Up to 28 complaints w/ the FMCSA...I'll say it again - WOO HOO !!!!
Posted by LISARSANDERS on 2013-06-27:
Dennis it does not matter what name they use..uber movers allegiant van lines, globe moving exress moving.. they are ALL GOING TO PRISON AND SO ARE YOU ROBERT
Posted by denrerob on 2013-07-08:

Posted by Denise Roberts on 2013-07-24:

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"Free" Show Tickets Almost Impossible to Redeem
Posted by Eborngas on 05/27/2013
LAS VEGAS, OREGON -- Allegiant seems to have a policy of trying to make it so customers purchase a service they cannot use! Be very aware if you book a "package" of flight and hotel and the hotel is for any in the MGM system with the "free show tickets" Allegiant seems to try to make it so you cannot redeem them!!! I chose this package for a little birthday get away for my husband and I in late June as it was a slight savings over what I found elsewhere. The email they send to customers tells you " To reserve your complimentary show tickets as part of this package, please visit http://www. mgmresorts. com/tw and enter your confirmation number. " and that you must do so within 72 hours of booking the package. At the top of the email it gives your confirmation number issued by Allegiant.

I tried countless times to do this and each time it would not work. Finally I found an email to get ahold of customer service (finding a phone number seemed impossible) and sent my problem request and got an instant reply that said they would get back to me with help within 24-48 hours (remember only have 72 hours). I did not hear back within 48 hours and all the while kept trying to do what the original email told me to do. Finally I found an actual phone number for customer service and called. The representative said she gets calls like this all the time and this is the part of her job she hates. The email they send is not forthcoming with the correct info--the representative told me this! In fact the confirmation number required to book the tickets is the hotel confirmation number which is not generated until about a day after the initial booking, and that is not sent to customers unless they call this very hard to find phone number and ask! Then she emailed it to me.

But of course this is only after I cannot do what Allegiant told me to do to get my tickets, and now it is past the 72 hours and the representative says it may or may not work and there is NO recourse with Allegiant as the 72 hour rule is through MGM. She gave me the MGM phone number and said I could not speak with anyone up the chain at Allegiant--they do not allow it (again she said she wished she could as she hated this part of her job). Unbelievable! I have never worked with a company like this that would purposely sell a product then give incorrect information to follow to redeem the full purchase, and then tell you that if you don't like it you are stuck with no recourse. Luckily MGM had a much better approach and over the phone they validated my tickets. Yes, Allegiant is cheap but as far as I can tell this is a scheme and seems to be unlawful!
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Posted by Sarah on 2013-06-16:
I was having the same issue booking through the website but I took your advice and called MGM resort vacations and they directed me to the box office. If anyone else has problems like this just ring them at 1-866-867-9269. I chatted with a girl called Stephanie and she was so lovely to chat to and help. Now as long as the tickets really are there when we are it seems all good to go! But I definitely think there should not be so many hoops just to get what you have already paid for!
Good luck!
Posted by Ty on 2014-01-08:
Yeah.. seems very very difficult to me. They kept saying it was in my confirmation email, and it wasn't. This is after sitting on hold for 60 freaking minutes. Finally through chat... when I told the rep how inappropriate this is, she ended the sessions with a have a nice day.

Won't be using Allegiant again.
Posted by angel on 2014-01-19:
You have to call allegiant or the MGM to get a link and your confirmation number to be able to get the tickets within the 72 hour time frame.
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I Will Never Fly Allegiant Air Again
Posted by Jcozmo on 05/23/2013
Never Again! What passes for customer service at Allegiant Air is shameful. Any money saved by flying this airline is so far offset by the shear frustration created through processes that are so clearly designed to discourage and hoodwink customers in order to garner additional revenues.

A mistake was made on my original plane reservation where one seat of one leg of the trip was assigned for only one of the two of us flying, with no readily apparent way to correct this. The online chat option was ‘down’ and after being on hold for nearly 30 minutes, the most impolite and uncooperative customer service representative told me that there was no way to correct this mistake. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that she would have someone call me within 48 hours. Of course, no one called me. Prior to calling, I had sent an email through their online customer service about this and received confirmation that someone would get back to me in 48 hours via email. Of course, no response was received. Eventually after logging complaints on-line, I received the ‘customer service’ response that nothing could be done.

In the meantime, I figured out how to delete the seat selection online and instead of having my cost reduced by the amount of the charged seat, I received a credit voucher for future usage.

Weeks later and within the 24 hour time prior to departure time frame, I tried a change to my baggage selection, realizing that the carry-on baggage allowed by Allegiant is basically a purse, and tried to apply my credit voucher only to be ‘told’ that if you paid by debit card, you can’t apply a voucher. Only credit card users can have vouchers credited!!! So, another built in design to totally frustrate and add costs to the unsuspecting customer. The bonus you get by user your debit card, thus less expense to Allegiant, is now rendered futile because I had to pay the extra baggage fee on my credit card and am left with a credit voucher for future use!! Absolute absurdity.

And on top of this, the online effort to make this credit card additional payment based on my baggage was totally futile. I tried 4 times to no avail. The Please Wait never went away and it would not process the transaction. So, what I am sure will come next is that I will be forced to pay a higher baggage fee at the terminal, because the online option was not conveniently not working!!!!

I then went into my reservation via My Allegiant and wanted to change my baggage again and choose my seat assignment. This time I was asked to pay an additional $40 for the baggage change, instead of $14—the differential between my carry-on cost of $26 and the $40 checked. The system would not allow me to deselect the carry one bag option, therefore paying for both now!!!!!

So after being told that the cue was 10 minutes and being on hold for 42 minutes to speak to an actual person, I am happy to say that the woman who finally answered handled the matter. However, since it took an hour and a half to handle this part of the mess, we are boarding in zone 6. Thank god for small favors.

I work at a college of hospitality with over 3500 and I promise I will make sure that Allegiant Airs example of the poorest most aggravating ‘customer service’ I have ever experienced is taught to each and every student for years to come.

Shame on you Allegiant Air. Shame on you!!!! You should all have to use your own booking and customer service processes as punishment.

Life is too short. I will never fly this airline again. I could have driven from Orlando to Harrisburg Pa in the time it took to unsatisfactorily deal with this simple request to change a seat assignment and make a change to a baggage selection.
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Posted by Mike Kidd on 2013-06-10:
The worst airline I thought Hawaiian was good but these people are by far the worst people yes people from customer service to check in to ticketing bad bad dont do it. Hope to see bankruptcy soon please go away
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Unhelpful, Poor Customer Service And Rude Workers
Posted by Angelgant2 on 05/05/2013
ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- Traveling with a animal is very stressful and it was my first time. And I got all the way to my seat on the plane when the flight attendant told me my pet carrier wasn't gonna fit. She was being unreasonable and very rude, she didn't even ask me if I needed help trying to fit the carrier. My animal had to stay behind. I called the airline and they wouldn't give me a credit on my Account for my next trip or a refund and the pets ticket was more then mine.

You pay 100$ for your animal to seat under the seat in front of you. And the plane is not clean at all.

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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-05-06:
If your carrier didn't fit, how is the flight attendant being unreasonable?
Posted by Moi on 2013-05-06:
They are very specific on their website as to what size carrier they allow:

"Pets in cabin must be in an FAA approved kennel or carrier that fits under the seat which will allow a maximum size of 9" H x 16" W x 19" D.
Soft–sided carriers are strongly recommended since pets must be comfortable while remaining in the carrier, under the seat, at all times.
Pets need to be able to stand and turn inside the carrier, so the CSA/GOA will determine if there is adequate room in the carrier for any pet(s)."

How was the flight attendant being unreasonable if the carrier could not fit? Do you mean that they wouldn't make an exception for you?
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Worst Customer Service Ever!!!
Posted by New01002 on 02/20/2013
Will NEVER fly this airline again!!! Rude, Racist, and horrible customer service out of Lexington Ky. Hidden baggage fee's at checkin, uncomfortable seats, dirty, and no free snacks or beverages. Horrible!!!
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-02-20:
How were they rude and racist?

With the exception of Southwest, ALL airlines charge for checked bags these days. A few of the discount airlines even charge for carry-on's.

I have yet to sit in a comfortable seat on a plane (at least in coach). The airlines these days are designed to fly the maximum number of people; comfort is not considered.

As for the free snacks/beverages, I haven't had a "free snack" on a plane since 2001, and it wasn't much to write home about anyway. I've had free sodas when flying AA, but that's about it.
Posted by cgs_31 on 2013-02-20:
I've flown over 100,000 miles over the years and my last two flights had the most uncomfortable seats I've ever had (Delta). On each end of my trip my back hurt for over a day as it worked its way back to a normal shape. Shame on the airlines.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-02-20:
"Hidden baggage fee's at checkin, uncomfortable seats, dirty, and no free snacks or beverages". Welcome to the future of air travel. One day soon we will be down to about two major carriers, charging and doing what ever they want.
Posted by Ann Romersa on 2013-05-02:
How true. The Allegient add ons are ridiculous. It is frustrating and starts the trip off with a bad taste. Nothing good about traveling any more except arriving alive. Had a question about the online buy and wait time said to be 20 minutes...at 35 minutes my screen to buy tickets zoned out and still no answer. And on my second flight with them, ever, where the return flight was 6 hours delayed the agents were rude and snippy. Life is already hard. It shows, from the top down this company does not care about people. They are just trying to make a buck in a niche.
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Lost Baggage-No Communication
Posted by Vikki182 on 09/10/2012
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I arrived in Las Vegas via Allegiant airlines on a Direct flight from South Bend Indiana On Thursday evening 9/6/12. I had checked two bags, however when I went to the baggage carousel I found only one bag. I completed a missing bag report with a representative at the airport and was told I would hear from them the next day or I could call after 12:30 the next day and talk to the same representative.

Well it is now Sunday evening and not only have I not heard from anyone, I have placed a total of 6 calls (left messages and each time the recording said I would get a return call within 24 hours)Additionally I have sent an email and spoke with a reservation representative on Friday 9/8/12)and was told she would send an urgent email to the baggage service dept telling them to contact me within 24 hours.

I am so frustrated with Allegiant Airlines and I intend to let as many people as possible know that not only are they charging a premium fee for checked bags, they obviously do not provide premium care of them and their customer service sucks. I am on a long anticipated one week vacation from work visiting my son & daughter-in-law and so far have spent the first three days trying to contact the airlines and having to shop each day for clothes and necessities thinking I would be getting my bag. You see the bag that made it was full of baby items for the baby my son and his wife will be having in November and the lost bag had not only ALL of my clothes and personal items, but several folders of work projects and important papers.

The bottom line.....It was a direct flight from a very small airport(actually the last flight of the night) and there was only one carousel with incoming luggage in terminal one in Vegas.????? And what's up with no communication?????
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Posted by BigAl on 2012-09-10:
Never put important papers into checked luggage.
Posted by Ben There on 2012-09-10:
This is one of the problems with smaller low cost carriers like Allegiant. While all airlines lose bags, larger ones like Delta, American and Southwest have multiple flights from most cities every day, so displaced bags have several options to catch up with you.

Allegiant, on the other hand, only flies from South Bend to Vegas on Thursdays and Sundays, so it probably waited for the next flight.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-09-10:
A suggestion would be to split the items between the two bags in the future so you have some clothes and gifts in each bag, instead of all clothes in one bag and all gifts in the other.
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