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Disrespectful and Dangerous for Senior Citizens
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEBRASKA -- At McCarran airport in Las Vegas I registered to get a gate pass to escort my 85 year old mother to her departure gate D3 for Allegiant Air on June 24,2013 and assisted wheel chair. (My mother walks with a cane in unfamiliar areas and long distances is very tiring for her.) My mother is very proud and does not like to use the wheel chair.

Once we arrived at the gate she said she was OK without the wheel chair. About 15 min they told us there was a gate change so we were instructed to go to gate 6. It was a reasonable distance so we walked there. After about 10 min they said another gate change to D16 which I asked my mother if she was OK with the distance and she said she was OK. We get there and 15 minutes later they announce another gate change to D31.

Went to one of the agents and said this is the 3rd change and my mother gave up her wheel chair at D3 I am very frustrated and she does not get around easily. She offered to get a chair but my mother declined. So we walked it and it was quite a distance. We sat there for about 15-20 min and there are no signs no announcements when it's close to boarding time.

Again I ask an attendant when will my mom board she checks and says they are boarding at D6 so now we are under a time crunch. My mom is exhausted. When we get back to gate D6 they are boarding and tell the agent what they put us through. She said she was sorry not even looking into our eyes. My mother is finally boarded and I decide to wait until the plane departs just in case they de- board, which Allegiant is famous for.

It takes 45 min before the plan even moves. Once it moves I leave the airport. I call my mother later to make sure she arrived safely home. She did but said people needed water on the plane it was very warm while they were waiting for take off and the attendants said they had no water and the passenger should have got their water before boarding. I can't believe how rude this airline is. Las Vegas is hot and there should be a regulation that water always be available on board before the passengers can board. I am so glad I went with my mother to board she would have been so stressed alone.

Scam Company - 22 Complaints W/ The Fmcsa
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Rating: 1/51

EUGENE, OREGON -- THEY HAVE 22 COMPLAINTS W/ FMCSA. SCAM COMPANY, DO NOT USE THEY HAVE 22 COMPLAINTS W/ THE FEDERAL MOTOR CARRIER SAFETY ADMINISTRATION (FMCSA), check them out. They gave my daughter a contract for $1943.02 and after her things were loaded on a Budget Rental Truck, in Home Depot boxes the driver came back w/ a "new" contract for $3329.00!!!! This was for a small one bedroom apartment and they didn't even take everything.

We took all of her clothes, shoes and other things she needed since her things were going into storage, the rest we gave to her neighbors. I started calling and calling, no one returns your calls, you might get lucky if they p/u the phone, but you can forget it otherwise. I'm a Mother who puts up w/ nothing when it comes to my children, especially when my daughter is a Wounded Warrior who served in Afghanistan.

They are all about deceiving the public and taking your money, period. If you get your stuff back in one piece, you're lucky or lucky if you get it at all. Read the negative reviews, those you know are true and check them out w/ the Federal agencies, too. I had the Houston Police by our side when they showed up, here in Texas it's a crime to hold goods for more money, so we were lucky in that we didn't pay anymore than the original contract, but most people aren't. Not that I would have paid them anyway.

Oh and ** have threatened to take me to court if I filed any complaints w/ any agency against their company... WHATEVER!!! They write most of these reviews, look at the similarities and you'll see what I mean. Let everyone you know, not to use this company, it's run by criminals. They need to go to jail for good. PROUD MOM OF A MARINE SGT & NAVY PETTY OFFICER 2ND CLASS.

Lost Baggage-No Communication
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Rating: 1/51

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I arrived in Las Vegas via Allegiant airlines on a Direct flight from South Bend Indiana on Thursday evening 9/6/12. I had checked two bags, however when I went to the baggage carousel I found only one bag. I completed a missing bag report with a representative at the airport and was told I would hear from them the next day or I could call after 12:30 the next day and talk to the same representative.

Well it is now Sunday evening and not only have I not heard from anyone, I have placed a total of 6 calls (left messages and each time the recording said I would get a return call within 24 hours). Additionally I have sent an email and spoke with a reservation representative on Friday 9/8/12 and was told she would send an urgent email to the baggage service dept telling them to contact me within 24 hours.

I am so frustrated with Allegiant Airlines and I intend to let as many people as possible know that not only are they charging a premium fee for checked bags, they obviously do not provide premium care of them and their customer service sucks. I am on a long anticipated one week vacation from work visiting my son & daughter-in-law and so far have spent the first three days trying to contact the airlines and having to shop each day for clothes and necessities thinking I would be getting my bag.

You see the bag that made it was full of baby items for the baby my son and his wife will be having in November and the lost bag had not only ALL of my clothes and personal items, but several folders of work projects and important papers. The bottom line... It was a direct flight from a very small airport (actually the last flight of the night) and there was only one carousel with incoming luggage in terminal one in Vegas????? And what's up with no communication?????

Plan For A Vacation And They Destroy The Trip Before Taken
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Rating: 1/51

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I am extremely upset with Allegiant Airlines. We purchase plane tickets for August 2012 for a girls vacation. Upon my surprise allegiant has announce on TV and radio that they will no longer provide air service from Lexington, ky to Las Vegas effective April 2012. No one from the airline has bother to contact the group to inform us we do not have travel arrangements.

I contacted allegiant today and spoke with ** at the airlines all she could say they were sorry and would credit our airline tickets back to our charge accounts. Being extremely upset I ask how in the world could she be sorry since I was inform by the news on a drive home. Why wasn't we informed before the world knew. Where was I going to be able to purchase tickets for the price we paid.

I had invited two friends to come and I had purchased the tickets. I have also paid for a show which cannot be reimbursed. How were they going to handle that part. Again, they were sorry. I stated you weren't sorry when I accidentally hit the process button and I had to pay an additional $100 to correct my error.

She stated I should have purchase the insurance I told her they should have purchase insurance to cover my flight. Ask to speak to a supervisor and she stated no on there. At five o'clock there is no manager available. I find this hard to believe. I ask to have a manager to contact me and she said they may or probably will send an email. I stated "didn't want an email. That is a cowards way out. I want to speak to someone." Stated we maybe able to fly out of Owensboro which is at least a 3 hour drive.

Will they reimburse us for extra travel expenses. For a low cost airline you don't respect the people you serve. You got a better offer for you planes and dropped the people who have scheduled trips for the summer. Do you really think we can find a plane ticket for the same price when it was announce gas will probably go to $5.00 a gallon.

We deserve a fair deal. If I had known we would have never made plans. This was less than 30 days ago and you had to know of the deal you made much longer than that time. Two travelers have a hard enough time to save to get to go on the vacation. I would like someone to contact me in person. I can be reasonable and I expect the airline to hold their end of the bargain

Can't get through on phone or live chat - raised fee while trying to reach them.
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I planned on booking my trip on line with my small dog but read that I have to call to make the reservation when traveling with a pet - OK. At 7:04 A.M. I started calling to be put on hold to be told due to the call volume I had to call back later - this went on for 30 minutes so I tried the on-line chat to see if someone could call me and it said "temporarily unable to service your request" - OK - so I call back again and am on hold during which time the return flight fare went up $20. I finally get an agent on the line who informed me "sorry" that the fare went up but we can't do anything about it since you have to call in when traveling with a pet.

I am flying Southwest on my return but unfortunately HAVE to fly Allegiant on the outbound due to travel constraints to the Denver airport (from Fort Collins) - fares are the same when you tack on all of Allegiant's fees. To top off a miserable call, I gave them my American Express number and they don't take American Express. I finally booked my outbound flight 1 hour and ten minutes later from when I started. Will this airline ever get a clue as they provide a needed service to smaller communities that do not have large carrier service but I for one will fly Southwest or any other airline whenever I can make it to the Denver airport.

It gets even better. They sent a notice of my itinerary via email to read "your email is set for text via HTML so either switch or click on the link below. I verified that indeed my email IS set for HTML viewing but I clicked on the link which takes me to my account login which I did to show "no open itineraries." So I call to find out why my itinerary is not there when they sent the email and was told to call back due to a high call volume.

Allegiant Air? More like Con Air
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Drive or fly? Our vacation to Myrtle Beach was going to be nice. Seven days on the ocean with family and friends. Driving was cheaper but took more time. A friend told me about Allegiant Air's direct flights from Grand Rapids to Myrtle Beach. The fare was reasonable until they added on convenience fees, seat selection fees, priority boarding fees, and baggage fees. Still, the fees were still affordable.

Our flight was supposed to depart from Grand Rapids, MI on Friday at 11:30 a.m. We were told that departure would be delayed by 20 minutes to an issue with the instrument panel. They then announced a series of 20 minute delays until 2:00 when they announced that the flight would leave in an hour. An hour passed, they announced that the plane could not be fixed and that they had to fly a plane up from Orlando and we would depart at 9:15. We were advised that we could leave the airport but to return by 7:30. They ordered pizza and served small glasses of soft drinks.

At 7:00, they changed the departure to 11:00 to pursue a "cost effective" diversion of the plane to Myrtle Beach to pick up passengers and then bring them to Grand Rapids. Twenty minutes later they had "good news", storms in Myrtle Beach made it impossible to land so the plane was on its way to Grand Rapids. We finally departed at 8:30, nine hours behind schedule. When we arrived at Myrtle Beach, they had us deplane 500 yards from the terminal and it was raining.

When we reached the terminal, we had to walk through a gauntlet of very unhappy Allegiant Air passengers who had been waiting several hours for their flight. But hey, we were told that we will get a $50 voucher good for our next trip. Well let me tell you something Allegiant Air, I will NEVER do business with you and I cannot wait until your crappy airline goes under. You have absolutely no regard for your customers. It is obvious that once you have our money, that you will subject your passengers to anything that is necessary for you to squeeze a few more dollars out of each flight. You are by far the worst airline in business today. Next time I'll drive. You suck.

In-Flight Sales
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We recently took a flight to Las Vegas on Allegiant Air. On the flight to Las Vegas, Allegiant offers everything from water, to soda, to crackers, to line passes, to show tickets. We purchased several items, including the "Line Pass" which allows you to stand in the VIP line to buy show tickets.

After arriving early and standing in line for well over an hour, (I was first in line), I got up to the counter where I was told my line pass was not valid and was told Allegiant should not be selling those anymore. AND then I was told I would need to go to the end of the line, which, by now, was huge!

I ended up standing in line for over 3 hours. I could have been first in the "regular" line. I informed the flight crew on the outbound flight about what had happened, to which they told me I needed to write "corporate" upon my return home.

I did write corporate indicating my dissatisfaction, the hours wasted, etc. All because someone failed to do their job and take the outdated information out of the computer. Not expecting much from this cheap airline, I was surprised when I received a telephone call from Customer Service.

I was asked what had happened, etc. I went into detail. Then she said, "Sorry, it was unfortunate," and asked if there was anything else she could do. "No, there is nothing you can do. I'm now irritated more than ever." She sounded like she had never worked in customer service and was very unprofessional (almost like talking to a 12-year old... seriously).

I'm out the money I spent for the line pass on Allegiant Air, I'm out the hours I spent standing in line, gas and time traveling to the ticket outlet, etc. We only had 2 1/2 days total in Vegas, spending over 3 hours of that time on a wild goose chase is not acceptable. Is there anything you can do for me? Uh, how about an apology?

How about complimentary tickets for us? This airline really is "NO FRILLS". And, as the agent said as we took off, "We ain't got no complimentaries!"

False advertising
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I was comparing price packages on different sites to fly from Bellingham to Las Vegas & on Allegiant Air (Sunday, Nov, 14,2010) they have advertised save $40.00 when booking Hotel & flight & "Price is guaranteed, if you find a lower package price your next flight is on us!" Well after comparing I found same package on but for $130.00 less, so I called allegiant Air (at 11:00am on Nov,14,2010) customer service & explained that I found same package on Expedia but for cheaper, they proceeded to check on line & said that I had a different connecting flight? I said both packages were direct flights! Then she said theirs was cheaper? But at different prices than I had.

She quoted me $150.00 more than what I found o Expedia, I offered to email her the links but she declined at started to get mad! I tried to explain but she "Hung up on me" I got my wife to call back 5 min later & after my wife explained the price difference she was told that they would not match & we should purchase our package on

What a joke False Advertising, terrible customer service. We purchased our package on Expedia for over $130.00 cheaper, which is great but if your going to advertise get a Free Flight Free if you find the same package (dates, flights & Hotel) cheaper on another site you should have to honor it! Moral of the story don't deal with Allegiant! I saved screens for proof!

Poor Customer Relations
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This spring we were booked on an early morning flight with Allegiant Air. The flight was delayed over 9 hours due to issues with the plane coming from Las Vegas. We ended up missing an entire day in Vegas as well as a Golf Reservation. Those on the flight were given a whopping $25 voucher for their troubles. I wrote a letter to Allegiant Air that took over 3 months to get a response. Their response was "you're lucky you got the $25 voucher". Buyer beware of this airline who does not care about its customers and only cares about the bottom line. They may be cheaper but you get what you pay for. Look for another airline to fly.

Allegiant Airlines- Read Before You Click!
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Allegiant offers fantastic fares, but beware before you click out of each area when purchasing. You won't even know what hit you! You start off with your airfare and before you know it the ticket costs you as much or more than standard airlines. You pay for your seat selection, priority boarding, checked baggage. All of these items will be sneakily added to your bill, so watch what you sign up for.

One other word of caution, Allegiant's carry-on size is smaller than all other airlines. They actually walk around the terminal area measuring bags. We were able to carry on our bags in Wichita but on the return in Vegas the bag was suddenly too big! Also, the max size for checking a bag is 80 inches and 50 pounds. I would hate to even think what would happen if you went over on that one!

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