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I Will Never Fly Allegiant Air Again
Posted by Jcozmo on 05/23/2013
Never Again! What passes for customer service at Allegiant Air is shameful. Any money saved by flying this airline is so far offset by the shear frustration created through processes that are so clearly designed to discourage and hoodwink customers in order to garner additional revenues.

A mistake was made on my original plane reservation where one seat of one leg of the trip was assigned for only one of the two of us flying, with no readily apparent way to correct this. The online chat option was ‘down’ and after being on hold for nearly 30 minutes, the most impolite and uncooperative customer service representative told me that there was no way to correct this mistake. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that she would have someone call me within 48 hours. Of course, no one called me. Prior to calling, I had sent an email through their online customer service about this and received confirmation that someone would get back to me in 48 hours via email. Of course, no response was received. Eventually after logging complaints on-line, I received the ‘customer service’ response that nothing could be done.

In the meantime, I figured out how to delete the seat selection online and instead of having my cost reduced by the amount of the charged seat, I received a credit voucher for future usage.

Weeks later and within the 24 hour time prior to departure time frame, I tried a change to my baggage selection, realizing that the carry-on baggage allowed by Allegiant is basically a purse, and tried to apply my credit voucher only to be ‘told’ that if you paid by debit card, you can’t apply a voucher. Only credit card users can have vouchers credited!!! So, another built in design to totally frustrate and add costs to the unsuspecting customer. The bonus you get by user your debit card, thus less expense to Allegiant, is now rendered futile because I had to pay the extra baggage fee on my credit card and am left with a credit voucher for future use!! Absolute absurdity.

And on top of this, the online effort to make this credit card additional payment based on my baggage was totally futile. I tried 4 times to no avail. The Please Wait never went away and it would not process the transaction. So, what I am sure will come next is that I will be forced to pay a higher baggage fee at the terminal, because the online option was not conveniently not working!!!!

I then went into my reservation via My Allegiant and wanted to change my baggage again and choose my seat assignment. This time I was asked to pay an additional $40 for the baggage change, instead of $14—the differential between my carry-on cost of $26 and the $40 checked. The system would not allow me to deselect the carry one bag option, therefore paying for both now!!!!!

So after being told that the cue was 10 minutes and being on hold for 42 minutes to speak to an actual person, I am happy to say that the woman who finally answered handled the matter. However, since it took an hour and a half to handle this part of the mess, we are boarding in zone 6. Thank god for small favors.

I work at a college of hospitality with over 3500 and I promise I will make sure that Allegiant Airs example of the poorest most aggravating ‘customer service’ I have ever experienced is taught to each and every student for years to come.

Shame on you Allegiant Air. Shame on you!!!! You should all have to use your own booking and customer service processes as punishment.

Life is too short. I will never fly this airline again. I could have driven from Orlando to Harrisburg Pa in the time it took to unsatisfactorily deal with this simple request to change a seat assignment and make a change to a baggage selection.

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Posted by Mike Kidd on 2013-06-10:
The worst airline I thought Hawaiian was good but these people are by far the worst people yes people from customer service to check in to ticketing bad bad dont do it. Hope to see bankruptcy soon please go away
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Unhelpful, Poor Customer Service And Rude Workers
Posted by Angelgant2 on 05/05/2013
ROCKFORD, ILLINOIS -- Traveling with a animal is very stressful and it was my first time. And I got all the way to my seat on the plane when the flight attendant told me my pet carrier wasn't gonna fit. She was being unreasonable and very rude, she didn't even ask me if I needed help trying to fit the carrier. My animal had to stay behind. I called the airline and they wouldn't give me a credit on my Account for my next trip or a refund and the pets ticket was more then mine.

You pay 100$ for your animal to seat under the seat in front of you. And the plane is not clean at all.
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Posted by Weedwhacked on 2013-05-06:
If your carrier didn't fit, how is the flight attendant being unreasonable?
Posted by Moi on 2013-05-06:
They are very specific on their website as to what size carrier they allow:

"Pets in cabin must be in an FAA approved kennel or carrier that fits under the seat which will allow a maximum size of 9" H x 16" W x 19" D.
Soft–sided carriers are strongly recommended since pets must be comfortable while remaining in the carrier, under the seat, at all times.
Pets need to be able to stand and turn inside the carrier, so the CSA/GOA will determine if there is adequate room in the carrier for any pet(s)."

How was the flight attendant being unreasonable if the carrier could not fit? Do you mean that they wouldn't make an exception for you?
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Worst Customer Service Ever!!!
Posted by New01002 on 02/20/2013
Will NEVER fly this airline again!!! Rude, Racist, and horrible customer service out of Lexington Ky. Hidden baggage fee's at checkin, uncomfortable seats, dirty, and no free snacks or beverages. Horrible!!!
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Posted by clutzycook on 2013-02-20:
How were they rude and racist?

With the exception of Southwest, ALL airlines charge for checked bags these days. A few of the discount airlines even charge for carry-on's.

I have yet to sit in a comfortable seat on a plane (at least in coach). The airlines these days are designed to fly the maximum number of people; comfort is not considered.

As for the free snacks/beverages, I haven't had a "free snack" on a plane since 2001, and it wasn't much to write home about anyway. I've had free sodas when flying AA, but that's about it.
Posted by cgs_31 on 2013-02-20:
I've flown over 100,000 miles over the years and my last two flights had the most uncomfortable seats I've ever had (Delta). On each end of my trip my back hurt for over a day as it worked its way back to a normal shape. Shame on the airlines.
Posted by Old Timer on 2013-02-20:
"Hidden baggage fee's at checkin, uncomfortable seats, dirty, and no free snacks or beverages". Welcome to the future of air travel. One day soon we will be down to about two major carriers, charging and doing what ever they want.
Posted by Ann Romersa on 2013-05-02:
How true. The Allegient add ons are ridiculous. It is frustrating and starts the trip off with a bad taste. Nothing good about traveling any more except arriving alive. Had a question about the online buy and wait time said to be 20 minutes...at 35 minutes my screen to buy tickets zoned out and still no answer. And on my second flight with them, ever, where the return flight was 6 hours delayed the agents were rude and snippy. Life is already hard. It shows, from the top down this company does not care about people. They are just trying to make a buck in a niche.
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Lost Baggage-No Communication
Posted by Vikki182 on 09/10/2012
LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I arrived in Las Vegas via Allegiant airlines on a Direct flight from South Bend Indiana On Thursday evening 9/6/12. I had checked two bags, however when I went to the baggage carousel I found only one bag. I completed a missing bag report with a representative at the airport and was told I would hear from them the next day or I could call after 12:30 the next day and talk to the same representative.

Well it is now Sunday evening and not only have I not heard from anyone, I have placed a total of 6 calls (left messages and each time the recording said I would get a return call within 24 hours)Additionally I have sent an email and spoke with a reservation representative on Friday 9/8/12)and was told she would send an urgent email to the baggage service dept telling them to contact me within 24 hours.

I am so frustrated with Allegiant Airlines and I intend to let as many people as possible know that not only are they charging a premium fee for checked bags, they obviously do not provide premium care of them and their customer service sucks. I am on a long anticipated one week vacation from work visiting my son & daughter-in-law and so far have spent the first three days trying to contact the airlines and having to shop each day for clothes and necessities thinking I would be getting my bag. You see the bag that made it was full of baby items for the baby my son and his wife will be having in November and the lost bag had not only ALL of my clothes and personal items, but several folders of work projects and important papers.

The bottom line.....It was a direct flight from a very small airport(actually the last flight of the night) and there was only one carousel with incoming luggage in terminal one in Vegas.????? And what's up with no communication?????

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Posted by BigAl on 2012-09-10:
Never put important papers into checked luggage.
Posted by Ben There on 2012-09-10:
This is one of the problems with smaller low cost carriers like Allegiant. While all airlines lose bags, larger ones like Delta, American and Southwest have multiple flights from most cities every day, so displaced bags have several options to catch up with you.

Allegiant, on the other hand, only flies from South Bend to Vegas on Thursdays and Sundays, so it probably waited for the next flight.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-09-10:
A suggestion would be to split the items between the two bags in the future so you have some clothes and gifts in each bag, instead of all clothes in one bag and all gifts in the other.
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Cost of Tickets/Cancellations
Posted by Geonorr17 on 04/29/2012
MESA, ARIZONA -- On April 17 I booked a round trip fight for my granddaughter and daughter to fly from Colorado Springs to Phoenix (June) and back (July). I thought booking early would be good to get a good fare. The cost of the ticket was great ($70.68 for two, both ways)! However, by the time they added all the fees, including both carry-on and checked baggage, the cost tripled to $222.18. I even declined to choose their seats because that was another fee! This week (last week in April) my daughter called and said she had gotten a job which will start in May so will be able to come. I was very happy about that as she has been looking for a job for several months.

I called Allegiant to see what our options were. There were three: 1) We could cancel, but would have to pay $50 per person, per way PLUS FEES (which would be an additional $250-$350) and added to the original cost is about $500 for something we wouldn't use. Yikes! 2) We could change dates for a cost of $50 per person, per way (an additional $200 when added to the original cost is over $400). 3) We could just let it go. I wasn't about to pay another $200 to change the dates, for a total of over $400 for two $35 tickets! The agent said the best thing is to let it go, which is what we'll do.

I could see maybe charging for the cost of the ticket because it was off the market for a while, but the fees? Unbelievable how they really get you coming and going ( Wait, let me get this straight, for nothing at all!)
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Posted by Dukemom on 2012-04-30:
Sounds like for that price you bought non-refundable tickets. Non-refundable means just that.
Posted by www.niafoxx.com on 2012-06-18:
So, I've been planning our vacation to Circus Circus and California since April. I was so happy with the hotel prices and couldn't believe the deal I got on Allegiant Air. The price was so good I didn't mind having to drive the distance to fly out of the Owensboro airport in Kentucky (6 hours) - yeah it sounds crazy but I was saving $600 dollars...or so I thought.

The kids and I got up at 4am (having prepared everything the day before)... we hoped on the hwy and not 40 minutes into the journey my back tire blew. It was a tire I'd just replaced 3 days earlier because it was showing ware. I called road side assistance hoping that I could get back on the road to still make the flight. When it became apparent that there was no way I could make it I called the airline for a later flight. They were closed because their offices didn't open till 4am PST. When I got a customer service person on the phone she was flat out rude and told me I would be forfeiting my ticket if I didn't get there on time. I asked if I could use the ticket towards another day and was told no..there is no flexibility.. I thought I'd found a bargain in this airline but it turned into a nightmare for me and my kids. I'm a single parent with three children and was excited to make this trip happen form my kids. I can't even afford to do an alternative vacation because Allegiant will not even refund a portion of the return ticket. How is this legal? I thought I'd done my research before booking with them even called the reservation desk before booking online. I'm just disgusted. I wrote the customer relations and they just restated I forfeited my tickets.X-( They did email me a coupon for a $364 voucher to use on their airlines in the future..REALLY??? I spent over $1K for the tickets... REALLY...REALLY? The only flights of interest were the ones to Vegas and they will discontinue that in August.

Please spread the word to anyone who even contemplates using Allegiant Airlines, their prices are low but apparently they commonly use the "you forfeited verbiage" even for people who arrive 45 minutes for their flight.
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Plan For A Vacation And They Destroy The Trip Before Taken
Posted by JASSEF9598 on 02/21/2012
LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I am extremely upset with Allegiant Airlines. we purchase plane tickets for August 2012 for a girls vacation. Upon my surprise allegiant has announce on TV and radio that they will no longer provide air service from Lexington, ky to Las Vegas effective April 2012. No one from the airline has bother to contact the group to inform us we do not have travel arraingements.

I contacted allegiant today and spoke with Rose at the airlines all she could say they were sorry and would credit our airline tickets back to our charge accounts. Being extremely upset I ask how in the world could she be sorry since I was inform by the news on a drive home. why wasn't we informed before the world knew. Where was I going to be able to purchase tickets for the price we paid.

I had invited two friends to come and I had purchased the tickets. I have also paid for a show which cannot be reimbursed. How were they going to handle that part. Again, they were sorry. I stated you weren't sorry when I accidently hit the process button and I had to pay an additional $100 to correct my error.

She stated I should have purchase the insurance I told her they should have purchase insurance to cover my flight. Ask to speak to a supervisor and she stated no on there. At five o'clock the is no manager avaliable. I find this hard to believe. I ask to have a manager to contact me and she said they may or probably will send an email. I stated didn't want an email that is a cowards way out I want to speak to someone. Stated we maybe able to fly out of Owensboro which is at least a 3 hour drive.

Will they reimburse us for extra travel expenses. For a low cost airline you don't respect the people you serve. You got a better offer for you planes and dropped the people who have scheduled trips for the summer. Do you really think we can find a plane ticket for the same price when it was announce gas will probably go to $5.00 a gallon. We deserve a fair deal. If I had known we would have never made plans. This was less than 30 days ago and you had to know of the deal you made much longer than that time. Two travelers have a hard enough time to save to get to go on the vacation. I would like some one to contact me in person. I can be reasonable and I expect the airline to hold their end of the bargain
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Posted by Ben There on 2012-02-21:
Pulling out of loss making routes with less notice is one of the reasons these ultra low cost carriers like Allegiant and Spirit have such low costs. Major airlines tend to cut routes at least 60 to 90 days in advance (but its not a given).

Good luck finding a second flight!

Posted by Nohandle on 2012-02-21:
I fly from a regional airport and consider myself fortunate to not have to drive 75-100 miles to catch a flight. We pretty much put up with about anything and pay premium ticket prices for the honor. None of those specials you were speaking of. Every flight is for a connecting flight somewhere. I guess it beats walking.

I feel your pain but honestly think airlines can change flight schedules or drop a route anytime they like. As far as advanced notice for long booked flights, I'm clueless on that as well.
Posted by CowboyFan on 2012-02-21:
These low cost airlines have advantages and disadvantages. Their schedule changes and elimination of flights is one of the disadvantages.

Las Vegas in August can be described in one word "hot." I was there once at that time and it was about 104 degrees. I believe that August may be an off-peak time for Las Vegas so that obtaining flights may not be as much a problem as you envision. Good Luck.
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Don't Fly Allegiant Airlines!
Posted by Ccheshire on 04/04/2011
This airline will kill you with baggage fees. And they will charge twice and then deny. I can prove I paid for my son's baggage online and then the gate agent had no record of it when he checked in and forced him to pay again. When I caught what had happened I called the only number available and the agent stated that he would not have to pay on his return flight as there was a credit on his itinerary... what do you think happened... the gate agent on the return flight stated that his bags had not been paid for of course! He paid again! So now Allegiant owes me/my son $70....I sent an email as that's the only recourse the consumer has and of course got NO response.....So the consumer has no recourse but to wait for them to reply....CANNOT speak to a manager... My advice to you is DO NOT spend your money here! They are a SHADY company... this coming from someone who travels extensively for work and flies ALL airlines....Never have I been treated like this......
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Posted by MDSasquatch on 2011-04-04:
If you paid on line, you probably used a credit card, call your credit card company and dispute the charge.
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Can't get through on phone or live chat - raised fee while trying to reach them.
Posted by Sph on 12/30/2010
I planned on booking my trip on line with my small dog but read that I have to call to make the reservation when traveling with a pet - ok. At 7:04 A.M. I started calling to be put on hold to be told due to the call volume I had to call back later - this went on for 30 minutes so I tried the on-line chat to see if someone could call me and it said "temporarily unable to service your request" - ok - so I call back again and am on hold during which time the return flight fare went up $20. I finally get an agent on the line who informed me "sorry" that the fare went up but we can't do anything about it since you have to call in when traveling with a pet. I am flying Southwest on my return but unfortunately HAVE to fly Allegiant on the outbound due to travel constraints to the Denver airport (from Fort Collins) - fares are the same when you tack on all of Allegiant's fees. To top off a miserable call, I gave them my American Express number and they don't take American Express. I finally booked my outbound flight 1 hour and ten minutes later from when I started. Will this airline ever get a clue as they provide a needed service to smaller communities that do not have large carrier service but I for one will fly Southwest or any other airline whenever I can make it to the Denver airport.

It gets even better. They sent a notice of my itinerary via email to read "your email is set for text via HTML so either switch or click on the link below. I verified that indeed my email IS set for HTML viewing but I clicked on the link which takes me to my account login which I did to show "no open itineraries." So I call to find out why my itinerary is not there when they sent the email and was told to call back due to a high call volume.

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Posted by Ben There on 2010-12-30:
Airline prices are very dynamic and can change at any time. You would have encountered the same story if you were on the phone with Southwest Airlines when their price went up.
Posted by sph on 2010-12-30:
Ok so that makes me feel better - any comments on the rest of the horrible service?
Posted by Jennifer on 2013-11-15:
I worked for Allegiant for 5 years... when you need to book with a pet book your flight first, and then call back and add the pet.... After leaving the company and moving on to another my best advise is to not travel Allegiant. They rob people. Almost literally. And the company is so bad to employees they are fighting to go union.
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You get what you pay for
Posted by Judy_1052 on 12/28/2010
I do not see why people complain on allegiant. It is the cheapest flight known to man. You get what you pay for. I flew to Vegas round trip for $89. Maybe it was a smaller plane and maybe it did not have all the extras. But for the price who cares? If you are worried about comfort then pay for it. Just like everything in life.
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Rip off
Posted by Bigdog pissed off on 09/13/2010
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Posted by MRM on 2010-09-13:
This should have been a complaint.
Posted by Ben There on 2010-09-13:
Most airlines will let you standby on later flights on the same day of a missed flight, but often the next Allegiant flight is days away since they fly to many places just a few times a week.

That said, if you "no show" a flight (compared to just getting to the airport too late), most airlines will cancel your ticket and make you buy a new one. If you know there is no chance you will make a flight, call before the plane leaves or you will have no hope of using the ticket again.
Posted by rockfishing on 2010-09-14:
You should be mad at your son and not the airline. I bet if he had to pay for his own ticket he wouldn't have missed his flight.
Posted by bob932304 on 2010-09-14:
Ben is right again. If you miss one leg of a trip the rest of the ticket is canceled.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-14:
Yep, Ben said it all.
Posted by oldisgood on 2010-09-15:
Yep, it was your sons fault, not the airlines. A lesson learned. Time for him to man-up and realize it was his fault.
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