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Alliance Home Warranty Is The Worst
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- I have since 1.21.09 been trying to get what I would consider to be a simple electronic issue repaired. On 1.21.09 Can Can Electrical in Las Vegas came out and made a diagnosis of the issue and said they could not perform the work without an approval. That approval (or denial) was supposed to come to me within 24 hours (according to the Can Can representative). I went a few days and did NOT hear anything. I called your office on the 27th and the representative said that the issue had been fixed. The issue had not been FIXED but rather only diagnosed. In other words no one at your office knew about an approval being needed for my work. (More miscommunication)

Then the representative said the approval was denied… Then during the same call a supervisor informed her that the work COULD be approved (due to what she called a “loophole” and that someone would be here at my home on 1.30.09 to perform the repairs. Another electrician came out on 1.30.09 and that person did not have orders to repair the problem but rather had an order to only diagnose the problem. (this had already been done by the electrician on 1.21.09.

So someone named ** at First American, (it's annoying to have Alliance as the warranty company when another company is actually handling the issue) got on the phone and once again a judgment was made that the work should be completed and that someone would be contacting me to perform the work. (This would make for my SECOND APPROVAL to have this work performed). No one contacted me. I called again earlier this week and after waiting on hold for ½ hour AGAIN, I was told someone would contact me and that I would have someone out here on 2.06.09 to perform the work between 11 am and 2 pm.

I had also contacted your office and left a message and after being very specific with this person for YOUR OFFICE. I was again assured that an electrician was coming out to perform the work… not simply diagnose. This was my THIRD approval. On Friday 2.6.09 I waited for this service call and then about 3:30 pm I called Alliance and after another lengthy wait I was informed that someone at 12:40 that day had denied the claim. I RECEIVED NO CALL about this… I had to call to discover this.

So to sum this travesty all up, I have had 3 discussions about my work where three approvals were granted, (** of First American wanted a copy of my electrical issues faxed to him for his records – which I did), Two electricians have visited where the same diagnosis was made. And now I get a stealth no contact denial after three approvals (after major discussions and on hold time on my part took place.)

Alliance Home Warranty Does Not Know Customer Service
By -

LAYTON, UTAH -- I was without a dryer for three months because the man who came and looked at dryer said it needed a new motor. So I had to wait until they ordered the part, then schedule a time for him to come back and put the motor back in. This took over a month and a half for the scheduling. The motor came to my house within 7 days of ordering. This is like an emergency basis by this time of getting my dryer put back together. I'm calling to get it scheduled, they are telling me about 2 weeks out. I told them to keep trying to get someone else NOW. So, they did get another service guy to come and put the motor in within a day or two.

While the guy was putting in the motor he found a little screwdriver of my husband's that was found in the dryer and it was the reason why the dryer was not running. The motor was not broken at all. Whatever, at least my dryer is working. Three months later, I receive a bill for a service fee of $55.00 due and owing. I have tried several times to get a hold of a customer service representative to help me with this as I believe they are billing me for original two week-out schedule, which I could not wait for and needed the motor put in now.

I have yet to be able to talk to a live person and have been on hold for over an hour. There is no service "claims" department. It is a hoax!!! They are going to make my credit go bad saying I owe false bills and I'm not going to pay them. I'm so mad I just don't know what to do, so I looked them up and found this site.

Alliance Home Warranty is not worth what you pay
By -

VAN NUYS, CALIFORNIA -- Be sure you read the detail contract from this company before you purchase a home warranty prior to buting a new home. The spirit of what they sell is one thing and that's all you really get until an item like HVAC needs to be repaired. Then welcome to no customer service from Alliance or their contractor for fixing HVAC in Utah. They don't realize working people who can pay them have to be at work and don't have 4 hours to sit at home and wait on the repair service. Also the amount of money covered on repairs is a joke in detail on the contract. Basically you don't even get what you pay for.

Be sure before your realtor recommends these people and you pay over $400 for a home warranty that you know what you are really going to get poor service and as low a cost as possible first for them not you. I should have looked also at the reviews on the internet about these guys not one good one did I find and only bad ones.

Terrible Customer Service
By -

DRAPER, UTAH -- I have had such a terrible time trying to get anyone at Alliance Home Warranty to call me back to settle a claim/dispute. I have a rental property and when the furnace broke down the property management company called Alliance to schedule someone to come out and fix it, after attempting 5 calls over a 2 hour period to their service number it continually rang busy. They could not wait any longer so found a local repairman and fixed the problem. When I received the bill for almost $400 I tried to submit a claim to Alliance to be reimbursed for this since it was their phone system that was down while we tried to call over and over.

Their customer service representative even admitted to me on the phone that their lines were down but they REFUSE to reimburse me for the claim. I have called and tried to speak with a supervisor and have left message after message after message with NO follow up at all from them. I plan to cancel my policy and find another company that actually knows what customer service is.

Slow Response To Warranty Claim, Indifference Inept Responses
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- We have numerous rentals and carry home warranty coverage. Alliance Home Warranty is very slow in responding and appears to select the most inept contractors that are not concerned one iota about inconveniencing the renter and landlord. An order was placed with Alliance on Thursday, December 11, 2008 for furnace repair. Only through continual calling has a response been provided.

As of Monday, December 22, 2008 there has been no furnace replacement scheduled even though Alliance's representative stated on the order that it is an emergency due to the weather is below freezing and no heat is in the duplex. I will never recommend this company for any type of coverage. Everyone beware of the tactics of Alliance; this is not the first time that I have had issue with this company. They go out of their way to either deny the claim or minimally accept any repair/replacement costs.

Do Not Use Alliance Home Warranty Insurance
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- We had a furnace problem during a snow storm in Utah. Our furnace was blowing out cold air only, so I put in a service request with Alliance on a Saturday Afternoon and was told by Alliance that they would classify my problem as an "emergency" meaning that I would receive contact with a technician within 3 hours and have someone at my house to fix the problem within 8 hours. I did not receive a phone call until Sunday afternoon when a message was left by D&D Mechanics of Salt Lake City. I returned the phone call and was told they would go to the office and call me back in 20 minutes. No phone call was received and two other messages I left were not returned.

I contacted them Monday morning around 9AM, finally getting someone to answer their phone. The technician arrived around noon on Monday, almost two full days since placing the request. A part had to be found and now it is Wednesday morning and nothing yet. We have gone through the two coldest nights of the year so far WITHOUT heat. I strongly advise anyone considering Home Warranty Insurance to use something other than Alliance. Their customer service is non-existent as is their common sense.

Don't Use Alliance Home- First American Home Warranty!
By -

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- We own a number of rental homes and used Alliance Home Warranty - First American Home Warranty for a number of years. However, the company is now attempting to avoid every claim possible. We have had a few claims, and whenever we do, they are all denied for various reasons. Why have a policy that never covers anything? Recently the repair person they sent out told us we need a whole air conditioning system (which they would be happy to put in for us for $5000) and that it is not covered under the Alliance warranty. We got it fixed privately by a certified AC repair person for $125.

Then we had a minor furnace problem, again the repair company said it wasn't covered because there was no ground wire, code issues, and that we needed a whole new furnace system because it was not to code - offered to fix it for $2800.00. Claim denied by Alliance, again. We called another furnace company that fixed the problem for $75.00 and told us that everything was up to code (it was 3 year old system). Bit suspicious???

When we have tried to cancel our policies with them, which are obviously worthless, we have told they have not received our repeated letters, faxes, phone calls to cancel our policies etc. I have left messages with everyone in the cancellation department from staff member to management. I have filed a complaint with the California Department of Insurance - and suggest you do as well. Their staff refuse to return messages as well. This company has gone down hill and is obviously doing everything they can to avoid paying out on claims! Be warned!

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