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Rip OFF.... DON'T GET SUCKERED Into Buying This Warranty!
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Rating: 1/51

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS -- I had a routine check done per an email from Allied. So one of THEIR vendors out for the recommended spring maintenance (AC3000). They said I need an evaporator coil replaced as it is leaking. They then called me to say it was improper installation (the standard line they give to deny claims) and a preexisting condition.

I spoke with the inspector who did the inspection on the home at closing in August 2013 and he states there is no indication that this is a true statement. I have a copy of the from the inspection in which he documented the inspection of the property with photographs. He stated that the A/C and heater were installed properly when the home was built and that there was no issue at that time. He inspected the entire system thoroughly, I might add.

I also contacted the appraiser who took photographs and documented the condition of the home prior to purchase and also is prepared to provide a rebuttal to their statements should the word of the inspector not suffice. In addition I contacted an independent reputable AC company for a second opinion (Jon Wayne) and they too refute Allied Home Warranty's claim.

As mentioned before that the installation was not faulty or improper as they state (improperly denied claims on the grounds of "improper installation" or "preexisting condition") and I find it hard to believe they could make that determination considering no inspection of the appliances in question was carried out at the time the policy was issued. I have written, called, and waited for the promised response from Allied who supposedly was escalating the dispute and having the situation reviewed.

Allied has systematically avoided and ignored me every time I have reached out to them. Numerous emails have gone unanswered. I call and am promised a return phone call that never happens, and they have hung up on me 5 times after placing me on hold when they were going to get me to the supervisor who was reviewing the situation. No, I was not short, rude or abusive to the call center representative... it is not their fault the company is dishonest and they are just on a script. I get it. So there was no need to disconnect the call after it was transferred.

I have an 81 year old parent living in the home who cannot tolerate heat or humidity as she is post-stroke with high blood pressure, diabetes, and a heart condition. It has been several months and I had to get the repair done so I do expect reimbursement as it is medically necessary for her to be in a climate-controlled area. Per her physician, and I can provide verification for that as well. I understand that they receive many clams and use a company they have a vested interest in to mark up the cost of repairs. However, Allied routinely, it seems, improperly rejects claims made by customers.

I called Jon Wayne as they are recommended by my attorney, friends, three local TV stations, and an investigative reporter who is documenting my journey with Allied now. We found a former employee who explained to me that Allied trains service providers to deny all claims and refuse to authorize replacement of appliances or parts which explains why my water softener and ice maker were given the same reasons for denial of repair, although I am curious to know how an Allied technician can tell that a factory installed ice maker in a refrigerator is not built correctly so the claim is automatically denied.....

I am sure the manufacturer would benefit from Allied's expertise on the assembly line where the refrigerator was built... Yes, that is sarcasm. And at this point I am entitled to it. This warranty has no value and the entire company is built on lies.

One Page Contact A Scam
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HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Here is how the Allied Home Warranty scam works. They charge you a $60 service call fee, about the same you would pay for any other company for a service call. Then they over-quote the cost of repairs and provide a small token allowance toward the repair or they will outright refuse to make the repair by calling it a "modification" and not covered by the contract.

For example, if your water heater breaks they charge $60 to come look at it. Then they may tell you it will be $1,500 to replace it and your warranty gives you a $200 discount, so it will be $1,300. You could have called your own plumber and had the same work done for half the cost, but they require you to use their own repair company (NRG Home Services which is owned by the same company).

In my case they refused to fix my plumbing problem under warranty. The NRG technician said NRG would do it, but they would charge me over $8,000 to do it. I ended up paying someone else almost $2,000 less to make the same repairs. How does Allied Home Warranty get an A+ rating with the BBB? They pay to be a member and the BBB doesn't rate their members low. Do a web search for "BBB pay for ratings" for the story. In my case the BBB just flatly refused to even accept my complaint. Don't think about suing Allied. The one part of the contract that they honor is the part that prohibits you from suing them.

Here is the proper way to file a complaint against Allied Home Warranty. File a complaint with the state agency that licenses them, the Texas Real Estate Commission. Search for "TREC residential service program" and click the link for complaints. Allied is required by law to respond.

I filed an open records request for complaints against Allied Home Warranty and found that in some cases they settled financially with people filing complaints against them in exchange for dropping the complaint. Additionally, you may file a deceptive trade practices act complaint with the Texas Attorney General's Office. Search for "Texas attorney general deceptive trade practices."

Scandalous Experience With Allied HO Warranty
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I switched from my previous warranty provider after receiving a marketing pamphlet in the mail offering a better and improved warranty product for less money, service by Texans for Texans. I had great service with previous provider but thought would give my business to a Tx company who had a pretty good line of bull which proved to be outright lies!!!!!!!!!!

I first reported a leaky kitchen faucet on 7/1/2013. Was told I would hear from a plumber the next day. At the end of the next day I had not heard from plumber so I called Allied and emailed them that I did not get a call... I left message because you can't ever get anyone on the phone. No one called or responded to my email. I called the next day and was hung up on twice supposedly due to technical issues on their phone. No call back.

I called back again and got someone who said previous plumber wasn't coming out and that a new plumber would be calling. That plumber never called but I called them and they showed up that afternoon and said they would try to get the seals to fix the faucet. The plumber said he hesitated to come out on this call because Allied owed them over five hundred dollars for previous work and couldn't get paid. They wouldn't start the work until they got authority from Allied that they would pay to repair or replace the faucet.

Allied representative told me on the phone that they only paid for builder's grade and regardless of what I had in the kitchen. They would only pay for builders grade. I asked what amount was builder's grade. Their response was $50.00.. You can buy a faucet anywhere close to what I had for $50 even builder's grade.. I had a solid brass high end faucet..

I finally accepted that I would accept builder's grade faucet but not one for $50... got nowhere.. Said would only pay $50. I asked for mgr and was told mgr would call me next day. No response.. I called and asked for Mgr and left 2 voice messages, no response... called and asked for someone above mgr and was told they were not allowed to give out that information. To this date, no response from mgr.

When plumber called to get OK to install my faucet I had to buy and pay for, Allied told plumber I had to pay the $30 for the connections to make up the faucet above the $60 service fee. Apparently they would pay only for faucet but not for the water lines to make up the faucet to water lines... I am reporting this scam to the Tx Dept of Ins., BBB and the chamber of commerce and spent time writing this so hopefully I can deter future interested customers from ever considering this sorry, unprofessional and scandalous company from selling any other poor soul who would be far better off keeping their money in their pocket and not for Allied warrant disservice!!!!!!!!

Do NOT Waste Your Money on This SCAM!
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- 0 stars - Rip off! I unfortunately was not smart enough to do my research online about them before I purchased a home warranty and I was scammed to waste my hard-earned money on something I was sure would help me but in the end hindered me beyond belief. I was suspicious about Lone Star because Allied kept insisting to send them to my home and I did not think much of it. Now after reading all the helpful reviews I understand why... They are affiliated and also a horrible scam.

Lone Star was sent to my home quite a few times and each and every time they overcharged me for sure. The last time they were sent was on a heater issue in which they claimed I needed this and that and my head just hurt with all the nonsense. They attempted to charge me $4000! I canceled the warranty and unfortunately could not get any, not a penny back, not even the trade call fee from that visit. My wonderful neighbor offered to look at my issue himself and he applauded me for canceling the warranty because he fixed my problem for $140! Yes $140 vs the outrageous $4000 Lone Star and Allied were trying to charge me!

You should be ashamed of yourselves Allied and Lone Star! I will be putting away money on the side in case another issue happens but will never trust Allied again. They have left a foul taste in the world of home warranty. To top it off the customer service was bad and worse and worse every time from the representative's stupidity to the managers never available or returning your calls. Mrs ** was however helpful and very polite and nice but never did I get a return call from ** on the issue I had with my dishwasher last year. I just kept getting sent to her voicemail box.

All I wanted was to get in return the service I was promised when I purchased the home warranty but I struggled anytime I called and needed assistance. People do your research before you do something stupid as me and purchase a home warranty with Allied!

Allied Home Warranty "One-Page Contract" Is Not a Real Contract.
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- Allied Home Warranty refused to honor its "One-page contract" and repair my plumbing problem. Why do they have a "One-page contract?" Because it is vague and allows them to refuse to honor repair requests at their discretion. Their affiliated contractor is NRG Home Services. NRG and Allied are owned by the same company. It even states so on their website. NRG said my plumbing repairs would not be covered by Allied, but that NRG would do them for $8,400 dollars and would even be so kind as to offer financing.

NRG said Allied would provide no further repairs to my plumbing even though it received a clean bill of health by a licensed inspector less than two months earlier. Allied said repairing or replacing pipes is a "modification" and their contract doesn't cover modifications. So, replacing or repairing anything can be considered a modification and is therefore not covered if it would cost Allied too much money to fix.

Allied Home Warranty has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. How do they manage that? They pay to be a member of the BBB and the BBB doesn't want to rate their members low. It hurts their business model. Here is the response I got to my complaint with the BBB for Allied Home Warranty failing to make the repairs required by their contract:

-"There are some complaints the BBB cannot process due to our by-laws and national guidelines. The BBB cannot intervene with issues regarding store or company policy. Please understand policies are not required to be posted in the stores or on receipts in the State of Texas. It is very important that consumers ask a lot of questions prior to purchasing a product or use a service to ensure that they understand the company's refund/return/exchange policy clearly.

You may wish to pursue your issue through the court system. The number for Small Claims Court information in Harris County is 713.755.5137. The BBB has not notified the other party in question but will keep your letter on file. We sincerely hope you can find another way to resolve your dispute."-

It should be noted that Allied Home Warranty's "One-page contract" prohibits you from filing a lawsuit against them (small claims court). It requires you to go through arbitration instead.

Allied Home Warranty Has Awful Customer Service and Zero Knowledge of Services Provided
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Rating: 1/51

GRANBURY, TEXAS -- Note: Not sure with the "do not sure Allied Home Warranty". But it would make sense that the reviewer meant insure as to secure.

Allied Home Warranty has terrible customer service. I have worked in different forms of customer service for 6 years so trust me when I say I know a thing or two about how you should treat your paying customers! Plus, I have common sense about how you should treat other people. Allied Home Warranty knows nothing about customer service.

My husband and I filed a service request 2 weeks ago for a simple dishwasher repair and it is still not fixed (simple enough that I diagnosed the problem and my husband could have easily fixed it in 5 minutes). Since we pay for their service we decided to have them fix the problem instead of us doing the repair (this is what a home warranty company is for, right??).

After multiple un-returned phone calls and voice mails spanning this two week time, my husband waited for over an hour on hold today (over two hours on the phone in total and his entire afternoon) only to find out they won't replace the simple part. They will only give us $229 cash to replace our $600 Whirlpool Gold dishwasher. Wait, how did we go from replacing a simple part to replacing the entire thing?!? After filing a complaint with them and speaking to a supervisor they will give us $249, instead of $229. Hold the phone, you shouldn't have gone out of your way (This is sarcasm, if you couldn't tell). Why they won't just replace the simple part and be done with it is beyond me.

Fine, we will take the measly amount offered and be done. The bigger issue here is how we were treated. You are a company that provides a service to those that need your help. Provide this service. Answer their phone calls and call them back when they leave you a message. Offer whatever you can, within reason, to make the customer happy. This is how the customer service industry works.

If you search for Allied Home Warranty reviews you will find many people who feel the same way about this company as we do. I have never written a review online for anything, ever. I felt that need to warn people not to waste their money on this company and to be aware of what they are getting into. Do not insure Allied Home Warranty!

Beware of Allied Home Warranty Contract
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Rating: 1/51

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- The garage door opener went out. They sent out tech who changed out our opener with new one. A year and a half goes by and garage door starts cracking in middle and then garage door opener goes out. Call Allied and tech comes out says new garage door opener was not installed correctly and not to code. He said it was hung too high and too close to ceiling and put too much strain on door causing fatigue and it cracked.

He also said springs should have been replaced. Called Allied and they said they are not covering garage door opener because there is a crack in center of door. We told them that the crack is due to install error caused by their tech. They refused to cover damages.

A/C was replaced in 2010 through Allied. Our cost $1600. Fast forward, had A/C tune up end of fall 2013. Allied tech says everything is fine. 2 months later A/C compressor goes out on a 3 year old unit. Allied says compressor is under manufacturer's warranty so they are not covering it. That is fine, I understand that.

What I don't understand is after manufacturer replaces part, Allied should cover labor. Wrong! They refuse to cover labor if any appliance goes bad even if they were the ones that put the new one in. My labor cost to have new compressor installed, $600. I am cancelling right away and seeking attorney. This company has changed its contract several times in the 4 years I have had them. Shame on you Allied Home Warranty.

Allied Home Warranty --> CONSUMER BEWARE
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I just found out today that Allied Home Warranty has put my account on hold since June 2009, in their own words "on hold means no service request will be processed on the account" for allegedly a service fee of 60$ not being paid by the tenant of the rental property.

I am the owner and the contract holder and was never informed about my account being on hold. Allied home warranty did not take the time to call or send a letter about this issue and I never received any invoice for this alleged service fee on one of my rental properties.

What's more shocking is that although they in a way suspended my account since June 2009 without informing me, Allied Home Warranty kept charging my credit card for over a year for a home warranty service they never intended to honor and I did not place a service request today I would have never found out and they would have continued to charge my credit card without providing a service for years to come.

This shows what type of company this is. And for anyone considering home warranty services, save your money and look somewhere else, they only care about charging your credit card. They have no customer service to give you a courtesy call or send you a letter if there is any issue. They don't even have their physical address listed on their website. I had to look it up from the state records.

Customers beware and I will make sure I will inform my real estate agent who introduced me to this mediocre service company and put a posting on HAR to warn other agents. I am deceived by these practices of fake advertisement pretending to offer better service quality than AHS, and they are local based here in Texas, when in reality they have no customer service, no manners and all they care about is charging your credit card. I have the voicemail that allied home representative left and will be happy to post.

Ripped Off
By -

HOUSTON, TEXAS -- O. K. so I had a hole in my line for my a/c unit. The tech said I could have it repaired or replaced since it is so old. I said "cool", replace it since I have a warranty. Come to find out it would cost me a $850.00 deductible. They say it's not a deductible but uncovered items. Some of these so called uncovered I could take care of myself like disposal of old unit. I could take that down to recycle and actually get a bit of money back. So, they said despite what work the tech does or doesn't do it's still going to cost me $850.00. They would still charge me for the work even if they don't do it. How do you think a jury would rule on that?

Now check this out. The unit they want to put in is a Fedders unit 1.5 ton that cost $547.00 new plus the $850.00 for installation. I called around and was told Fedders was bottom of the line and builders won't even use them... So, I did some more calling around and found a licensed company that would put it in for $400.00. SO I called back and wanted the repair instead. Now they won't even repair. So the cost of the warranty plus the 850.00 equals more than the cost of going outside the warranty to get it replaced outside the company.

I am on disability from being shot a couple of times. This is how they treat people? I want to find out as much information on this company as possible. If anyone is thinking of suing these people too please let me know. I have all the time in the world and my post traumatic stress disorder doesn't let me sleep so I can put all my time into making these people do right. My email address is **.

Also, by talking to the techs, I found out that they count on the $850.00 to do the work so of course the techs won't say anything bad against them. Since how is it a warranty when it's going to cost less to go outside the company to get a cheaper replacement using the exact same equipment? If anyone has any information on these people please email me. President of company, physical address, etc... Any lawsuits planning, I would love to do a class action on them.

Allied Home Warranty Will Not Be There When You Need Them!!!!
By -

I have Allied Home Warranty on three of my homes and they wanted to add my condo for coverage too, so I did. In March we had AC problems and called Allied for help. They charged me 60 to look at it and said it needed replaced. It was broken and rusted in the attic. Then Allied called me and said they would not cover it. I wrote the BBB and the company then changed their mind and said to me and the BBB they would cover all repairs. They send another tech out and he says something else is wrong that Allied will not cover the repair.

Then I file another complaint and ** with Allied promised me she will cover repairs and fix it. Then they send another guy out and he said they wouldn't fix anything till I paid him 500 to clean the AC unit. I told them if it needs replaced I will not pay to clean it. the president gets into this and sends a threatening email to my work, to my HR, to my CEO saying he will put a restraining order on me if I contact his company again. This is no way to treat a customer. I called my bank and changed my bank accounts and filed claims against this company and still nothing is done.

The president then cancels all my policies after I told him not to do so until this problem is fixed. He tried to take all our money and not provide the service he promised to me. The president of this company ANDREW should be fired and a complaint on record about this incident. Who knows how many customers he treats this way. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH ALLIED. THEY WILL LIE, CHEAT and STEAL your MONEY!!!!! Andrew the president operates in a bad faith mode and no one should do business here!!!! Total RIP OFF!!!!!

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