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Absolutely Unprofessional
Posted by on
6056 ROUTE 35 NORTH, NEW JERSEY -- Well after three years my car finally gave out. I was in search of something a bit newer that would be reliable. As this would be my first time buying from a dealership I was a bit nervous. So I did some internet shopping. I came upon this dealership. Knowing that my credit was not great, but had a few thousand for a down payment, I thought I would give it a try. I made an appointment with the internet sales department. I then went in and spoke to salesman. At first everyone seemed nice. Although it gave the feel of the typical uncomfortable car dealer atmosphere. A lot of young salesman with rap music blasting. After reviewing my credit score and talking about my needs he showed me a Kia which was too small for me. He said it may be hard to get me financing without a co-signer. I told him that I am a student just looking for a good deal. But I was also realistic. If he couldn't get me any financing on my own then I would have thanked him for his time and left. I went out to the lot and saw a 2007 ford fusion. I liked the size and condition of the car. They were asking about $12000.00. I said that I would love to have it if they could put me in it. We sat down again. They said it may be hard to get financing because of my credit and income. But they told me to take the car anyway. Now I drove the car almost a month. Then they are telling me that the deal was sealed and I was approved for financing. When I went in to sign the papers and talk to the finance manager, I waited for two hours. The finance manager never even spoke to me or said hi. Leslie was busy running around wispiring with other salesman. I knew something was wrong and felt so uncomfortable. I finally asked what the problem was and the salesman told me that they could not give me the car because they were going to loose $6800.00 on the deal! How crazy is that
The next day the manager calls and askes me if I would like to finance a Nissan centra. Please! That car is just small, crampy and had high miles. I told him after the way I was treated, I would not buy anything from them.
After that they started showing their true colors. The salesman started to text me with his cell phone and threatening me to bring the car back. How unprofessional is that!!! He couldn't even make a phone call!!!! When I finally walked in to return the car I came in with my father. WHen I walked in some salesman I never even met said o "Salesman o your in trouble!" OK What the heck did that mean! Again just another show of how unprofessional and ghetto they were. It was a horrible experience and I feel that they knew from the door that they could not give me the deal! THey should have been honest like I asked from the beginning.

So please do not go to these people. And just be sure that you have good credit or enough cash to buy a car outrigt. These guys are sharks in cheap suits and just want to screw you out of money so they can continue buying these cheap suits.

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skelly39 on 11/12/2009:
They should not have let you take the car without financing firmly in place and papers signed. Learn from this experience-never ever ever ever ever take the car without signing the papers, and if you need time to look over the papers, take them home and read them first without the car. I'm surprised they didn't charge you a fee for "renting" that vehicle.
JR in Orlando on 11/12/2009:
Good advice about not signing papers until you read them. I would look at it as you got use of a vehicle you liked for a month for free.

The concern I would have had if I were you is that the vehicle was not insured during this period, so that if you had an accident you would be liable for all the damages. You might have still had coverage through the dealership's policy, but their insurer may have claimed the vehicle was "sold" even though legal title had not yet transferred. It would be a mess.
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Deceptive Dealer, Going Back on Deal, Unethical Practices
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SAYREVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- On Sat, April 14, I negotiated a deal at All Star Mitsubishi for a 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer GTS. We agreed on a trade in price for my 2004 Pontiac and a selling price as well as payments. This was negotiated in good faith and my car trade-in was appraised multiple times by even one of the dealership owners. I gave them a deposit via phone on my Discover CC for $500 once we had a comfortable quote on insurance that same day, a deposit they wanted to 'hold the deal'.

Bear in mind they also quoted us a below invoice price via the internet on an email prior to our coming in on Saturday the 14th; the final price we negotiated was that price minus a $500 discount they were honoring from the NYC auto show (specifically they were going to give us this discount in lieu of us going to the show and signing up for it, which we offered to do on the spot).

During early price negotiations the salesman employed the notorious 4 Square method. In response I gave him some ridiculously low numbers and forced him to negotiate on the indivual points of the deal, demonstrating that I had researched trade values and all other aspects of the costs, financing, and product in question.

Numerous times threw out the process we were guaranteed to get the car we wanted in the right color and with the right options in by Tue, April 17. (Matthew our salesman, and the Business Manager both said this). After going home to get quotes on insurance we placed a $500 down on the car via the phone to 'hold the deal' as they put it. We had a firm deal with a payment number and only needed to take delivery and sign some paperwork.

On Tue, after several days of dealings with the AllStar we were informed that the Owner had decided to not honor our good faith negotiated deal. First they tried to push a similar car in the wrong color on us (Sunday the 15th), but we declined. Then we were told they could not get in any cars until May 5th (this was on Monday, the 16th), which we were willing to wait. Then they called (Tuesday, the 17th) and said they had gotten two exactly as ordered models in on their lot but that they wanted to renegotiate the price higher since they felt that due to the cars sudden popularity they could get more money for the car – they tried to cite a ‘subject to availability’ clause, but since they had two available I asked them to honor their agreement with me.

The person represented as one of the 2 owners of the dealership, Joe R., point blank told me on the phone on Tue the 17th at 4pm that he would not honor our deal and was demanding we pay more or that he would sell the car he had gotten in for us to a different seller. He would sell us a car in 60 or more days if he had any in stock under the deal we had negotiated otherwise. I declined to be taken advantage of or let them hold my $500 deposit for 2 or months.

The Dealer represents itself in print (including in the email we have from them) as a No Haggle, Below Invoice pricing dealership. We thought we had a solid deal negotiated and accepted by both sides, money for a down payment was accepted to hold the deal. They quoted us in writing a below invoice price (email) even.


I wish that this dealer be held accountable for completely unethical business practices. Besides attempting to use the '4T' (four square) method of price negotiation, they made then broke a verbal contract/agreement backed by an accepted a down payment to, as they termed it, 'hold the deal', and then attempted to all but extort additional money from me via 'renegotiation' once they thought their car was worth more because of demand, never mind the good faith deal in place. They also attempted to make us buy a different car.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/18/2007:
Hmmm... this is a good one. The deal was negotiated and accepted by both parties albeit verbal and a deposit was made to consimate (sp?) the deal. You may want to try to contact your states motor vehicle department and see if their dealer investigations department finds any wrong doing by the dealer. Some states have rules against this type of dealings, but I am not sure about NJ. I have to ask this question though, do you really want to deal with this dealership after your experience with so many other Mitsubishi dealers out there???? Good Luck DD
Hugh_Jorgen on 04/18/2007:
I'm afraid since there is nothing in writing, the dealer will simply deny it. It's all he said/she said at this point. But DD is right, why deal with these folks? Get your $500 back and move on.
Pomona Guy on 04/18/2007:
Selling your 2004 Pontiac private party will bring you more dollars, don't trade it in. And why does the deposit of $500 come from a credit card? Are you strapped for cash? Heck, I think you should keep your 2004 Pontiac and quit wasting your money on a new car. Most cars will last 10 years if you take car of them and you save lots of money in the long run. Enough money to pay cash for your next car.
Anonymous on 04/18/2007:
Something tells me that your credit score was lacking, so they upped the price. Listen to Pomona Guy, he is giving you good advice.
Anonymous on 04/18/2007:
???? Exactly what in this post would leave you two to believe the poster is "strapped for cash" or "that your credit score was lacking"? How would you leave a deposit "via the phone to hold the deal"?
Pomona Guy on 04/18/2007:
When someone puts the down payment on a car on a credit card, that is a good indicator that they are "strapped for cash". Also, Mitsubishi is a second tier car company. People with no sense buy their cars, so they are well known for their generous credit policies. This would be an indication of a "bad credit score". I have a 2004 Chevrolet and consider it just broken in at 40,000 miles. I look forward to 7 more years of service from it. And it's paid off and I am saving for my next car now.
GNNR on 04/18/2007:
I am the poster:

I would love to have the deal now that inventory is down and a lot of dealers are no longer even pricing at MSRP (some in the area, just as on the West Coast) are charging several thousand over MSRP now). Mainly though I just don't want to see another person go through what we were put through.

Point of interest I discovered after posting this. The dealer did indeed quote me a firm price in writing... via email. No disclaimers of any kind, they are supposedly a sub-invoice, no haggle dealer, etc. Apparently they may be violating, possibly as IANAL, the NJ Consumer Fraud Act since they quoted me a firm price (confirmed in a second follow up email) then raised it afterwards.

The GP doesn't sell well on the market right now, there is a FLOOD of rentals right now, so the price I got in trade (above edmunds and KBB trade value and nearly that of private sale) was excellent. And it's just not the car for us... we don't drive enough to justify it, it's not as safe, doesn't have the features we want (and after having added some and having them stolen, I don't care to mess around with an insurance company again on the point), gets 6 - 7mpg less, and on and on. Mostly it's safer, especially for my wife who is short and nearly in an unsafe position due to proximity to the airbags in the GP.

Anyone... I mean ANYONE, putting down cash prior to a signed contract, is asking for it. A credit card gives you fraud protection rights, cash does not. Hence the credit card. My credit score is 740 or above with the three major raters, my wife nearly so... no issues there at all. We were approved for what we wanted, their incentive on financing was better than our bank or other services by a few tenths and the terms were good as well.
GNNR on 04/18/2007:
Paying off a car is a 'cute' idea, and for some drivers makes sense. But if you look at the economics of it, it's a losing proposition worse than trading in every 3 or 4 years. You loose value constantly, and maintenance costs beyond 4 or 5 years escalate dramatically, gobbling up any perceived savings on payments.
Pomona Guy on 04/18/2007:
They gave you a good price on the car; but no car. They gave you a good trade in price; but no trade in. They gave you a good interest rate; but no loan. I detect a pattern here... they are liars and trying to scam you. I agree with JayD, go to another dealer.
GNNR on 04/19/2007:
That's the plan. Of course, now I will have to likely wait as 'shockingly' most Mitsu dealers are asking well above invoice/msrp (some are asking several thousand over MSRP in fact and not budging) due to limited inventory... there are cars out there but I am not stupid enough to pay MSRP or even Invoice given what dealers have on the back end and how they profit on trades. And by following some of the car clubs I am finding this is common not only here, but also out on the West Coast.

However people should know about them, their unethical dealings, and what may be a violation of the consumer fraud protection laws in NJ. I have filed consumer complaints with the NJAG office as well as the DA office in Middlesex county, and a BBB complaint against the dealer.

Another issue I have, which wrankles my butt further, is Mitsubishi Corporate (MMNA) doesn't care how their dealers represent the brand and product! I called their customer service line as soon as it was clear on Tuesday that the dealer was being seriously unethical and otherwise shaddy. They went to great pains to tell me that the dealer was independent and that they could do nothing. Once the person representing himself as the owner (he is not listed as such by the BBB) polished off what had become a giant turd of an experience I called them back as asked by MMNA customer service... nada. They created some kind of internal complaint record against the dealer but otherwise don't care about the situation and don't stand behind their dealers actions either way. The few times I have ever had to call another company, such as GM or Ford, about dealer issues they are all over it and the problem worked out in short order. With Mitsu supposedly trying to rebuild it's brand and image in the US (and their new cars, their quality and value, so far are a positive step) you thing they would be ultra sensitive to having anything tarnish their image, especially at the launch of their new car.

What really sucks is that on paper and based on test drives there isn't a single car in the segment right now that compares very well at this price point based on features, safety, warranty, etc. There are better 'brands' I suppose, but their cars don't stack up, or to get them comparable they are many thousands more (and often just fugly, but that's a matter of personal taste).
The Morker on 05/01/2007:
GNNR on 05/01/2007:
I wish I could say the same. Honestly, this may be an 'abberation'. The person named Joe, who signed the email as President of the dealership, just contacted me last night regarding the situation... I assume at the prompting of the BBB report I filed, but perhaps by another advocacy or public agency given the responses I have had from several.. He made an offer to reconcile the situation, offering me a 'great deal' (though no terms) or $200 if I had bought a car from somewhere else (which I have not had time as of yet to look into).

I countered simply by pointing out what transpired and asking for the deal we negotiated in good faith to be restored and put on the table as this would satisfy me and I would consider the situation resolved... hell, I will post to forums like this one and personally call up places where I filed a complaint to let them know that they stood tall in the end as a reputable dealer if that happens.

Otherwise, folks should know about what they did and how they treated us... like I said, I am no lawyer and the legality of some of what transpired if not resolved properly by All Star Mitsubishi is up to advocates and authorities to figure out, but consumers deserve to know the good and bad IMHO.
MVN on 05/08/2007:
I don't believe this is an accurate description of what transpired. It seems to me that Pomona Guy may be right in that your credit score may be sub par.
I have purchased and leased many cars over the years from many different dealerships, some better than others. I happened to recently do business with All Star Mitsubishi, and I have to say it was by far the best buying experience ever. I brought up some concerns during the process and the president mentioned Joe R personally went out of his way to clear up every concern. Our Sales guy was friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. I have to say this dealership will get all of my future business as well as all my referrals.
GNNR on 05/08/2007:
In reply to MVN: Credit score is not an issue, not at all (I just qualified Top Tier with Mazda yesterday in looking at a different car, just in case).

And currently I am working again with Joe on rebuilding our deal and trust, which I hope comes to fruition. I will obviously follow up with the outcome in the next few days.

And in general our sales person was great... I hate seeing a 4 Square sheet come out, but that was simple enough to fix and it's not like I haven't seen it at most other dealerships.
GNNR on 05/08/2007:
And as to the accuracy, I made sure to be calm before posting anything. It is 100% accurate and as factual as I can make it... sure, somethings (as in all tellings) are from the person's perspective and that may 'color' things, but I have no personal ax to grind with the dealership or anyone there previous to this encounter, heck I just moved to the area back in September so I don't know anyone around here nor have done business with anyone around here.
GNNR on 05/11/2007:
I wanted to follow up with my original complaint: Joe R and the staff of All Star Mitsubishi have handled my complaint and reinstated the deal we made back in April. Joe went the extra mile communicating with me directly and even providing me his private cell number and so far everything is smooth. Honestly the deal I got on both the price of the car and the trade in are exceptional and the staff, from Matt the salesman to the other owner (another Joe) bent over backwards to make me happy and I greatly appreciate it. Since I came in on a Thursday not all of the paper work could be completed, but I have the car and most of the paper work done and only need to go in on Saturday the 12th to sign the last few bits. Unless something goes awry on Saturday, which I do not anticpate, all I can say is Good Job to the folks at All Star.
GNNR on 05/12/2007:
Okay, everything is done. I am now a satisfied customer. I chalk this up as some kind of mis-communication and the dealership from the top down bent over backwards to accomidate me once the errors were discussed.
Sail27 on 01/24/2008:
"some kind of mis-communication"

There was no miscommunication at all (that's not meant as a slam to GNNR). The dealer pulled the usual slimy crap, the OP called them on their actions, and they didn't like the negative publicity. Pure & simple
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Excellent Service
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I'm a very satisfied customer!! The customer service at this place is absolutely incredible! I was searching for a car at several different dealerships and none of them came close to the treatment and service I got from this one. Everyone was warm, very friendly, and the atmosphere of the place was very comfortable. Ken Harris did everything to make sure I got the exact car that I wanted at the best price. He has a high level of positive energy, not pushy at all, very blunt, sincere, and knows how to get things done!

I'm so impressed with the experience I had working with him. This is why 5 stars!
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All Star Mitsubishi - Unethical and Deceitful
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SOUTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY -- I sent in my Mitsubishi Outlander to All-Star Mitsubishi to check the air-conditioning/over heating issues. Before starting any work we were told that a complete car diagnostic would be performed a report generated and a detailed estimate provided. It would take approximately 45 minutes for this to be completed. I waited in the waiting area until 2:30pm without a word on the progress of the work. At which time I approached the desk and asked what the hold up was. The response I was given was that "the car is hooked up to a computer and diagnosis is being performed. This is not magic. We're checking your car out". I then went outside and saw my car still had not been pulled into the service bay - let alone hooked up and being diagnosed! I approached the desk again and informed them of which car they were diagnosing when my car was still outside untouched. They finally brought in the car - close to two hours after my scheduled appointment time. As it was going to take another hour or more I asked them to call me once the report was generated and an estimate prepared. At 5:15pm I received the call stating there was considerable repair needed on the car and that "I was better off trading in my car and getting a used Mitsubishi from us". I was concerned and skeptical at this time and left straight for All-Star to pick up my diagnosis report and estimate to assess the statement. When I arrived at 5:30pm the repairman went into a sales pitch stating that the estimate for the repairs to my car would be $5000 - and instead I should trade-in my car and get a used Mitsubishi which would end up costing me $4500 after the trade-in. Unbelievable! A sales pitch instead of providing me the diagnostic report and explaining what repairs were needed. I declined the sales pitch and asked for my diagnosis report and detailed estimate. I was not provided either - instead I was handed a bill for $104 of parts and labor. Totally disgusted with this establishment and its repair and selling practices.
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User Replies:
MSCANTBEWRONG on 08/19/2009:
what maintenance was performed on the car? From reading what you outlined, the only thing done was a diagnostics test. Was that what they charged you 104 for?
jeepee on 08/20/2009:
Yeah that is all that was done. A diagnostic test.
MaggieMcT on 08/20/2009:
I think your new hobby should be complaining to Mitsubishi, both that location and on up the line, until they give you that report.
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Stated That The Chrysler That We Bought In March Was Certified
Posted by on
SAYRAVILLE, NEW JERSEY -- Please read below

My wife and I bought a 2005 Chrysler Pacifica, when we purchase the vehicle were told several time that it was a certified Chrysler used car, and because of that we had 1 year, 12000 miles bumper to bumper warranty from Chrysler and that we could take it anywhere for repairs and maintenance, I had 3 service calls because the engine had no oil in it, and the perform service soon indicator kept coming on, the service kept telling us that the oil need to be changed. The car had approx 61000 when it was purchase; right now it has approx 71000 miles. About 1 week after the 3rd and final oil change the engine started making a knocking noise, I took the car to the dealer, and first they claim that they never told us that the car was a Chrysler used certified car, then he told us the we signed a waiver, because frank stated to me that each customer get a 1 year 12,000 mile standard and that we gave it away, frank gave me a copy of this waiver and it is very clear that my wife’s signature was forged.

I tried to get the dealer to honor the warranty, but they won't. The engine will cost me somewhere 6 to 8 thousand dollars,
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 12/29/2009:
You are going to have to get an attorney.
momsey on 12/29/2009:
Why a class action lawsuit? You wouldn't see a dime if you started a class action suit. Just call a lawyer and see what they think.
Starlord on 12/29/2009:
You bought a USED Chrysler from a Mitsubishi dealer, and believed you had a certified car from Chrysler. Look up the word gullible in the dictionary. In every state I know of except the People's republic of Massachusetts, any used car is sold as is, unless the dlear gives you a written warranty. If you have a written warranty stating what you have said here, take them to court. Don't be foolish enough to believe a class action suit will make you whole. You might get a coupon for a free oil change, and the lawyers can buy their wives their new Mercedes (the lawyers already have theirs.)
Critical_level2 on 12/29/2009:
Was this dealer also a Chrysler Dealership? If it was only a Mitsubishi Dealer, then I don't know how you would not have figured it was not really a certified vehicle. IF it was a Chrysler Dealer also and the vehicle was truly a Certified by Chrysler used vehicle, then you should be able to take it to any Chrysler dealer.
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Sales, Service, And My Car
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SOUTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY -- Hi, I am a single mother and I was taken advantage of in the past at other car dealerships. My situation is not the best but I am not about to get into that. I got a call from Martin over at All-Star Mitsubishi because I needed help with my situation. Prior to my experience with All-Star Mitsubishi... I was run all over the state. I went to Union, Jersey City, Newark, EVERYWHERE. Martin contacted me and to tell you the truth I was very scared. I had my heart broken in the past and I was not about to get it broken again. I put Martin through hell!! I called him every day and even after work. He even gave me his personal number. Went I got there, they were so sweet. It was raining and they meet my with an umbrella. I was there for a while and Martin even ordered me lunch. He introduced me to a man named Jason and he explained what was going to happen. Jason was so kind and worked everything out with me. I was able to purchase a 2008 car. All-Star Mitsubishi did what no one else would even take a chance on.

I would never buy a car from any other place. After I purchased the car, Jason called me just to make sure everything was OK. It was just the most amazing experience...
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My Experience With All Star Mitsubishi
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SOUTH AMBOY, NEW JERSEY -- This was my very 1st car experience, and I just wanted everyone one to know that it was second-to-none. They treated me so well and amazed me with every turn. The car was great. But the salesman was even better. He didn't sell me a car. He worked with me, helped me through the entire process. Such a great experience... I will never forget the people there.

I was in and out under an hour with a great car, a great deal, and an even better experience
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