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No loyalty, no class
By -

CAPE CORAL, FLORIDA -- I have been a customer of Allstate for 17 years and I stopped in the 1202 Cape Coral office in fort myers office today to transfer my insurance down to fort myers after a recent move. I have never been so humiliated by a person who provides a service in my life. He essentially told me he did not call me back because I had insufficient insurance on my vehicles and he did not want to take on the liability of my lack of coverage on my vehicles.

Please keep in mind that I was in his office for boat insurance, renters insurance and flood, not car insurance. I believe he dismissed me as a customer because that my coverage was not significant enough for him to run a quote for me. He proceeded to use scare tactics, telling me I could be sued and lose everything if I was in an accident with this kind of coverage, but never offering me information regarding other alternatives, such as prices or examples of different policy choices for better coverage. He just simply dismissed me and my 18 years of customer loyalty.

When I insisted he explain his reasoning, asking him if my coverage was sufficient under Florida law, why he felt it was inadequate and in what way, he spoke louder and louder until the entire office could hear our conversation and I could not pay attention to what he was saying. When I asked him outright to write down the exact reason he would not give me a quote for my insurance he wrote down, “agency choice for no liability coverage.”

I told him that if this is the case, he should have called me in a timely manner, offered me a quote for my requested coverage and explained his concerns about my insurance and offered me alternatives, not told me loudly in the office that I did not have adequate coverage on my vehicles for him to consider insuring me for my other needs.He also mentioned to me many times that his father owned the company and his father specifically advised him he didn't want to deal with this policy and I should go back to my agent in Venice.

I explained to him that I would be seeking a different company, that I was disgusted with his customer service. He loudly stated as I walked out of the office that if Allstate wrote me such a bad policy, he agreed I should switch companies also. I am mortified, angry and disgusted with my treatment by this agent. More so, I am disappointed that a company I trusted could have this kind of disregard for my loyalty in a time of impersonal, easy access internet insurance.

Auto/home package bait and switch
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Rating: 1/51

POCATELLO, IDAHO -- In February or March of 2011 I was offered, by Allstate, a bundled service of house insurance with automobile liability insurance. The agent told me that, taken separately, I would be paying more for auto than I currently was with Geico, but that the home insurance would be very competitive, which it was on the surface. I should have known that things were amiss when she told me I could not examine a copy of the policy unless and until I purchased it! But, acting in good faith, I did.

I must make note here that I travel a lot and all correspondence must take place by email, at all times, and I was specific about that with the agent. A week or so after paying the premium, a local representative of the company showed up to look at the house, and he took about an hour and a half to do so. When he was done I asked him "Do you see anything at all which will cause a problem with this policy?" He said no, it all looked fine.

After this I left for about 3 weeks, and upon my return had to contact the Allstate agent about proof of insurance or some other detail, and in the course of conversation she told me the homeowner's policy had been cancelled. I reviewed my email... no notice. I asked why and she said there were problems with the roof (one steel panel was off for a repair), trees too close, construction issues and a couple others I can't recall right now. I asked her if this man who came out was authorized and qualified to answer my questions about potential problems and she said yes, absolutely... so he lied to me evidently. Or so it appears.

I demanded a refund immediately and I got a small refund, of under a hundred dollars. Then they sent me a bill for the some unpaid part of the auto insurance which, now that it was no longer part of a package deal, went up considerably. I called Allstate claim resolution and explained the entire problem. He was very cordial, took note of all I said, and that was the last contact I had. I am now barraged with calls from collectors. I told them, as I told the claims resolution guy, that I am never paying. I have no legal responsibility to deal with collectors but I would like it to stop. Thanks.

You Need Better Insurance to Protect You From Mayhem, Like Allstate
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Rating: 1/51

PENNSYLVANIA -- One of Allstate's client's hit me from behind going 65 Mph while I was stopped in traffic. This caused the cars to catch on fire and blow up. I lost everything in the car and Allstate does not deny my personal items or claims but wants to only give me $2000 LESS of my claim because they claim my items are used.

They want to deduct money from MY belongings when their client blew my car up! I lost car keys, an iPod, shoes, medication, my daughter's car seat, my daughter's belongings, my laptop, laptop bag and other items I had inside. I have copies of the police report, pictures of the scene (their client never braked), all copies of paperwork admitting their clients fault and more.

The fact that it has been almost 2 months and we cannot replace anything is ridiculous. Allstate seems to think that because my daughter's favorite stuffed animals were 'loved' that I can accept pennies on the dollar for what they are worth? They think that because I wore a pair of shoes TWICE they are worthless? I cannot replace anything, and would have all of my belongings if their client had been paying attention on the road. I was knocked out in my car and another driver had to wake me up to get out as it burst into flames.

The driver was arrested for driving drunk, driving over a hillside and damaging his car weeks before he hit me! He had just gotten his car back from the repair shop 3/19 and wrecked into me 3/21! Their client shared all of this information at the scene of the accident and took full responsibility. All I want to do is get my life back together and replace the things we have lost. I have tried to work with customer service this whole time and they do not want to cooperate.

This is the worst customer service experience of my life; I do not know how they can treat me like I am the one at fault when I could have lost my life that day. Allstate makes you feel like you are in one of their Mayhem commercials. They must get their ideas from claims from their clients that they deny and put through further hell.

Payoff of false claim
By -

Your company is the most feckless, self-serving, POC of any I have ever dealt with. If you wish to know why I hold this view, read on. If no, you will be able to get a synopsis from the various insurance lists most any time. Stop reading now. I have also sent a rant to my full e-mail list. From that I have received several “Thanks” and so far have killed over half a dozen underwritings for you. I will enjoy continuing to spread your “fame” to any and all I meet at every opportunity and every chance I get.

Allstate, you are the most chicken **, back, stabbing, worthless, low life Ins. Co. I've ever encountered. And that includes both Mercury and 21st Century. You all crawl in the same gutter. I will actively insert my thoughts, reasons, and opinions into all conversations re: Ins. companies in which I am engaged. “Why?”, you ask. On the slight chance you may wish to know I'll relate the reason(s).

Earlier this year, ‘10, while driving my 2000 Dodge Dakota pickup, I was involved in an incident on a city street in Santa Clara. I use the word incident advisedly. There was no accident & furthermore, there were no witness. However, rather that support me, your client, you chose to pay off a fraudulent claim for a few hundred bucks as it was cheaper than standing up to a scam. Worse, you then raised my rates to a level that would more than make up the “settlement” in less than 2 years.

To be more specific, The other party claimed there was contact. BULL **! I am an expert in this area. There was NO dent or other marks that could be attributed to any contact with my vehicle. Moreover, there was NO witness. Yes, later a crowd had gathered, however, at the time no one was around, and more specifically, no one was in any position to have seen any contact.

But somehow, by the time you got the report, a witness had been “manufactured”. I don't know if a dent magically appeared or no, but there was NONE at the time. I have built several auto show Custom Cars and Street Rods. I have also participated in several vintage car Concourse de Elegance restoration projects. I know how to both do and spot show winning body work. There was no contact! But AllState chose to craw fish aside and screw me by caving in. Regards, your EX client.

Deceit and Lies -- Standard Fare at Allstates of America
By -

MIAMI, FL, DELAWARE -- The owner claims to have been in business for 34 years, but with the kind of deceit and lies which he has served to us, I'd expect that this also is a gross exaggeration. I contacted the owner of Allstate's of America (company name includes an apostrophe), operating out of Miami, via email at to purchase several pieces of supposedly reconditioned automotive service equipment. He responded from the email of, from which he seems to prefer to conduct his "business".

Among the items which interested me was a Hunter K111 alignment system that I specified had to be adapted to operate on 220 volts, run with Spanish software (included), updated with 2007 specifications, and with an operation manual included.

Luckily, when this machine was unpacked, we did not plug it in immediately since it would have burnt out - it's 110 volt power supply. After connecting it with the appropriate transformer, we discovered it was only in English, and specs only to the year 2006. No manual was included and the Chilean representative of Hunter told us this model CANNOT operate in Spanish since it needs a special adaptor which is no longer sold.

Another piece of equipment which was also supposed to be 220 volts burnt out when we plugged it in, and an automotive lift was missing 164 pieces according to an installation guide which the manufacturer provided us with. This piece was supposed to have been tested and reconditioned, but one of the missing pieces (which was not necessary to remove for shipping) was essential for operation, suggesting that this machine was never tested and, in addition, had a leak in the oil reservoir which would have produced a steady stream of oil had it ever been filled for testing.

Allstate's only response to my report of missing elements and the voltage problem was to ask if I plugged in the balancer and that I needed to find a local technician to fix the problems. Although the equipment was all sold with a 90-day warranty, he did not offer to pay for any of the repairs or service and has not offered any other form of advice or assistance in resolving these issues. He did not respond to any efforts to resolve our complaints through the Miami Better Business Bureau (who has a long list of unresolved complaints against the company), nor through the Florida Consumer Services Bureau.

What happened to them?
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Rating: 1/51

BLANCA, COLORADO -- I have my home & auto insured with Allstate. I decided to change agents, as I was having a few customer service issues with my current agent. Actually I have never even spoken to the agent who owns the agency, as he leaves everything up to two staff members. I called Allstate last night to change agencies and found they have outsourced their customer service to an overseas call center. I know almost every company in America does this now, but insurance is something very personal and I don't care to discuss my insurance needs to some foreigner who probably doesn't even have insurance.

Since I had no idea what this person was saying, I demanded to speak to an American customer service representative. I was handed to an agent here in the US, but the connection was bad so I called Allstate's 800 number this morning and again got an overseas representative. So once again I asked to speak to an agent in the US and finally was able to speak to someone. The agent said it would take up to 10 days to transfer my policies to the new agent.

Ten days, really? Now days everything is done at the touch of a button. Why does it take 10 days to switch agents? I don't like the idea that someone in a foreign country has access to my home and auto information. Not to mention putting Americans out of work. Shame on you Allstate.

I was suckered
By -

BLOOMINGTON, MINNESOTA -- I changed to Allstate in April of 2010 for home and auto insurance. The agents were super sweet and we visited for quite some time. Then this year's bill comes in the mail and there is an increase of $207. That's a 28% jump. I have had no claims. I called the agency and was told that all rates were going up. That's all.

I told him that I was retired and on Social Security and that we didn't get any increase in our benefits because supposedly there was no inflation. How could Allstate justify such a huge increase in premiums? He had no answer, only that Allstate needed to cover its losses. What losses? Not any paid to me. I'm sure going to find another company that doesn't lie to cover up pure greed.

Right to privacy?
By -

I have been an Allstate customer for several years, but I recently had a claim. I had given the customer representative my cell phone number so that they could get in touch with me during the day. Within two days after my claim was reviewed, I received a phone call on my cell phone at 8:30 PM. It was a survey company, Issues and Answers, calling to inquire about my recent experience. Allstate had given them my personal cell phone number and did not even request permission.

When I called I & A, I specifically requested personal assurance that my phone number would be deleted from their database. I asked four times and NEVER got assurance. The representative told me that he would "research it" and call back in a couple days--but never did. A couple weeks later I received a call on my home phone from Q & A research. I returned the call, and the Phone Room Supervisor told me that there is a 9 in 10 chance that the reason they had called me was for a survey--for Allstate!

Apparently Allstate considers it acceptable to give out customer phone numbers to surveyors without customer consent. Surveyors are conveniently exempt from the "No-Call" list. Apparently a person's phone number isn't considered confidential as long as Allstate is using it to "improve" their services, even when they give it to a third party.

They Call You a Liar!
By -

In July 2010 while at an amusement park, an Allstate customer backed into my car and left the scene. I have pictures of her vehicle parked crookedly next to mine before the accident. She lied and said she wasn't there. When I proved her wrong with receipts and pictures from the scene, including damage to her vehicle that matches damage to my vehicle, Allstate said I made the whole thing up and was lying. They said I hit their customer and/or the damage to her vehicle was old.

They actually never investigated -- after 2 months of calling and emailing them; they simply took their customer's word for it that, 1, she wasn't there, and 2 she didn't do it. I've been sick to my stomach after being called a liar, but after reading these reviews, I actually feel better. I'm not in good hands, but I see I am in good company!

If Your Claim Is Over Seven Days Old It Is Not a Covered Claim
By -

HENDERSON, NEVADA -- A plumber ran a snake through my drain and caused water damage and mold. I called Allstate, they sent an Adjuster two weeks later. She told me without seeing the mold, only sticking her hand under the plastic that they did not cover the mold, it was "old". Each Adjuster that I talked to had a different story. Some would cover it, some wouldn't. Allstate cannot get their stories straight. They are very rude people. Although the Amendment in the policy says they will pay water damage and mold remediation, they don't. The Supervisor in Arizona told me that anything over 7 days old was called old and they did not cover that.

So if something happens to you and you turn it in on the eighth day it is now weeks and they do not cover it. I have now been five months with no kitchen and the back wall of my house is cut out. Their Adjuster, Michele Ganz said she would cover a spot of mold that was on the wall of my kitchen, only that spot of mold was actually dust from the compressor on my refrigerator. I showed her mold on the back of my carpet, where it had leaked into my living room, she told me that I could scrape that off. I even tried contacting the CEO of Allstate and could not get past his Secretary. These people are unreliable and you definitely are not in good hands. By the way, I am a Senior Citizen.

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