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Detailed billing of text messages
Posted by Omo on 09/25/2007
SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA -- I have been an Alltel customer for almost a year. Service is great(no dropped calls,etc.). Customer service is HORRIBLE. I have a teenager who uses text messaging. My child has gone over on texting several times so I raised her texting from 300 to 750 per month. The month that I changed it I get a bill that shows an overage of over 1000 messages. My child has never gone over by more than 50 in a month and we only had 300. Now we have 750 and they go over by 1000!!! So I called Alltel to get a detailed bill. I wanted to make sure we weren't double billed or that there may have been some other error. I was told it was "ILLEGAL" for them to give me that information. I have an AT&T cell phone also and they do give detailed text message billing. So I knew it wasn't illegal. When I confronted them with that they said they did not have access to that info. So I questioned that too. A text message is just like a call except it is written not verbal. Now they say its not their policy to give detailed billing on text messages. Three different stories. They can charge whatever they want. They can say we used 4000 messages when we only used 100 and we have no way to dispute it. I want out of my contract.

I didn't like Cingular (now AT&T) but I will go back to them.

This is not about whether my child went over on text messaging or not. This about a company being able to bill you and not have to prove what they bill and lying by saying it is "illegal" to give me that information.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
Have you asked yourself why a child needs texting at all? Do you realize that she (or he) is doing it at school? I have no doubt that Alltel's count is probably correct.
In my humble opinion, if you have a burning need to supply a child with a phone, it should be one of those limited to calling home, in case of emergencies. I can't see any other valid reason for a child to have a phone at all, much less one that is sending 100+ text messages a month.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
I agree with Ken and AlleyS, limitedly. My 17 yo daughter travels several times a year, alone, from California to Virginia, and back.

Last year, her connecting flight from Chicago to Virginia was cancelled. I'm extremely glad she had a cell phone. She called us, then we called the airline and made arrangements to fly her into Richmond, where she could stay with relatives, until we could drive and pick her up the next day.

The text messaging can be crazy, though. What I'd like to know from the OP is, how do you know exactly how many text messages your child sent? Are you taking their word for it?
Posted by CrystalSword on 2007-09-25:
I agree, cell phones so a child can contact home is one thing, just recently a teen driver was killed because she was texting while driving and wasn't watching the road. I can remember my kids using my pager when they were away from the house so I could buzz them for supper...pagers now aren't very practical. My mom used my sister's cell phone when she went on vacation but she won't get one for herself. We have a TracFone and love it, no contracts, no dropped calls and I pick up a card once a month...odd months for me and even months for hubby. Our minutes are building because we don't use the cell phone like an every day phone...mostly we just call each other, or if we get lost looking for someplace.
Posted by MRM on 2007-09-25:
Get pre-paid cellphones so that you can limit the amount used on the phone and no contract involved.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
I guess because of my age, I don't get the big deal about text messaging. I receive them once-in-a-while when a call can't be made by someone, but to do it all day long just doesn't make sense to me. I'd rather hear someone's voice. And, there's still voice mail if they or you are not available to talk. You can send e-mails and messages for free, so why pay more for something? I think people need to talk more anyway, but that's just me. And, like CrystalSword said, in some cases texting is becoming downright dangerous/fatal. The cell phone itself has been a godsend for people like us who are never home. Everyone knows they can always reach us when we're away. I like that.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2007-09-25:
crystal and diane said it all.
Posted by omo on 2007-09-25:
This is not about a teenager having a cell phone!!! I have no doubt my teen went over on texting. I want to check to make sure there was no billing error before I ground my teen for life. I have been lied to by this company. First they tell me it is illegal for them to give me the info then they don't have access to info and finally it is not there policy to give detailed billing on texting. They can bill whatever they want and give no proof and the burden is on me to prove they made an error if an error was made. I can't wait to see what they bill me next month.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
Yes, sorry, sometimes we do ramble. Hope you can get your bill resolved to your satisfaction.
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-09-25:
I think some comments are too harsh on the poster. This isn't about judging whether or not kids should have cell phones. My older kids have cell phones, and I like that they have them - I feel more secure knowing that they have the means to call for help or for a parent if they need to.

As for Alltel telling you that they cannot provide the details of text messaging, that is not true I went to their website and under FAQ's, there are 3 ways listed that you can check text message usage: signing up online and viewing your bill and bill details online, dial #MOU from the handset and press the send key, or call 800-alltel1, choose option 1 and then option 2. No wireless company tracks the actual message details (content), but they all track and can provide the # of text messages sent and received.
Posted by smooched on 2007-12-27:
Alltel has done the same thing to me a few months. And this month is now no different. They just pick a number out of the air and charge me for it and then tell me they don't keep detailed billing for text messages and I'm then forced to pay whatever number they chose for me that month. I started with only 20 or so messages a month and they said I had close to 200 @ .15/use. Real nice way for them to milk some extra money out of me. Now I have increased my plan to allow 300 texts/month to "protect" myself from my cell phone company but they are now at it again. I have over $20 in additional text messages on December's bill. Freakin crazy that they are allowed to get away with this. Is there really no attorney out there that doesn't see a CALL ACTION LAWSUIT brewing. I beg you, please take the case and take the 30% commission when you win, I don't care as long as they stop the insanity and bending me over every month. Sign me up for the lawsuit please !!!!!
Posted by smooched on 2007-12-27:
Alltel has done the same thing to me a few months. And this month is now no different. They just pick a number out of the air and charge me for it and then tell me they don't keep detailed billing for text messages and I'm then forced to pay whatever number they chose for me that month. I started with only 20 or so messages a month and they said I had close to 200 @ .15/use. Real nice way for them to milk some extra money out of me. Now I have increased my plan to allow 300 texts/month to "protect" myself from my cell phone company but they are now at it again. I have over $20 in additional text messages on December's bill. Freakin crazy that they are allowed to get away with this. Is there really no attorney out there that doesn't see a CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT brewing. I beg you, please take the case and take the 30% commission when you win, I don't care as long as they stop the insanity and bending me over every month. Sign me up for the lawsuit please !!!!!
Posted by hipychick6 on 2007-12-29:
Recently I have read a couple of reviews regarding the amount of detail that is avaliable for text messaging. My Alltel bill is detailed. It shows how many minutes I've used during the day, at night, and with the my cirlce/ mobile to mobile calls. It also shows my many text messages. It even breaks down how many I've sent, how many I've recieved, the pictures I've sent and the pictures I've recieved. I think it is outrageous that some consumers think they actually are just pulling these numbers out of thin air to penalize people. Companies don't work that way, if they did they would be under ridicule all the time. Really, you think Alltel picked you out of it's hundreds of customers and decided "Hey I'm gonna screw with these people just because..." come on. Teenagers text, being twenty three I text all the time. It's trendy and yes believe it or not they add up. I really think it's comical that you think Alltel specifically targeted you and your text messages... Sure keep believing that.
Posted by omo on 2007-12-30:
hipychick6 you are either naive or you work for Alltel.
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Disappointed in Alltel
Posted by DWM53 on 09/18/2007
HIGH POINT, NORTH CAROLINA -- Donald W. McHone 09/18/2007
xxxx xxxxxxxx Avenue
xxxx xxxxx, NC 2xxxx
336 8x3-xxxx (cell)
336 4x4-xxxx (home)

Re: Account GBXXXXX

Enclosed please find a check for $48.38, this will be the final money that you will receive from me, I will not pay you a disconnect fee of $200.00 that you have applied to my account.

I have been an Alltel customer in good standing for many, many years and had no intention of changing carriers.

My son attends college at Western Carolina University in the western North Carolina mountains, for the first 2 years there, his Alltel service worked fine, about a year and a half ago the service became very frustrating, dropping calls, unable to hear conversations clearly, receiving messages late, etc.. After contacting Alltel many times by phone and going into the Alltel store in Greensboro, NC numerous times we were told we should purchase a new phone which of course included a new contract (wasted time and money), nothing changed, phone service was still poor in his college area (by the way, there is no Alltel store in that area, Silva, NC). Finally I was told by your representatives numerous times the connection problems and roaming charges that were often being applied to my account were created by another carriers tower that had been built in that area, by the way my plan included no roaming charges but they were often added to my bill.

A few weeks ago we again went to the Alltel store in Greensboro and had the phone checked for programming, the agent there said the software was up to date but that there had been many complaints about the Alltel service in that area and that were should contact an Alltel supervisor (he provided me with a number) and Alltel would probably release me from the contract (there was just over a month left on the contract). When I called the number I asked repeatedly to speak to a supervisor, after much discussion I was finally told “I’ll get you a supervisor” and he proceeded to hang up, at that point I had had enough, I went to Venison and had the number ported over….the Verizon service works perfectly in the Silva area.

After receiving my final bill from Alltel that included a early disconnect fee of $200.00 I once again called Alltel this morning (9/18/07), spent considerable time on the phone explaining the problems to your representative who said she would confer with a supervisor…she never returned to the phone!

Now in short, Alltel has the nerve to charge me a early disconnect fee of $200.00, I had done everything in my power to not change carriers from Alltel to Verizon and received absolutely no help from Alltel to resolve the problems. I feel it was Alltel who failed to fulfill the contract by not at the very least providing me with the amount of service I originally had…not less.

I guess I’m the most disappointed in the fact of how I have been treated with this $200.00 disconnect fee after all the money you have received from me over the past 10 – 14 years (never a late payment) and for Alltel to completely ignore the fact this problem was not created by me the customer but in fact by Alltel.

The facts are these, my son needed dependable service at the college he attends, Alltel no longer supplied these services and I have spent over a year and my money throwing good after bad trying to help Alltel to provide service or resolve this problem, after Alltel was unable to do so I had to take matters into my own hand and find a carrier that could provide the service that we need.

Again I will not be paying to $200.00 disconnect fee.


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Posted by CrazyRedHead on 2007-09-19:
Although I can understand your frustration, this letter is not going to do any good. You were under contract, and per the contract service is not guaranteed everywhere. This $200.00 ETF will eventually go on your credit, they are good with this, and is the only thing that they can guarantee. Let us know the outcome of this letter and if anyone there is being generous.
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Screwed by Alltel
Posted by on 05/29/2006
I purchased a 2 year contract with Alltel from one of their reps who was standing under an Alltel sign at a Wal-Mart in the Pacific Northwest. I told him I was moving in 2 weeks to the West coast and although I was being assigned an area code - there, where I purchased the phone and service - that I'd need a local area code and number upon arriving on the West coast. He said fine. No problem.

Once on the West Coast I called to get my number changed. Was told, "Alltel doesn't have area codes were you are." I told 3 separate customer service people the same story. That I was promised a local number. No one would help me. I said, "Ok, then I want to cancel the contract." Alltel said, "Ok, that will be a $200 penalty."

So I tried to call corporate and some woman at that number said that corporate NO LONGER accepts calls from consumers. (Really.)

So I emailed corporate and, of course, got no response. Yesterday the cell phone died. I've had it all of a month. So I called Alltel and they suggested they cancel my service and that I track down the minimum wage guy from Wal-Mart who sold me this bogus plan to begin with.

See where I'm going with this? Currently I have no phone service and it is left to me to get the Wal-Mart/Alltel guy to confirm that he not only promised me what he probably KNEW he couldn't give me...but I have to get this guy to refund my $200. We all know that isn't going to happen.

I am outraged. One of my least favorite Alltel conversations was when a phone customer service rep told me that Alltel has NO control over what these Alltel reps say. NO CONTROL??????

I know I'm going to be billed immediately for the $200 and I'm stuck with their very dead cell phone.

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Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-30:
The mantra of cell phone companies..."Once signed, soon forgotten.". siffer-Your hindsight is 20/20. The poor sod was told, by a representative of Alltel, his Alltel phone would be serviceable in his new area. What was he supposed to do, hook the commission sales-monkey up to a lie-detector? The poster did what most would do in his position. The sales-monkey knew he'd get his commission and that Alltel would punt the problem. May he suffer erectile dysfunction (if a he) or a chronic yeast infection if a she.
Posted by Ponie on 2006-05-30:
Doc J, you're nasty. :) I think the poster should have done a little investigating on his/her own before signing up for a cell phone. When I was thinking of going with T-Mobile (at a family member's suggestion), I went onto their website to see what coverage I'd get. I found I'd lose service about 100 miles north of my location, but it didn't matter to me. Bought the phone and signed the contract in Washington DC, got a local number assigned (SE Michigan). You don't just jump into things that may cost $200 to cancel without doing some checking first. But that's me. Some people may call that being cheap--I prefer to call it 'frugal.' :)
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-30:
Ponie-I often do the same. Although I dislike appealing to the lowest common denominator, the vast majority of consumers should be able to trust a sales rep to give them accurate information about the product they're selling. I never berate a salesperson for saying "I don't know". If they say this, I dig deeper or go elsewhere. But, lie to me just to close a sale...Hell hath no fury greater than mine.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-05-31:
I move frequently due to the nature of my business. I often get things set up before a move. Changing a phone number should be a piece of cake, compared to setting up an entirely new service. Given siffer's past posts, I'm not surprised things make "NO sense to me". Life seems so clear when you're 13.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-03:
siffer: As a physician, I must advise you to never take Viagra...it just make you taller. BTW: According to my mates back in the UK, a "twerp" is one to lets off flatus in the bathtub...a "siffer" is one whom bites the bubbles.
Posted by Doc J on 2006-06-03:
I stand corrected...I misquoted my friend. A "siffer" in the UK is slang for someone having syphilus. I regret the error and apologize for any inconvenience.
Posted by laddieboy on 2006-10-22:
I know what you mean. Read my review. Almost the same as yours. Only I got lucky. I got another sales rep to tell me twice in front of other reps that I could get a number for WA State. Four times by to sells reps and they still would not reimbuse me for the $200.00 phone that I was out of pocket. Still working on that. Their generous handout was to just terminate my contract. They are thiefs who rob the consumer. We have no recording of the conversations between their reps and us. Therefore we get #@#@@# over. I would like to find a few more people that they did this to and then find a lawyer to do a class action suit for fraud.
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Posted by Linda Payne on 03/23/2006
NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA -- Alltel ripped me off and tried to ruin my credit and 7 years of Alltel service is now over...

It all began after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Alltel sent me a text message saying that our service was going to be free during these tough times.

That was nice, they gave me a free month and I switched to the $80 family plan and BAM! They hit me with a $1,200 bill. That's more than my rent!

They said that I must pay the full bill or my service will be disconnected so I requested an itemized bill.

When I got the bill, it appears that they charged me for two individual plans and all the overtime for both plans, not to mention they charged me for the itemized bill.

After endless debates with Alltel supervisors, they admit they made a mistake in the bill. And offer to reduce the bill, but it was not enough. $500 is a far cry from $80 a month, so I threw in the towel.

Now Alltel is harassing me to pay the $500.00 PLUS a $200.00 disconnection fee.

I was supposed to switch to Cingular today, but Alltel's computer system is "down" and they can not switch the phone number over.

While I remained loyal to Alltel for 7 years, they met me with incompetence and dishonesty.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2006-03-24:
Maybe they took their lead from the oil companies and the government after Hurricane Katrina hit. You know say “We will help” and then raise the price of gas and leave a bunch of trailers in the mud. All this after the people gave money to help, what really happens to that? Why would you be loyal to any big company? They don’t care if you live in a cardboard shack and have nothing to eat forever as long as you pay them.
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Alltel Scams its Customers
Posted by CobraCat77 on 05/06/2006
NORTH CAROLINA -- 4 years ago I was with Cingular, and while I had no problems with the service, the customer service was horrendous. So I switched to Alltel who I've been with for the past 4 years. It was a bit more expensive, but I was willing to pay for it in exchange for better customer service. That all changed recently. 6 months ago I learned that they offered free voicemail in their plans, and I called and asked that I stop paying for my voicemail (a $5 monthly fee). They said fine, and dropped it from that bill. Lately I noticed my bill steadily going up, and called to dispute some charges. Since I'm signed to do online account managing, they would not send me a copy of my calls unless I paid $5. I did, the bill never arrived via the mail, and they refused to refund my money. 2 months ago I was in the mood to see how I could lower my bill so I tried to log into their website. It was down, so I called to speak to a rep. Low and behold, my voicemail charge had been re-instated on my phone. I asked that be taken off and also asked if there were any cheaper plans for the minutes I had. I was told no. I found out yesterday that they offer a plan with MORE minutes for $10 less a month, and have been offering that plan for over 6 months.

I was blatantly lied to. I promptly cancelled my service with them, and I urge all of you to not sign up with them. Their "circle of friends" ad is misleading, as it doesn't state that you need a plan of $60 or higher to be eligible (My plan was $50, but I've been paying a $68 bill for the last 8 months). Also, today I met an ex Alltel rep who told me that they are instructed to do whatever it takes to save the company money and milk their customers for all they're worth.

I will NEVER return to you Alltel...I'm glad your little lies cost you the next 50 years of my business.
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The time it takes Alltel to post a payment
Posted by JECSGRL on 08/06/2005
TENNESSEE -- This has happened to me twice, and has also happened to all Alltel users that I know.
I mailed a payment to Alltel on July 13, 2005. The due date was July 25, 2005. The disconnection date was August 2, 2005. My payment was not posted by Alltel until August 3, 2005. Where was my payment for 20 days? Had I been like most people and not called to follow up on the receipt of my payment, I could have been disconnected. I believe a reconnection fee is really high. Does this happen to everyone, or just me and my family and friends. I believe that Alltel purposely holds payments until after the disconnection date to make more money from people. I called and asked to speak with someone in their accounts receivable dept. and I was rudely informed by one of their hateful agents that, "We do not just have people sitting in a room all day receiving payments". ISNT THAT OBVIOUS!!! I was also rudely informed that the fact that it took 20 days for my payment to be posted was my fault. I was only allowed to make a complaint to a person in the billing dept. or a person in the financial services dept. A phone agent, someone that talks to 200 people per day and does not have the least bit of concern for me. I was refused a manager, or anyone higher than a highly underpaid phone support person that cares nothing about Alltel and how it's customers feel. I told them I would disconnect my service as soon as I come up with $200.00 to get out of my contract. I was left under the impression that their phone agents were just like, "Oh well... not a problem for me, I still get paid". Apparently, my business is not appreciated by the company even though I have been a customer since 1998. Maybe Cingular or Verizon will treat me better, who knows?

OH NOT TO MENTION IF YOU SWITCH BILL PLANS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MONTH, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF WITH WHAT THEY CALL PRORATIONS! There should be some prorations, but do the math, theirs are double even triple!
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Posted by ILUVALLTEL on 2006-03-07:
You made a statement that reads "A phone agent, someone that talks to 200 people per day and does not have the least bit of concern for me. I was refused a manager, or anyone higher than a highly underpaid phone support person that cares nothing about Alltel and how it's customers feel"

Some News for you honey Alltel "Phone Agents" as you call them are NOT UNDERPAID.

Next Time Check With Your Post Master, and Read the Laws when You send your mail through the United States Postal Service. Dont Assume that ALLTEL hold your Payment. A billion dollar Company does not need 35.00 from You or anyone else. Pay your bills on time!!!
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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Missledgal on 10/25/2002
AVON LAKE, OHIO -- I have been an Alltel (formerly GTE Wireless) customer since 1996. Recently, I attempted to "change" my plan....I phoned the customer care center and explained what services I required. I really wanted the same amount of minutes that I had and just wanted to get free long distance/roaming. Well, I ended up with my minutes reduced from 600 to 200, I did get the "free" long distance/roaming, but ended up with charges up the wazoo due to running over on the "anytime" minutes. It took 4 1/2 weeks to get my bill re-calculated and in the process I have received 2 calls at work and a nasty-gram at home from Alltel's collection department. The customer service people have been rude and uncooperative in resolution. Why would I have increased the "services" $20.00 per month and quadruple my bill???? Where is the logic?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2003-09-11:
we have the most mobile to mobile minutes available, I was going to another state and asked to add the long distance and roaming, they said i could, but would not have all the mobile to mobile minutes, well these phone are for work and we need all those free minutes because we are a service business and we have scheduling calls constantly, so, if figured, it won't be that much, if i have to call someone, i was gone for two weeks and our bill was 800.00 for 1 week and 1100.00 for second week, when we went in to talk to them about it, the girl said "well we have the long distance and free minutes package NOW" I wanted to slap here, anyway, we are a one man (small business) and couldn't pay at once and the finance department gave us two weeks to pay the whole amount (WOW) what can't i pay this week, now.....their customer service is horrible and their smartalecks.................................
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Worst Ever!!!
Posted by Clila47 on 10/26/2013
BARNWELL, SOUTH CAROLINA -- I've been a customer with Alltel for quite a while and trust me it's only because there's no other cellular providers other than them that work in my area. When calling with a problem, each representative will give you incorrect info and they doesn't care about their customers at all (they just want the money). I have never seen a major company like this one, they are the worst company ever. I've had to purchase several phones, because of vast problems that I've had with the touchscreen freezing up or several other issues that they never resolved.

All I keep getting is the runaround, which always lead them to telling me that there's nothing they can do for me but advise me to purchase a new phone. If I'm spending top dollar for my phones, the least Alltel can do is provide me with a new phone, instead of issuing their customers the old refurbished ones.

So sick of Alltel, as soon as another company becomes available, I am done and not looking back.

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Alltel Screws Military Families
Posted by Piercezoocrew86 on 11/02/2011
My son has been reassigned by the Navy to an area that Alltell does not provide service in. When my daughter-in-law went in to cancel her phone contract of 4 months remaining, she was told to do so would cost her $200. Additionally they informed her they will be charging her monthly Roaming charges if she keeps the plan. Talk about getting screwed from every angle. Needless to say the $200 they decided to squeeze out of my children just lost them thousands of dollars through cancelled plans from family and friends who have been loyal customers for over a decade.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2011-11-02:
Thanks for the heads up
Posted by At Your Service on 2011-11-02:
I don't know that I actually blame Alltell for this. They've provided phone(s), in many cases very expensive, in exchange for a contractual amount of usage. If you're opting out of the contract, for any reason, they deserve to have a fair payment in place of the service charges.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2011-11-02:
You may cancel your phone plan and pay the early termination fee, but I seriously doubt "thousands" of your friends will cancel their phone contracts and pay out extra money.
Posted by piercezoocrew86 on 2011-11-02:
Thanks for your thoughts guys. Typo definately above. I meant thousand of dollars not plans. And fortunately for most of us our plans renew next spring. As far as a contract, part of that contract is to provide service. If they don't have service in the area, they definately shouldn't charge extra to the consumer to link to another provider. So it is frustrating that they can ding you financially either way.
Posted by saj80 on 2011-11-03:
Another option is to ask about changing plans; Alltel phones work on the Verizon network, so with a nationwide calling plan, the Alltel phones will work in their new area, and the new plan will let them avoid roaming charges.
Posted by Kris10 on 2011-11-03:
I thought there was a clause in most contracts for companies like this that, because of the liklihood of getting rassigned to different areas, prevented companies from gouging military personell like this. Did she ever mention it was because her husband was in the Navy to the reps?
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Horrible Customer Service, Called Me a Liar
Posted by Lambodiav12 on 08/04/2011
My husband was with Alltel for years and never had a problem. When we got married, I was added to his plan. They were running a deal on a data card, no start up fees, no cost, $40 a month. We added it to our plan for my brother. They charged me $81 at the store the day I bought it! They called me up 30 minutes later and told me to come back in they made a mistake and will refund me. The manager said that instead of me coming back, they can just get a credit to our bill. It took almost 3 months of my nagging to get anything back...and we still ended up paying $25 out of pocket.

The manager was extremely rude and more interested in helping the "young pretty" crowd then the normal people.

For the next 6 months, none of our bills were correct. Every single one of them had something wrong and while they were fixing one bill, our phones were shut off! Apparently they didn't note the account they were crediting us and the bill was late, so they shut us down forcing us to pay reactivation fees.

Cancelling was a nightmare as well. When they switched over to AT&T we took the chance to get out of there. We were billed over $80 for an partial month of service on just the data card (we switched our phones to Sprint a few weeks prior to this). We had to pay AT&T a bill and Alltel, almost $140.

When I called Alltel to find out what was going on, the manager stated "I can guarantee you no one said that to you." She called me a liar! Instead of helping me try to figure out what was wrong she was accusing me of lying and making up stories. She wouldn't help us at all.

I finally paid all the bills and will NEVER work with them again. If anyone tells me they are going to sign up for them, I will force them to walk the other way.
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Posted by MissLeopard83 on 2011-08-04:
Why would they make you pay the reactivation fees if they screwed up? That doesn't make sense. I wouldn't have paid it. If they had anything to say, I would have just told them that they are not getting my money until they turn our phones back on. No paying bills, nothing.
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