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Waiting...still waiting...waiting some more!
Posted on
FARMINGTON, NEW MEXICO -- I have an issue with a particular location in Farmington, NM. They are located at 3554 E. Main Street. I went to buy my daughter a new cellphone and a rate/plan. I walked in and was told to sign-in. There was at least 8-10 other names. I figured I'd be in for a little bit of a wait to say the least. Kind of reminded me of signing in to get my hair cut. So I waited, and waited, and waited some more. At this point, I've invested 1-hr & 15-minutes, and I was reaching my breaking point. Some have greater thresholds for pain, but this is where mine starts to taper off. What irritated me the most, was the fact that not all of the agents were busy. Some were just standing next to their monitors/desks and chit-chatting amongst each other.

So I decide to get a little cute and call the store itself, knowing full well that there were at least 4-5 unoccupied employees to answer my call. I dialed and it rang, and rang, and rang some more. Nothing. No one would bother to pick up the phone. I called the corporate 800 number and they said they'd log the complaint. Yeah, and store it with the other 465,000 complaints stuffed away in some dusty warehouse of imaginary complaints. Good luck with that angle! So I walk towards the back and attempt to open what looks like a backroom door/breakroom. An employee rushes up to me and informs me that I cannot go in there. I said, "And if I do"? She tells me that she'll have to get the manager. I said, "Great, that's who I want to talk to anyway"!

A few minutes later a manager appears and asks what the problem is. I tell him that I've been waiting in line for over an hour, and haven't even been asked how I can be helped. I then explained the lack of people answering the phones, at which time he accused me of over-exaggerating. I dialed the store # in front of his presence, and it rang, and rang, and rang some more. He walked over to one of his associates and asked why they weren't answering the phone. They just kind of shrugged and mumbled something to the effect that they thought someone else was going to answer it.

The manager apologized for the behavior of his workers, but not for accusing me of embellishing the facts. I said thanks for talking to your workers, but after everything I've went through, I think I'll take my money and my business elsewhere. Commission lost...
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bargod on 06/02/2010:
Customer service R.I.P.
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Alltel Family Finder service by WaveMarket
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This problem started over a month ago. After verifying with Alltel that a spare KRZR phone was compatible with the Alltel Family Finder service, I activated the phone for my 11 year old. The application would not download and trouble tickets were opened. To date, no response from those trouble tickets has been received. After a couple of weeks the local Alltel manager suggested the best solution was to buy a new phone with a new contract. I downloaded the application while in the store. Now, the Alltel Family Finder website gives an error message stating it doesn't recognize my phone number or Alltel account number. More trouble tickets are opened and escalated.

I discovered using google that a California company named WaveMarket is the third party responsible for the Alltel Family Finder application.

I've attempted to use WaveMarket's help forum but have not received a reply. The forum appears to be abandoned and is littered with spam messages for various drugs.

I've followed up with Alltel several times but they claim there is nothing more they can do until WaveMarket's Alltel Family Finder engineers answer the trouble tickets.

The WaveMarket website lists the corporate officers. The WaveMarket CEO has a Facebook account found through google. He replied promptly and has passed my contact information to someone within the company.

EDIT/UPDATE: I did hear back from WaveMarket as promised. They are aware that the KRZR is not compatible with this service and should be removed from the compatible list. They are also aware that some Alltel Family Finder customers are not able to register for the service. As Alltel has been bought and sold again, it will not likely be fixed for these customers.

Happy with WaveMarket's response but Alltel is a lost cause with its customers in limbo until AT&T or Verizon pick them up.
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Overcharging /poor customer service
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After years of service with Alltel and the past couple of years not happy ones we are planning to move over to AT&T. We have been overcharged for our service for over a year that we know of and we are looking into all the past bills. A little over a month ago we upgraded to 3 smart phones (we have 7 lines one is a internet card). When we got the smart phones we were informed that the bill would be lower thatn what we were paying, oh yea, this is when we found out that the air card was less a month than I had been paying. After a couple of hrs trying to get the account set up correct we left thinking wow that is great. The bill was less than it had been in a while. That is until the bill came in TWICE as much as it had been. So, I take the bill to the Alltel store and wait a couple of hrs and finally the representative was really nice and about a hr. or so later she had the bill all straight (or so we thought)I came home with instrustion to bring my payment in to the office so that it would be entered into the system correctly. Tis we did and everything was OK. A week later I receive another bill. Itook this to the store and again waited acoupel of hrs to get this fixed. Everything was supposed to be fixed again and I paid the bill while I was there. Aweek later my phone is shut off. I called customer service again and they tell me that all that money has been applied to three of the lines and that I have a credit but I would have to pay the amount due which is what the entire bill is supposed to be before service will be back on. So, again I call the store and talk to the representative who has been helping me all along, she goes to her suppervisor and in lesss than 30min my phone is back on. Then last night my phone got cut off again. Why can't these people get this right? They expect me to come up with another payment and let them credit my account with the exter money. Iwork hard for my money I can not afFord to just let them hold my money. I have placed a call to the store an I am wating for a return.
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 06/18/2009:
why are you getting a bill on a weekly basis and you keep paying it????
dani ellie on 07/01/2009:
that is very weird. you should only be rec. 1 bill a month...
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Alltel Fiends
Posted by on

In April our daughters cellphone was lost/stolen at her Prom. We tried calling Alltel, there was nothing in the voice menu about lost/stolen phones and their 'customer service' was closed at that time of night. After looking on the internet, I called the Alltel phone insurance number and filed a claim. During the call I asked several times if the phone can be disabled so no one could use it, activate it, or run any unusual charges on it. I was assured several times that would be the case. Several days later we received the replacement phone. When the May bill came out it was over three times what it should have been and had a lot of extra charges on it (GPS and ringtones). We called Alltel and were told these charges began the day after we had been assured by Alltel personnel that it wouldn't be possible.

We were told by the CSR (customer service rep) that she couldn't do anything about it only a supervisor. I called back and after a heated discussion (we didn't understand why we should have to pay when they could access the tape of the call to their incompetent or untruthful insurance person) she agreed to reverse the charges. She gave us a corrected balance to be paid which was still a little high but we were tired of having to explain and ask everything at least three times because of the mix of their personnel's language issues (all our calls except one went to people with English as a distant second-at best-language) or denseness.

I paid the balance given. Today, a couple weeks later, our service is suspended because of the excessive unpaid balance. Morals of the story

1) Alltel's personnel seem to be perfectly comfortable lying and giving false, bad, and misleading information. Apparently whatever it takes to get you off the phone NOTHING TO DO WITH DEALING WITH THE PROBLEM.

2) It seems as though Alltel's call center is either located in a country and staffed with people with poor English skills or just staffed with people with poor English skills. Bad news.

3) The customer service and business practices of Alltel is so horrid that you should not use their service even if it were the only game in town!!! Just imagine how thrilled my wife is that I talked her into switching from AT&T (bad phone service but great customer service) to Alltel with their nightmare customer service!
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MRM on 06/09/2009:
And to add to the moral of the story... be careful not to damage or lose the phone to avoid the hassle of dealing with customer service.
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Customer Service? - Not
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MIDLAND, TEXAS -- I have been a customer of Alltel Wireless beginning in late 2000 under the Cellular One Co, which was taken over by Alltel. They have now been taken over by Verizon. Through my entire history with the company, I have never been late with a payment as it was set up from the beginning as an auto pay account. I have stuck to my plan minutes and never had over charges or complaints. In short, I have been an easy customer to have on their list. In late March, 2009, the company texted me that my plan minutes had been way overused. They then called me offering a larger plan. On explaining to first one person on the phone then another, I went to the local office to straighten out the problem. March 20, 2009, I dealt with an associate at the local store who added a supplemental plan, at a cost, to my bill to handle overused data minutes and told me he couldn't do anything else until I had my bill. I never received a bill.

April 17, they charged my account $392 more than my usual bill. I went back to the local office and was told there wasn't a supervisor present, the associate couldn't do anything but issue a credit which would take several days to weeks to reach me. I don't know about you but I don't have that kind of money just lying around. I have talked to several people at the local office and by phone and have received nothing but run-around from all of them. A wireless company set up to take money from my account wirelessly will snail mail a refund when they get around to tending to that minor detail! Needless to say, I am not a satisfied customer nor will I be a customer one minute after my "contract" finishes. I wanted to send an email to the company about this treatment and what I intend to do.

Low and behold, there is no such thing as contact information on their website. When the "Contact Us" button is clicked, you are routed to a log-in screen. OK fine, I logged in again and clicked the contact button again. Guess what, I was routed to the log-in screen. Totally unacceptable customer service!
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witchywoman1957 on 07/16/2009:
Good luck gettting your issue with Alltel taken care of. I transferred my service from Texas to Ohio in 2007. They failed to shut off my Texas lines,(not my fault, theirs for not shutting Tx. numbers of when I transferred)they tried to bill me almost 400.00 for Texas lines reported me to the credit buruea,and to years later I am still fighting them. I have reported them to the BBB as has many people in Ohio. They said they would reemburse my my deposit within 10 to 15 days and I am still waiting for that. I've been in contact with Verizon over this matter and at this time they can not access my records because they have not taken over this area yet. Even they people I've talked to in the corporate office will lie to you about what they are going to do. My husband I are thing of taking them to small claims court as a last resort. Good Luck in trying to get your problem solved.
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The Entire Remaining Balance On My Pre-Paid Account Was Confiscated!
Posted by on
BOCA RATON, FLORIDA -- I have been an Alltel pre-paid wireless customer since November 2008, and after checking the balance on my account the other day, I noticed that the entire remaining balance of $27.15 was missing from my account.

After calling Alltel customer service and waiting on hold for almost 20 minutes, I was told by a customer service representative that Alltel had "confiscated" my remaining balance because that I had what they considered to be "excessive use of roaming". It seems that I live just outside of an Alltel cell tower, and whenever I make or receive calls at my home, I am using another carrier's cell tower, and therefore considered to be "roaming"!

Since I was assured that my home was in Alltel's home service area when I established service, I asked that the amount that was "confiscated" be credited back into my account, but they told me that they couldn't do that. I then asked them to refund the amount in the form of a paper check, and they said that they couldn't do that either... It seems that the "confiscated" funds have been forfeited, and I will not be receiving one dime back from Alltel! They told me that if I want to continue to use my Alltel pre-paid wireless service in the future, I will have to deposit more money into my account with no guarantee that this money won't also be "confiscated"! Does Alltell Wireless think that I'm an idiot? NO WAY AM I GOING TO DEPOSIT ANY MORE MONEY INTO THIS ACCOUNT!

I intend on porting my cell phone number to another wireless carrier so I can keep my number while ending my relationship with these deceitful thieves. I will also write a letter to the head honcho at Alltel Wireless detailing my recent experiences, and if they still refuse to give me my money back, I will file a case in my local small claims court.

I'd like to advise anyone contemplating becoming a customer of this company to heed my advice:

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MrBeanRocks25 on 03/10/2009:
What a load of crap from "All-hell." $27 in roaming fees is outrageous! You did a good thing by walking away. Don't rest until you get your money back.
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Customer Service Or Screw Anyone You Can?
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OMAHA, NEBRASKA -- Only thing that comes to mind when I think of Alltel is negative things. They are the worst company I have ever had the misfortune dealing with. I have had to trade out my defective Samsung hue about 5 times now. I go into the Alltel store at least once a week to try to get a new phone. The representative don't care about me or my problems, as long as they save themselves some money.

I first signed a 2 year contract with Alltel, and didn't have a single problem with them. But once I was going to sign another 2 year contract is when I ran into major problems.

I signed the 2 year contract and got the Samsung hue. I first had to trade it out because I could not hear anyone, but I was told there was too much "physical damage" on the phone to replace it under warranty. So I paid 100.00 To get the same model of phone.

Then the next 4 phones all pretty much do the same thing. The outside screen doesn't show up half the time. Phone power cycles constantly by itself. Phone is laggy and slow and sucks.

The newest hue I have which I activated yesterday has a big white mark on the inside screen and a white dot, and on half the outside screen is way dimmer than the other half, which is obviously a defect. When I went in to trade it once again. The manager said he "could not see it".

He then accused me of "trying to pull a fast one, to get a new phone".

Outraged as you could imagine.

So I simply asked if he just wanted me to wait until I ran into bigger problems with the phone, and he said yes "as long as we can re-produce the problem here in the store".

I said "okay I will see you soon", and he replied with a smart ass attitude "I hope not, I hope this phone works great for you".

Uhh...The phone is already defective 2 hours after I received it.

Bottom line! Stay away from this company, you will hate it. The customer service is not there!

They do not care about you, or your problems.
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ringostar on 12/03/2008:
Maybe the other problem is with the phone! Why not try a different phone. You get 30 days to exchange it when you sign your contract, or was that the free or cheap phone???
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Horrible Customer Service!
Posted by on
54937, WISCONSIN -- I have been with Alltel for 5 years now. I do have to say I had no issues with them until this past year. I purchased a Motorola Smart Q Oct. 3rd of 07. Signed a new 2 yr contract. Within one month of having this new phone, I started to experience nothing but problems. The phone would lock up, needed to take the battery out to reset the phone. Texting would stay all caps and I could not delete anything just keep texting. The phone would get stuck on dialing and never connect. I couldn't end the call either.

Again, needed to take battery out to reset. My screen would white out completely, again, reset. Oh, and the dropped calls!!! I have never had so many! Even in the city, not in "dead zones" where it doesn't matter who your carrier is there just isn't reception. I took my phone in after it completely died and would not turn on. It was under the one year manufacturer warranty. I sent the old one in and had the refurbished one sent to me in a couple of days.

Not bad, but of course it's not a new phone, so there's the problem. I am now on my 4th phone in one year. They told me if this one has problems, they would replace with a brand new phone. Needless to say, I have been having all the same issues as in the past. I went down and they made me call technical support and see if that would take care of the problem. Hello! Nothing is going to fix these phones! So I did what I had to. They said if that didn't fix the problems, I would receive a new phone. Well it didn't fix it and my phone was in my pocket and a pressure point occurred on the display (a little black spot) They said it was now an insurance claim and I need to pay for a new phone!!! After 4 phones! Alltel sucks!!

I will NEVER AGAIN go with Alltel! I have one year left on my contract. I will pay the $200 termination fee and go somewhere where the help actually helps you! Not rip you off!
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acdavis25 on 09/29/2008:
I agree that the problems are frustrating. That phone had those types of problems from the beginning and Motorola tried to fix it with a software fix that seemed to help some but not all problems. But no matter what the problems with the phone whether it was the 1st phone or the 4th phone, the damage on the screen was caused by you and is not covered under any type of warranty no matter what carrier you are with. Your only choice is an insurance claim.
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A "painful" Customer Service Experience at AllTel
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OHIO -- I would like to report to you the most unsatisfactory help line experience I have ever had:

Today (Sept. 15 2007, 10:30-11:20am, Sat.), I called your customer service line 1800-255-8351, which connected me to someone in India:

1) I waited for more than 20 minutes to get one who answered my phone call;
2) The lady on the line was not knowledgeable and helpful: she told me that the account number was my cell phone number. -- I told her that it was wrong. She said "yes"
3) Then, I said "now please go to", click on "Register now" link on the home page;
4) then I showed her that on the AllTel website, the account number and cell phone number were different - it was like that I needed to teach her on AllTel website and operation, rather than her to provide help service to me, a Alltel customer;

5) then she said "hold the line" please, and disappeared and held me online for more than 5 minutes;
6) after she came back (maybe asking help from her friends there?), she said "OK, please use your phone number and PIN I give you now to log in". - she gave the PIN: 1279
7) I followed up her instruction to log in using my cell phone number and PIN, and tried 3 times, but rejected by the AllTecl website. So I told her that I tried it according to her instruction 3 times, but failed.

8) She became inpatient and said "Sir, can you keep trying according to my instruction?" (it sounds like "you are so stupid, even cannot key in your cell phone number and PIN number correctly!")
9) I was afraid now, so I asked and tried to get the confirmation from her: "is your given PIN the same as the Password that was asked by the AllTel website?". She replied "of course, it's the same!" (she used her term PIN to replace AllTel's term "Password" to confuse customer, but she put the blame to customer, "are you so stupid not to know this common knowledge?!").

10) I was so nervous (and also felt in my mind that I was so stupid like many ordinary and kind American customers would think), and carefully followed up her instruction to key in my cell phone number and PIN (must be PIN according to her, AllTel was wrong to call it "password") she gave me, but the website rejected me again - I kept trying it for other 5 times, and again all failed.

11) Then she said "at least I got it through when I tried it" (if I would have the privilege as a system administer as her, I can surely access to any account as well!). Then she said "OK, please hold the online and I'll connect you to our technical help line!"
12) after about 30 minutes, she received my help to teach her the difference between Alltel account number and Alltel cell phone number, and she "successfully put a blame" on me not to know that PIN and password were actually the same thing (only Alltel used password to confuse customer and she used the right one "PIN" to show her rich knowledge to use the right term), and she "forcefully" asked me to try keying in my cell phone number and PIN (or password?) for more than 8 times (my typing sill has been improved substantially as a result, thanks to her, an excellent Alltel Call Center helper!)..., she finally gave up to help me (because a customer like me, so stupid and knowing little about so advanced IT technology like ordinary stupid American customers do - ironically my job is to teach IT for living in US! I felt so shameful that I knew so little when I talked with a young Call center lady who appeared to know so much more!), and wanted to connect me to the technical service line.

12) What a relief to me - at least I have a new chance not to be considered "a stupid customer"! Maybe I could have a chance to report this unusual customer service (or a better name for it to be "customer torturing") experience to AllTel, so other "stupid American customers" like me may not have to experience it again next time.

13) the service line rang for about one minute with beautiful music for me to enjoy (unfortunately, I felt so shamed and guilty myself, no mood to enjoy such superb and high class music provided free by AllTel).
14) Suddenly, the line was cut off and left me with all deadly silence - I was really silenced totally ... I didn't have another chance to talk with another service person of AllTel (maybe she/he will a really good and qualified person providing quality customer service and I could provide feedback to her/him), but no chance was given, unless I wanted to spend another more than 50 minutes to call Alltel customer service helpline again? Will you? ... I won't!

15) So I decided to spend time to report this most unusual customer service experience in my while life to the public, so other "stupid American customers" like me may not have to experience it again next time.


an ordinary customer of
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Read before posting!
Posted by on
000000, MISSOURI -- I have recently looked online for some of the Consumer Reports about Alltel. I have worked for Alltel for about 8 months and wanted to see what exactly everyone thought about us around the US. I deal with people on the phone all day and I work in the sales department for Alltel. I talk to around 100 customer a day giving the kind of day I am having.

I am actually very confused by some of the things people are writing in their "3 cents". I work for Alltel....Alltel is a business....they are out to make money like every other business in the world, so why if it that people bad mouth us for doing just that. I think Alltel is a great company to work for and has their mind set on the customers. Now do you run into a customer service rep who doesn't know what they are talking about...of course! Do you run into a sales rep that might have given wrong information to you....of course! We are all humans and make mistakes. And by all means we try to correct them as best we can. Alltel, like any other company, has rules and policies in place for their employees so they are on the same page during all calls and you don't receive different information from different people. I am not saying our training is perfect, that depends on the rep you get on the other line, but I will say we are ALL trained very well and take our jobs very seriously. I have not worked for Alltel very long but it hurts me to see so many people talking about how bad we are.

As far as some of the complaints when it comes to my circle....yes you do have to be on a rate plan $59.99 or higher to get it, but does it stop you from using ALL your anytime minutes and lets you call ANYONE on that list for free regardless the network...YES! So how do you expect to call grandma and grandpa on Verizons network during the day without using your minutes? I think its a great idea and a lot of people are coming to Alltel to just get that promotion.

Some of you complain about all the rate plans we have and there is a new one every week. OK so if you didn't have as many choices you know you would complain about that. NOT every ones talking habits are the same so we want as many options as possible.

I also think half of you are liars! Some of the things you say that the Alltel reps tell you I don't think would ever happen! Unless you are blatantly lied to, I don't see someone just making information up to get money off of you for the good of the company. I love Alltel and I think they are the BEST cell phone company out there right now, but to say they lie to you straight up, I don't see that happening. If they did lie to you, they won't have their job very long because Alltel is all about the customers and it pains me to see that so many people dislike the service.

About our phones/pricing/2 year agreements....NO matter where you go, you will sign some type of agreement for a new phone unless you are on a prepaid service to get a discount. And the price of that phone is made up by you staying with the company that long. Remember, Alltel is a business and trying to make money just like you are!

As far as the FCC making it mandatory for all the phones to be E911 is that a complain!?!?!?! All that means is that when you call 911 from your home phone, because that phone is linked to an address, they can find you. Wireless is just that, wireless, so how can 911 find you if you are in a cornfield out in the middle of no where. The phones have to be E911 compliant meaning if you call 911, they can find you within a small specific radius rather than driving all over the place and getting there when its too late. It's for your safety and I think its a great thing they are trying to do. Alltel offers discounts to people who need the new compliant phones so why the worries. Do you want to send off your kids without an E911 comliant phones!?!? I didn't think SO!

As many complaints as I have read about Alltel, I can still read so many more about the other carriers. We have so many things about Alltel that no other carrier can touch.

Anytime rate plan changes (backdated if need be), the latest and coolest phones, great customer service and knowledgeable staff, supervisors and managers that truly care about the customer and a CEO that will do anything for the sake of a customer.

Like I said, Alltel is a business and they are trying to stay afloat just like any other business. I do hope you really reconsider Alltel service after reading this and I truly hope you get me on the phone, that way I can make sure you are getting the best service Alltel can offer you and you can really see what a great company they are.
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Anonymous on 08/25/2007:
I hear you. Anyone who has worked a few months as a CSR has heard it all. Naturally a CSR gets numb to customer complaints really fast. Of course there are many CSRs who don't give a hoot because they don't care. Just read the script and when the caller is ticked off then starts yelling you hang up. The OP here seems like one who may actually care and has probably gotten good service training.
Anonymous on 08/25/2007:
Klynn--Thanks for the informative post. It is refreshing to see that there are CSR's that care about their job. There will always be complaints with every large company so I wouldn't take it too personally. Keep up the the good work!
Anonymous on 08/25/2007:
Klynn, I agree with what dianec said and will only say keep up the good work, good review! Thanks
Klynn on 08/25/2007:
Thanks for the comments guys! It doesn't upset me that there are bad commments about Alltel necessarily because I know there are going to be comments no matter what, its just the fact that most of the commenties exaggerate how bad they might have been treated or how bad their situation might have been. I am not saying they are for sure lying. Yeah, all companies have some bad employees but Alltel cleans house rather frequently trying to keep it the best of the best. I love my job and I care about it a lot. Even my customers. I never want to become numb to customer compaints because I look at it as I am also an Alltel customer and how would I want to be treated when I call into a national call center. I deserve respect just as much as the customer does! Remember, we are there to help, but if you make it impossible to make you happy, there isn't much we can do about it!

Thanks for the posts and keep them coming. I don't even mind the negative ones. If you have any questions about Alltel service or had a bad experience and never got an explanation, hit me up! Tell me how I can help.....

Qmaster101 on 08/27/2007:
Now wait just a minute!
Alltel employees are human... human nature (especially if the rep is in a bad mood) is to get the mad, mad client off the phone.
I have had many experiences like these with Alltel, but I took the time to call and ask for a manager...
Yes, Alltel does care, but just as you are calling most of the complainers on here liars, your human nature has kicked in.
You should appologize for that!

By the way, the only real complaint I have about Alltel is that they won't provide me with support if I want to customize my phone myself. Instead, they want me to pay to download ringtones, wallpaper, etc...
Even though the salesman told me that it was sooo easy to do it myself - - and then he couldn't even tell me how.
I think I'm paying enough for the phone service...
If I didn't mind paying $1-5 for a ringtone, that would be fine. But paying for something I can make myself in under a minute is ridiculous. So why won't Alltel help me?
No help just because I don't want to pay for download services? That sucks, and tells that Alltel cares about the money only.
Klynn on 08/31/2007:
I am not saying all complainers are liars. I am saying some people exaggerate and some don't! Most I would say are actually that upset and need taken care of right away. The only thing that is bad is when they call and totally blow up on me when I am only there to help them. I know there are reps out there that suck and they lie and they only want to be rude I just wanted to let every body know that there are reps out there that care and if they get me on the phone I hope to portray that. and as for helping you with the ringtones and making your own, Alltel doesn't lose any money because you don't download ringtones. they make money off the application being on your phone whether you download something or not. and besides we have an agreement with the ringtones companies I am sure becase we sell there apps. I am not tech savvy, you can ask how to do it and I would know where to begin so I am not sure why the tech reps won't help. I am sure there not allowed
omo on 09/26/2007:
I read it. Didn't change my mind about posting my complaint. Do you really think it's OK for Alltel to bill for something and not provide the info to back up the charge??? And then to lie and say it is illegal to give me the info? And lie again and say they don't have access to the info?
joneje4 on 01/01/2008:
Its funny to read the reviews on the message boards about how Alltel, Verizon, Sprint, etc. rip people off by charging them a $200 early disconnection fee for canceling there service for whatever reason. The fact is when people walk into a wireless store to buy a SERVICE AND A PHONE TO USE THAT SERVICE, they usually want the cheapest phone they can get.

SURPRISE!!! you usually get what you pay for. And when you get that free phone where do ya think it comes from? Do ya think the company giving ya that phone got it for free? NO!!!!! They have to pay for it!!! Have you ever noticed the full retail price on the phone? Look next time. The price you see will probably be around $150 and up. Guess what people, that's what they pay for it!!!! The $200 e.t.f. covers the loss on the equiptment that they gave ya for free. The job of a wireless consultant is to answer your questions for you and not to spend an entire day trying to figure out where you son goes to school, or your wife travels to for quilting conventions. If you have a problem with you bill, roaming, poor service where ya go hunting, or what ever the case may be its a 99.9% chance that its caused by user error and from not educating yourself and getting the right plan to fit your needs. The best advice I can give anybidy is to never, I repeat never buy from an authorized dealer! The people there work for low wages and honestly don't care because that have nothing vested in the company. Always buy from a corporate store. And the next time you get mad at your wireless provider for the $300 bill ya got for text messageing, ask yourself why ya didn't just add the $10 messageing package.
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