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Ripped off
Posted by on
HELENA, MONTANTA -- About July 25, 2005 I stopped into the Alltel store in Helena Montana. My sales person was Beau. I told him I might not be staying in Helena and might be re-locating back to Everett Wa. I asked Beau that if I did move out of Montana if I could get a local number. He told me yes. Thus I purchased a phone and had to enter into a two year contract. When my home sold and was closing at the end of July 2006 my cell phone would not hook up to the car charger. Since I was going to be traveling through seven states for 4 weeks on vacation and would be leaving Montana on July 28, 2006, I stopped back into the store to see about getting a new car charger. I took the phone in with me and Beau pointed out the piece that holds the charger in was missing from the phone. The good news was that I had a one year warranty on the phone. Beau told me they would give me a loaner phone. I asked if it came with a car charger and was told no I would have to buy one. He asked where I wanted the repaired phone mailed to. I told him my address in Everett WA and again asked about getting a local number when I was through with my travels. He told me to just call when I needed the new number.

Beau told me I would have to return the loaner phone back to the Helena office when my phone was repaired. I told him this could leave me without a phone for part of my trip. That was not acceptable to me. I asked him about purchasing a new phone and he told me I would have to pay the rack rate. I felt like I was in between a rock and a hard spot. I did not want to travel without a phone and according to Beau I would have to mail the phone back when mine was fixed. So I purchased a new phone for just under $200.00. I figured I would still be able to use it when I got to Washington State.

When I returned to Washington I called Alltel customer service for my local number. I was informed that they did not have local numbers for Washington State and basically was called a liar. Your customer service rep told me I was promised coverage not a local number. I don’t recall her being with me when I purchased the first phone. She also said if I terminated the contract I would have to buy my way out for $200.00. I sell real estate in WA and needed the phone for business. I even called a second time and tried to this resolved and was told the same thing.

Had I had a properly trained rep I would have been told when I stopped in the store to get the phone repaired in July 2006 not to purchase a new phone as it would be useless to me in a month and I should have been released from the contract period. This was the first time to right a wrong.

I was told to call the local store in Helena. Well I did call that number over and over and over. No answer.

I had to make a trip back to Helena to get my belongings out of a storage unit. I arrived in Helena on the 27 of September. Since I could not get this store to answer the phone. I was told from the rep at the store that that they don't answer the phone. I stopped into the store and walked up to the first available sales agent and said "I was told that I could get a local number for Washington State". The sale rep said “you can, when you get there just call for a local number". I said no "I can’t" and he said for a second time that I could. At that point I saw another sales rep start shaking his head no. I then said thank you for telling me twice that I could because that makes four times I was told by two reps that I could get a local number in Everett Wa. Long story short the manager said they would release me from the contract and I would not have to pay the additional $200.00 to buy my way out. I asked about getting reimbursed for the phone I purchased at the store before my trip. I was told no. At this point the reps in the store were now aware of what was said to me and I’m sure it was discussed. This was the second time to right a wrong.

When I returned home I called Alltel and asked about getting my money back on the phone. The customer service rep was very nice and said that she would try and get my money back for a phone that was useless to me and one I never would have purchased in the first place had I known that I could not use it in a month. She came back on the line and said that the final word was that since I had the phone for over 14 days that I could not return it. This is so asinine that it is almost funny. How would I know that I could not get a local number until I called back four weeks later when I returned to WA. This was the third time to right a wrong. It appears that Alltel will never admit to a mistake and will go to the end of the earth to avoid doing the right thing.

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Skye on 10/21/2006:
Sorry for so much trouble. I just find it so amazing how people are so worried about not having a cell phone when they travel. My husband and I travel all the time. And guess what, we do not own cell phones. I refuse to give in and get one, and become one of those annoying people who cannot drive because they are distracted while on the cell phone. I hate when I am shopping, and some loud mouth jerk is on the cell phone always near me, and driving me crazy. I am not saying you do any of these things, I just needed to vent about cell phones. I just never felt a need for one. Also, 2 years ago, I was taking my dad to a follow up appointment for some major surgery he had, and a stupid woman was on the cell phone, ran the red light in the intersection, and t-boned us. I already was recovering from being rear ended, and got hurt again. My poor father got hurt pretty bad. The a** hole was like, oops, I hit you. I wanted to beat the crap out of her. My dad kept me calm, but I am so sick of cell phones and idiots who drive while on them. Sorry for the rant.
NeveragainAmazon on 10/21/2006:
I agree with Skye. If my job did not require one, I would not own one either. There should be a law against phone usage while driving because it is obvious that it effects ones ability to concentrate on the road. Not to mention, the peer pressure that plagues children to talk to their friends instead of spending quality time with their family. The cell phone may have its positive attributes, but I think that the abuse far surpasses the positive.
laddieboy on 10/22/2006:
Having the phone was for my safety. My son and I were traveling through desert country and isolated hi-ways. As a single woman I don't want to be sitting on the side of any road at the mercy of who ever stops by. Cell phones can be a life saver for reporting accidents and summoning help early for people in need.
Anonymous on 10/22/2006:
I have had a cell for several years now but I agree with you both that using it while driving is dangerous, way too dangerous for me too. But if you get in an accident or get a flat (especially with kids in the car) the phone is worth every penny. Well it was to me anyway. We have a really small number of minutes, for emergencies only. I have always had Verizon, minimal plan (no internet, text etc.) It has worked out well. Good luck to the poster in gettting it all straightened out.
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Posted by on
CHANDLER, ARIZONA -- I've been an Alltel customer for years on end. My problems with this company and their lack of cooperation seems endless. I've had problems in the past with roaming charges showing up on my bill. When I pointed out that I had not been in those areas of my state making calls, I was told the signal will jump to the next closest tower if the one in my area is not available. I chased them for 3 months trying to receive credits that I was promised but was unable to make any progress. NOW, I activated a second line on my account and tried to cancel the other because it was used for a business that I had recently sold. I was told I would be charged a $200 cancellation fee for the original line unless I waited until June. So I paid $50 per month for 3 months on a line I wasn't using. When June came, I called to cancel and was told that I needed to cancel on the exact day of the month I signed up on 12 years prior which I had missed by 3 days. Since I missed that day, my contract on that line was automatically renewed for 2 more years. They refused to help and gave me the # of an office Manager. I called and left 7 messages over 3 weeks and never received a return call to this day. I tried to cancel the second line as a result and was told I would have to pay $200 to cancel that one also. So now I'm up to $400 in cancellation fees if I cancel or change companies within 2 years!! While trying to straighten this out, I was told that since I bought a new Razor phone with a rebate, I HAD to sign up for a new more expensive service plan or face being charged outrages prices by the minute rather than continuing on my Unlimited Plan because my new phone was not compatible with my old plan.?? I went into a location in Chandler AZ and found an employee that told me "off the record" that I was being lied to by the Rep. because he was probably seeking a commission and not to worry about it. I called again in August to once again try to cancel the second line I wasn't using and was told there was nothing he could do and to continue to try to call the Manager that wouldn't return my calls! THEN, he started in with the same story of how I needed to sign up for a new more expensive plan because my new phone wasn't compatible!!!! I explained I was never told any of this when I bought the phone, he offered a half assed apology, refused to cancel my other line without a $200 fee and continued to try to get me to agree to convert to a more expensive plan!

I'm done! I'll be cancelling it all when I get back into town. This company needs a good old fashioned class action law sute!! It should be illegal to be lied to, given misinformation and to renew contracts without consent, explanation, notification or signatures. Now, I have to choose between being raped financially or destroying my credit.



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Screwed by Alltel
Posted on
I purchased a 2 year contract with Alltel from one of their reps who was standing under an Alltel sign at a Wal-Mart in the Pacific Northwest. I told him I was moving in 2 weeks to the West coast and although I was being assigned an area code - there, where I purchased the phone and service - that I'd need a local area code and number upon arriving on the West coast. He said fine. No problem.

Once on the West Coast I called to get my number changed. Was told, "Alltel doesn't have area codes were you are." I told 3 separate customer service people the same story. That I was promised a local number. No one would help me. I said, "OK, then I want to cancel the contract." Alltel said, "OK, that will be a $200 penalty."

So I tried to call corporate and some woman at that number said that corporate NO LONGER accepts calls from consumers. (Really.)

So I emailed corporate and, of course, got no response. Yesterday the cell phone died. I've had it all of a month. So I called Alltel and they suggested they cancel my service and that I track down the minimum wage guy from Wal-Mart who sold me this bogus plan to begin with.

See where I'm going with this? Currently I have no phone service and it is left to me to get the Wal-Mart/Alltel guy to confirm that he not only promised me what he probably KNEW he couldn't give me...but I have to get this guy to refund my $200. We all know that isn't going to happen.

I am outraged. One of my least favorite Alltel conversations was when a phone customer service rep told me that Alltel has NO control over what these Alltel reps say. NO CONTROL??????

I know I'm going to be billed immediately for the $200 and I'm stuck with their very dead cell phone.

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User Replies:
Doc J on 05/30/2006:
The mantra of cell phone companies..."Once signed, soon forgotten.". siffer-Your hindsight is 20/20. The poor sod was told, by a representative of Alltel, his Alltel phone would be serviceable in his new area. What was he supposed to do, hook the commission sales-monkey up to a lie-detector? The poster did what most would do in his position. The sales-monkey knew he'd get his commission and that Alltel would punt the problem. May he suffer erectile dysfunction (if a he) or a chronic yeast infection if a she.
Ponie on 05/30/2006:
Doc J, you're nasty. :) I think the poster should have done a little investigating on his/her own before signing up for a cell phone. When I was thinking of going with T-Mobile (at a family member's suggestion), I went onto their website to see what coverage I'd get. I found I'd lose service about 100 miles north of my location, but it didn't matter to me. Bought the phone and signed the contract in Washington DC, got a local number assigned (SE Michigan). You don't just jump into things that may cost $200 to cancel without doing some checking first. But that's me. Some people may call that being cheap--I prefer to call it 'frugal.' :)
Doc J on 05/30/2006:
Ponie-I often do the same. Although I dislike appealing to the lowest common denominator, the vast majority of consumers should be able to trust a sales rep to give them accurate information about the product they're selling. I never berate a salesperson for saying "I don't know". If they say this, I dig deeper or go elsewhere. But, lie to me just to close a sale...Hell hath no fury greater than mine.
Doc J on 05/31/2006:
I move frequently due to the nature of my business. I often get things set up before a move. Changing a phone number should be a piece of cake, compared to setting up an entirely new service. Given siffer's past posts, I'm not surprised things make "NO sense to me". Life seems so clear when you're 13.
Doc J on 06/03/2006:
siffer: As a physician, I must advise you to never take just make you taller. BTW: According to my mates back in the UK, a "twerp" is one to lets off flatus in the bathtub...a "siffer" is one whom bites the bubbles.
Doc J on 06/03/2006:
I stand corrected...I misquoted my friend. A "siffer" in the UK is slang for someone having syphilus. I regret the error and apologize for any inconvenience.
laddieboy on 10/22/2006:
I know what you mean. Read my review. Almost the same as yours. Only I got lucky. I got another sales rep to tell me twice in front of other reps that I could get a number for WA State. Four times by to sells reps and they still would not reimbuse me for the $200.00 phone that I was out of pocket. Still working on that. Their generous handout was to just terminate my contract. They are thiefs who rob the consumer. We have no recording of the conversations between their reps and us. Therefore we get #@#@@# over. I would like to find a few more people that they did this to and then find a lawyer to do a class action suit for fraud.
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Alltel Scams its Customers
Posted by on
NORTH CAROLINA -- 4 years ago I was with Cingular, and while I had no problems with the service, the customer service was horrendous. So I switched to Alltel who I've been with for the past 4 years. It was a bit more expensive, but I was willing to pay for it in exchange for better customer service. That all changed recently. 6 months ago I learned that they offered free voicemail in their plans, and I called and asked that I stop paying for my voicemail (a $5 monthly fee). They said fine, and dropped it from that bill. Lately I noticed my bill steadily going up, and called to dispute some charges. Since I'm signed to do online account managing, they would not send me a copy of my calls unless I paid $5. I did, the bill never arrived via the mail, and they refused to refund my money. 2 months ago I was in the mood to see how I could lower my bill so I tried to log into their website. It was down, so I called to speak to a rep. Low and behold, my voicemail charge had been re-instated on my phone. I asked that be taken off and also asked if there were any cheaper plans for the minutes I had. I was told no. I found out yesterday that they offer a plan with MORE minutes for $10 less a month, and have been offering that plan for over 6 months.

I was blatantly lied to. I promptly cancelled my service with them, and I urge all of you to not sign up with them. Their "circle of friends" ad is misleading, as it doesn't state that you need a plan of $60 or higher to be eligible (My plan was $50, but I've been paying a $68 bill for the last 8 months). Also, today I met an ex Alltel rep who told me that they are instructed to do whatever it takes to save the company money and milk their customers for all they're worth.

I will NEVER return to you Alltel...I'm glad your little lies cost you the next 50 years of my business.
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The time it takes Alltel to post a payment
Posted by on
TENNESSEE -- This has happened to me twice, and has also happened to all Alltel users that I know.
I mailed a payment to Alltel on July 13, 2005. The due date was July 25, 2005. The disconnection date was August 2, 2005. My payment was not posted by Alltel until August 3, 2005. Where was my payment for 20 days? Had I been like most people and not called to follow up on the receipt of my payment, I could have been disconnected. I believe a reconnection fee is really high. Does this happen to everyone, or just me and my family and friends. I believe that Alltel purposely holds payments until after the disconnection date to make more money from people. I called and asked to speak with someone in their accounts receivable dept. and I was rudely informed by one of their hateful agents that, "We do not just have people sitting in a room all day receiving payments". ISN'T THAT OBVIOUS!!! I was also rudely informed that the fact that it took 20 days for my payment to be posted was my fault. I was only allowed to make a complaint to a person in the billing dept. or a person in the financial services dept. A phone agent, someone that talks to 200 people per day and does not have the least bit of concern for me. I was refused a manager, or anyone higher than a highly underpaid phone support person that cares nothing about Alltel and how it's customers feel. I told them I would disconnect my service as soon as I come up with $200.00 to get out of my contract. I was left under the impression that their phone agents were just like, "Oh well... not a problem for me, I still get paid". Apparently, my business is not appreciated by the company even though I have been a customer since 1998. Maybe Cingular or Verizon will treat me better, who knows?

OH NOT TO MENTION IF YOU SWITCH BILL PLANS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE MONTH, THEY WILL RIP YOU OFF WITH WHAT THEY CALL PRORATIONS! There should be some prorations, but do the math, theirs are double even triple!
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ILUVALLTEL on 03/07/2006:
You made a statement that reads "A phone agent, someone that talks to 200 people per day and does not have the least bit of concern for me. I was refused a manager, or anyone higher than a highly underpaid phone support person that cares nothing about Alltel and how it's customers feel"

Some News for you honey Alltel "Phone Agents" as you call them are NOT UNDERPAID.

Next Time Check With Your Post Master, and Read the Laws when You send your mail through the United States Postal Service. Don't Assume that ALLTEL hold your Payment. A billion dollar Company does not need 35.00 from You or anyone else. Pay your bills on time!!!
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Rebate Not What We Were Promised
Posted by on
SYLVANIA, GEORGIA -- Last month my husband and I renewed our service contract & purchased 3 new cell phones at a discounted rate. We were told that we would get a rebate check for $50 for each of the phones since they all qualified for this offer. We decided to purchase these phones because of the great deal and because we thought that we would be able to use the rebate checks to pay the credit card that we put the phone purchases on. We never got rebate checks as promised. Instead we got 3 prepaid credit cards. We could not pay our credit cards with these cards and to make matters worse, the instructions that came with the card said that we would be charged fees if these cards were not used within 90 days. This is what I call a total rip off! They lied to us! I wouldn't trust this company with a 10 foot pole!
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idontthinkso on 12/18/2010:
Sadly, Alltel is no more. They were bought by the evil Verizon. This crap happens all the time.
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Being Charged for services not rendered.
Posted by on
404 BROCK DRIVE, P.O. BOX 3427, ILLINOIS -- About 2 1/2 years ago I went online to look for a wireless phone, many different brands popped up, I looked at quite a few. One was Alltel.
I looked at the Alltel website, and filled out their request for information section. I don, t recall but only a couple of E-mails from the company, but about 10 days later, I received a phone in the mail?. The paper work inside said to activate this phone go online, or call this number. Or, if you do not want this phone, please repackage the phone and send it to such & such address. Science I had purchased another phone from a different company just a fews days prior, I repacked the phone, filled out the no thank you card inside the box, and fastened it the outside of the box as instructed, and sent it back to the company. Sounds great aay!!
Well, about a year ago, I have started receiving these OUTRAGEOUS bill requests from Alltel?? They want a total of $327.27 for the phone and service that I supposedly used???. Where do these companies come off destroying peoples credit???, to no avail, I contacted the company several times, and they say, they never received the phone, and I defaulted on some calling plan that they put into place???.
Needless to say, I have heard many, many similar account's from family and friends about this company. To this day, all I can do is just suck it up, and suffer with this Bohemuth Bill on my back, and Bad Credit!!.
Life is so fair. What's even worse is these collection companies they send this false information to, have not a clue.
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goduke on 05/06/2010:
If you did not order the phone (which is how I'm reading this), then you have absolutely no obligation to pay for or return the phone which was sent to you. You might want to dispute the information with each of the credit agencies, and make Alltel produce proof that you actually ordered the service (not that they sent it, but that you did, in fact, request that they send it). Best of luck!
TonyR on 05/07/2010:
Yes, Exactly. I know they don,t have a leg to stand on, but the operator I talked with was quite rude about the whole deal, they wanted me to provide proof. Sounds to me like they have a lot of experience doing this to many other people.
goduke on 05/07/2010:
Don't back down to them. Go to the credit agencies and dispute the report indicating that you never ordered the item. You may also want to contact the Illinois Attorney General's office with a consumer complaint. That will put the monkey on their back to provide proof that you actually ordered the phone and service.
peanutgallery on 08/29/2012:
If you didn't sign or if they don't have a recording of you agreeing to the terms and conditions you are NOT liable and can sue them technically .... Just food for thought.
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Please don't discontinue our tether cord internet connection
Posted by on
PALATINE, ILLINOIS -- We really like our Alltel phones and internet connection. We have experienced none of the problems listed here in this forum. We have had only a couple of dropped calls and they were in the mountains. We travel half of the year and our cell phones are our only phones. We have a simple plan of shared 500 minutes with nights, weekends and internet connection time free. We use one of our phones for internet connection through a tether cord. OUR ONLY COMPLAINT IS THIS: we just purchased a new computer with Windows 7 in it. When we called Alltel to get the software for our phone to connect to the internet through Windows 7, we were told there is none and there are no plans to develop any. We love our connection through the tether cord and are afraid that Verizon/Alltel is using this Windows update as an excuse to discontinue the tether cord and force us to use the internet card, which costs twice as much for the same service. We certainly hope the representative was mistaken as we really enjoy our internet access through the cell phone tether, but may have to go to using campground WiFi if there is to be no update to Windows 7 compatibility. Thank you.
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This is worse than insurance!!
Posted by on
I have never in my life delt with more inept people...I have had my wireless card for 2 years...didn't get the best service with it however it worked...then on Aug 18th it quit working...ironically right after my 2 year contract was up..I could use it if I brought it closer to a tower...however in my home it just we called to have the service is now Sept 2cd and they want to shut off my cell phones because I refuse to pay for the wireless card that won't work...not to mention that we no longer get any bars at our house with the phone either...I have gotten the run around...false one who can speak a lick of English and they will ruin my credit because I won't pay for the service that I am not getting...I don't want to shut off the phones I just want the wireless card turned off!!
I have spent countless hours of my time trying to get them to dissconnect but to no avail...and I am no longer in contract with them!

I have been in tears over this and still the wireless card is not dissconnected...and for being a PHONE company is really surprising that they do not have a corporate number...unless of cousrse their offices lost all of their bars and can no longer make or receive phone calls due to lack of service!!
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BAD BAD Customer Service
Posted by on
TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I have been a customer of Alltel since 2000. I actually am very happy with the phone service since I have never had a drop call and in all of my travels, I can actually talk to anyone I call from wherever I am. My problem is the Customer Service Reps at any - and I do mean any - of the various locations. Having to deal with them almost makes me want to stop all cell phone service! I am now under the impression that Alltel trains these clerks to be rude, sneaky, and underhanded. When I asked the clerk if Alltel trained him to screw people, he got very offensive and even more nasty. This is not a one time event, this happens each and every time I go. One more thing, be sure to check your online account for any "errored" upgrades. I had not purchased a new phone since 2007 and they had recorded an upgrade in Feb 2009. When I pointed it out to the clerk, he said it was 'recorded in error'. Convenient, huh????
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