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Contracts, Bad Cell Reception, Poor Customer Service
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ROGERS, ARKANSAS -- I just broke my contract with Alltel and been with them for many years. Switched from Verizon because Verizon was not here in the area, and I was told to go to Alltel. What a mistake I had made. Four phones even. Tried talking to them over the service plan and lied to after signing the agreement. Who reads these pages anyway? I trust people, what a mistake. Once they have your signature then no problem-solving, let alone talking to anyone for help. Ask for a supervisor and they're just as nasty when you wish to explain your situation or cell problems. You say fine, no service help then why continue to pay for nothing? Ruin your credit is the reply.

So be it. Use caution when dealing with these people as once they get your signature on their contract, then you're nobody for two years. Well, credit or not I am dumping them after over ten years plus. Hard decision for me as being with them so long and the holding times, as well as "please hold while I check your records" and you're dumped and have to start all over again.

Get the feeling that when they open my records, it states 'dump this one'. Cell has worked off and on and that's all of them even in the so-called service areas. "Maybe down for service. Call back in a couple hours", you know the excuses. Threats are lame as well. "It's your credit, wish to stop payment then we will ruin your credit for life." Yes, I even was told that I was rude when I asked them not to be so threatening and rude.

They hung up on me so many times and wonder if they use fake names as I call back and ask for Jerry, Cindy, Rob, Laural, Brenda and they are not at this station. "You must have been transferred to us and I am Bill, Dawn, John, Sue Ann etc", when you know there not even American in the first place as you're unable to understand them and they're in or from India. Those names I never could keep track of as trying to waste five minutes to understand them--even spelling--it is impossible the majority of the time.

Yes, I warn all never sign a contract with Alltel as they're the scum of the cell phone world. I now went to Cricket and so far after two months, they have been OK, but better than what I had for so many years and contracts. Yes, I get calls that I owe two thousand dollars etc. They have all sorts of late fees and charges when you sign a contract that they just don't care about service anymore.

Overall Quality of Alltel Is Poor
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VIRGINIA BEACH, VIRGINIA -- When the military transferred my husband to another area I was forced to stay with my family. I had been with T-Mobile for years and never had any problems with them. I loved T-Mobile, however, I had NO service within 25 miles of my family's house. I broke my contract and went with Alltel. They were the only provider that had service where I was staying at. From the get go, it was horrible. I signed up for the circle plan and drove home to input my numbers online. I tried to register a new account and it wouldn't let me...

I called customer service and they said that it had been down for new registrations for two weeks (isn't this a major corporation?? and your website is down for new registrations for how long??) so they manually input my circle numbers. A few days later I checked my minutes and I had used something like 500 minutes which was impossible because I had never called anyone out of my circle. I called customer service and found out that they never input my numbers... So then they put them in again... Another couple days passed and the same thing... I was getting charged for minutes that were supposed to be on my circle.

I ended up getting a 300 dollar phone bill when my phone was supposed to be 59 dollars. Also, I was promised a military discount... I signed up for Alltel and bought my phones on an air force base and yet 2 months later they finally tell me that it has to be registered under a mil address. When I purchased my phones, I mailed one to my husband. When his ship pulled into Maine, he tried calling me and it said he was roaming… he called customer service and they told him that as long as the R was flashing, he was not roaming. So he used the phone only to find out later that we were charged for roaming.

2 months after signing our Alltel contract and after being on the phone with customer service about every 4 days to deal with billing issues that were never cleared up from the get go, I decided to pay the 400 dollars and break my contract... I had since moved to the new duty station where I had a choice of providers. I'm back with T-Mobile and I'm very happy. I had Alltel for 2 months and yet I'm still very happy to say that I paid 400 dollars to break a contract and dodge that bullet for 2 years. The phones are CRAP!

I do want to comment though that customer service was always very friendly. I think the hold times are horrible and I never got anything done talking to customer service(hint why I was on the phone with them every 4 or so days) but they were always pleasant… I never encountered a rude person when I called Alltel.

Alltel Customer Service
By -

I lost a phone. My bad! I admit fault there. I pay insurance every month with my bill never late. My phone has never been disconnected. So why is it when I paid to have my phone replaced $95.00 with a police report that cost $25.00 that they did not tell me I needed when I lost my phone out of state.

I called them when I lost the phone, while I was out of state, to see if there was anything I needed to do. They said, "No come in and pay your $50.00 deductible and we will give you a new phone." I show up. They ask, "Where is the police report for the lost phone?" Police report? Why was that not mentioned when I was on the phone with your service company? "Oh, you were probably talking to someone new."

So after paying $25.00 to have a police report sent they charged me $95.00. I thought it would be $50.00. That is what my CONTRACT SAYS. The lady replied and I am not lying, "Oh, we changed that"??? How do you do that without my consent or knowledge? I am pretty sure a contract is a mutual agreement. Yeah I think so.

I get this new 120.00 phone for having insurance and I am looking at new ones in the store for less than that. Why do I pay insurance? How can they change my contract? 15 days later the phone breaks! It's OK though the phone has a ninety day warranty. My brand new phone gets shipped off. They give me a low grade loaner phone. Now I wait for my phone to be fixed and the problem is solved. NOPE! I wish this was LOL I swear!

They say, "You can keep the loaner phone. We are not going to try to fix your new phone because it has been discontinued." Why the hell did you sell it to me? Oh yeah, get it and me out of the store. Now I have invested 300.00 dollars in a phone that doesn't work nor can it be found by Nokia or Alltel! Any help please.

By -

KANSAS -- I moved to an area for six months where Alltel was the one of two phone companies that provided service. From the begininning I was duped by this company. I told the salesman where I would be driving and he informed that Alltel gets perfect service in that area and if I purchased this certain plan than I'd never have roaming charges. He also said that I should buy a phone (rather than take the free one) because this phone was the best for the area I'd be driving in.

Over the next few months I received roaming charges on several bills only a 60 miles north of the town I purchased the plan in. I had the national plan and was being charged roaming for a location that was in my immediate region and area!

After having the service for 6 months I moved to a new area where the service was shady at best and I decided to terminate my contract. I understood about the $200 early shut off fee and was prepared to pay it. I called in August and had it service scheduled to be shut off August 31st. The customer service man told me I'd receive a final bill in September.

I wait until mid-October and receive a bill but it was service for the month of September and not a shut-off bill. I called the company and explained. They said the man must have put in the wrong date and I would have to pay the bill for September (even though I hadn't used it once, since I thought it was shut off!). I had to pay the bill for September and they said they would send me a final bill for shut-off fees.

I paid the shut-off bill the day after I received it and that same day I received a 'collection call' from the company. I explain to the lady that I had already paid it but it would take a few days to get through the mail to them. She talked to me as if I was a deviant and someone who wasn't going to pay the bill. After ten minutes of her treating my like this I asked to speak to her supervisor, I was on hold for 20 minutes before I decided that I wasn't wasting one more minute of my time with this company. I was very dissatisfied with the whole entire process, services provided and the customer care I didn't receive.

BEWARE my circle rip off!
By -

PIERRE, SOUTH DAKOTA -- We signed up as a family for five phones from Alltel Wireless, we have been a customer of theirs since they took over Cellular One (we were formally a Cellular One customer). The plan that we chose included a advertised "My Circle" in which you could go online and enter 10 numbers which you call frequently that would then not be charged minutes or money to call. We set up our "My Circle" with the ten numbers we call most frequently. This month we received a notice on our phone that our usage was extremely high, after calling Alltel we were told that we were $200 over our monthly usage and that our bill would be $357 this month.

We were concerned so we checked with customer service both at the local store and on the phone. When we looked on the internet to see our "my circle", the number that had been called to make our minutes go over was no longer listed on the web page. I asked customer service representative "Amanda" about this and she said "Alltel has nothing to do with My Circle, that is for the customer to keep track of on their own".

I then asked Amanda how I would know that they hadn't gone in and deleted our numbers or that there wasn't a computer glitch that had erased our number, Amanda told us that we would need to double check the list often to make sure that our numbers were still there. We were not told this was the case when signing up for service through their "my circle" promotion. I did cancel service with Alltel Wireless and Amanda did tell me that there would be a $200 per phone charge as well as the charges for our overage this month, which will be $1357.00. In my opinion Alltel broke their part of the contract by not adhering to the "my circle" promotion.

Customer Disservice
By -

CONNECTICUT -- My husband and I moved from Utah to Connecticut in late October of 2006. We had been with Alltel for 14 months.
Once we moved to Connecticut our Alltel phones would not work. Calls were repeatedly dropped, we could not receive calls, voice mail would be received 3 to 4 hour after someone tried to call us. We reported the problem. They said they would look into it but nothing was done.

We called back a one-week later. We asked if we could be released from our contract because our phones no longer worked. They said the Technical Dept. would have to check things out and get back with us. We wanted to get out then before having to pay for another month. They lead us to believe that they would get the problem fixed and if they couldn't then they would let us out of our contract.

4 weeks later we still had not heard back and still could not use our phones. Turns out I was lied to. On 12-16-06, I called them again. My call was repeatedly dropped. I had to call back 6 times. I spent a total of 3 hours on the phone being passed from person to person. All they could say was "We are not authorized to cancel your contract. You have to pay $200.00 per phone to get out of your contract."

Why should I have to continue to pay for a service I can't use, plus pay $400.00 to get out of it! So now I am out $400.00 plus another $89.00 for an extra month's service I could not use. Even though the problem could not be fixed they would not let us out of our contract without paying $400.00. They did offer to sell us new more expensive phones that "€œmight" solve the problem. Goosh, I think I will pass...

Extremely Poor Customer Service
By -

LITTLE ROCK, ALABAMA -- Every morning, at about 8:20 a.m., my phone rings. It comes across on caller ID as Unknown Caller. My husband finally answered the call one morning, because we were getting sick of it.

It is not even a live person on the other end. It is a recording, asking you to call regarding your Alltel account, and they give a number.

First off, I don't have an account with them. I understand that someone probably gave a false phone number to them, and that is why they are calling me, but what I cannot accept is that it is not another live human being on the other end of the phone that I may actually speak with. To me, right off the bat, that is unacceptable.

I decide to call this 866 number that is left. First off, I had to hit "0" like twenty times, because they insist on you keying your cellular phone number, WHICH I DON'T HAVE!!, and it is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO GET PAST THE AUTOMATED TELLER.

Finally, I get put in the Q to hold for Customer Service. The only problem is, I'm on hold for like, over twenty minutes, and I finally give up and hang up. All I want to do is let them know they have the wrong number and to stop calling me. Want to talk about frustrating? I hang up, go online, to try to find Alltel online, so that I may at least send someone an email, only problem is, it is extremely difficult to send an email to them from their website. They play one million question game with you, before you may even get to a point where you may send them an email.

Then, I call the 800 number listed on their website, hit 0 until I can get a human being. I explain my dilema, just to be transferred back to the other number that leaves me on hold forever. This happens twice. From 9:45 to 10:45, I still cannot manage to talk to the correct person whom can help me.

I am not an Alltel customer, and after this experience, I never plan to be one. Anyone that does have Alltel, and needs to talk to a human being from that company, I feel for. Hopefully, this will also serve as a warning for those that are out shopping for Cell phones to beware, because customer friendly, Alltel is not.

Detailed billing of text messages
By -

SHREVEPORT, LOUISIANA -- I have been an Alltel customer for almost a year. Service is great (no dropped calls,etc.). Customer service is HORRIBLE. I have a teenager who uses text messaging. My child has gone over on texting several times so I raised her texting from 300 to 750 per month. The month that I changed it I get a bill that shows an overage of over 1000 messages. My child has never gone over by more than 50 in a month and we only had 300. Now we have 750 and they go over by 1000!!! So I called Alltel to get a detailed bill. I wanted to make sure we weren't double billed or that there may have been some other error. I was told it was "ILLEGAL" for them to give me that information.

I have an AT&T cell phone also and they do give detailed text message billing. So I knew it wasn't illegal. When I confronted them with that they said they did not have access to that info. So I questioned that too. A text message is just like a call except it is written not verbal. Now they say it's not their policy to give detailed billing on text messages. Three different stories. They can charge whatever they want. They can say we used 4000 messages when we only used 100 and we have no way to dispute it. I want out of my contract.

I didn't like Cingular (now AT&T) but I will go back to them. This is not about whether my child went over on text messaging or not. This about a company being able to bill you and not have to prove what they bill and lying by saying it is "illegal" to give me that information.

Alltel Screws Military Families
By -

My son has been reassigned by the Navy to an area that Alltel does not provide service in. When my daughter-in-law went in to cancel her phone contract of 4 months remaining, she was told to do so would cost her $200. Additionally they informed her they will be charging her monthly Roaming charges if she keeps the plan. Talk about getting screwed from every angle. Needless to say the $200 they decided to squeeze out of my children just lost them thousands of dollars through cancelled plans from family and friends who have been loyal customers for over a decade.

Rebate Not What We Were Promised
By -

SYLVANIA, GEORGIA -- Last month my husband and I renewed our service contract & purchased 3 new cell phones at a discounted rate. We were told that we would get a rebate check for $50 for each of the phones since they all qualified for this offer. We decided to purchase these phones because of the great deal and because we thought that we would be able to use the rebate checks to pay the credit card that we put the phone purchases on. We never got rebate checks as promised. Instead we got 3 prepaid credit cards.

We could not pay our credit cards with these cards and to make matters worse, the instructions that came with the card said that we would be charged fees if these cards were not used within 90 days. This is what I call a total rip off! They lied to us! I wouldn't trust this company with a 10-foot pole!

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