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Alltel Scams its Customers
By -

NORTH CAROLINA -- 4 years ago I was with Cingular, and while I had no problems with the service, the customer service was horrendous. So I switched to Alltel who I've been with for the past 4 years. It was a bit more expensive, but I was willing to pay for it in exchange for better customer service. That all changed recently. 6 months ago I learned that they offered free voicemail in their plans, and I called and asked that I stop paying for my voicemail (a $5 monthly fee). They said fine, and dropped it from that bill. Lately I noticed my bill steadily going up, and called to dispute some charges.

Since I'm signed to do online account managing, they would not send me a copy of my calls unless I paid $5. I did, the bill never arrived via the mail, and they refused to refund my money. 2 months ago I was in the mood to see how I could lower my bill so I tried to log into their website. It was down, so I called to speak to a rep. Lo and behold, my voicemail charge had been reinstated on my phone. I asked that be taken off and also asked if there were any cheaper plans for the minutes I had. I was told no. I found out yesterday that they offer a plan with MORE minutes for $10 less a month, and have been offering that plan for over 6 months.

I was blatantly lied to. I promptly cancelled my service with them, and I urge all of you to not sign up with them. Their "circle of friends" ad is misleading, as it doesn't state that you need a plan of $60 or higher to be eligible (My plan was $50, but I've been paying a $68 bill for the last 8 months). Also, today I met an ex-Alltel rep who told me that they are instructed to do whatever it takes to save the company money and milk their customers for all they're worth. I will NEVER return to you Alltel... I'm glad your little lies cost you the next 50 years of my business.

Alltel Screws Military Families
By -

My son has been reassigned by the Navy to an area that Alltel does not provide service in. When my daughter-in-law went in to cancel her phone contract of 4 months remaining, she was told to do so would cost her $200. Additionally they informed her they will be charging her monthly Roaming charges if she keeps the plan. Talk about getting screwed from every angle. Needless to say the $200 they decided to squeeze out of my children just lost them thousands of dollars through cancelled plans from family and friends who have been loyal customers for over a decade.

Rebate Not What We Were Promised
By -

SYLVANIA, GEORGIA -- Last month my husband and I renewed our service contract & purchased 3 new cell phones at a discounted rate. We were told that we would get a rebate check for $50 for each of the phones since they all qualified for this offer. We decided to purchase these phones because of the great deal and because we thought that we would be able to use the rebate checks to pay the credit card that we put the phone purchases on. We never got rebate checks as promised. Instead we got 3 prepaid credit cards.

We could not pay our credit cards with these cards and to make matters worse, the instructions that came with the card said that we would be charged fees if these cards were not used within 90 days. This is what I call a total rip off! They lied to us! I wouldn't trust this company with a 10-foot pole!

Being Charged for services not rendered.
By -

404 BROCK DRIVE, P.O. BOX 3427, ILLINOIS -- About 2 1/2 years ago I went online to look for a wireless phone, many different brands popped up, I looked at quite a few. One was Alltel. I looked at the Alltel website, and filled out their request for information section. I don't recall but only a couple of e-mails from the company, but about 10 days later, I received a phone in the mail? The paperwork inside said to activate this phone go online, or call this number. Or, if you do not want this phone, please repackage the phone and send it to such & such address.

Since I had purchased another phone from a different company just a few days prior, I repacked the phone, filled out the 'no thank you' card inside the box, and fastened it the outside of the box as instructed, and sent it back to the company. Sounds great aay!! Well, about a year ago, I have started receiving these OUTRAGEOUS bill requests from Alltel?? They want a total of $327.27 for the phone and service that I supposedly used??? Where do these companies come off destroying people's credit???

To no avail, I contacted the company several times, and they say, they never received the phone, and I defaulted on some calling plan that they put into place??? Needless to say, I have heard many, many similar accounts from family and friends about this company. To this day, all I can do is just suck it up, and suffer with this Behemoth Bill on my back, and Bad Credit!! Life is so fair. What's even worse is these collection companies they send this false information to, have not a clue.

Please don't discontinue our tether cord internet connection
By -

PALATINE, ILLINOIS -- We really like our Alltel phones and internet connection. We have experienced none of the problems listed here in this forum. We have had only a couple of dropped calls and they were in the mountains. We travel half of the year and our cell phones are our only phones. We have a simple plan of shared 500 minutes with nights, weekends and internet connection time free. We use one of our phones for internet connection through a tether cord.

OUR ONLY COMPLAINT IS THIS: we just purchased a new computer with Windows 7 in it. When we called Alltel to get the software for our phone to connect to the internet through Windows 7, we were told there is none and there are no plans to develop any. We love our connection through the tether cord and are afraid that Verizon/Alltel is using this Windows update as an excuse to discontinue the tether cord and force us to use the internet card, which costs twice as much for the same service.

We certainly hope the representative was mistaken as we really enjoy our internet access through the cell phone tether, but may have to go to using campground WiFi if there is to be no update to Windows 7 compatibility. Thank you.

This is worse than insurance!!
By -

I have never in my life delt with more inept people...I have had my wireless card for 2 years...didn't get the best service with it however it worked...then on Aug 18th it quit working...ironically right after my 2 year contract was up..I could use it if I brought it closer to a tower...however in my home it just we called to have the service is now Sept 2cd and they want to shut off my cell phones because I refuse to pay for the wireless card that won't work...not to mention that we no longer get any bars at our house with the phone either...I have gotten the run around...false one who can speak a lick of English and they will ruin my credit because I won't pay for the service that I am not getting...I don't want to shut off the phones I just want the wireless card turned off!!
I have spent countless hours of my time trying to get them to dissconnect but to no avail...and I am no longer in contract with them!

I have been in tears over this and still the wireless card is not dissconnected...and for being a PHONE company is really surprising that they do not have a corporate number...unless of cousrse their offices lost all of their bars and can no longer make or receive phone calls due to lack of service!!

BAD BAD Customer Service
By -

TUCSON, ARIZONA -- I have been a customer of Alltel since 2000. I actually am very happy with the phone service since I have never had a drop call and in all of my travels, I can actually talk to anyone I call from wherever I am. My problem is the Customer Service Reps at any - and I do mean any - of the various locations. Having to deal with them almost makes me want to stop all cell phone service! I am now under the impression that Alltel trains these clerks to be rude, sneaky, and underhanded. When I asked the clerk if Alltel trained him to screw people, he got very offensive and even more nasty. This is not a one time event, this happens each and every time I go. One more thing, be sure to check your online account for any "errored" upgrades. I had not purchased a new phone since 2007 and they had recorded an upgrade in Feb 2009. When I pointed it out to the clerk, he said it was 'recorded in error'. Convenient, huh????

Very Poor Service at Alltel
By -

We have been into our contract with Alltel for 18 months. Most of that time we have been unable to receive service at our home, and there are two cell towers within 5 miles of our home. We live in South Carolina but had better service while on vacation two months ago in the states of Washington, Oregon and California.
We purchased a $200 phone at start-up, local store attempted to fix the problem by replacing the phone three times. We ended up with a free phone that did not work any better. And when asked about a refund, we were told so sad, so sorry, you lose. Many numerous attempts to correct the problem have been made. I have even requested customer service reps give me a direct line or they call the phones so they can experience the HORRIBLE reception. My request is declined! I've asked to be allowed out of the contract for one phone at a pro-rated amount. This phone is for my disable husband who stays home alone all day with the intention he could use the phone while in the yard in an emergency. Wonder if he had a real emergency and needed to use the phone would Alltel be liable?
I have received very poor customer service along with paying 18 months on marginal cell service.
I would not recommend Alltel to anyone for any reason.

Good Bad,and ugly
By -

While I've little to complain about concerning Alltel's cell phone service. I live in an area where there is no cable, no DSL, so my only other option was either Satellite internet, or Data Card via my cell provider.

I can't say enough bad about Alltel's service in that area, I've never heard more excuses, side stepping the issue and blaming the consumer for obviously flawed equipment in my life. .(well excpet for DirectTV and that's another upcoming review)

The unit worked pretty well for a few weeks, then it was barely faster than dial up. Not a good thing considering what they charge. . After numerous calls to "customer service" I never got the same answer from any two reps. It was amazing, how well they can lie their way out of things... They have never succeeded in fixing the problem, it just got progressively worse over time. My contract with them is up and I'm NEVER going to use Alltel for anything again. . You'd be better off connecting tin cans with strings as to use this system they have.

Not So Free Voice Mail
By -

I was in an area where the phone had not any service. I called my voice mail from a land line to my free voice mail box to check my messages. The cell phone had not been turned on for a week due to the lack of service.

When I checked my online billing, I was charged a minimum of 10 cents a minute for calling my voice mail for air time "usage".

According to my terms of service I would only be charged a fee for my voice mail if I used the cell phones airtime.

For my week, Alltel has charged me over 6 dollars in fees. When I called them they told me
"We are sorry that is just the way it is" All of this was in broken sing song English by the way from someone in Pakistan or India who would not give me a last name.

I have only used their service for two months and there will not be a month number 3. I filed a FTC complaint against them for unfair practices and deceptive practices.

There is no email address for their customer service as well as they deflect a lot of calls. They dropped my call from a land line to their land line so they did not have to deal with me.

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