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Alpan Solar Lights stop working after several weeks.
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CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA -- I've installed the Alpan Solar lights where they get full sun for most of the day. After several weeks the majority stop working. Sometimes it is the battery, I replace it and it may work for a few more weeks. But in the end the solar cell, the photoelectric cell or corrosion result in the light not working. I have bought several models of the Alpan lights and they never last more than a few months. I will not buy Alpan again.

Product Sucks - Do Not Buy
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I did speak to Customer Service that told me, "Now that our warranty has expired, you have to buy all the replacement pieces yourself!" My continuing issue is that once again I need to have replacement solar panels sent to me because the solar panels I have aren't working at all and now some stay lit in bright sunlight as well. I pulled them all out of the ground because it became more of a hassle dealing with the quality problems I continue to have with these lights.

I have contacted your Customer Service Department at least 4 times now regarding defective and or malfunctioning components. Now that my warranty has expired, I have to buy all the replacement pieces myself on top of the $99.86 I spent at Sam's Club to purchase these Solar lights. Then only to buy replacement batteries 2 months later then shortly after that multiple solar panels stopped working, a few months later 2 glass lenses cracked in the winter and now more multiple solar panels stopped working & some are now staying lit even in full sunlight.

I think at this point I would like all new solar lights. The set of solar lights my girlfriend bought for $19.99 at Ocean State Job Lot over 5 years ago still works to this date with only a battery change since she purchased them. What does this say about the quality of your products?

CHEAPY Solar Lights
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CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA -- After buying the 18 pack from Sam's Club within the first month I had to replace the rechargeable batteries in 7 of the solar lights. When I contacted Alpan Lighting, I was told that they cannot be held responsible for how long the item is on Sam's Club shelves before I bought it thus draining the batteries! WTF. A few weeks later I had to call to have replacement solar panels sent to me because two of the units were not working. Then I had to call again a month later because two more solar panels were not working.

After a mild winter in CT, I noticed two of the glass lens were cracked. I contacted Alpan Lighting who in turn sent me two solar panels by mistake. When I notified the company, they sent out the correct parts. Last week another solar panel is shutting off after 5+hrs. I sent the company an email from their website and I have never heard from them! Bottom line, do not buy these solar lights.

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