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CHEAPY Solar Lights
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CAMARILLO, CALIFORNIA -- After buying the 18 pack from Sams Club within the first month I had to replace the rechargeable batteries in 7 of the solar lights. When I contacted Alpan Lighting, I was told that they can not be held responsible for how long the item is on Sams Club shelves before I bought it thus draining the batteries! WTF? A few weeks later I had to call to have replacement solar panels sent to me because two of the units were not working. Then I had to call again a months later because because two more solar panels were not working. After a mild winter in CT, I noticed two of the glass lens were cracked. I contacted Alpan Lighting who inturn sent me two solar panels by mistake. When I notified the company, they sent out the correct parts. Last week another solar panel is shutting off after 5+hrs..

I sent the company an email from their web site and I have never heard from them!

Bottom line, do not buy these solar lights.

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User Replies:
saj80 on 06/22/2010:
Remember, you get what you pay for.
GenuineNerd on 06/22/2010:
Were the batteries in the solar lights AA cells? Once I bought solar lights, and the instructions mentioned that the batteries will need to be removed from the fixtures and charged in a home battery charger before use. Most stores sell chargers for rechargeable batteries.
Unsatisfied Alpan customer on 06/01/2011:
I've had the same experience. We are now at 1 year and their replacement warranty is no longer valid. I too have had batteries and panels replaced numerous times. Problem is, they are 3.2v AA lithium phosphate batteries and I cannot find a charger that will work with them. I went to our battery shop and they didn't even carry the batteries or chargers. They did say the panels aren't designed to correctly recharge the batteries and it needs to be manually recharged. NOW to find a Charger. Anyone have any ideas? I search for a 3.2v AA lithium phosphate charger and even though it is returning a number of sites, none have the right charger.
Bert on 06/11/2011:
Their in ground stakes use a poly threaded bushing inside of the metal tubes connected to aluminum threads at stakes end above ground and support the weight which they hold from overhanging glass bells with poly threded studs inside of the heads electronics package. These bushings are not threaded all the way and strip out, summer heat softens these threads and distorts them. I had to cut non-threaded bushing area away to gain an additional 2 usuable threads mating to the poly stud and aluminum stke threads for much needed support to maintain an upright posture. This is a poor design and should have been caught while still in R & D, then corrected prior to production.

In addition I too have experienced simliar problems as others have commented on.

This is a sub-standard design and a poor investment, lights need replacement already
Don Mcchall - Arizona on 11/30/2011:
The batteries for solar light need to charge in full sun not design for manual wall charge using charger. It is for outdoor use.

There are wall charger in Home Depot and Lowe's for AA Lithium battery. hope it helps.
RB on 03/18/2012:
Beautiful solar lights purchased in 2010 but I agree the product is worthless and the batteries work sometimes but most of the times they do not work. These solar light batteries must be recharged with the sun for 3 days but that does make them work either. I have 26 lights on my driveway and 50% of them are not working. We really wanted to try solar but the cost for the replacement batteries have changed our mind. The top housing is defective also. Within 30 days of purchase we had to call the company for four replacements. They provided the replacement but the 1 year warranty is out and we are left with 26 lights that may or may not work. I wished I had returned the product to Sams' Store for a full refund.
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Product Sucks - Do Not Buy
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** I did speak to Customer Service that told me ,"Now that our warranty has expired, you have to buy all the replacement pieces yourself"! **

My continuing issue is that once again I need to have replacement solar panels sent to me because the solar panels I have aren't working at all and now some stay lite in bright sunlight as well. I pulled them all out of the ground because it became more of a hassle dealing with the quality problems I continue to have with these lights.

I have contacted your Customer Service Department at least 4 times now regarding defective and or malfunctioning components. Now that my warranty has expired, I have to buy all the replacement pieces myself on top of the $99.86 I spent at Sams Club to purchase these Solar lights. Then only to buy replacement batteries 2 months later then shortly after that multiple solar panels stopped working, a few months later 2 glass lenses cracked in the winter and now more multiple solar panels stopped working & some are now staying lit even in full sunlight. I think at this point I would like all new solar lights.

The set of solar lights my girlfriend bought for $19.99 at Ocean State Job Lot over 5 years ago still works to this date with only a battery change since she purchased them. What does this say about the quality of your products?
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