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Poor Quality Service.... No Refund Given
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SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA -- Never received lessons paid...since October 2007

1. First called them on 10/22/07...was given the week of 11/15 as violin lesson start date or at least being contacted by an instructor.
2. Paid, in full, with credit card, $544 on 10/22/07
3. Rented my violin on 11/13/07 ($88.16 paid)
4. I didn't get an instructor until beginning of first lesson wasn't until 12/06/07...The excuse was that they couldn't find anyone that had time to start with a new student.
5. My instructor showed up with no lesson materials. If I hadn't purchased my own "violin for beginners" materials, we would have "winged it."
6. Subsequently, my instructor missed our next lesson on 12/16/07
7. We played phone tag for several weeks...and she didn't call me back until I had complained to Amadeus about calling her 3 times and not getting any response.
8. Then we finally scheduled a lesson on 1/17/08. (2 MONTHS AFTER I HAD PAID FOR THE SERVICE AND RENTED MY VIOLIN, for which, I've already paid $88). And she was over an hour and half late! I couldn't stick around so I had to reschedule!!!!!
9. I have asked nicely about getting a refund. They have not fulfilled their service, they have not checked up on whether or not I'm even satisfied with the service, and they refuse to give me my money back! I have never dealt with such an unprofessional business in my life.

I've paid over $500 dollars for what has been a headache plus one lesson that was iffy at best. When I did ask for a refund, all I got was "that is not our policy." From my experience, their policy is breaching contact, but still taking money from customers. I could see if I was unhappy with the instruction I was getting.

I wouldn't expect a refund at that point. I want to make sure that others are warned before paying that kind of money for poor service.
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Anonymous on 03/03/2008:
Since it is already too late to disbute the charge on you credit card, you might be best served to file a small claims suit to get your money back. The filing costs are usually minimal.

Good luck.
Hugh_Jorgen on 03/03/2008:
Robf is right - no point in fiddling around with these folks - take them to small claims court.
jmichelle on 07/02/2008:
I have had the same problem with this company, wish I had read your post first. I am working with my bank to get my money back. I have also filed a complaint with better businees co.
smarterwiser on 07/29/2008:
I had this same experience. Although in our case, lessons never took place. I have yet to speak a real person. Initially I gave them the benefit of the doubt but after 8 weeks of being put off, I am led me to believe the entire company is fraudulent. I too am seeking recourse with my Credit Card company. Tell as many friends and family to not use this company. If you would like specifics, dates, names, telephone numbers etc...please feel free to contact me.
spring56 on 10/20/2008:
I thought I was the only one experiencing problems with this company. I am currently in the middle of TRYING to get my refund for $880.00 (two months paid in advance and cancelled my children's lessons the "exact same day" I first applied and did the transaction! No lesson ever given!) and have filed a complaint with the Beter Business Bureau. If this fails, I WILL file a small claims suit!
Swalker1954 on 12/07/2008:
Please, before doing business with this company, take a moment and review the info at the Better Business Bureau at:

I am in the middle of a horror story with these people. We contracted for 16 weeks of lessons form my grandniece in Aug 2008. Never happened. No teacher ever tried to call. All the above stories match mine. I am trying to get $1040 for the lessons. I feel like a chump.
Swalker1954 on 12/07/2008:
ATTENTION: Anyone interested in filing criminal charges against the owners of Amedeus Home Music, please email me at

They are headquartered in Sparta NJ. I plan on contacting the local police dept and filing a complaint. The more people that pursue this, the more likely that they will take this seriously. I also plan on contacting the local TV stations to see who has the consumer watch reporters. I am sure Heath and his buddies will love to have a news camera outside their offices and home.

davintorr on 12/20/2008:
lucretia on 12/23/2008:
BEWARE: Unfortunately, I join the majority in their opinion of these thieving scam artists - Judging by the comments posted here, I can kiss any hope for a refund goodbye. My story: I paid up front for guitar lessons. Our "teacher" was reliable at first, then cancelled and "doubled" the lesson times on numerous occasions. Our "teacher" was actually a forklift operator moonlighting and had no formal schooling. I wanted my son to learn to read music and the chords. Neither was ever taught. What was taught, were some heavy metal tunes. Most of the lessons consisted of my son watching the teacher play away on my son's own guitar. We did develop a relationship with this "teacher" and being ignorant of the art of music teaching, I naively re-enrolled for another course at 880.00 About three months into the roller coaster ride of lesson rescheduling, Our "teacher" became very unreliable, cancelling last minute 4 weeks in a row. When I called to ask for another teacher, I was assured one would be provided. Alas, The one provided was even more unreliable and never even made it at all. The second reason left on my answering machine for cancelling was: "I forgot I have a gig in Manhattan tonight, maybe we can get together next week.
Enraged and frustrated, I spoke with Donna (who seems to serve in the capacity of kindly jerking people off) who assured me that she would speak to "Jason" (who I am now certain is fictional) and I would be satisfied with their "solution". About 2 weeks and 6 emails from me later, Donna left an extremely long and sad story on my voicemail at work: "Now I really know why Joe (the latest loser no show "teacher") didn't show, It turns out his mother is very sick and dying in California and he moved back so that explains why he couldn't make it to you" HUH????? That's my sad story, I am owed money, haven't been contacted and join those who would be interested in putting these thugs out of business.
cry1 on 03/13/2009:
I worked for them, and things got totally out of hand -- they grew too quick and couldn't handle everything, and they let me go.
My understanding is that they are closing down, and have asked everyone to reverse the charges on their Credit Cards or call in and get a direct credit.
My friend in the company told me they want to resolve EVERYTHING, and that they feel bad about it.
Here is the number they told me to call: 646 345 3170
Meghan on 03/24/2009:
I was a teacher with this company and am owed over $600.00 in back pay. I know I will never see it. They have made a mockery of teachers and musicians everywhere! What a disgrace. I would love to help out any way I can!
Meghan on 03/25/2009:
I just heard from one of my clients that her credit card company credited her account when she explained the situation. The credit was for lessons not yet given. She was very pleased that her credit card company was so willing to work with her. Please contact your credit card company to see if they can do the same. Her company was Mastercard...
lady113 on 04/12/2009:
A year and a half ago, when I started working for Amadeus Home Music School, it was great... I had no problems! Now, they have not paid me in almost 4 months, and they owe me almost $1100!! I heard that they won't be paying the teachers, though their webpage says they will. They collect payments upfront for lessons, where is the money to pay the teachers??
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Refuses To Pay Teachers And Double/Triple Bills Students
Posted by on
SPARTA, NEW JERSEY -- It appears as though I'm not the only teacher who has yet to be paid for services rendered. They owe me over $500 for lessons I've taught.

If that isn't enough, two of my students, were billed multiple times AFTER they had already paid. One student discovered she'd been billed 3x the amount she'd purchased. Both did get the matter resolved but not without having to haggle with their credit card companies and financial institutions.

---FYI UPDATE (6/27/09)--- --

I did more"digging" on google, and had found more phone numbers. Unfortunately, of the 5 numbers I located, 4 were disconnected and the 5th was a valid number..BUT....The problem with it was, it belonged to a private owner, whose English speaking ability was limited (at best).

However, she was very nice and revealed to me something I found interesting> Apparently, she'd received multiple calls from people asking for Amadeus Music within a 24 hr period.

She also explained that her wireless carrier made a mistake when they assigned her that number and was due to receive another number within 48 hrs. I apologized to her for the inconvenience and thanked her for her hospitality.
I made that call about a week ago so I'm certain that all 5 numbers I once had are no longer valid. The best advice I can render is to contact the New Jersey State Attorney General's office.
Here's an 'FYI', for all current teachers and students of Amedues Music: I discovered this on their former website when I attempted to log a couple of lessons Friday evening. This 'discovery' tells me that it could be a long wait for students to get a refund and teachers to get paid.

I copy/pasted what their website now reads below the dotted line. I've sent multiple emails to the address listed below, but have yet to receive a response from them. If by chance, anyone does hear something from them. please reply to me on this post.
H. F
Denver, CO
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Beware Of Scam - Amadeus Home Music School
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NEW JERSEY -- I paid 1,633 for a semester of violin lessons from Amadeus Home Music School. My classes were supposed to start in September 2008. The company kept calling me telling me that the teacher was still with another student and couldn't come to my house yet. This kept happening for 2 months until I decided to report this to my credit card as fraud and it was too late. I keep calling the company ever since and they don't answer their phones. Its just an answering machine. [snip] called me back twice after several calls and she just said they will take care of my refund. It is March of 2009 and I still don't hear anything. I keep leaving messages and they don't call back. I can see by other stories that this is happening not just to me. And its the same story!!

If someone can help me with this situation please email me at And please don't ever pay a penny to this company!!
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NORTH CAROLINA -- I scheduled music lessons with Amadeus Home Music School and paid $880.00 on a credit card upfront. I was told a teacher would contact me within 1 week. NO ONE EVER CALLED. I called them every week for months. I would get a call back every couple weeks and was told the teacher was finishing up with another student. I was told they would contact me the following week. I was able to get a call back right up to the day I was no longer able to dispute the charges on my credit card. At that point I am unable to get a call back or a refund. This is a total scam. I would stay away from this company and spread the word!!

DO NOT get ripped off by this company!!!
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User Replies:
Soaring Consumer on 03/21/2009:
They have no right to your money for nothing. You will need to sue them in small claims court to get your money back.

This link may help you:

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