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Not Always a Good Price
Posted by Gmtnvol on 01/18/2013
While Amazon.com offers excellent buys on many products, the buyer has to be very aware that often the vendors who sell on Amazon mark up their products significantly over MSRP. For example a bottle of L'oreal Vive Pro shampoo for men has a recommended MSRP from L'Oreal of $ 5.29 and can often be found at retail stores for $ 4.99. The cheapest price listed on Amazon.com for the exact same product is over $ 17.00!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2013-01-18:
Helpful review! A lot of people don't realize they are buying from 3rd party vendors on amazon. It's been my experience lately that everything being sold by 3rd party vendors marked up extremely high. During the holiday season, the Little People Disney Princess Castle, which retails for $49, was being sold for $89. I didn't order any toys off amazon this christmas because they were all being sold by 3rd party vendors for twice the price! I was planning to get my son a Schwinn tricycle for his birthday for $59 direct from amazon. I went to order last night and amazon is sold out and the 3rd party vendor wants $79.99 PLUS shipping! I know these guys are trying to make a living and I understand the principle of supply & demand but I refuse to buy from a 3rd party vendors who jack up the price.
Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-18:
I use Amazon maybe 3 times a year max to buy items I find cheaper there than elsewhere.

I would never shop their routinely for items I can buy in a store. Sounds like it is exactly like every other store, in that some things are cheaper and some more expensive than elsewhere.

It always pays to compare prices.
Posted by ok4now on 2013-01-18:
Excellent post. I frequently order from Amazon because of their good prices, free shipping over $25.00 and easy returns. When shopping they clearly state when the product is from a 3rd party vendor. This is a caution sign. Frequently it is over priced with high shipping charges and sales taxes added. Shopper beware.
Posted by madconsumer on 2013-01-18:
very helpful review, and voted as such.
Posted by MRM on 2013-01-18:
Amazon is my one-stop shop! Before Amazon, I used to order from various sites for the same item. And now you can find the same item on Amazon and its cheaper, as well!
Posted by Joe on 2013-01-20:
I ordered a car seat for an infant only to find out you can't put a child under 1 year old in a forward facing car seat,I used amazon gift card's to order from amazon only to get the seat from a private vendor,I sent the seat back to amazon and they gave the money $61.57 back to this Jason Slavinskas who never sent me any money back and amazon refused to do anything about the deal but claimed I ordered it from this slavinskas(well then how did I use amazon gift card's?) beware ordering anything from private vendors.I didn't even order from a private vendor and still got the shaft from amazon.
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Nobody Should Do Business With Amazon
Posted by Buddy30341 on 01/15/2013
SEATLE, WASHINGTON -- We were selling our products on Amazon for about a year. Then the Seller Performance Team (or Merchant Approval Department) emailed us that they suspended our selling privilege. They told us that they would consider reactivate our account if we submit a detailed business plan so that our defective order rate would meet 1% as the standard set out by Amazon. That means if we sell 100 products, only 1 is allowed to be returned. Anything more than that is unacceptable.

Due to the technical complexity of the products we sell (we sell point of sale hardware for retail stores), that standard is probably unattainable. 2 big reasons are responsible for that. One is the lack of pictures and description. On most items, there're only representative pictures so the customers do not know how the item they order look like. There are only conditions of the item such as "like new" or "very good", "used good", and "used acceptable" The description of the item are filled out by sellers, and extremely user unfriendly. It asks many technical details that are totally irrelevant.

The 2nd reason is Amazon follows the philosophy that "the customer is always right". They refunded the seller's money in a heartbeat without listening to the seller's side. They even refunded the money before buyer returns the item.

After doing business with Amazon for sometimes, I find that they only like to do business with other big businesses. The prices are about the same as if you order from other retailers. Good bargains are hard to find on Amazon. It's fine if Amazon just want to do business with certain merchants. I just wish they make it clear from the beginning what kind of expectations they have and give you enough warnings before they shut you out permanently.

As a customer, I would stay out of Amazon as much as possible. It's not because they are not customer friendly, but because the prices and selections are suck.
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Posted by trmn8r on 2013-01-15:
First of all, I can understand Amazon's 1% policy. As a comparison, on Ebay, a seller with less than 99% feedback is to be avoided in my experience of several hundred transactions.

Secondly, I can see how the nature of your advertising leads to disappointed customers. I want to see exactly what I am buying, not a representation or nothing at all.

Your complaint was focused until you moved to criticizing prices and selection, which are totally unrelated to your issue. Some people use Amazon a lot, I use it for selected purchases. I don't use it for "bargains", I use it for purchases of stuff I need at a competitive price. Amazon has thousands and thousands of items, so I don't understand how its selection is insufficient. Maybe you mean the selection of point of sale terminals.

I'm left wondering if your expectations of Amazon are too high. Perhaps based on your products a site like Ebay is more appropriate, where many customers are seeking to buy things at wholesale prices?
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Posted by Randolph1978 on 11/14/2012
VARIOUS LOCATIONS, VIRGINIA -- This is worth a 1 time read for anyone looking to sell on Amazon or expect to have a great experience dealing with Amazon.

I am a seller on Amazon and pay a subscription fee to have a professional type seller account with them. I recently logged in to my account to find all my listings have been wiped off their website in a hold status and informed I didn't meet a certain criteria to sell until the first week in Jan, about 6 weeks away until the holiday season is over with. I of course being shocked that I only had 1 issue with my account because of a buyer putting in a hotel temp address and didn't receive their item from the hotel thief.

I wrote a nice well thought out email to their seller support dept only to met with a brick wall and a dept that had no sense of being flexible with my situation despite the fact there were over a dozen items sold in my store in the few days prior. I just couldn't believe that someone who pays to have a upgraded subscription and in a desperate situation to make money being unemployed couldn't make an exception as sometimes have to be done on a case by case basis especially when a customer is making a very strong complaint......

Now the juicy part..... The only way myself and others in my situation can even have a hope to get back to supporting their households are to inlist in Amazon's own FBA (Fulfillment By Amazon) warehousing system. I have to pay and provide boxes, packing material etc. to have my items shipped to their warehouse to sell them or else I cannot sell them. Hmmmmmmm. What a strong-arm tactic. Selling collectibles this isn't a good option as in a massive warehouse items aren't handled with care or concern and are stacked on shelfs and possibly mixed with others and confused and result in a loss of a sell by return. Oh and I also have to pay an additional charge to have by their carrier to have the items picked up... What a crock!!

So to sum up all the hours I've spent loading hundreds of items on their website and the special care and attention I can give the items that sell and the extra special care I give my customers has to be extinquished for???? Not to mention paying money for a service not rendered as a professional seller account. What a joke!

What a poor business decision to cut off the hand that feeds. Obviously if I'm not selling they aren't making their cut of my sells and of course this hurts me also. I don't see the logic in this move but I guess if your a big fish then you can swim however you want to but I can't share how vexed this has made me. I'll be spending the holidays broke and trying to figure out how to mail hundreds of items to their local warehouse so I can try to keep it all together...
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Amazon Uses Merchants Like Guinea Pigs To See What Sells -- Read This And Beware
Posted by AmazonMonopoly on 05/28/2010
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- How Amazon Uses Merchants as GUINEA PIGS to see what sells:

I was an Amazon Merchant for 1 year, sold thousands of items and received 99% positive feedback. My items are all legitimate and authentic and personally purchased from stores and official studio distributors. I sell mostly books, cds and DVDs.

I sold this DVD title on Amazon in June 2009, its a rare title and to my surprise received a lot of sales. On my 2nd week of selling, I moved about 100 PCS of this title and then I got a notice from Amazon stating I was under review but I could still sell and ship--although no money will be disbursed. That was fine as I know there is no problem with my items- I sold and shipped all orders with tracking.

When my account got released, they blocked that specific DVD title from my stocklist and there was a yellow circle with the slash in the middle at the side of the title meaning I cannot sell that item. I had the inkling something is not right and lo and behold, I searched the site and saw that AMAZON IS NOW SELLING THE SAME DVD which they did not even carry before. The item is NEWLY LISTED in the Amazon Catalog 2 days before my suspension, apparently its a new product they are carrying.

So basically, smart @ss Amazon "STOLE" the item I discovered to be a great one and is now blocking me from selling it so as not to compete with them! HOW UNPROFESSIONAL and MONOPOLIZING! I would not mind if they let me sell it but NO, they are the only ones who can because its such a GREAT selling item!

Needless to say, they suspended my account 1 month after stating that my item was suspicious and COULD BE recopied media. I emailed them my receipts from the distributor with the proper business info but no, they insist that the DVD I AM SELLING COULD BE FAKE. Oh really??? Could Be Fake??? What the heck does that mean? Its either fake or real, nothing in between! SO why the heck did Amazon get the exact same item from the same distributor I do business with to sell on their site under THEIR ACCOUNT??? They discovered it to be a fast seller because of me and has now doublecrossed me and kicked me to the curb to monopolize the sales.

I researched and discovered they have been DOING this with ALL SELLERS. They let you sell, and when they see an item selling like hotcakes, they get the item and sell it for themselves and kick the original seller to the curb accusing them of selling recopied media--its a MODUS OPERANDI with Amazon and they will keep doing this because they get away with it.

This is illegal because they are trying to monopolize sales when they are supposed to provide a VENUE for sellers and not USE sellers to research what sells FOR AMAZON's BENEFIT.

I hope that Amazon will someday get slapped with a CLASS-ACTION LAWSUIT. What they are doing, using sellers as guinea pigs to research what item is good to sell then kick them when they have the item for themselves is VERY VERY UNPROFESSIONAL, UNETHICAL and WRONG!

If you carry an item that is 100% Authentic and Sells like hotcakes, PREPARE TO EXPERIENCE THIS. Amazon is like a mafia syndicate which aims to monopolize the market and they will use you to give them ideas what to order from distributors. Once they have your item--prepare to get kicked in 1 month's time. IT HAPPENED TO ME and TO MANY OTHER SELLERS.

Amazon must be stopped and sanctioned just as Microsoft was sanctioned for billions regarding trying to monopolize software market.

Dont Give your sources to Amazon, don't give them any info on your supplier. You will get suspended either way, once they acquire the item for themselves because they don't like competition on a hot-selling item.

If you are one of Amazon's victims, try to contact a lawyer and a media company in your area and get this information out. This tactics must be stopped as it is UNETHICAL BUSINESS and ILLEGAL because they terminate your account over FALSE accusations and an INVENTED reason given you can prove authenticity of your products which I can.

One day, Amazon will have to answer for all the injustice they did to honest sellers they kicked after unknowingly using us as guinea pigs and I hope they will PAY BIG TIME! Attention to lawyers out there who wants to take on this case, there are THOUSANDS of former Amazon Merchants who have this exact same story to tell and this class action case is going to win if brought to courts. Contact me anytime if you need a plaintiff.

Merchant Victimized by Amazon
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-05-28:
Good review
Posted by ok4now on 2010-07-31:
Shame On Them!!! Take your business elsewhere and dump these toads. Yes it's their site but they took advantage of you big time. Same tactic that Walmart uses. Many small business owners just trying to make a living and they move in with their "Super Walmart" and crush the local merchant. It's all about the $$$$.
Posted by Meg_54 on 2010-08-06:
I have sent you an email request. I really want to talk to you. I have my own issues with Amazon, and slowly over the last 10 months I've begun to realise they are a monster.
Posted by TM on 2011-05-31:
I have been trying to sell my books and ebooks on Amazon and have not gotten any sales of books since May 15. To date I think I have sold maybe a couple of dozen since I put them up for sale. The ebooks don't sell for the price I set them for and Amazon's seller bot looks for the lowest price the ebook sells for and matches that instead of my publishing price, reducing my royalty rate. Effective June 1 I am not hosting anymore Amazon links on my site. I would rather people visit my site and not have Amazon in their face anymore.
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Amazon.com holds funds of innocent sellers for months
Posted by Cglassman on 04/12/2010
SUITE 1200, WASHINGTON -- I have been selling on Amazon on and off for a few years recently I decided to focus more on selling on the site. After getting income of about $1500 for about two months I decided that I could use a pro account. After making several inquires to amazons’ customer service, (and it took a few inquires)I was told that the only way to do this would be to close down my current account and start again. I was unhappy about doing this by I reluctantly agreed. So I closed my current account and opened up a pro account. The site said that funds would be held on new account for two weeks as a security measure. I was not happy with this but it seemed reasonable. Right before the two weeks were up I had accumulated about $1400 in my account. The day before the funds were two be released, I received the following message
“As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the customer experience on Amazon.com, we are conducting a review of your seller account. During this review period your funds will be reserved in your Amazon Payments account for up to 30 days…”
I immediately stopped selling on Amazon despite them telling me that it was ok. I called customer service and they told me that I had been “selected” and that this was “routine”. At that point I started doing research on Amazon and I was surprised to learn how often they do this and get away with this. I provided them with all the tracking information like they requested (everything was delivered and there were no complaints). I also receive a total of 17 positive feedbacks with no negative feedback. They requested information about where I source my merchandise from and I other business information. Information which I feel is an invasion of my privacy. Why should I have to reveal to Amazon detailed information about how I sourced my merchandise. No other on-line company has requested this. Not eBay; not overstock and not others. My merchant account company has also not requested such information. It is clear to me that they are requesting it to gain useful selling information for their own use.
I did not try to contact them again about the fairness of holding my funds because I read that a number of people that have tried to do that have had their accounts permanently terminated, rudely told that any further emails would not be returned and fund that were already held for a long time would remain in ‘custody’ for several more months.
After I received the notice mentioned above I sent them in all the information that they requested in spite of my objections. Immediately afterwards, I emailed them asking if the information that I sent was sufficient. I only received a form letter that did not answer my question. I repeated this and I got the same response.
About a week ago (3 ½ weeks after they sent the initial email), I received another email that the information that I provided them was insufficient and that my funds would be help for an additional 15 days. They did not explain what was insufficient, but I knew from experience that it would not help to ask. I again sent them more detailed information and I am now waiting. It has been more than thirty days since I shipped my last orders and I have no complaints against me. If they do not want me to sell on Amazon because they think that I am not trustworthy (actually I think that the opposite is true), so they should not let me sell, but why should they hold my money?
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Posted by Soaring Consumer on 2010-04-12:
File a complaint with your state's Office of the Attorney General's consumer protection division. They have no right to arbitrarily hold onto YOUR money nor invade your privacy in this way with the threat of keeping YOUR money longer.
Posted by Inat on 2010-04-12:
dude, that sucks! I dont understand why they would hold the funds through all of this - just seems like an intimidation tactic.
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-04-12:
amazon's policy sounds reasonable to me. perhaps try godaddy.com consumer seller options?
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-04-12:
Doesn't sound the least bit reasonable to me. Maybe you could add why you think their policies stated above sound reasonable to you.
Posted by Connoisseur on 2010-04-12:
Hmmmmmmm holding onto your money? are they making interest on it???
Posted by TM on 2011-05-31:
I second the idea of contacting your state's AG and filing an official complaint. If you know how much you made and Amazon is holding it beyond a reasonable time, it is trying to earn interest on your fund and no one is in charge up there. You should close your seller account and stop using Amazon to sell products while you are trying to resolve the issue. Evey moment you are still selling there means anything which sells in the intervening period will most likely be held too.
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Amazon's New Shipping Policies
Posted by KsBrandon on 06/24/2009
I placed an order from Amazon on June 15th for a Father's Day gift. I declined the free shipping since it's estimated delivery time is 5-9 days. I paid approximately $11 for standard shipping (5 day estimate), expecting UPS ground service which has taken 3 or 4 days for previous orders.

Imagine my surprise when my shipping notification arrives and the carrier is listed as United States Post Office with a delivery date of June 23.

I call to complain and learn of their new shipping strategy where they hire FedEx or UPS to pickup the packages and deliver to a nearby post office for the final delivery. It enraged me that they kept referring to the delivery method as FedEx. Guess what; if the mailman drops it off, and it has a USPS tracking number, it ain't FedEx.

Well, the 23rd has come and gone and the package hasn't even made it to the post office for delivery tomorrow. I guess I'll count myself lucky if it arrives less than a week late for Father's day. I definitely wasted money paying for gift wrapping... maybe they knew how long it would take to deliver and selected something with Santa or Christmas trees.

In Amazon's defense, they did refund the extra I paid for shipping, but money isn't the issue. I already declined the free shipping because I wanted the gift delivered by a certain date.

I acknowledge that I took a chance ordering on Monday with an estimated 5 day shipping window. My gripe is that instead of the UPS ground service I have received in the past, it went out via the sLowest possible carrier of all, the good old USPS.

So, unless you want to pay for 1 or 2 day air service, expect to have future packages from Amazon delivered by your mailman. I obviously don't know all of the details of their shipping scheme, but prepare to be disappointed.

Hopefully a flood of Amazon shipping complaints will prompt a change. Until then, consider shopping elsewhere!

Update 6/25/09

Package shipped from Missouri, to Kansas, and is currently sitting in West Virginia. The destination: KANSAS! Fedex has a new estimated delivery date of 6/30/09. I understand that amazon only provides estimates, but taking 15 days to deliver a package when providing an estimate of 3-5 days is pretty pathetic.
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Posted by skelly39 on 2009-06-24:
Good for you for getting your money back and not taking their b.s. Here's a hint-select free shipping. Go back in a few hours later and go to your order history. Check the cancel button, then say no when they ask you to confirm. Go back in a few hours later and it will be getting ready to ship. I figured that out by accident.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-24:
Did you not know that UPS and FedEx offer USPS posting options? estimate means just that. It is an estimated delivery. I have had media mail arrive before priority. Just because they used UPS in the past to ship doesn't mean that they still do. You got a refund. Next time, don't buy mail order for anything you need in under a month.
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Wild Wild West
Posted by Raydon Rennie on 06/10/2009
I was a new seller with Amazon, who began very slowly. After doing a bit of research on what books to sell and distribution. Business began to roll! But after about 2 weeks of increased sales, they suspended my disbursement account. Initially, I was very understanding. They wanted to make sure that customers were getting their items. So, I sent them all of the confirmations. They were very nonresponsive to my emails attempting to expedite the 30 day review process. I was told to send pictures of my inventory. I sent it in. Then they said that I didn't have enough ratings. At the time I only had 4. But remember, I was only selling for 2 weeks. So, I contacted my customers and asked them to enter feedback. Some did. When I got 9 rating 100% positive, I just knew that they would release my account. Well yesterday, I received notice that my account was suspended because it is attached to another account. Which it is not. I was shocked. So, I immediately responded that this is not true and requested additional information about this. Today, they responded advising me that they have significant proof that my account is attached to another one. But they can't reveal the proof. What??? They also sent me an email advising that they will hold my funds for 90 days! 90 days??? They have all of my delivery confirmation numbers. All of my ratings raved how quickly they received their orders. And no one has made a single complaint against me! Amazon shut me down for no reason! And is holding my money hostage. I did nothing wrong!

I cannot even dispute what they are saying because they will not offer me any proof of their allegations. How can they be conflicted about discussing with me an account that they are saying is attached with me! Because they are just making all of this up! I want to sue these jokers, and I just might!
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-10:
Raydon, the really hard part is these merchant processors answer to no one. They are not regulated and make up all the rules. If they don't have a rule that applies they will make them up as they go. It sucks that they will keep your money for 90 days but they know there is not a thing you can do about it short of going to court. (VH)
Posted by Raydon Rennie on 2009-06-11:
thanks superbowl....did you have a negative experience with them as well....it's like they are gansters running wild in the old west!
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-06-11:
Raydon, not them but we work with just about all of the major merchant processors. They handle billions of dollars and have to answer to no one as to how they operate.
Posted by Emperial333 on 2009-09-03:
This is also happening to me. I was told by 4 different Amazon reps that this is common!. I was informed via email that it is because there is a lack of feedback. Hello!!! When you go to the store, do you come back the next day and say...oh by the way, the cashier sure scanned the items fast, the items were great, etc? No, you get your stuff and roll out!

I have %100 feedback....I don't have any complaints. I do use a drop shipper, but Amazon is aware of this.

So now, they have frozen ALL of my funds for 30 days AFTER they stated that it would be disbursed.

Basically, they lied. I have the email that states, your disbursement is on its way, and then Amazon freezes my account, the next day. I sell on Amazon so I am able to have more time with my family. In addition to this, they expect me to still fulfill the orders, and NOT get reimbursed..basically work for free.

Not fair at all. How is this legal?!
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Amazon.com Seller Central - Animal Behavior
Posted by Dearanyone on 04/30/2009
SEATTLE, WASHINGTON -- I have been selling for 2 years at Amazon, I had about 4000 orders for the last 2 years they made on me $20.000 Commission when I did not make this amount in profits in this whole time period just recently I was closed for vacation for 2 weeks. I left for all my customers a email that I will be able to take care of customer service when I come back. I had processed 3 refunds the day after my vacation, just regular changed mind reasons etc. Nobody complained anything to Amazon
but on the computer system it showed up like this last 7 days 0 orders 3 returns, this is above their standard, so I got I email that they are suspending my account, I emailed them and they wanted detail information about all my feedback's etc. Then I got I final suspension note that I violated their rules, which is 100% false whenever I had any question on anything how to proceed I always called them up for guidance and advice and always followed their rules 100%.

I have had over 500 feedback's 97% positive, and for no good reason they throwing me out like a I would be a piece of garbage I was a top customer oriented seller ever, but some customers will write bad feedback's sometimes like this this cd player was broken on day one, but wait a minute I sold you a shirt not a cd player so the customer has a option to remove it but if he refuses. Amazon will leave it on the system, and this will be counted against you if it hits over a certain percentage what they determined. They are the smartest the best the greatest business on the planet and all the sellers who could be much more ethical than them are just a piece of ....... There is no second guessing them, how could the only judge by one time computer numbers when you listen to the facts it is screaming obvious that nothing wrong has been done ************a other point with Amazon if the customer will say I never received this for instance but the carriers tracking number says yes, the seller will always lose if there is no signature if you sent this with post office for example it is a known fact don't try this please the sellers are always wrong, and the buyers always right in any circumstance and situation what a great way to solve disputes hooray all the thieves found a company who will always stand by their site for them.
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Posted by BokiBean on 2009-04-30:
Wow, they must be taking lessons from Ebay.
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-04-30:
Boki, sure does.
Posted by josefm on 2009-08-13:
I think they have to check them all & regulate the internet business law, to make this market more efficiently and fairly, they have to much power and no regulations at all.
Posted by Emperial333 on 2009-09-03:
I have the same problem with them. I am disgusted!
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Amazon lies about shipping times
Posted by Cheezypoof123 on 12/24/2007
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I placed an order with amazon on 12/11/07. I selected super saver shipping at checkout. In many places on their site they state"super saver" shipping ships within FIVE TO NINE business days. My items are not due to ship until 02/05/08. That is nearly SIXTY DAYS.

This is very fraudulent advertising. I've contacted my state's attorney general and I encourage everyone who has been mislead by this company to do the same.
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Posted by MeowMeowMeow on 2007-12-24:
Did you order something from Amazon.com, or one of their third party vendors? Was the product in stock when you placed the order? Why did you hit submit and order the items when the summary review showed how long it would take for the items to ship?
Posted by Anonymous on 2007-12-24:
Witness will answer the questions!
Posted by jenjenn on 2007-12-24:
Are these items of backorder?
Posted by Crazylizzy on 2007-12-29:
It is illegal what they do to sellers
Posted by tnorthington on 2008-12-20:
I placed an order on 12/15/2008. It said I would recieve it by Christmas. After checkout the shipping date was 12/29 -1/9. I emailed amazon customer service about the issue. It shipped the next day and will arrive before Christmas (12/22). Amazon has alws given me great customer service. Give it a try - Satisfied customer
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An Overlooked Promo Code Applied After the Order Was Placed.
Posted by Clutzycook on 11/09/2013
I've been trying to find a nice winter coat for my no-longer-baby Clutzy. But of course finding one at a reasonable price is hard to come by. I thought I had one at Walmart, but when I looked at it, it wasn't what I had in mind. So, in the middle of my local Walmart, I ordered a London Fog bubble coat from the Amazon.com app on my phone. It was only about $10 more than what the Walmart coat was going for, but it's London Fog, so it's a name I know.

When I got home and looked at my order online, I noticed that there was a promo code for 20% off eligible outerwear that I could have applied to the order. Of course, my order was in the "shipping now" status so cancellation and reordering wasn't a very good option. So I decided to call Amazon customer service. After explaining what happened, the CSR managed to apply the discount to my order, bringing the cost of the coat down to about what I would have paid for the Walmart coat (especially after taxes). How awesome is that?

Update 11/18: The coat arrived last Tuesday, however Amazon failed to process my refund. I called an explained the problem. The person I spoke with said he would process it, it would take 2-3 business days and he sent me an email to confirm it. Fast forward to this morning (business day #3) and still no refund. I was about to call Customer Service AGAIN when I happened to check my bank account online and noticed that I was being charged less for a pair of pants I had just ordered. I checked my email and they had applied that refund to my AMAZON account and just used it for my next order. Obviously it doesn't matter at the end of the day since the money just went back to Amazon, but what if my coat purchase had been a one and done? I'm a little disappointed in Amazon's less than upfrontness about the whole matter.
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