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Ordered a pool liner did not fit and poor quality
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LASALLE, ILLINOIS -- I just want other consumers to know that this company did was a grave injustice to us when we decided to order a pool liner from them. Ameri-Brand Products Inc their web site is misleading, into us thinking that we didn't have to measure the pool for a liner that they have a vast library of name brand pool dimensions. Don't be fooled for a minute. I was able to purchase better made and 300 dollars cheaper then they were through a company called In The Swim. The fit was perfect and the quality was perfect. Ameri-Brands did nothing to help solve this issue and we had to pay for the liner that did not fit. also the seam along the wall of the liner where the pattern on the vinyl meet was not aligned which made it very noticeable. The seam should have been on the oval shallow end of the pool so that it gets cutout for the steps which is the way our new liner is.

Please do not order a pool liner from this company!!!!!!!!
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Skye on 07/15/2007:
I do not understand why you did not measure your pool for the liner?? You are ordering off the internet, you need to make sure you have the right dimensions for your own pool. The site led you to believe you didn't need to measure your own pool?? How? Here is the link that they offer, and it shows you how to measure your own pool.

heaven17 on 07/15/2007:
Totally agree with Skye (as usual). Why would you NOT measure your pool?
street24 on 07/16/2007:
Why would this company sell me a liner that they said they had the dimensions of...If they wanted me to measure it then all they had to do was ask!!!!! Their Website is misleading!!!!!!!Oh we also ordered a safety cover and we did the measurements for that and although it covers the pool it the patch at the steps is way oversized. I just want to warn other people, I can happen to them
dabdhb on 08/06/2008:
Well that company is a total rip off so I believe they told him he did not need a measurement,, HELLS BELLS even when I sent they a detailed exact drawing with measurements they STILL screwed me,,and refused to do anything about it check my web page has all details and ORIGINAL ORDER DRAWING,,,then see pics of the liner they sent,, SUCH A. S. S. HOLES THEY ARE,,told me if I call back they would call police,, shaking in my boots,,,,,,,,, right
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